Jim Toner’s Personal Secrets To Generate Wealth

Everyone wants to be wealthy, but everyone doesn’t have the right state of mind to actually become wealthy. For most people in society, these individuals are just going through the motions of everyday life. These people are oblivious to what’s going on in their surroundings. This is definitely a great way to never generate large sums of capital. Jim Toner, a successful real estate investor, has his very own principles for generating wealth. This extraordinary man is living the American dream, and he doesn’t mind helping others in the process.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “They Live,” then this film perfectly personifies the lives of most people today. There are agendas that have been put into place without us ever even knowing it. In the movie, the main character finds a pair of sunglasses and puts them on. At this point in time, the sunglasses have revealed a whole new world of negative demons who are walking around the streets of Ametica. Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) doesn’t follow the mold of the average person in society today. He barely graduated from high school, and he was never thought of a the brightest fish in the sea. Toner has defied all odds by making his own way. Accurate thinking is how this man has become so successful. As of today, his net worth is certainly in the millions bracket. You have to find something that you’re actually good at and then exploit the subject to the fullest. This notion definitely rings true on so many levels. Toner also gives advises about financial independence.

Jim Toner doesn’t need sunglasses to experience a revelation. He has studied and researched real estate to a profound level. “There has nothing that can stop me from making huge amounts of money,” said Toner. His rules to success includes:

  • Finding where you are in life.
  • Ask yourself of what you actually want out of life
  • Only worry about your life and no one else’s life

Once you put yourself first, you’ll begin to make dramatic changes that can positively affect your life. If you wipe-out in the process, then just start over and get back in the game.

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Jamie Garcia Dias Cements His Place In Brazil Literature

Jamie Garcia Dias is an accomplished author of Brazilian literature. He has written over 20 books and recently won the ABC Brazilian Literary Award. Garcia Diaz was born in Rio De Janiero and developed an interest in writing and literature at a very young age. His first book was published at the age of 15. His parents, who were both educators, encouraged him to hone his craft and continue to write. After graduating from the University of Rio de Janeiro, he received his degree in writing with the highest honors. He went on to teach teenagers the principles of writing and literature.

Garcia Dias continued to write and by the time he was 30, he had already published 10 more books. It as also during this time when he won Brazil’s highest writing award: The White Crane. Jamie has also written for Jornol de Brazil, and he recently offered a tribute to his father that chronicled stories from his childhood.

Garcia Dias is due to release a new memoir dedicated to his life and journey through the literary world. American fans may disappointed that his collections are in Spanish. His latest work has received favorable reviews from critics all over the world. He is currently traveling around the country at various book fairs and signings to meet fans and express his appreciation for their support.

At a recent speaking engagement that was featured on his Facebook page, Garcia Dias paid homage to one of the greatest Brazilian writers ever — Jorge Amado (1912-2001). He says Amado was always one of his favorite writers, and his works inspired him. Garcia Dias says he is still writing and plans to release future works in the next year or two. His students say he has given them a new appreciation for literature. “I was never interested in writing before, but now I am committed,” says a student.

Doe Deere Is Going To Continue To Succeed

There are many people who do not believe that starting up a business when one doesn’t have much money is a good idea, but Doe Deere did not pay any attention to any negativity as she started off to make her makeup brand a reality. She might not have had much money to form the brand with, but she had a dream for it. She knew that she wanted to create a bold makeup that would make every girl feel better about herself. She knew that she wanted to allow girls to express their personalities with the makeup that she was creating, and so she did not let anything stop her from making her brand happen.
Doe Deere has long been making brave decisions in her life. From selling temporary tattoos as a young school girl to joining a band when she had first moved to the United States, Doe Deere has never let fear get in the way of what she wanted to do. She has dyed her hair many different colors during her lifetime, and she has done unique things with her makeup. She loves standing out and being different than everyone else, and that kind of bravery is a very unique thing to see in a woman.
Too many people are afraid of what others think, and they often get influenced by them. They let the world decide what they should and should not do, instead of listening to their heart. And that is why Doe Deere is such a great inspiration on doedeere.com. She is a woman that every young girl can look up to as an example. She took her career into her hands and did all of the things that she wanted to with it, ignoring everyone who tried to get in her way. Her makeup brand has taken off and seen a ton of success because of how much work and heart she put into it, and she made a wise decision when she started it up. Doe Deere knew what needed to be done to make it succeed and she went after it, even when others doubted her and thought that only having a few hundred dollars was going to make the brand fail.

Highland Capital Management: Staying in Good Company

My family is from Jackson, Mississippi and we moved to Dallas, Texas when I was seven. My dad was a CPA and my mother was a homemaker. There were a lot of new opportunities in Dallas that my dad could use. About twice a year, we tried to get back to Jackson to visit all our family.

