Marc Beer the Originator, Is On a New Technology Challenge

Renovia, a medical technology company run by Marc Beer is evolving daily. Mandated to help manage urinary incontinence and pelvic floor disorders, this company has proven to help the community through the restoration of health. It uses unique pharmaceutical diagnostic and treatment devices approved by the Food and Drug Administration. According to a report recently published, about 250 million women in the world are suffering from pelvic floor disorders which makes Renovia a leader and ultimate health problem solver.


In 2018, Renovia made a major milestone as Leva was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for clinical use. This is just a highlight of many innovative and highly efficient devices and told the company has employed. Well, this comes with costs. Renovia is happy to announce that it has received a financial boost for its series B project at US$32 million and US$10 million in venture debt. This will help in the development and testing of Renovia products which could lead to better discoveries. Besides, this shares in the company’s mission which is to better diagnose and treat women with pelvic disorders as well as those suffering from urinary incontinence.


Marc Beer has always believed in coming up with workable health solutions that can satisfy the dynamic clients’ needs. He is excited about the interplay between the proprietary sensor technologies and health value information and believes if people commit to it then great treatment alternatives will be realized. He yearns for a time pelvic floor disorders will be managed using products that strengthen the muscles and help the patient get back to their normal self.


About Marc Beer


Marc Beer is a co-founder of Renovia alongside Yolanda Lorie and Ramon Iglesia who is the Managing Director. Beer holds the position of the Chief Executive Officer and is also the company’s chairman to the board of directors. He has had a very colorful and admirable medical career where he has contributed to paradigm shifts, growth and innovation. As a result, he has been honored severally.


He is motivated to go an extra mile whenever he finds a gap in the treatment of diseases. He believes that there are better ways to do things and if technology can optimally be utilized then this would disrupt the medical profession positively. Thanks to his determination, he made Viacell, a biotechnology company trade publicly in 2000. In 2005, Marc Beer again made history by leading Perkinelmer under the trademark of PKI to trade in the New York Stock Exchange. Learn more:


Marc Beer has held prestigious positions of leadership. He is affiliated to the Abbott Laboratories, Good Start Genetics, Minerva Neurosciences, Biotechnology Innovation Organization and also is a member of the Mass Life Science Board in Massachusetts just to highlight his career path. He studied Science at Miami University and is very passionate about alternative treatment options precisely in matters of infertility.


Graeme Holm And Rebecca Walker Make Infinity Group Australia Into A Lending Powerhouse

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker have made Infinity Group Australia into lending powerhouse that more and more Australians are using every year. They have built a company that is very easy to work with, and they allow customers to take out loans for much less money. Their business plan is based on customer service, and they want their customers to be comfortable when requesting funds. Take a look at what this company does when they are helping people find the capital they need.


  1. What Is Difference At Infinity Group Australia?


Infinity Group Australia is a place where someone cna apply for a loan right away, and they are given a quick answer. Customers do not wait around to get an answer, and they are not put in a position where they must wait too long and give up. Banks often make customers wait forever, and Infinity Group has forced the banks to offer better customer care as a result.


  1. Who Do They Fund?


Infinity Group Australia is willing to fund anyone from a small family to a big business. They have access to many funding options that are cheap for everyone, and they will help every customer understand why that funding option has been chosen. They know that most customers are unaware fo the bevy of options about there, and they will walk through each option before customers sign.


  1. Payment Options


Payment options for the customer are set up to be as simple as possible. The company wants customers to be happy paying online or paying in the Infinity Group office. The customers can get payment terms that they believe are fair, and they can contact the company for help with new payment arrangements. Graeme Holm and his partners believe that it is much easier for the customer to work with them if they are flexible. The company has many borrowers, and they have established good relationships with all of them.


  1. How Is The Company Reviewed?


The Australian Financial Review has lauded this company for the work that they do, and they have pointed out that this company does a good job of giving people the funding that is most needed. They want the people who reading their reviews to know that lending is much easier in this place.


  1. Growing The Company


The company has grown over the years to compete directly with banks in Australia, and there are many people who come here instead of going to a regular bank. People are turning to this growing firm because it has helped so many people near them get the best possible loan rate and products.


