Gareth Henry Continues His Tradition Of Offering Sound Investment Advice:

Gareth Henry has an impressive history in the financial and investment industries and has served in the role of Head of Investor Relations with powerhouse investment firms such as the highly respected and legendary Angelo Gordon as well as Fortress Investment Group. When it comes to the fields of hedge funds and private credit, Gareth Henry is known as a go-to expert and he takes a great deal of pride in putting his ideas out there as a help to those in the investment world. The topic of private equity is one of the major areas that Gareth Henry has a whole lot to say about due to the fact that he has such an extensive background of knowledge in this area. He has recently opened up quite a bit about the ways in which portfolio returns can be increased through the use of private equity.

In a world of investment where there are a number of terms that often get thrown around quite liberally, Gareth Henry likes to emphasize the fact that in regard to private equity, investors must take heed to remember that it is classified as an alternative investment. A major reason for this is due to the fact that private equity investments do not appear in public exchange listing and are instead made up of funding that invests in a company on a direct basis. Another aspect that characterizes many firms in the private equity area is that they often take publically listed entities and delist them into a private equity status. These moves are generally well publicized.

Another aspect of private equity that Gareth Henry points out is the fact that investors in this type of investment are often able to turn that capital that they generate around and put it into an investment of areas such as the tech sector. The private equity area of venture capital is particularly dynamic in this area as it is utilized for the investment of startup companies. The bottom line with private equity investment is the fact that there is usually a dividing line between venture capital funds and traditional funds. The high returns that private equity offers to investors is why it continues to become an increasingly popular option.

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