Doe Deere Believes in Being Different

Since Doe Deere started her own makeup company, she’s been doing things that help people see they can be different and can do things that are enjoyable. It’s important to Doe Deere to make sure she’s doing everything the right way by her own standards instead of the standards some unknown power put into place. Doe Deere thinks fashion rules are ridiculous and she doesn’t follow them. She likes to help other people who do things the same way.

Since Doe Deere is starting her own clothing company, she knows she has to keep breaking the fashion rules. She wants to show people they don’t have to worry about any of the rules and they can just wear the things they like. It’s important to her to make sure she’s doing things right and she’s making the most out of the way she handles her fashion business. Poppyangeloff is different from any fashion company in the world and Doe Deere knew that when she started it.

Doe Deere did something similar when she first began offering her makeup products. Lime Crime isn’t like any other makeup brand in the world. It’s different in that it offers a variety of options people might not be used to getting. In fact, Doe Deere doesn’t sell colors that are boring. She has a wide range of bright colors and other options for people who are tired of getting the same boring shades from other brands. It’s important to her to keep offering these colors because she wears them and so do her followers.

All of this started because of a blog. Doe Deere started her blog with the intention of showcasing her style. She wanted to show people they didn’t have to rely on the old fashion rules. Her blog was a hobby when it started and that’s why she pushed to make sure she could try things different. When she realized other people wanted the same thing as she did, she knew she had to do something to make that difference. It would give her the ability to always push and make things better for her followers.

The Philanthropic Methods of the Academy of Art University

Are you into liberal arts and design? Do you have an interest in the entertainment industry? Have you ever heard of the Academy of Art University? Well, if you haven’t heard, then just know that this is one of the leading schools for the arts in the U.S. The school is actually located in the heart of San Francisco, California. It has exhibits, has galleries, has an extensive automotive museum and has student housing. There are more than 12,500 students here as well as an estimated 283 full-time teachers. In addition to that, the school has up to 1,150 part-time teachers, and it offers a wide variety of degrees and certificates.


On another note, the Academy of Art University is using its brilliance to come-up with ideas to better serve its community. Some of the school’s tech students have decided to use their philanthropic nature to cut-down on crime in the city’s Tenderloin District. Bordered by downtown and Nob Hill, the Tenderloin District is one of the oldest neighborhood’s in San Francisco as it dates back to the California Gold Rush. With time comes change and this specific area of a quarter-square mile has up to 25,000 people. Thanks to having such large amounts of people who live in a rather small area, crime has risen to unthinkable levels.


Academy of Art University’s tech students have designed a technologically advanced application that can be used via smartphones. This application will use emojis/moods to represent certain aspects of the district. By using augmented reality, the technology will overlay on top of the city’s geographical landscape. The project is known as Tenderfeels, and it will provide real-time data of how the inhabitants feel about specific points-of-interest.


The proposal of this particular project has already been submitted to the Chief Innovation Officer of San Francisco. If everything goes well, some much needed improvements will be taking place shortly, which will make a huge difference in safety on how the residents of the area feel.


Fabletics Taking on The World of Women’s Fitness Clothing

Fabletics is the one company that is taking over the world by storm with how they operate their business. The brand has been able to capture so much over the years with how they operate and what they offer to women. For a small monthly subscription to their website, they offer women such incredible deals on the best clothing to be found out there because of their partnership with several different brands that other women aren’t aware of. The monthly fee gives you access to designers that you otherwise would have never found out about unless you joined Fabletics. The clothing they mainly focus on is primarily workout clothing for every woman who wants top quality clothes that fit their workouts. Whether you want quality Yoga pants or a new set of tops for your next gym session, there is something for you.


What’s interesting about how Fabletics works is the fact that they work closely with their users every single month. You get asked a series of questions about what you are looking for and what kind of lifestyle you live. You are going to be asked about the kinds of clothes you are looking for, and it can be quite interesting to see what they end up recommending and suggesting specifically for you. They come up with the recommendations that match your needs.


With their newest addition to the brand, they are offering women with incredible amenities like a real physical store where you can try their latest clothes from different brands. You get all of their clothes in one convenient spot, and it is incredibly easy and comfortable for you because it’s so convenient and chill. Fabletics is ultimately one of the best things to try out because it’s so easy to try on their newest clothes in person, and then you can find out what works for you and what you want. The truth is that Fabletics wants to make it easy on you to find what you need both in stores and online.


Kate Hudson stands by this brand from the very core of its existence. She knows that this company is taking over Amazon specifically in the women’s workout niche. She knows that it has the capacity to reach new heights and grow in all kinds of ways. It’s pretty interesting to see how this company is going to continue its work in this specific fitness industry.

Buying Womens Sporting Apparel at Deeply Discounted Prices

One of the most popular websites for buying women’s sports apparel is Fabletics, providing you more than deeply discounted prices on clothing, it is a revolutionary shopping experience. With Kate Hudson co-founding the project, Fabletics has fast become the source for everything sports apparel related for women.


