Clay Siegall Proves The Effectiveness Of Research In Finding Solutions For Cancer

The success of research in biotechnology has led to the development of better ways of treating cancer and other illnesses. Clay Siegall has focused his attention to cancer treatment for the best part of his career and through this focus, he was able to launch a company, Seattle Genetics, which is founded on conducting research and coming up with new and better solutions that can aid in the treatment of cancer. Seattle Genetics is reputed as one of the companies that have moved the cancer research area forward and helped to avail useful solutions.

While many ideas seemed like a mirage, Seattle Genetics has been developing wonderful solutions for the treatment of cancer. One of the solutions the company came up with is the ADC Technology, whose effectiveness has proved that in just few years to come cancer will no longer be a worry among many people. ADC works by killing all the harmful cells but does not interfere with healthy cell during this process. This means unlike the radiation method, patients are able to go through treatment without risking the loss of cells, which could further complicate their situation. The success of such technology has motivated researchers to put more effort to ideas that could bring a better solution to the treatment of cancer.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, who has been working as the CEO of Seattle Genetics, is acclaimed internationally for his support to cancer research. When he established Seattle Genetics, his idea was to offer experts a platform on which they could pursue the field to come up with treatment methods that could make it possible to overcome cancer.

With the success he earned through Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall got more energy to further pursue this field of research in a bid to come up with great solutions. He, therefore, invite companies like GlaxoSmithKline to sign an agreement to partner to further develop technologies like ADC. Clay Siegall has also been offering support to ensure the ADCETRIS drug pipeline is spread across more countries. It currently ranks as the biggest source of revenue for the company.