Jd.Com the Best Online Retail Service Centre

Technology has surely made the world a small village. Some companies have taken this as a business opportunity. These companies include Jd.com the leading retail company that is technology- driven. Its modern infrastructure enables the buying of goods at any time and from anywhere. The company promotes its products by opening up its technology to the brand, partners and other sectors. By sharing technology they also promote innovation in a number of industries they engage with. JD .com has a report, CRS that outlines its accomplishments. This report has been existing since 2013, and it shows the empowerment, innovation, and sustainability of the company.

The report also covers the step that each and every product follows from creation, packaging and the sale. By this, the report promotes the company by improving its impact that is positive and sustainable on the community. JD .com also promotes the fight against global warming by engaging in projects like Green Stream Initiative and Recycling Program that has reduced waste and emissions. The company has also engaged in the replacement of over five thousand fuel fleet vehicles with new energy ones. JD.com also gives back to the community by engaging in charity giving. According to the CRS report, the company has made 2.4 million donations to over 600 charity programs. By so doing the company has shown its concern to the community hence winning more customers.

By the help of innovative technology and infrastructure JD.com is working to create a better platform and supply chain upgrade. This is because the company is targeting a larger market not only in China but also all over the world. They have a vision of sustaining and social responsibility. Over three million products got from the rural parts of China help 90% of poor counties in China.JD .com sets the standards of online shopping through its great participation in authenticity, quality and a range of products. The products include fresh foods, electronics, and cosmetics. It has a great network throughout China that has promoted to goods being delivered the next day. This delivery speed is unmatched globally. The company ensures they provide consumers with enjoyable online shopping experience.

Jason Hope: The Excitement Centered around IOT in AviationIt’s

Anyone familiar with Jason Hope knows that he is brilliant at predicting the future of technology or giving sound technical advice. He has been an exceptional member of society since graduating from the WP Carey school of business located at Arizona State University. Much of his work has been designed to increase the overall advantages that humanity experiences as a society. He wants to bring everyone into the current century with a sound understanding of concepts such as IOT, or Internet of things. The IOT heavily saturates everything that humans do. It is the communication of all their technology devices over an Internet connection, so cell phones, tablets, and even smart devices are able to communicate in such a way that individuals can remain connected to another.

Jason Hope is particularly excited about some of the changes he is seeing being made in the mediation industry. In fact, there is an article, “Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry” that details his excitement quite well. He sees some of the implementations that the airline industry has already engaged in such as improved safety standards utilizing IOT technology and better customer service centered around a higher degree of connectedness. Such changes will make air travel much more comfortable for commuters as they go through their day. It is possible that these changes will also make air travel a more viable option for many to do not use it as frequently.

One of the things that he is excited about now is a better understanding of safety through the use of small IOT devices that are connected to key components of airline technology. This can be something as simple as a kiosk to something as complicated as the engine of a commercial airplane. The point of the exercise is to ensure that these items are being monitored. Dedicated individuals are being hired to install and monitor such devices, and he sees a huge growth in this industry. He is also interested in the customer-service aspects, not only now but in the future. With IOT enabled devices there is a chance that many of the interactions that individuals must suffer through when they go to the airport will be highly automated. In fact, guests may be tracked in such a way that they are able to reach their destinations much quicker and they are seated through an automated process. Jason Hope believes that it is an exciting time for aviation.

Jason Hope info: medium.com/@jasonhope

Tony Petrello philanthropic initiatives in Texas

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, one of the businesses that came out in a big way to help the community was Nabors Industries. A company headed by Anthony Petrello. He is the CEO and the president. Nabors participated by allowing its employees to participate in the rescue mission in the way they could help. The company also contributed money to help. They started the Nabors Industries Relief Fund. They fundraised over $300,000 for humanitarian support. This gesture by Nabors is one that should be emulated by many firms in the world. A firm that cares for the welfare of the community living in the neighborhood.The initiatives by Nabors has a basis in the CEO of the company. He believes in giving. He has helped the company generate billions in profits, and as part of appreciation by the management, he has been made one of the top-paid CEO in the country.

With the wealth that he has accumulated, Anthony Petrello has been taking part in philanthropic activities, especially in his state.Together with his wife Cynthia, who he met while he was in the university, they have been giving support to a medical facility in Texas. They hope to make it one of its kind in the world. At the Texas Children Hospital, they are supporting the construction of a research center for children suffering from neurological disorders. This is one of the achievements that he is proud to have made. He has contributed over $5 million towards the construction of this facility and hoped to add more as time goes by.

