George Soros, Philanthropist and Major Donor of Causes Supporting Human Rights

Social concerns are not the only interests of billionaire investor, George Soros. His interests also lie in politics. Financially supporting a long list of non-profit agencies, democratic government organizations and human rights activism both at home and across the globe, Mr. Soros wants to see change that helps, not hinders. This includes making donations to aid in improving education, health care, religious rights and change in policies that are not helpful to people who are victims of racial discrimination.

Born in Hungary, George Soros was born in August, 1930. His empire is primarily based in Europe. He is one of the world’s 30 richest businessmen worldwide. With billions to donate, he supports opening the minds of people to change through education and research. Learning is the number one opportunity to make your mark in a world of social change. Both political and social change allows for freedoms for those who are oppressed. Read more at Washington Times.

With approximately $33 million in donations to support Ferguson grass roots activists in 2015, Soros funded non-profit groups all across America. Taking part in rallies and protests, equal rights organizations such as The Drug Policy Alliance, Equal Justice USA, and others came to Ferguson in droves to raise their voices against racial discrimination. In one sense George Soros was another MLK Jr. as racial discrimination is a major cause of social injustice.

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Moving back in time, George Soros was a major supporter of Obama during the Presidential election campaigns in both 2008 and 2012. In 2004 he supported John Kerry rather than George W. Bush, and then he opposed the war in Iraq soon after Bush was elected. Just last year, in 2016, Soros took an avid interest in politics making major donations to the Clinton campaign. He was one of the largest donors supporting democratic causes. Working for the people has always been his goal with monetary gifts to Planned Parenthood, Priorities USA Action, Immigrant Voters Win, the Voting Rights Trust and America’s Bridge 21st Century.

After 2004 George Soros decided to calm down his funding efforts in the political world, but alas, supporting Hillary Clinton became of intense interest. As a human rights activist and philanthropist, he wanted to see social change and freedom for the American people. He is one of the top donors supporting democratic governmental issues in America and abroad. Human rights organizations across the globe have benefited from his financial support. Know more on about George Soros.

Thor halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation Look To Aid People Across The Planet

The aim of the Human Rights Foundation has never been to explore the smallest human rights abuses that take place in nations seen to be democratic; HRF founder Thor Halvorssen has been known to thank major activist groups he believes are focusing too much attention on the plight of those in jail in the U.S. Despite his praise for their work, Halvorssen believes there is much more important work to be completed facing up to the most despicable tyrants of the world whether they come from the right or left of the political spectrum.

The Human Rights Foundation was formed in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen after he grew impatient with the work being completed by the major human rights activism groups he worked alongside on a regular basis; Halvorssen located the Human Rights Foundation in New York as he felt this would allow his group to remain clear of political interference and bias at government level. Halvorssen set out to become one of the world’s leading human rights activists by creating a series of events and campaigns through the Human Rights Foundation that explain the many abuses being committed against citizens of nations all over the globe. As early as 2007 the work of the Human Rights Foundation began to focus on the country of Bolivia where concern was growing over different punishments being handed out to opposition leaders in the nation; a subsidiary group known as HRF-Bolivia was formed that addressed directly the concerns of those opposed to the leadership of the nation.

One of the major events organized by the Human Rights Foundation is the annual Vaclav Havel Award for Creative Dissident that formed a major part of the campaign against Cuba that formed a major part of the HRF’s work in 2012. Not only did Thor Halvorssen’s group call on Urban Outfitters to stop creating merchandise featuring the image of Che Guevara to honor those who died in the Cuban Revolution, but the group also awarded the Vaclav Havel Award to the Ladies in White group that has worked consistently in Cuba to fight human rights abuses.

Thor Halvorssen Risks All To Bring An End To Injustice Across The World

In much of the world human rights simply aren’t respected. Across the developing world brutal dictators rule and use their power to suppress democracy, human rights, and other important basic needs any modern country has. Activists looking to fight against these injustices aren’t standing up to regimes that allow for dissent. These activists risk imprisonment, torture, and even death as a consequence of their actions. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

With this image in mind it’s not hard to see why someone like Thor Halvorssen are such exceptional humans. Over the course of his 40 years, Thor Halvorssen has led important organizations in the fight to advance liberty across the world. From the Foundation For Individual Rights In Education to the Children’s Peace Movement, Halvorssen has made a mark just about everywhere he steps.

One of the earliest but most important battles Halvorssen fought was against the slave labor camps of China. In 1999 Halvorssen led a movement to convince the corporation Lucent Technologies to adopt a strict policy against slave labor. At the time he decided to take a stand against child labor in China the country had Laogai camps across the country with up to 8 million inmates held in these camps being used to make consumer goods. After convincing Lucent Technologies he moved on to focus on other important issues.

Halvorssen’s success in founding multiple organizations has produced many of the positive results he has become famous for. FIRE, the Foundation For Individual Rights in Education, he united both liberals and conservatives in order to advance personal freedom across the world.

