Adam Milstein Is Revolutionizing Philanthropy

With many years of involvement in the non-profit and for-profit worlds, Adam Milstein has emerged as America’s greatest pro-Israel altruists. He has Israel in his blood, soul, and heart. Adam was born and brought up in Haifa, and when the time came, he joined hands with the IDF, Yom Kippur War. After graduating from Technion, he shifted to the USA in the year 1981 together with his family to study at the University of Southern California’s business school.

After becoming a great investment manager in Los Angeles real estate, together with his wife, he commenced the Gila Milstein Family Foundation via which he provides charitable services to numerous organizations that operate to enforce the Jewish people, USA – Israel relationship and the Israel as a nation.

Throughout the years, Adam has become a well-known person with his special philanthropic practices going beyond simple financial support. A hands-on method entails the skills and lessons he acquired to make sure partner organizations go an extra mile of influence and efficiency.

By focusing on “dynamic magnanimity,” Adam and the family foundation plus the staff not only offer monetary support but also sacrifice their expertise and time to various programs, organizations, and projects that they join hands with. Such foundations work to establish philanthropic synergies by linking like-minded non-profit associations that operate together to amplify their effect.

By encouraging a culture of participation and coordinated effort in the Israeli lobbyist group, the Milstein Family Foundation and Milstein are ensuring pragmatic partnerships that permit pro-Israel associations that reach the maximum number of people with a more profound effect than could be accomplished separately.

The Milstein Family Foundation’s emphasis on “life path impact” is yet another key factor in Adam’s ascent as an expert on effective magnanimity. He methodically searches out, finances and develops firms to guarantee that individuals of their target audience are engaged in their entire lives. The customized programs ensure organizations keep a continuous and deep linkage with Jewish & Israeli Americans starting at two years old. Since Adam has developed in the non-profit world, he has managed to share the benefits of his wisdom via various channels.

Adam Milstein info:

Thor halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation Look To Aid People Across The Planet

The aim of the Human Rights Foundation has never been to explore the smallest human rights abuses that take place in nations seen to be democratic; HRF founder Thor Halvorssen has been known to thank major activist groups he believes are focusing too much attention on the plight of those in jail in the U.S. Despite his praise for their work, Halvorssen believes there is much more important work to be completed facing up to the most despicable tyrants of the world whether they come from the right or left of the political spectrum.

The Human Rights Foundation was formed in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen after he grew impatient with the work being completed by the major human rights activism groups he worked alongside on a regular basis; Halvorssen located the Human Rights Foundation in New York as he felt this would allow his group to remain clear of political interference and bias at government level. Halvorssen set out to become one of the world’s leading human rights activists by creating a series of events and campaigns through the Human Rights Foundation that explain the many abuses being committed against citizens of nations all over the globe. As early as 2007 the work of the Human Rights Foundation began to focus on the country of Bolivia where concern was growing over different punishments being handed out to opposition leaders in the nation; a subsidiary group known as HRF-Bolivia was formed that addressed directly the concerns of those opposed to the leadership of the nation.

One of the major events organized by the Human Rights Foundation is the annual Vaclav Havel Award for Creative Dissident that formed a major part of the campaign against Cuba that formed a major part of the HRF’s work in 2012. Not only did Thor Halvorssen’s group call on Urban Outfitters to stop creating merchandise featuring the image of Che Guevara to honor those who died in the Cuban Revolution, but the group also awarded the Vaclav Havel Award to the Ladies in White group that has worked consistently in Cuba to fight human rights abuses.

The DeVos Family Demonstrates That the More You Make, The More You Have To Give

Billionaire Dick DeVos, son of Amway founder Rich DeVos, comes from a family of extreme wealth. But this family is not well known for the wealth they have, but for the giving spirit they have. Philanthropy is common place with the DeVos family. They all are large contributors to many charitable organizations through their family foundation. Their philosophy is a deep devotion to better society and give to others. With each family having their own foundation for causes dear to their heart, they donate millions each year. Their hope is that people will see that it is better to give than spend your money. They know that the more they give, the deeper and richer their rewards are.

I am incredibly grateful to my parents for initiating and encouraging by example the tradition of philanthropy within our family. We are happy to be a part of this great community!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Monday, January 4, 2016

Not until lately have they spoken out about the donations they have made. It was always a policy to not discuss donations or amounts. This policy was lifted to allow MLive to write about the generosity of people like the DeVos family. In the material world we live in, it is refreshing to know that fortunate people want to help others. The DeVos family makes it their yearly goal to give to organizations such as education, health and community services, arts and cultural charities, and faith-based organizations. With a deep commitment to community, most of the wealth donated stays close to home. They feel that helping closer to home impacts individuals and families that they know personally. One thing for sure is, the DeVos family doesn’t want the notoriety of giving. They want to be part of the solution to encourage people to help one another because it is the right thing to do.

