End Citizens United: Standing For The People Of America

When it comes to political action committees, End Citizens United is a notable name in the field. The organization was founded by a group of grassroots level entrepreneurs who wanted to try and bring about change in the government and bring the corruption that is happening to the limelight so that the people of America can be more informed about their state. Within a short time of the organization coming into existence, End Citizens United has received an incredible amount of support. People from all over the country have been pouring in to support the ideas that End Citizens United stands for because they resonate with what they feel and what they want the government to change. The organization has been receiving a remarkable amount of donations from the citizens of America and has achieved their funding goal, with enough to go ahead with numerous other plans as well.

End Citizens United knows that there is a lot going in the government that needs to undergo a massive change. Right from the very people running the country, to the policies that they have put in place, there is a significant scope for development. End Citizens United plans to achieve their goals and once again make it so that the power to run the government lies in the hands of the people, and theirs alone.

End Citizens United was formed after the Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case, which allowed private corporations to invest into political parties without having to state publicly how much they did spend. This was a turning point for America and gave way to a massive amount of corruption in the system. People who had a significant amount of money, and who were the founders of their own companies started to get a lot more power in their hands than the common people. This created a divide among the people in America and the upper class of businessmen. Because of how much money private corporates started pouring into political parties, they started using this as a means to get what they want, even if it goes against the policies of the nation. Political parties began receiving a lot more funds, which they saw as good for themselves, even if it was for wrong or malicious activities.

The Republican Party is extremely guilty of this and has evidently succumbed to the large corporates behind their funding, thus trying to implement policies that run in their favor. Influential people in society started using this as a means to attain governmental positions, even if they were not qualified, which is also a state the country is in currently. End Citizens United wants to bring an end to this so that the nation can set itself back on the path of development and truly be a well-functioning democracy.

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