My brother and I loved when we visited our grandparents and Uncle George. He was my mom’s older brother. Mom said that she and Uncle George were practically inseparable as kids and people often thought that they were twins. Uncle George and Aunt Stella had a big two-story house on the outskirts of Jackson. My brother and I loved to see them and to play with our five cousins.

Of course, Uncle George and his family were sad when we moved to Dallas. He and Mom had always been close and had raised their families together. However, he knew that there were a lot of good opportunities in Dallas and it would be for the best. Also, we visited them in Jackson a couple times a year and they visited us in Dallas at least annually.

It was always a grand vacation when we went back to see Uncle George and his family. We always saw them waiting in the yard when we pulled into their little driveway. All of us children laughed and hugged one another as we ran to the back yard for an impromptu game of football. Later, Uncle George and Dad would grill hotdogs and hamburgers outside while Mom and Aunt Stella set out the side dishes. We laughed and talked under the twinkles of the lightening bugs. There is nothing like drinking cool lemon aid and having a good time with family.

Uncle George was a financial officer in one of Jackson’s big banks and he and Dad loved to talk about the stock market and the economy. He did a little investing for his family and was living comfortably. While they babbled about the benefits of different investing techniques, we children were roasting marshmallows and trying to catch toads that were out for an evening stroll. When we were visiting last year, Dad told Uncle George about the new position he had taken at Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital was co-founded twenty years ago in Dallas by a CPA named James Dondero. Dad said that the company manages over $20 billion dollars in global assets. As one of their newest financial analyst, Dad helps clients diversify their financial portfolios. Highland Capital manages government funds, high net-worth people, financial institutions, endowments, foundations, corporations and public pension plans. They also specialize in alternative investments, hedge funds, and credit strategies.

Dad is proud to be working for a solid, global company. Under the leadership of James Dondero, Highland Capital expanded its offices to New York, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo. Next year, he is going to be doing some work in the Seoul office and can take us with him. Even though Uncle George and his family love Jackson, he admitted that moving to Dallas was tempting. A company like Highland Capital Management brings success to its employees as well as its clients.

Bernardo Chua Brings Organo Gold to Turkey

You may wonder why Organo Gold coming to Turkey is such a big deal. Bernardo Chua, C.E.O. and founder or Organo Gold has a lot of reasons why this is significant.

First, expanding his market into Turkey makes it the 39th country Organo Gold has expanded into. Organo Gold is a gourmet coffee company that is making a big name for itself in recent months.

Second, Organo Gold’s expansion will make distribution of their product easier. A foothold in Turkey links the Company’s operations in Asia, Europe and Africa. It will be easier to serve customers in these regions.

Third, Turkey’s culture is deeply grounded in coffee. Many people are not aware the first coffee house was opened in Turkey in the 15th century. Since then Turkey has an appetite for quality coffee products.

Forth, Turkey is also known for promoting health and wellness. Organo Gold shares this passion. Their company also promotes an active lifestyle. Organo Gold wants to be a part of their customer’s wellness goals. Organo Gold wants to educate people that their coffee is derived from Ganoderma. Ganoderma is an ancient Chinese mushroom.  Who doesn’t want that?

Bernardo Chua is the mastermind behind the expansion of Organo Gold. He understands what the marketplace is asking for. He had the foresight to see the impact health and wellness has on people in all nations. He promotes Organo Gold as a healthy form of coffee that fits into a healthy diet.

Bernard Chua is also an expert at marketing. He networks with professionals in other countries. He has built a foundation of committed customers in many nations. This has supported Chua in his successful marketing endeavors.

Marc Sparks – Why Having Only Ideas Doesn’t Work

Business needs ideas and ideas need intellectual beings. The number one attribute that investors who are professionals look for before investing in a business is the entrepreneur(s) behind it. For them, the personnel needs to take the business from an idea to a valuable entity. It is only then that they will consider the idea worthy of investment. So, if an entrepreneur thinks that he or she has a better idea and potential investors will throng that idea, they are living in a different world.

Basically for an entrepreneur who is too lazy to put his or her ideas into action, staying far away from a business path is the best thing to do. Here are some telltale sign whether or not you are a lazy entrepreneur:

– You have an idea and you want to sell it;
– You have an idea and you want someone to implement it without involving you;
– You have an idea and you think it will eventually make you rich;
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then you are indeed lazy.

An aspiring entrepreneur has a great idea and wants to implement it in the long run. He or she is so obsessed with the idea that that is all they think about. Now it is great to have a passion for a business, but obsessing over it without doing any further research is simply a waste of time. Such people want to leave a mark on society but do not want to go through all the painful tasks of bringing that idea into reality soon. Having a business idea is all they have been doing for a long time. They never get into business model or customer needs and never do the required research on that idea. They just think that if they got a great idea, everyone will appreciate for it.

