Preparing for a Life Line Screening

If you are looking at getting a screening that will help you with your health. You might want to think about Life Line Screening. These screenings can help you to understand your health and yourself.


One thing you may not think about with your screening is the clothing. You need to wear something that is comfortable and that will be a good fit for what testing you are doing. If you are doing something that only takes a finger prick, medical equipment to assess then you might be able to get away with whatever clothing you want, but you might want to keep it comfortable so when you are done with the testing, you can relax.


The testing is something you will want to know about well before the day. This way you can prepare for anything extra you might have to do for the testing. You may also want to know what each test will show you so you know what tests you want for your screening facilities. If you aren’t sure, you can call them and see what ones they have and how they can help you.


One the testing is done, you will get your results. Some of these take a little time and some of them are right away. This way you will know what you need to work on and where you may stand with certain parts of health. The results can help you to know if you have any health problems from a family history.

When you are thinking about getting a Life Line Screening, you should think about the testing you want and how your family history can play into it. This way you will know what to expect and if there is anything to worry about health wise. This is the best way to know if you are as healthy as you think you are.

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Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides: Great Minds Leading Innovacare Health in Providing Healthcare

InnovaCare Health is one of the best Healthcare service providers in America. The company mostly operates in Northern. InnovaCare offers quality healthcare services that are cost effective to the people. Through the use of advanced technologies, they can accommodate and treat patients with much ease. InnovaCare has two primary avenues that they used in the provision of healthcare which are the Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs.InnovaCare strives to provide quality healthcare to all its patients. The company ensures that there are strong patient-provider relationships which lead to a better outcome in service provision. The company has top notch, professional physicians who are efficient in their work. InnovaCare ensures transparency in the provision of services. Through the company’s good leadership, Innovacare continues to thrive in the health sector. The CEO of the company is Rick Shinto, and the COO is Penelope Kokkinides. The company is located at Fort Lee in New Jersey.

On an article published on the Temple of the cave, it talks about InnovaCare good leadership. The article praises the CEO Doctor Richard Shinto for his good leadership skills. Shinto has been in the business for over 20 years hence he is very experienced. Shinto served at the renowned Medical Pathways Management Company as both the C.O.O and C.M.O. Shinto also held a position as a Corporate Vice President of Medical Management of MedPartners. Later on, Shinto worked as Chief Medical Officer for Cal Optima Health Plan and also NAMM in California.Shinto is an educational champion who has studied a lot. Shinto graduated from the University of California with a Degree in Science. He studied for his medical Degree at State University in New York.

In addition to this, Shinto has an M.B.A from Redlands University. Rick has also authored various healthcare books.The article also praised the current C.A.O Penelope Kokkinides. Penelope was previously the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Clinical Operations of Innovacare Health. She also has 20 years of work experience. Penelope worked in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. She was mostly involved in developing the programs. Penelope had previously worked as an Executive V.P and C.O.O for Centerlight Health Care. She had also worked as Chief Operating Officer at Touch Stone Health.Rick Shinto’s educational background. Having two degrees coupled with a masters and Post master’s has made her to be fully equipped with knowledge and skills. Both Shinto and Penelope are the best leaders with experience and expertise to continue growing InnovaCare Health.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Fight to Find a Cure

Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of a technology company working to battle cancer called Tempus, is the CEO of this company. Alongside his work for Tempus, he has also started his charitable private foundation that works to enhance the lives in many different communities. After graduation from the University of Michigan, he became a professor and author.

Aside from his work at the University of Chicago, Eric Lefkofsky has been working diligently with Tempus to find a cure for cancer. Event though he is 47 years old, Eric wants to find a cure. When his wife came down with the terrible sickness, Eric chose to step in and help start Tempus with the intention of finding a cure.

In several interviews, Eric Lefkofsky has spoken about the difficulties involved with starting a company like this. He was confused about where to even begin with something so difficult and confusing as a cure for cancer. Together, with his friend and business partner, Lefkofsky took a more data-driven approach to attacking the difficulty cancer treatment. They used a machine to look at the different sequences of a patient’s tumor so they could formulate a better plan to treat that specific tumor.

Since fighting cancer has been so personal to Eric, he has found a more driven ideal toward finding the right cure. He has been building a patient library of molecular, Eric Lefkofsky cancer clinical means and then tailoring a system to make this information better for various physicians. Tempus has also teamed up with many different partners and healthcare organizations like many universities and Mayo Clinic. Oncologists also work at these different cancer centers where they send their patients to be put in the clinical library.

This process requires quite a bit of medical knowledge and expertise, but Tempus is not a medical company. Instead, it is a tech company that works with data instead of direct patients. The company has many people already on board, and it is adding new people each week. Tempus measured success will come in the next few years when the research and data begin to pay off by saving lives. Eric Lefkofsky has even gone so far as to say that Tempus might be his most successful company to date.

About Eric Lefkofsky:

Considering The Manse on Marsh

Recently named the nation’s happiest city, San Luis Obispo, CA. is home to many comforts and amenities. Quality of life is a focus in this gorgeous berg, and senior and assisted living is no different. That’s why we’re having a look at Manse on Marsh.

Peer reviews

Most companies today are very savvy about internet marketing and positive publicity, making it difficult to determine what the truth is. That is why it is important to look for genuine reviews. At, the Manse on Marsh has a nearly perfect rating. Some of the highlights listed:

• Well-kept high-end facility
• Helpful and friendly staff
• Variety of floor plans
• Plenty of entertainment options

The bulk of the reviews from spoke highly of the staff and general appearance of the facility. The Manse on Marsh seems to have management that can be scaled according to need. Still quite active and want a place to hang your hat in between Salsa classes and a hair appointment? Then ‘The Manse’ seems to fit the bill, if patient testimonials can be any firm guide. On the other end of the spectrum, they offer hospice care and medication management as well.


If staying active is a priority, access to hiking trails could be a selling point. Having an onsite salon/barber shop cuts down on the need to drive. When driving is required, shuttle buses are available. The Manse on Marsh is also conveniently located near Laguna Lake park. The staff seems to focus on activities such as music, games, book clubs and even Yoga are planned for the residents. In addition to all of the reviews on, The Manse on Marsh is a Caring Star Community, meaning it is one of the top communities in the United States.

The Little Things

Sometimes little things like a good website and easy to find information can make the difference in choosing a community. is both inviting and well planned. There is a section for testimonials to get more information from peers and residents. The events calendar is located in an easy to find spot near the bottom of the page, and you can even read about the staff and owners.  You can also follow Manse Blog for more information about the facilities, and what they have to offer.

Nobilis Healthcare

There are a lot of different options when you are looking at healthcare options. They may not be something you have thought of, but they can help you to get the best healthcare you can. You may wonder how they can do that. The good news is it’s not as hard as you may think.

How Nobilis Healthcare Can Help You

There are a lot of different places you could go for healthcare, but most are going to be difficult to get into. Nobilis Health is one that can get you in the door and help you to get your health checked in a timely manner. You may want to talk to someone at the office before you fully commit to this healthcare option. This is so you know all the options before hand. They can help you to get through the medical process faster than if you went through a different provider. Nobilis Health also will help you to know what your costs are going to be before you get a procedure you may need or want. This helps you to understand what you are getting into fully.

How to Get Started

The best way you can get started is to call Nobilis Health and see what you need to do in order to start in the best way possible. There will be paperwork and other things you will probably need to do before you are in the system, but it’s nothing that is too difficult. There are a lot of things to consider when you are looking on Google at the different healthcare options. It’s up to you to find the one that is going to work for you and the needs you may have. Take your time so you know you get what you want and what you can afford.