Elena Ford’s Pursuit of Solving Customer Grievances at Ford Motor

Elena Ford in Ford car

Customer relations is an essential part of any company and learning how to handle any problems that arise from customers without having issues blow over is something a majority of companies are trying to do. After all, the customers are part of the reason why a company succeeds and lasts long in the industry. Some companies have decided to tackle this customer relation issues by appointing top executives who help in eliminating problems aired by unhappy customers on social media and other platforms. Examples of companies that have taken this initiative include Amazon, Apple, Delta Airline, and the most recent Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Co. has also taken the approach of having an executive handle customer relation issues as it will help them focus on the customer pain points and enable them to make improvements accordingly. The executive named as the Chief Customer Experience officer was Elena Ford. Elena Ford is not a new name especially when it comes to the legacy of the Ford Motor Co. Elena Ford is the great-great-granddaughter of the founder of Ford Motor Co. Henry Ford. Therefore, when it comes to running the company, she understands the vision behind the company and the importance of having satisfied customers.

ford dealership service rep customer

According to Elena Ford, her new position as Chief Customer Experience officer will give her the opportunity to focus on customer service points. She will also work closely with CEO Jim Hackett to develop these customer service points. These points will deal with the ease and speed of services at Ford Vehicle Customer service departments. Her new role as chief customer experience officer will make it possible for the company to cut down its costs as well as improve operations when it comes to responding to customer complaints within a short period. This makes the company more effective.

She has spent time in Dallas and Beijing studying corporate strategies and customer behavior worldwide, and this makes it easy for her to identify problems that affect customers at Ford Motor Corp. Elena Ford has also taken the initiative to study what other companies are doing to address customer problems, and this has given her foresight into what she needs to do to improve and keep track of outcomes. Having a system that makes it possible to worry about the company’s interaction with the customers helps build loyalty and long-lasting relationships with customers. This also makes it possible for the customers to trust the company.


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