Dabie Tsai Pinpoints the Future of Accounting

Every day, people working in accounting get to witness the enthralling technological advancement in the industry and its tremendous impact on business. Long gone are the days when technology was burgeoning, with numerous paper ledgers giving way to compact spreadsheet. These spreadsheets got more advanced, and professionals could share content in the cloud, enhancing the ability to make better and more informed decisions and anticipate the future.

These technological advances and globalization have brought immense changes in the accounting world, including the skill sets required for this career. To fully understand these dynamics, we sought advice from Dabie Tsai, an expert in the world of accounting and auditing. Thanks to her former role as an audit partner with KPMG, an advisory, tax, and auditing firm, she has worked with a global client base. Because of her extensive experience, Tsai has some comments about the future of the industry:

Potential for Office Automation

Generally, increased automation lowers the number of staff needed. Machines will take over remedial tasks and allow accountants like Dabie Tsai focus on higher level work that requires expert judgment. This will enable smooth transition into utilizing artificial intelligence procedures in their work, which will positively impact the workplace.


Globalization, a major trend in today’s accounting world, has allowed major accounting firms to work in various countries with different cultures and practices. A professional accountant should have the ability to adapt to a range of environments and demands. Dabie Tsai says that accustoming oneself to different daily life rhythms and new workplace cultures inevitably teaches and modifies a person to fit and succeed in various places.

Engagement in the Workplace

Tsai says that one major contributor to career advancement is the degree at which you interact with workmates. This way, an individual can mentor talent and expand his or her professional network. In Tsai’s case, she has exemplified her involvement to a high degree, with an extreme desire to help others; this has seen her assume leadership positions in many organizations and initiatives.

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