Anthony Petrello and Cynthia have a daughter named Carena. Carena is a victim of neurological disorders. There are disorders which have affected his physical and mental abilities. For instance, she is not able to walk or talk. This has challenged her parent to look for mediation in hospitals all over the world, but none has managed to have the right treatment for such a condition.Anthony vowed to support a research center that would come up with the treatment of such conditions so that he can save his daughter and thousands of other children from all over the country who suffer from similar conditions.Anthony Petrello has also been supporting another initiative at the Yale University. Here, he has set up a foundation in remembrance of his friend professor Serge Lange who was his mentor while he was in the institution. The foundation will reward those who excel in mathematics. Anthony holds a Masters in Mathematics.

Talk Fusion Announces The Launch Of A New And Easy Video Chatting Platform

Talk Fusion has become the number video marketing solutions to clients in more than 140 countries. The chief executive officer of the firm is vocal about his firm’s innovative spirit and stated that onlookers would enjoy the new products in line for launching. Talk Fusion’s latest gadget is the Live Meetings software that allows users to have real-time conferences.


Bob Reina announced the newest addition to the family of Talk Fusion’s tech, stating that it is a game changer for meetings. Live Meeting has a one-way video transmission feature that uses the WebRTC system. The tech used in development allows seamless transmission of chats for up to 15 hosts concurrently. Live Meetings has proven efficient to 500 participants who tried conducting a live meeting.


Live Meetings’ biggest perk is its ability to work on a varied genre of devices, on PCs, tablets and smartphones. The software is integrated into Talk Fusion’s backend website features, allowing users to have online video chats through the browser. Another benefit of using Talk Fusion’s video chatting portal is the elimination of a need to download Adobe Flash Player.


Talk Fusion began as a resolve to fix AOL’s inability to send a video via mail. Bob Reina realized the potential to change a simple email feature to liven the chats by integrating a video feature. He contacted an IT guru whom he collaborated with to launch Video Email – Talk Fusion’s first product.


Bob Reina’s career is little unconventional with his past in patrolling the cities as a police officer. Before joining the police academy, Bob earned his undergraduate degree from the University of South Florida. Bob Reina is known for his light humor and philanthropic spirit. It is no surprise when he brings pets to the office and organizes serial charity events to varied courses. Bob is a staunch believer in hard work and emphasizes the importance of inserting oneself fully into an endeavor. This belief mechanism fuels his everyday duties at Talk Fusion’s offices, enabling him to create and upgrade pre-existing technology. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/bob-reina#/entity


What Makes Rick Smith An Outstanding Technologist

Entrepreneurs are innovative individuals who have critically analyzed a particular market, identified a promising niche, and obtained the resources required in actualizing that business opportunity. However, other entrepreneurs have established successful investments by building on their skills and knowledge. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, is one of the brilliant entrepreneurs that have spanned a successful career in the technological industry.

Rick Smith is a renowned technology expert. He has been at the senior level positions of several technology companies, which has given him extensive knowledge and vast practical experience in this area of operation. He thus possesses skills and the know-how to run and administrate any company or technology-based businesses. He served at the Frontier Corp, which later changed its name to Global Crossing, for more than six years. Here, he rendered his technology-based services in various capacities. At first, he served as a Controller before he earned the position of the President of IT and later that of a Director of Network Plant Operations. Next, Smith served as the Director in charge of Business Development and eventually as the Vice President of Financial Management. After that, he changed ship and joined Eshchelon Technologies where he rendered his expertise as the CFO, COO, and the President of the firm. Smith was later promoted to hold the position of the CEO of the reputable corporation. Follow Rick at LinkedIn.com.

Presently, Rick Smith is well-known as a vibrant technology mastermind. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and the President of Securus Technologies, the post he has held with the company for about nine years now. During his stint at the helm, he has overseen the tremendous growth of the firm from all corners. Rick has been a great mobilizer and an appealing leader. He has been a reputable figure and a role model for his workers. Consequently, he has spearheaded the company towards winning more contracts, increasing the employee base, development of patent technologies, and getting the Securus BBA accreditation. As a direct result of his magnificent leadership style, he has managed to tap into the core of his company’s employees and harnessing the company’s vision into their own. Under his able guidance, Rick Smith has turned Securus into a force to reckon with in the present technological world.

Rick Smith’s academic track-record is nothing but remarkable. He undertook his undergraduate studies at the Buffalo’s State University of New York where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. To top it up, he has an Associate Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. As if that was not enough, he proceeded on to enroll for a Master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of New York in Brock Port, and he also holds an MBA from Simon School in Rochester. Rick is a true academician, and his resume has a lot to be desired.

Rick Smith’s presence in the technology sector commands utmost respect. He has been outstanding in his operations, and the organizations that he has been affiliated with sing nothing but praise for him. Securus Technologies is among them, and he has served it diligently for the last decade. He credits his immense success to his unwavering focus, self-drive, and the depth of his experience in all areas pertaining technology. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

Securus announces updates to their THREADS platform

Prison is a dangerous place, and investigations rarely stop when prisoners enter the cell. Millions of prisoners are involved in ongoing investigations or are covering up other crimes. Gathering evidence for future cases is vital, but it is extremely difficult. Securus Technologies recently announced plans that should make investigations considerably easier.
Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of communications technologies in the United States prison system. The company is responsible for many inmate phone calls, and they recently unveiled on Linked In a video calling app that should drastically improve visitation. Securus’ hold on the prison communications industry gives the company the ability to help investigators around the country.