There is a clear difference between having a great idea and running a business. Take for example, Marc Sparks who is also known as “serial entrepreneur”. Marc always had a passion for business and many ideas growing up in Austin Texas. In addition, he had the zest to put his ideas into action. He did so after graduating from high-school. He opened many companies that showcased his ideas and plans. He became successful in many of the ventures he took. Now, Marc Sparks wants others to learn from his experiences through his books. On the other hand, there are lot of entrepreneurs who think that their ideas are going to fetch customers when in fact they aren’t. A business that offers lots of products and services that aren’t actually needed by customers is an example of an obsessed idea. This type of business is particularly an issue in people who want to be creative without actually considering whether or not there is a market for their fruits of creativity.

The moral of all these stories is, having an idea alone isn’t enough to run a business successfully. If you are obsessed with an idea, you need to satisfy the actual customer needs or want it in a way that will generate some revenue.

Understanding Life and Career of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir pursued his undergraduate degree, masters and Ph.D. in electrical engineering specializing in control systems from the University of Cornell. Throughout his career, which spans for over 30yeras, Mr. Shaygan has created a vision-driven team of professionals and fostered changes that matters to the investors, the community, the employees, and customers. He has connected, developed, and pioneered the boundaries of ancient disciplines across numerous industry segments worldwide.

Recent Appointments and Performances

Recently, Shaygan was promoted to the position of the Chief Executive Officer of Jupiter Network Company. Jupiter Network Company is a pioneering firm in Silicon Valley that deals with networking sector. At the Barclays group, Shaygan has facilitated cultural change, which is essential in the transformation of the bank in the lines of the 21st century’s standards of innovation of products that improve well being of people.

Start of Shaygan’s Career

Eventually, Shaygan was promoted to the rank of software system officer of the GTE labs. As the head software systems, Shaygan recruited and created an excellent institution that facilitated the development of Boston’s first national network organization that integrate switching, transmission, and infrastructure popularly known as the TONICS. These innovations enabled GTE to consolidate their business network into highly consolidated and efficient network operations for the firm. He was later transferred to the headquarters of GTE in London, where he headed all system development departments of information, internet working, wireless, and wireline. During those developments, Shaygan rebuilt and nationalized the core systems of the firm along the lines of modern operational excellence, and computer science that improve the operations and the costs structure of the firm.

The Consolidation of Bell Atlantic and GTE Company

In 2000, Bell Atlantic and GTE Company merged to form Verizon. As a result, Shaygan was transferred to the New York City; and was appointed the head of the e-commerce department, and subsequently became the chief officer of information management. At Verizon, he deployed similar techniques to achieve breakthrough results for the firm by assembling excellent talents who are knowledgeable about the potential of collaboration and acceleration of producing leading market products and services. Besides, he pioneered the transformation of the revenue delineation of the firm with innovative multi-media products and IP for the markets, and consequently, marrying the traditional networking models with advanced web-based software.


The consolidation of the two executive product development firms created scale-to-mass market, which resulted in initiatives such as the FIOS, which is arguably the largest infrastructural institution in the history of the United States.

Handy Home Cleaning Services

Handy is a marketplace which handles the scheduling and the payments on both the demand and the supply of the home services cleaning industry. The brand has been growing fast over the years. It has raised twelve million dollars in a span of two rounds led by the Highland Capital Partners and the General Catalyst Partners. The sales have gone up by sixty percent each month for the past three months. The New York-based Company has over fifty employees and several thousands of freelancers who complete over ten thousand jobs in one month.

The Company operates in thirteen cities and is opening new offices in San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles and Chicago. In the month of January, Handy according to recode bought the west coast cleaning business for an undisclosed cost fewer than ten million dollars. With this company, the customers get convenience. The unreliable, sketchy and complicated world of the maid services and cleaning agencies is replaced with a website and a simple application. One is only required to enter the zip code and the rooms that need to be cleaned, the price and the exact time to start. If one likes the price, the card on file is charged. There are no more worries about being underpaid or overcharged.

The handy screens all the freelancers that are; references, in-person interviews and background checks. Of all the hundreds or thousands who have applied, three percent have been accepted. The Handy provides a cash back guarantee if the applicant does not like the covers replacement cost and the work. The handy company takes 20% cut for the troubles. The Handy Company also brings something rare; a flexible schedule and a dependable pay in order to run a two-sided marketplace. With the handy platform, the freelancers decide on how much money they will make and where they actually want to do their work. They also receive a good income.

