Clay Hutson Recounts his Career Story

The music industry is a business unlike any other. Performances have to compete against a wide variety of acts and personalities in order to stand out. In the center of this industry in the city of Nashville is a man named Clay Hutson. His passion for the behind the scenes work blossomed at a young age, and he immendiently studied those skills academically. He obtained his degrees from Central Michigan University and University of Michigan. As a fresh college graduate, he wanted to acquire as much experience as possible. This lead him to join Getagrip Touring, and he slowly worked up into more famous entertainers like Kanye West and Billy Graham.

The website Blogwebpedia recently sat down with Clay Hutson for a lengthy discussion on his career path from the beginning to the present. After accumulating experience for many years, there came a point when Clay Hutson became determined to establish his own business. However, the late 2000s recession proved to be a major hurdle right out of the gate. He also recounts an incident in this period when a client was deeply unsatisfied with a deal. Luckily, he and business survived the financial hardship. The uphill journey of his business has been rich in new client connections.

During the interview, Clay Hutson describes his daily routine during a recent Kid Rock tour. He would set the alarm to wake up at 6:30am to ensure he would be the first person to arrive at the venue for the day. He needs the extra time to establish his thought process of where props and equipment should be placed. He then creates a list of tasks and gives them to the team, so the event will be ready at showtime. As a professional, he regularly studies and researches new technology to stay ahead of the curve. The idea of visual aids has been gaining traction lately.

Clay Hutson is a likable figure who is very popular with his clients. The attention to detail he provides, and high skill of sound design makes him valuable to any high profile entertainer out there.

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