5 Tips For New Investors

With the majority of today’s new retirees falling short of their retirement savings goals or having to work longer than expected, it is time for people of all ages to think more about investing. There are many benefits stemming from smart investing, and these valuable tips will help any person gain a head start in the right direction.

1. Now is the best time to start. Waiting longer to invest means having less money for retirement. Consider an example of two people who start investing the same amount but at the ages of 25 and 35. Even if the younger person contributed for a lesser total contribution period, he or she would wind up with more money in the end.

2. Do not take a cash disbursement from a retirement plan when leaving a job. Many people take the money they contribute to a retirement plan when they leave a job. However, this comes with fees and tax penalties. It is better to roll the amount over into a new investment instrument. If it is done in a timely manner, monetary losses are minimized.

3. Think about inflation. With pay raises being mediocre or nonexistent, it is discouraging for Americans to see the prices of gas, cars, food, rent and utilities increase at substantial rates. When choosing how much to invest, it is important to think about how much the prices of necessities will increase by retirement. Consider skipping the magazine subscriptions and other needless expenses to invest more.

4. Make investing a regular activity. Do not think of investing for retirement as a one-time activity. Make it a regular habit to optimize a comfortable retirement savings plan.

5. Always make informed decisions. Most people spend days or even weeks researching what type of car or cell phone to buy. However, they typically spend much less time researching investments despite the long-term implications of an investment. Always invest after plenty of research, and work with an experienced professional to maximize profitability.

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Eucatex, A Leading Brazilian Company In The Responsble Use of Nautral Resources

The Beginning of Eucatex and the Importance of the Eucalyptus Tree

Apontador wrote that Eucatex was founded in 1951 in Brazil’s capital city of Sao Paulo. The company was the first of its kind to take the environment into consideration in its business practices and manufacturing. It was also an early pioneer in the development of acoustic ceiling tiles and panels that would limit noise and promote a harmonious environment within buildings. Eucatex’s products have been designed with acoustic comfort in mind. They help reduce noise from traveling from floor to floor or room to room.

Eucatex is noteworthy for its early efforts into environmental conservation, reforestation and securing a sustainable supply of timber for its manufacturing facilities. The company’s original mission was to create wood products from fast growing eucalyptus trees. The Eucalyptus tree is one of the fastest growing trees in the world and is an excellent choice for the harvesting of wood. Eucalyptus trees can reach maturity in a few years and are easy to replant. Eucatex today continues to work on improving the quality of its timber and commitment to the environment by creating faster growing strains of Eucalyptus trees. The company also offers Eucalyptus seedlings for sale to other timber companies.

Products Eucatex Manufactures

Euxatex has expanded beyond growing Eucalyptus trees and harvesting their wood for sale. The company has developed its own line of paints and varnishes. It is also now operates several metallurgical plants that produce metals for the manufacture of its own products such as doors and for export abroad. Eucatex is also actively involved in the mining of minerals for the production of metals and jewelry. Besides producing staples such as soft boards for construction, ceiling tiles and panels Eucatex now manufactures wall partitions which serve to divide office space, wall panels, doors, laminate and vinyl floor tiles and hard boards.

Flavio Maluf’s Role in Eucatex’s Development

Current president of Eucatex Flavio Maluf has been vital to Euxatex’s recent expansion and global success. Mr. Maluf studied mechanical engineering in college and has studied business abroad and brings both practical knowledge of manufacturing processes and global business knowledge to the company’s helm. Flavio Maluf knowns the ins and outs of the company’s manufacturing and trade operations. He has been with the company since 1987 and was worked in both the manufacturing and trade departments before being appointed president.

Joseph Bismark’s Way of Running Business Could Easily Teach the Rest of the Business World

Successfully climbing the corporate ladder is as likely as being successful acting for Hollywood. Many try but few actually make it. In most cases, the idea of incorporating spirituality into business is quite frowned on. However, it may not be so for very much longer. Joseph Bismark is the founding director of the QI Group of Companies and has taken one of their major branches, Qnet to heights with his innovatively spiritual ways that have never before been explored. Aside from working to change the way that the corporate world operates in the U.S., Bismark has been a yoga instructor, bonsai master, martial arts sensei and a vedic philosopher, succeeding in every one of those areas. He left home at the age of nine to pursue life as a monk in an ashram in the Phillipines until the age of 17. When he returned, he entered into the corporate world but instead of letting the pressures get to him, he has instead held strong to his spiritual beliefs and used them to help himself find his calling in helping other businesses and social media.

One of Bismark’s secrets is seeing success as a temporary state instead of trying to cling onto it the way that most do. He also believes in treating all of his employees as if they are his equals and more as siblings rather than paid servants. His management style is consultative and also completely open. He is a very strong believer in healthy living and the main one responsible for Qnet’s large investments with organic foods.As stated before, Bismark’s ways are very new and innovative to the corporate world. However, with the changing times, they just might have a huge influence in business operations in the long run. Bismark’s ways demonstrate a very healthy respect for all people and also for the environment. If much of the business world adopts Bismark’s ways, then there will likely be much less competition and also much less harm to the environment.

Spirituality and business are two things people do not often mix. Most people believe the two realms are far too different to be able to benefit from each other and thus should be kept completely separate. Although, the reality of mixing the two different entities is quite the contrary. Much of the benefits of the spirituality and business hybrid come from applying spiritual beliefs and practices to business practices and general management techniques. Although mixing spirituality and business is still not a common thing, those who have pioneered the practice have found great success. One such individual is Joseph Bismark, an overall inspiring businessman.

Bismark began his spiritual studies as a young boy in the Philippines. As a young boy Bismark turned his back to his life of comfort and luxury to study as a monk. Bismark would go on to study diligently as a monk for an extended period of time. During his studies, Bismark came to the realization that what he was learning about spirituality could be applied to a myriad of other things. With this idea and having completed his studies as a monk, Bismark applied the spiritual teachings he studied to the world of business. Bismark’s unorthodox methods and approach to dealing with business earned him much success. His success can be seen in numerous successful business endeavors. One such successful business endeavor is Bismark’s founding of QI Limited. Since its founding in 1998, QI Limited has been greatly successful.  Bismark was able to bring so much success to the company because of his efforts to combine spiritual beliefs and practices with business practices.

Despite having attained the success that he has, Bismark remains a grounded and humble individual. Bismark’s concern for the well being of others can be seen in his philanthropic work. Some of his greatest philanthropic contributions come from his active contributions to the RYTHM Foundation. The RYTHM Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility division of the QI Group. This allows for the foundation to conduct extensive charitable work.

Overall, Joseph Bismark is an inspiring individual. He is one of the first major pioneers of conducting business in accordance with various spiritual teachings and practices. He has proven the success of this practice through his own successful business ventures. Even with such success, Bismark remains concerned with the well-being of those in both his local and global community.