The handy company started at Havard Business School in the year 2000 where Dua and Hanrahan met randomly as roommates. After graduating from Amherst College, Dua started a networking Company in India that helped the high school students with admissions to College. Hanrahan was the entrepreneur of the team. He graduated from Ireland Trinity University and the moved to Budapest in the year 2006. There he converted the unused space found in old buildings into a penthouse suite. Later he developed software that combed through the property records to find the buildings with the same convertible spaces.

While the Handy Company offers other services, the house cleaning is the main draw. Cleaning is an entry point; in fact the magical thing that happens on regular basis and the vision of the Company is not just to build a cleaning Company, but a brand that takes care of the home. Handy Company’s fully vetted employees provide a top-quality home cleaning services.

5 Tips For New Investors

With the majority of today’s new retirees falling short of their retirement savings goals or having to work longer than expected, it is time for people of all ages to think more about investing. There are many benefits stemming from smart investing, and these valuable tips will help any person gain a head start in the right direction.

1. Now is the best time to start. Waiting longer to invest means having less money for retirement. Consider an example of two people who start investing the same amount but at the ages of 25 and 35. Even if the younger person contributed for a lesser total contribution period, he or she would wind up with more money in the end.

2. Do not take a cash disbursement from a retirement plan when leaving a job. Many people take the money they contribute to a retirement plan when they leave a job. However, this comes with fees and tax penalties. It is better to roll the amount over into a new investment instrument. If it is done in a timely manner, monetary losses are minimized.

3. Think about inflation. With pay raises being mediocre or nonexistent, it is discouraging for Americans to see the prices of gas, cars, food, rent and utilities increase at substantial rates. When choosing how much to invest, it is important to think about how much the prices of necessities will increase by retirement. Consider skipping the magazine subscriptions and other needless expenses to invest more.

4. Make investing a regular activity. Do not think of investing for retirement as a one-time activity. Make it a regular habit to optimize a comfortable retirement savings plan.

5. Always make informed decisions. Most people spend days or even weeks researching what type of car or cell phone to buy. However, they typically spend much less time researching investments despite the long-term implications of an investment. Always invest after plenty of research, and work with an experienced professional to maximize profitability.

He worked hard as an entrepreneur and gained success with several American companies. His experience and expertise in investing has made him a globally trusted icon for valuable advice. Mr. Reifler’s company succeeds today because of his direction, the company’s knowledgeable and accomplished board and the strong success-driven relationships they build to maximize investing experiences for clients. Visit BradCReifler.com to learn more.

Eucatex, A Leading Brazilian Company In The Responsble Use of Nautral Resources

The Beginning of Eucatex and the Importance of the Eucalyptus Tree

Apontador wrote that Eucatex was founded in 1951 in Brazil’s capital city of Sao Paulo. The company was the first of its kind to take the environment into consideration in its business practices and manufacturing. It was also an early pioneer in the development of acoustic ceiling tiles and panels that would limit noise and promote a harmonious environment within buildings. Eucatex’s products have been designed with acoustic comfort in mind. They help reduce noise from traveling from floor to floor or room to room.

Eucatex is noteworthy for its early efforts into environmental conservation, reforestation and securing a sustainable supply of timber for its manufacturing facilities. The company’s original mission was to create wood products from fast growing eucalyptus trees. The Eucalyptus tree is one of the fastest growing trees in the world and is an excellent choice for the harvesting of wood. Eucalyptus trees can reach maturity in a few years and are easy to replant. Eucatex today continues to work on improving the quality of its timber and commitment to the environment by creating faster growing strains of Eucalyptus trees. The company also offers Eucalyptus seedlings for sale to other timber companies.

Products Eucatex Manufactures

Euxatex has expanded beyond growing Eucalyptus trees and harvesting their wood for sale. The company has developed its own line of paints and varnishes. It is also now operates several metallurgical plants that produce metals for the manufacture of its own products such as doors and for export abroad. Eucatex is also actively involved in the mining of minerals for the production of metals and jewelry. Besides producing staples such as soft boards for construction, ceiling tiles and panels Eucatex now manufactures wall partitions which serve to divide office space, wall panels, doors, laminate and vinyl floor tiles and hard boards.

Flavio Maluf’s Role in Eucatex’s Development

Current president of Eucatex Flavio Maluf has been vital to Euxatex’s recent expansion and global success. Mr. Maluf studied mechanical engineering in college and has studied business abroad and brings both practical knowledge of manufacturing processes and global business knowledge to the company’s helm. Flavio Maluf knowns the ins and outs of the company’s manufacturing and trade operations. He has been with the company since 1987 and was worked in both the manufacturing and trade departments before being appointed president.