The prison systems in the world serve a very vital role in the society. Besides housing criminals, they have the purpose of reforming criminals before they are released back to the society. However, many challenges facing the prison system impedes them from serving this crucial role.


Securus Technologies is a company that offers services and other digital platforms to the jail system to facilitate the smooth operation of the prison systems. This company mainly provides its services to prisons in the United States of America.


Securus Technologies initially started as a purely communication-based company. It provided communication services to prisoners and their families on the outside. As the company grew, it broadened its services. The many challenges facing the prison system in the USA provided a lucrative opportunity for the company to expand. Cases of insufficient prison warders and lack of sufficient health care by the prisoners made the prison systems to be inoperable.


Securus Technologies, therefore, sought out to look for solutions to the problems that faced the prison systems.

The great solution to these problems was in the form of digital platforms. Securus technologies developed digital services and programs that performed multiple tasks and therefore minimize the workloads of the prison warders.


Besides, the day to day operations, the jail systems were streamlined and this significantly increased efficiency of the prison systems. Also, Securus Technologies acquired J Pay Markets. J Pay Markets was a company that was instrumental in introducing electronic payments, education programs, and emails in the prisons. This acquisition facilitated this company in reforming the prison systems in the USA.


The introduction of digital platforms in the correction space was massive. Besides, it further led to the creation of the following platforms in the prisons;


  1. Jail management software


  1. Parolee monitoring systems


  1. Inmate health care monitoring software


  1. Wireless containment systems


These systems have significantly benefitted the prison system in the USA. Also, the living standard of the incarcerated inmate has improved since the implementation of these systems into the correctional space.


My Little Nephew Benefits From Securus Video Visitation

My little nephew has used Securus to chat with his dad many times since we got the service for their family, and I use it myself to call my brother. I want to keep him updated on what happens with the family, and we scheduled a time for him to talk to my nephew for the Christmas season. This article explains how I planned a special video visit for my nephew over the holidays. I and quite excited about it, and I believe every family may follow suit.


#1: The Video Calls Sound Great


I have been on video calls with my brother before, and they sound fantastic. I always want him to understand what I am saying, and I feel as though we have substantive conversations that were not possible before. I come to the house and help with my nephew often, and I hand the phone off to him often when he is ready to talk to his dad. We are a family again on every call, and we planned a special meeting with my nephew and brother.


#2: We Use My Phone For The Calls


I spend quite a lot of time with my nephew, and I have my phone ready with the Securus app for every new call. I pick out my brother in the system, and we have a called placed to him where he is waiting at the jail. There is a video camera in front of him, and we use the camera on my phone to talk. I can hold the phone for my nephew, and we can talk to his dad for as long as he needs. I enjoy watching the calls, and my nephew talks to me every time about all the interesting things his dad is doing.


#3: Our Holidays Deserve A Special Touch


We want to keep the holidays as bright and happy as possible, and we believe that talking to my brother makes a difference in the family. We all look into the camera on my phone to talk to him, and we give my nephew some time to talk to his dad alone. We all get a warm feeling inside during the chats, and my nephew is energetic for days after each call.


Every Christmas season is difficult while my brother is in jail, but we are overcoming using video visitation services from Securus. My nephew benefits more than everyone else combined from a simple talk.


Securus Technologies; the Leading Service Provider of Civil and Criminal Justice Technology

Securus Technologies, a firm based in Dallas Texas is the leading service provider for correctional agencies in the United States. The company serves 3,450 enforcement agencies handling close to a million inmates.


The company offers cutting-edge services on incident management, biometric analysis, investigation, information and communication management and many more services aimed at improving the welfare of prison officers, prisoners, and inmates’ relatives.


Securus Technologies believes teamwork is the only way to guarantee high-quality service delivery. They have acquired different companies specializing in various aspects of technology like Guarded Exchange, JPay, CellBlox and JLG technologies to help enhance the technological innovations of their team of more than 1000 technology experts.


In a recent accomplishment, JLG technology, one of the subsidiaries of Securus Technologies, invented Investigator Pro 4.0. This is a software that could be used in looking for criminal evidence through voice identification. The application has other features like high-interest group tagging that can be used in tracing criminal gangs using inmates’ communication services to organize crimes.


Investigator Pro 4.0 uses a suspected sample voice to identify other calls that have been made by suspects. The investigative tool is crucial in generating investigative information on, inmates talking to the suspects and if the suspect was an inmate.


The information is essential in identifying offenders and prevents them from committing offenses. The investigative application adds up to other applications that were used by Securus to provide investigation and biometric analysis services to correctional agencies.


The technological advancements have placed Securus Technologies into the fastest growing company that offers civil and criminal justice service in America. Due to the quality of their services, customers have given it a 4-star score in their online reviews. Securus Technologies’ CEO attested that he was confident that the company was in a position to provide all kinds of technological solutions required in any jail facility.

Offering Us A Place to Find Closure

Both civil and criminal justice technology solutions are all what Securus Technologies stands for. All in the aim to serve monitoring, investigations and correction firms including many inmates in the United States. The greater goal is and always will remain to be public safety. Always ready to serve, with an incredible network and connection to work with. Securus Technologies provides emergency responses, inmate communication, biometric analysis, monitoring of assets, incident management, various investigations, information management and more relevant public information that can aid in making the world a secure place to live. Public protection is so important and this is what Securus Technologies is up for.

The Company is based at Dallas, Texas.

There are some two important matters that were presented to the United States Court of Appeal, the first matter being imposing rate caps on intrastate rates by the Federal Communications Commission, and the other issue being inappropriate extension of interim interstate rates to intrastate rates. These are all matters that were affecting directly the inmates. Securus Technologies managed to defend its point that the Federal Communications Commission had no say at all cost of inmate phone calls rates and charges. This is a breakthrough for the Inmates after all. 

With respect to Inmate communications, the development of proper public policies is underway. This is an initiative by Securus, under the lead of its very able Chief Executive Officer who goes by the name Richard A. Smith. They have been involved in many debates with the Federal Communications Commission on various matters including costs and protection in the discourse to finding what is best for the society, families and friends, the Inmates and even great business entities. Solutions which are all geared to making the world a better place.

The public protection initiative is in support for the state and the legal enforcement firms get Intel fast for proper action to be taken including mobile law enforcement or physical emergency responses that would result in public protection. Their phone services enable the customers stay in touch with the people they care about; families and friends. Securus Technologies funds inmate phone calls with an aim of helping them which is something plausible and worthy of approval and acceptance.

Many would share the opinion that the universe is a cruel and harsh place. Securus Technologies is truly aiming at making the world a place we can all be proud of.