  1. Conclusion


Infinity Group Australia has done an amazing job helping people have the best loan products, save money, and get back on their feet. They help fund companies that need assistance, and they offer loans to families that need a little bit of extra capital going into a hard season for them. They are competing with banks and offering better loans. Learn more:


Alex Pall On How He Became the Other Half Of Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers recently launched their new song “Closer” that featured Halsey. In contrast to their past songs “Don’t Let me Down” and “Roses”, their new single has Andrew Taggart singing. It is normal for artists to sing their own songs but it is a mite different with DJs, who most often than not depend on vocalists and songwriters to enhance their musical pieces with a touch of humanness that would go well with their skillful electronic sonic.

The duo’s venture into customizing their own brand of music is part of their desire to be acknowledged as genuine artists with feelings and thoughts rather than unidentified beat performers who are settled and immovable behind a DJ booth. While other similar performing DJs prefer to be behind stage drops and thick synths; Alex Pall and Drew Taggart prefer to reveal themselves more when they perform.

To get to know how Chainsmokers came to be, Mathias Rosenzweig interviewed Pall and Taggart.

Mathias Rosenzweig: How did you start working together?

Alex Pall: Being a DJ has always been my hobby, and I was having all sorts of gigs around New York. There came a time that it felt more like I was having fun instead of considering it more like a job. I realized then that the dance music is overwhelming me, and I really like to give it a good shot. During that time I was working with the same manager Drew was working with, and he made the proper introductions. So Drew came down from Maine and I quit my job, and got together and started working.

Andrew Taggart: Before I met Alex I was in college and was already interested in DJing. I like the way electronic music sounds compared to a lot of people who didn’t. I often made music and am really into the production side of things. So I started producing, had some songs on SoundCloud, was an intern at Interscope. I was busy going to school in Syracuse and DJing after school. Then a kid who was employed by Alex’s manager said that the Chainsmokers need someone to fill the spot another was leaving and said it I might be a good fit. So, I went to New York City from Maine met Alex. And here we are four years after.

Betsy DeVos’s Commits to Education Reforms Hence Secretary for Education Appointment


It is no secret that education is the hallmark of excellence in life. Factual as it sounds, not every household has been able to achieve quality education standards across the world. For years now, Betsy DeVos has been committed to investing in quality education standards for the citizens of America. Betsy is prominently known as a reformer. While attending Calvin College in her younger years, she undertook her vocation by participating in campus politics. For over thirty years, she actively cheered campaigns and political parties including serving in key roles as chairman of the party of Michigan. Betsy’s family is well known for reformations. Visit to know more about their foundation.


Betsy’s business career extends to politics where she identifies innovative solutions for societal problems. In this sector, she is chairman of Windquest Group. It is a privately held group featuring multiparty operations. The primary objective of this organization is investing in revolutionary technology, manufacturing in addition to clean energy. Betsy established the firm in 1989 with the assistance of Dick DeVos, her husband. Dick DeVos has been supportive to Betsy. His works extend to the main roles as being the former president of companies like Amway and Orlando Magic, an NBA franchise.


With registered political achievement, Betsy’s vital roles in society capitalize in reformations through nonprofit organizations. With her husband, they formed Dick and Betsy Foundation, a family organization committed to empowering citizens by providing for the less fortunate. Her charitable interests have a broad scope. She serves as board member of over three organizations including the Mass Hill Bible Church, Excellence in Education Foundation, and DeVos School for Arts located in Kennedy Centre. Her prominence roots from her leading role in education advocacy. Towards this end, Betsy is the chairperson of a children’s organization known as AFC, American Federation for Children. She is also the chair of Alliance for School Choice.

Study Programs

In her interview with Philanthropy, Betsy Devos explained her enthusiasm in giving back to the society. Betsy’s optimism lightens a path for high-quality education in America. She explained that unlike in the past, there are over 250,000 students currently receiving education funds for private studies in Columbia district. With a rise in this movement, there has been growth in education programs by over 40,000. In 2012, there were new revolutionary study programs in the states of Virginia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. The continuous rise in study programs indicates a hopeful future in education systems.

