Chris Burch Elite Traveler Recap

Chris Burch is someone who is very dedicated towards helping others strive in their businesses. He brings forth his experience towards other companies, giving them some insight into what needs to be done to manage and maintain a better finance in their business. Chris Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, and in his company he has definitely done a lot when it comes to giving back to the areas of where his business thrives in. Chris Burch currently co-owns Nihi Sumba Island with his fellow employee James Mcbride. Since 2012, this company has been known as the best hotel in the world, and has brought forth positive feedback towards clients and tourists that come visit this area. Due to his passion and experience in this type of field, he has also partnered with Ellen Degeneres, which is someone who is famous for her talk show host, has helped launch her lifestyle brand called ED. He has brought forth nothing but successful projects when it comes to an investment, and Chris Burch is known to be one of the highest paying billionaires in the world. One of his best qualities that he does is ask a series of questions, and what motivates and drives people, and when he figures this out, he then somehow relates the situation to himself. He tends to try to connect with people on an emotional level that he then uses in the marketplace so he can understand the person.

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