ClassDojo Brings The Amount It Has Raised To $65 Million

People generally keep in touch with one another nowadays using a messaging app. That trend can now be found in classrooms. ClassDojo is a San Francisco-based privately held startup that built an app that allows parents and teachers to communicate with one another whenever they want. 

They held their Series C funding round in early 2019 and raised $35 million, bringing the total amount of money they have raised to $65 million. The funding was held jointly by GSV and SignalFire. Other participants included General Catalyst and Uncork Capital. 

The money will be used to further expand their communications app with the rest being spent on their new service, Beyond School. This will be a monetized and optional subscription that families can use to reinforce what kids are learning at school.

The co-founders of ClassDojo are its Chief Executive Officer Sam Chaudhary and its Chief Technology Officer Liam Don. They run a tight team in order to keep costs down, employing just 40 people. Another way they have reigned in costs is by relying on word of mouth rather than advertising. This has worked at over 95 percent of schools in the United States has teachers using ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is used to fill in the huge gap that exists between parent-teacher meetings for K-8 students. Parents are more informed about what is going on in the classroom and teachers receive information about how students are doing at home. This supports children’s education and builds stronger relationships.

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