Rodrigo Terpins and Bull Sertoes

2014’s 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally cross-country race included seven stages and a course that was 2,600 kilometers long. Although the race was shorter than usual, it was still very challenging, being characterized by lots of chasms, lots of winding and eroding roads, and mountainous regions. As always, the Bull Sertoes Rally Team from Sao Paulo had a strong presence on the podium. During the 22nd edition, Bull Sertoes driving partners took two of the top five positions. Of these two, the top Bull Sertoes duo was that of Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchini.


The duo snagged the third position in the overall standings. The two did so well for most of the race that on the final stage they decided they could afford to go at a slower speed to spare the engine. The other pair was Rodrigo’s brother, Michel, and Maykel Justo. Rodrigo and his brother, Michel have been two of the biggest names at the rally since they first found the Bull Sertoes team early last decade. The brothers have run the Bull Sertoes teams under an environmentally friendly philosophy. They have led the team to receive the Green Initiative’s Carbon Free Seal, which seeks to offset the emissions produced by the races by planting trees.


Most of the time these trees are planted in the Atlantic forest. By the time of the 22nd edition, both brothers had already driven in the Sertoes Rally for several years, but this race was the first time both of them drove a T-Rex. During last year’s 25th edition of the race, Michel partnered with Beco Andreotti. The two started the race well but experienced a minor car wreck early on. Although both of them were uninjured, the car was greatly compromised, forcing them to do the rest of the race at a much slower speed. Check out on for more info.



Nevertheless, the pair finalized the rally with a decent overall standing. The two even went on to win Brazil’s national championships last year. For more information about the Terpins brothers or the Bull Sertoes Rally Team visit:,, and,, and http: //rodrigo-terpins.tumblr. The Bull Sertoes team is sponsored by Bull Sertões, 100% Events, Xarla and MEM team support.