While the company was successful in accomplishing this goal, its 5 year run came to a close. The next year Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation where he currently heads as it’s president. Through the Human Rights Foundation he continues to fight for individual rights across the world and for the establishment of free societies.

Why Did Thor Halvorssen Explain Socialism To Fox News?

There are a lot of people in America who do not understand the finer points of how governments are put together. People use the wrong terms to describe things, and those names get out of control in the press. Thor Halvorssen went on Fox News because he wanted to explain what democratic socialism is. He has no reason to explain this except that the media has been misnaming Bernie Sanders in some of their reporting. Bernie Sanders is not a communist, and Thor Halvorssen knows the difference.

Mt. Halvorssen runs the Human Rights Foundation to help people around the world who are straining under the yoke of communist and tyrannical countries, but he does not see Bernie Sanders in that light. Bernie Sanders is a socialist who wants to see free elections and government along with the taxes paying for social programs. Bernie Sanders does not want to by a tyrant, and he does not want to force people to give up their money. He wants everyone to pay their fair share while helping people who need it.

Helping people is going to be much easier when everyone is paying fair taxes on what they earn or spend, and that is premise of the government. Bernie Sanders wants to pay teachers more, and he wants to cut back on what the government does. He is trying to be efficient, and that is not what communism does. Thor Halvorssen ( not afraid to explain these finer points to people who do not understand them, and he is willing to give more interviews to explain the premise.

Bernie Sanders is doing something of a revolution that is going to help bring in a new era in America, but many people are wrong to call him a communist. The Human Rights Foundation is a great place that helps people who are struggling because of their government, but Bernie Sanders will not turn America into that kind of nation. He only wants to help people see that their tax dollars can do some good for a change while offering the right services to everyone.

Darius Fisher and Holding Onto Employees

Holding onto quality employees is a must for any business owner. It is very expensive to constantly bring in new professionals to try and take over for someone that left. While having an employee leave for more money somewhere else or being promoted from within is one thing, but if they leave for a similar job somewhere else that doesn’t really offer many perks in pay or benefits, it is because they simply are not happy with their current job. That is why Darius Fisher, the head of Status Labs, wants business owners to understand exactly what they need to do in order to boost their potential employee retention. It all just comes down to keeping the employees happy.

The first thing Darius Fisher wants employers to understand is that they need to keep their workers happy. When doing the exact same job every single day, it can become long and tiresome. That is why giving some rewards for specific services is a must. Creating reachable goals is something that needs to happen. These rewards should be obtainable, yet not super easy. This way, they have something to strive for and something to put in that little bit of extra effort into. Darius Fisher points to all sorts of different rewards that will motivate employees. It really just depends on what the budget is for the company. Naturally, the bigger the goal the bigger the reward. It can range anywhere from a better parking space and a gift card to a local restaurant to tech gear, vacations, more holiday time and other benefits that the employee is likely going to love and enjoy. All of this will make for a better work environment and it will actually boost productivity as well, making up for the cost of the reward.

On top of this, Darius Fisher believes in keeping employees in the loop. If they need to boost their specific sales quota or if they are looking at reaching out to another company for services, the employees should be made aware of this. This way, they do not suffer from being caught off guard. Visit his website for more news and information.

Thor Halvorssen on Fox News Explaining Socialism

Fox News had the founder of the Human Rights Foundation Thor Halvorssen on for an interview. Before introducing Halvorssen himself, the segment started with a clip of Bernie Sanders with a statement from the Fox News interviewer about how Sanders wants to make the United States a socialist country. When Halvorssen was introduced, he was asked how socialism violates human rights. Thor Halvorssen responded by immediately qualifying the statement in order to be more accurate and clear in his response. He essentially said that socialism done correctly with a separation of power, constitutional rights and branches of government can be just and good. Halvorssen used Denmark, Norway and Sweden as examples of how socialism is carried out effectively and justly. Interestingly enough, these are the countries that Democratic Presidential Nominee Bernie Sanders always references when discussing socialistic ideals. Halvorssen continued on to say that when socialism is put into the wrong hands of perhaps an authoritarian government that it can potentially violate human rights.

After being asked to define socialism, Thor Halvorssen, a well-known film producer, explained that there are multiple definitions of socialism such as an academic versus historical. He continued to explain that even many democratic governments have socialistic policies which is surely different than socialism or being a socialist. The Fox News interviewer then asked what issues Halvorssen had against the way socialism is used in some countries. He responded by using Venezuela as an example stating that the governments fixed prices on goods has created a humanitarian crisis. Later in the interview, it was revealed that Thor Halvorssen had personal ties to Venezuela as his father was a political prisoner and his first cousin is currently in prison at the time of the interview.

To address the few references made by the Fox News Interviewer about Bernie Sanders, Thor Halvorssen admitted that he donated the largest amount possible to Sanders’ campaign. When asked why he did this, he explained that the current democratic front runner has taken millions of dollars from dictatorships including Oman and Saudi Arabia. He explained that he would rather have Sanders be the democratic nominee, not someone who takes money from dictatorships.