AvaTrade Review: Analysis of this Forex Broker

AvaTrade is a multi-national online trading company with a monthly trading volume of over $60 billion (USD). Experienced and novice traders alike will find its wide range of platforms and services accessible and adaptable.


Created by financial professionals and web-commerce experts, AvaTrade is committed to presenting an environment that allows retail traders to invest with confidence, and to providing quality personal service with integrity.


Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, it has over 200,000 registered users worldwide with man AvaTrade customer reviews. AvaTrade also has offices in Paris, Dublin, Milan, Tokyo and Sydney.


Overseen by some of the main regulatory bodies of the European Union and registered with the Spanish CNMV, AvaTrade is a legitimate company based on this AvaTrade review, not a fraudulent site or scam. With commission-free trades and highly competitive spreads, the company is favored by traders.


The broker does not charge a commission but earns money by imposing a small difference between the buy and sell price of the CFD. The spreads are constant over time but are dependent on the trading platform that is used as well as market conditions.


Another positive feature is leverage. AvaTrade allow the opportunity to leverage up to 400 times the money invested with a low minimum investment. Be aware that using leverage involves high risks and can result in the entire loss of capital.


Current events can, to some extent, influence the price of the markets and assets. In order to gain more experience with the fluctuations and how the platform itself operates, a free demo account using virtual currency is available.


Having a physical location, along with adherence to stringent regulations, adds to AvaTrade’s legitimacy and inspires confidence. In addition to MetaTrader 4, it has its own OTC trading platform, AvaOptions. Both are mobile friendly. These are just a few of the reasons why AvaTrade has earned a 5-Star rating.


AvaTrade EU LTD is compliant with the Markets in Financial Investments Directive (MFID).

How History Gave $18 Billion

What A World Of Numbers Might Feel Like

The best professionals on Wall Street are macro and micro economists.

We can only imagine what the $18 billion really calculated up to for George Soros. This money was given to the Open Society Foundation. This group fights for more democracy in the world and was once led by George. Here’s what made it possible.

The field of economics covers every detail of finance that moves or retains value. The value of all economies is measured in money. Our world’s leading currency, used as a basic standard in value, is the United States dollar.

An intricate science economics is, and it aims to calculate every push and pull of financial spending or investing. George Soros is among the world’s leading professionals when analyzing what an economy does or is doing.

Mr. Soros became gifted at it. He work is in currency markets.

The American dollar is leveraged by one country whereas other currencies are leveraged by other world nations. The variety of currencies to choose from is the reason a currency market exists. Professional markets trade these values in the same manner as they do stocks.

It might be surprising that $18 billion became a donation, but the number might be petty cash for George.

George Soros became a professional at distinguishing what currencies would be favored and for how long. He was able to track the value of a country’s money. Likewise, Warren Buffett can track the value of each company’s stock he had.

Every Detail And Association Counts

True economists are masters at finding out the relationship between seemingly unimportant data and major financial events. The basic events of the modern world consist of a function within the concept of supply and demand. The function of people desiring one thing while having other things to sell is the concept.

Buying and selling moves money around more than paying wages does. There are also intricate measures to be made in the process. George Soros is considered the only man who “broke the bank of England.” This is because George had a great understanding of how England’s and the world’s economy were associated.

That simple ability to see the dots connect to financial data was priceless. George Soros is recognized today as the generation’s forerunner of success in the financial markets. Who would have thought? His legacy comes from a basic notion that everything in the financial world is somehow related.