About Betsy DeVos

Betsy is a successful businesswoman hailing from America. She was born in 1958 and has since made a name for herself in the world of politics, education, and charity. Following her passion and commitment to education reforms, Betsy was recently appointed the secretary of education in the United States. She commits to making the world a better place through her family foundation.


CCMP Capital Looses One of Its Longest Serving President, Steve Murray

CCMP Capital is a recognized private equity investment company that is based on the New York City. The company mainly focuses on leveraged buyout and also the growth of the capital transactions.

Previously, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was known as JP Morgan partners. It was made of several partners, and they eventually separated. JP Morgan chase moved away from the partnership in 2006. For the last two decades, this company has changed names several times. It was originally founded in 1984, and it was originally known to many as Chemical Ventures Partners.

Since this company was founded, it has done a lot of investments in form of transactions. It is estimated that over 12billion has been used so far. Back in 2007, the company was number 17 in the world’s largest private equity funds ranking on wallstreetjournal.

The company boasts for employing over 50 people in its offices. The company is currently based in the New York City, but it has several offices in other places. Some of its offices are in London, turkey and Hong Kong. The company appointed Greg Brennenmen to be its chair.

In 2007, CCMP Capital changed its management, and Mr. Steve Murray become the organizations CEO. He actually took that position from the founder of the company, Jeff Walker who had been in its leadership for a long time. Steve was chosen to this position because he had been working in the company for a very long time, since 1989. He had the experience needed to become the head.

Unfortunately, Steve Murray passed on recently, at the age of 52. Before his death, Steve had left CCMP because he had some health issues which were affecting his work. He died before he could resume work.

Steve Murray was recognized by many people as a private equity investor and also a great philanthropist. He spent most of his career life CCMP and managed to do so much for the company. Murray was actually a graduate from the Boston College. He graduated in 1984, with a degree in economics. He got a master’s degree from Colombia business school in 1989. He did a lot of charity work which made him a great philanthropist.

The CCMP current serving chairman, Greg Brennemarn, who is believed to have taken over the leadership of the company from Murray to become CEO and president said that the news of the death had brought a lot of sadness to the company. According to him, Murray was a good friend apart from being a former partner to the company. He send his condolence massage the family of Murray. The death of Murray was definitely a blow in the private equity investments for CCMP Capital and for the whole nation too.

What It Takes to Be a Business Leader like Majeed Ekbal

Being a great business leader is vital for the success of your business and personal success. Business leaders in Chicago have disciplined themselves so that they can enhance their image thus profiting from their business ventures. They take their role seriously and it makes them different from other business leaders in different regions. To be a great business leader, it is important to have a passion for what you do. When you love your business and treat it as you would treat a child, you will be able to have effective work ethic and your approach will improve operational efficiency. A good business leader knows that work that you love is a fun and not just a task that you have to get over.
A positive attitude is very important for a business leader. It will enable you take calculated risks that will aid an institution register massive growth. Positive business attitude elicits patience and create a sense of confidence. You will be able to overcome setbacks and challenges that come along the due course of business operations. It is also important to have formal education. Chicago has a number of universities that have benefited the business leaders from the region. Education will give you the necessary skills that come with learning and running business as a going concern.
Business leaders in Chicago are not afraid to delegate duties to their employees. Through delegation of duties, businesses in Chicago have managed to get the best from their employees. It is imperative to have a team of workers who perform different functions and have different skills. A good team will ensure your business is entirely successful. It will give your workers the sense of responsibility and they will find themselves doing their work, as they ought to. Business leaders in Chicago understand the importance of seeking advice from legal, financial and marketing gurus. Such professionals give advice that is important to the growth of your business.
Chicago has a lot of business leaders like Majeed Ekbal. Mr Majeed Ekbal is a senior marketing executive. He hails from Chicago, Illinois. Ekbal is a graduate of the American University in Washington DC. Ekbal has a wordpress site and is the president of Expresso Inc and believes in giving his clients first class service. He believes in hard work ethic. Ekbal believes in having competent employees and this has seen him continue to grow his wealth as he provides them with a favorable working environment. The family man is passionate about his business ventures and is always sourcing for new ways to reach out to clients and expand his business.