George Soros, Philanthropist and Major Donor of Causes Supporting Human Rights

Social concerns are not the only interests of billionaire investor, George Soros. His interests also lie in politics. Financially supporting a long list of non-profit agencies, democratic government organizations and human rights activism both at home and across the globe, Mr. Soros wants to see change that helps, not hinders. This includes making donations to aid in improving education, health care, religious rights and change in policies that are not helpful to people who are victims of racial discrimination.

Born in Hungary, George Soros was born in August, 1930. His empire is primarily based in Europe. He is one of the world’s 30 richest businessmen worldwide. With billions to donate, he supports opening the minds of people to change through education and research. Learning is the number one opportunity to make your mark in a world of social change. Both political and social change allows for freedoms for those who are oppressed. Read more at Washington Times.

With approximately $33 million in donations to support Ferguson grass roots activists in 2015, Soros funded non-profit groups all across America. Taking part in rallies and protests, equal rights organizations such as The Drug Policy Alliance, Equal Justice USA, and others came to Ferguson in droves to raise their voices against racial discrimination. In one sense George Soros was another MLK Jr. as racial discrimination is a major cause of social injustice.

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Moving back in time, George Soros was a major supporter of Obama during the Presidential election campaigns in both 2008 and 2012. In 2004 he supported John Kerry rather than George W. Bush, and then he opposed the war in Iraq soon after Bush was elected. Just last year, in 2016, Soros took an avid interest in politics making major donations to the Clinton campaign. He was one of the largest donors supporting democratic causes. Working for the people has always been his goal with monetary gifts to Planned Parenthood, Priorities USA Action, Immigrant Voters Win, the Voting Rights Trust and America’s Bridge 21st Century.

After 2004 George Soros decided to calm down his funding efforts in the political world, but alas, supporting Hillary Clinton became of intense interest. As a human rights activist and philanthropist, he wanted to see social change and freedom for the American people. He is one of the top donors supporting democratic governmental issues in America and abroad. Human rights organizations across the globe have benefited from his financial support. Know more on about George Soros.

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