End Citizens United Looks To Improve Voting Rights For Everyday Americans

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed in order to render positive change upon the political landscape. Their goal, as simple as it sounds, is to bring back American voter rights to the level that they should be. Now, most people don’t realize that their voting rights have been infringed upon.

In fact, most people don’t even understand what is going on at the highest levels of Washington D.C. — and this is by design. When American Citizens can’t keep up with the constant goings-on in government then they miss out on real problems. End Citizens United is a grassroots foundation that was founded for the American people. It’s goal is to make its name a reality by repealing the Citizens United decision from back in 2010.

End Citizens United knows that they are facing an uphill battle in order to make their name a reality. There is a reason that Citizens United managed to be successful: because they have the backing of the American right wing billionaire machine. Citizens United is a conservative movement that has been working to systematically infringe upon the rights of every day Americans. They do this by fighting to allow corporations to donate as much capital as they want to Washington legislators under the guise of ‘personal rights’. This is, of course, a bizarre and slippery slope that conservative supporters have engaged in. When corporations are considered people their donations are considered an extension of their rights. Now, does a billion dollar corporation really have an equal voice in comparison to the mother of two who makes $40K per year? No, and that is precisely the point.

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In order to bring equality in voting back to America End Citizens United has taken aim at some of the fundamental flaws in the system. The largest flaw in the system, bar far, has been Citizens United’s Supreme Court decision. That is why End Citizens United is working to support legislators who are willing to make campaign finance reform an integral part of their platform moving forward. Washington D.C. has become more partisan than ever which means that End Citizens United is going to need to cross the aisle in order to find bipartisan support. This isn’t likely to happen without some serious work.

Thankfully, and not so thankfully, the election of Donald Trump has served as a catalyst to waking up the American public. Through the first quarter of 2017 the End Citizens United political action committee managed to raise a stunning $4 million. With this money they are well on toward their goal of raising the $35 million that is needed to make a difference during the 2018 Congressional races that are right around the corner.

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