Prison phone calls are subject to search, and can often open investigations that have been dead for years. Detectives that are looking to break open a case regularly find themselves combing through hours of prison conversations trying to find a clue. For decades this has simply come down to putting in the legwork, but now big data can lend a huge hand. Securus is able to gather data on inmate calls and help investigators recognize patterns within these calls. This assistance from big data is sure to improve under the latest update form Securus.

Securus is extremely proud of their latest update, and they are proud to announce that it will be the most advanced analytical tool in the corrections market. This new update according to BBB.org‘s review changes the user interface to the latest web-based technologies, making it much easier for users. While it will be easier to use, the system is still just as powerful making investigations extremely easy. Investigators should find it extremely easy to navigate through the system and load conversations. The update allows Securus to drop Silverlight and switch to HTML5, this allows the application to integrate with other Securus apps. One app that it will work especially well with is the Secure Call Platform. Securus is confident that this new update will allow investigations to run smoothly all the time. THREADS 3.1 also allows investigators access to real-time analysis and reports. Users can even listen into SCP calls from the application. Securus is proud of this update and they know that THREADS 3.1 will change the way investigations occur.

Securus is a great communications company that is constantly working to make their product better and easy for investigators to use. Securus hopes to be an industry leader for years to come.

Wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies

Visual Search Company Slyce The Subject Of Takeover Bid

Canadian technology company Slyce has been developing its own brand of visual search software for the retail industry for a number of years and now reports it has contracts with a number of the top retailers in North America in place. This news has attracted the interest of investment company Quest Venture Capital who have made an initial attempt to purchase all the outstanding stock in Slyce to push forward its development. The development of Slyce will continue in a number of areas under the terms of the buyout, which will also push forward the options for defense use of the visual search technology and barcode scanning software.

In a report of the bid published by Market Wired the initial buyout proposal sees Slyce shares valued higher than their current position on the markets at $0.85 per share. Quest Ventures proposes a purchases of all stock in a complete takeover of Slyce that would see the day to day running of the company altered little by the purchase. In fact, Quest is proposing an increased level of funding for Slyce if the buyout proves successful that would see $35 million given to develop the barcode scanning and visual search software already in place.

Slyce has yet to respond to the bid and a letter has been sent to the board of directors to ask for a speedy response to the purchase offer. Amongst the details provided by Quest Venture Capital is a proposal that the company will look to complete development of the Scout app that is seen as the next great technological breakthrough for the retail industry. The release of the Scout app will eventually see value of Slyce reach $1 billion, a figure that Quest Venture Capital believes is reflected in the value of the buyout offer.

A Back Procedure Like No Other

Back pain can be some of the most debilitating pain that a person can experience. There are many people around the world each and every day that wake up to severe back pain. Some of these people have just resigned themselves to have to deal with their pain while others have been searching relentlessly for solutions. There are many surgeons and specialist that claim to deal only with back pain. They claim that they can help individuals get relief from their back pain through invasive surgeries and injections. While all of these methods may work for some people or to some degree, they are not usually permanent, and even if a surgery is performed there is no guarantee that it will be successful, and quite often many back surgeries that are performed are not successful.

There are thousands of individuals are looking for relief from their back pain, but as far as they know all that they can do is get injections or get a very serious inexpensive back surgery. Since they believe that those are their only two options they choose to do nothing, but they would be happy to know that there actually is a solution that is possible. North American Spine is a Texas-based company that performs a revolutionary AccuraScope procedure. This is a state of the art procedure that uses a tiny cut in the area of pain and through the use of small cameras and tools they can completely alleviate the source of pain within no time. It is clear from the North American Spine reviews that this AccuraScope procedure is unlike any other procedure performed in America.

The success rate of this AccuraScope procedure is phenomenal. There have been more than 8000 people who have had successful surgeries, and they are walking around right now with less pain and with less discomfort. The AccuraScope procedure is very different from serious back surgeries. When it comes to a back surgery generally a person has to be on their stomach for hours to get the surgery, and even after the surgery is performed they are out of commission for many weeks. With the AccuraScope procedure a person receives a very precise and timely procedure that is over in a day. After the procedure is over the person can get up and walk and walk themselves to their car and drive home. Thousands of Americans have gone to North American Spine to get relief and they have found exactly what they are looking for. There is no reason for a person to spend their life suffering with back pain, now there is a procedure that can help them to alleviate their pain and get their lives back.