In all honesty, they would rather stay out of the limelight so the focus is more one the actual giving rather than who is giving. They work for change in community, politics, and education. Wanting a better life for many not just their own families is a generous gift in itself. Being able to make that happen is very empowering and by leading by example, they hope to encourage others to have a giving heart and spirit.

If you would like to learn more about Dick’s career and work experience, connect with him on LinkedIn or visit the following link:

Compliance Officer Helane Morrison With Hall Capiital LLC Champions Gender Compliance, Too

Educational Background

Helane Morrison made the climb up the corporate and SEC compliance ladder structure with precision and no back steps, no fails. She received her BS in Journalism from Northwestern University and JD from the University of California School of Law. While at California’s Berkeley she was Editor-in-Chief, California Law Review.
Later she practiced law with the prominent San Francisco Law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemweovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin, becoming partner. While there her practice focused in corporate litigation and private securities defense in SEC.

She Was Already In Stride With Her Future

Her expertise included conducting internal corporate investigations. She was appointed law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Blackburn and Honorable Richard Posner, 7th Circuit, U. S. Court of Appeals. Following that service she entered private practice, but she was already well on her way into equality for women in official positions.

Morrison headed San Francisco Office of U. S. Securities and Exchange for 8 years. She was responsible for securities enforcement, court litigation and regulatory matters for Northern California and five Northwest states. Helane is accomplished in representing the SEC in legal, business, financial communities, plus has represented other government agencies and news media.

Still Breaking Glass Ceilings

Today, Morrison is a member of important financial foundations and Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar. Ms. Morrison is a regular Bar speaker on compliance issues and legal matters.

Women at the Top

Her position as officer of Hall Capital LLC speaks for her advocacy for women in the financial world as partners, CEOs and CFO officials. Hall Capital has three women at the top: Hall, who also serves as co-chief investment officer, President Sarah Stein and Helane Morrison, managing director, general counsel and chief compliance officer. The three women see the strong showing of women in the top ranks as a natural part of the firm’s ceiling shattering efforts.

“When you see the CEO is a woman and there are other women at high levels, it’s very attractive for a woman to come here,” said Morrison during an interview with Business Journal.

META: This article tells background of women’s advocate Helane Morrison at Hall Capital LLC, being one of 3 women at the top. She and her co-officers Hall and Stein,are not breaking stride in their advocacy successes.

What It Takes to Be a Business Leader like Majeed Ekbal

Being a great business leader is vital for the success of your business and personal success. Business leaders in Chicago have disciplined themselves so that they can enhance their image thus profiting from their business ventures. They take their role seriously and it makes them different from other business leaders in different regions. To be a great business leader, it is important to have a passion for what you do. When you love your business and treat it as you would treat a child, you will be able to have effective work ethic and your approach will improve operational efficiency. A good business leader knows that work that you love is a fun and not just a task that you have to get over.
A positive attitude is very important for a business leader. It will enable you take calculated risks that will aid an institution register massive growth. Positive business attitude elicits patience and create a sense of confidence. You will be able to overcome setbacks and challenges that come along the due course of business operations. It is also important to have formal education. Chicago has a number of universities that have benefited the business leaders from the region. Education will give you the necessary skills that come with learning and running business as a going concern.
Business leaders in Chicago are not afraid to delegate duties to their employees. Through delegation of duties, businesses in Chicago have managed to get the best from their employees. It is imperative to have a team of workers who perform different functions and have different skills. A good team will ensure your business is entirely successful. It will give your workers the sense of responsibility and they will find themselves doing their work, as they ought to. Business leaders in Chicago understand the importance of seeking advice from legal, financial and marketing gurus. Such professionals give advice that is important to the growth of your business.
Chicago has a lot of business leaders like Majeed Ekbal. Mr Majeed Ekbal is a senior marketing executive. He hails from Chicago, Illinois. Ekbal is a graduate of the American University in Washington DC. Ekbal has a wordpress site and is the president of Expresso Inc and believes in giving his clients first class service. He believes in hard work ethic. Ekbal believes in having competent employees and this has seen him continue to grow his wealth as he provides them with a favorable working environment. The family man is passionate about his business ventures and is always sourcing for new ways to reach out to clients and expand his business.