To get you excited about this unique shopping experience, Fabletics offers new customers their choice of anything on the website for only $25 with free shipping. With so many high-quality workout apparel pieces to choose from, buyers score a great piece of clothing for bargain basement pricing. That is not where the savings end however, it is when you return to the website where the real saving begin.


Once you complete a Lifestyle Quiz on the website, you are given a VIP membership that entitles you to a variety of preferred discounts. The VIP membership entitles members to choose any workout apparel on the website for a locked-in price of only $49.95. This price remains for the life of the membership, but the savings do not stop there. members also enjoy free shipping on every order, a huge savings that will add up quickly.


As part of the VIP membership at Fabletics, you’re assigned your own sales associate who will check your quiz answers and recommend to you a new pieces of sporting apparel each month. Take their advice and just approve the order, or select something all on your own. Nothing ships without your approval, you even have the option to skip a month and simply come back and see what your associate chose for you then.


Let’s see what women across the internet are saying about their own unique buying experiences at Fabletics.


Elaine left a review at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I have always loved the selections made for me. Each time I show up to my gym the girls always comment how incredible my outfits always look. Low prices, free shipping, top quality merchandise. I love this site.”


Lynn reviewed at Krazy Coupon Lady, “The merchandise that I receive each month easily sells for triple the price at the mall. Now I don’t have to leave the house to shop, I can log into my account at Fabletics and just approve the selection and be done in minutes.


Evelyn left her review at Trust Pilot, “I skipped ordering for a few months, then came back and the team at Fabletics chose something I had to have. It was the association with Kate Hudson that hooked me, and now I tell all my friends they have to get a membership too!”

How Don Ressler Worked To Build A Successful Career As An Entrepreneur

Having a successful business offers a rewarding feeling for the hard work that goes to nurturing a business until it emerges successful. Many businesses that are successful are run by individuals who have committee their time and energy to ensuring all the aspects of the company go as planned. Don Ressler is one of those entrepreneurs who invest more into their passion to ensure their decisions bear great results and the satisfaction that comes with achieving one’s goals.

He boasts of a long career as an entrepreneur but between the successes is a story that motivates every upcoming entrepreneur to keep working to build a successful business. His first company,, opened his eyes to many aspects of managing a business to attain success. The company was founded to offer a platform where people could buy different fitness products. Although it was at a time when few people had learnt about purchasing things online, endured the challenges. Don Ressler ran it until 2001 when he handed ownership to Intermix Media in a deal that allowed him to get capital for another idea.

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Alena Media
After the transaction, he held a meeting with Adam Goldenberg, who was also interested in investing online. This engagement allowed the two to understand each other and they finally agreed to partner to form Alena Media, a company that worked on marketing problems presented by different clients.

Alena Media fared well and was a great motivator because it earned millions in revenue from advertising alone. This success revealed the strengths the duo had and they set out on a journey to launch a new company. The first step in their new plan was to sell Alena Media, which they did in 2005. In 2008, after some sessions of planning and brainstorming, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded Intelligent Beauty, which has been earning great revenues from sales of beauty products.

About JustFab
Most importantly, Adam Goldenberg Don Ressler own the best-rated online subscription retail across Europe, JustFab. The company was build and founded in 2010 and has been offering fashion products in all categories. To facilitate easy expansion and development, they applied for funding in 2011 and were given $33 million by Matrix Ventures. Additionally, they considered expanding their business to serve more countries, so they applied for another $76, which was approved by several companies jointly. JustFab now operates in many countries across Europe and has been growing in popularity each day.

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JustFab Releases New Line For Plus Sized Women

If your a plus sized women, than you understand the difficulty of finding high quality clothes that are on trend without spending a fortune. JustFab has just announced the launch of a new line of clothing that is aimed at plus sized women. This new collection will focus on trendy basics that fit the needs of plus sized women. The line, Just Fab Curvy is a part of Just Fab’s affordable and trendy clothing online membership program.

Just Fab Curvy was recently featured on The Curvy Fashionista, an online magazine that focuses on fun fashion and style for plus sized women. The Curvy Fashionista is a blog that celebrates big, beautiful women. The blog shows off some of the many selections available to plus sized women who are members of JustFab, including a cute slotted maxi skirt and a long sleeved off the shoulder blouse.

The new JustFab line is aimed at curvy women who want to stay looking young and stylish. It is a “capsule” plus size collection, which means that is is a small collection that focuses on basics and unique extras, but like all JustFab lines, it will continue to expand and add more pieces each season. The JustFab plus sized line offers clothes that are up to a size 3X or a 22-24. There is a good chance that because JustFab is a lifestyle brand that focuses on creating looks, they may start to add some of the pieces from their standard collection to the JustFab Plus collection.
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JustFab is a high end subscription fashion service that focuses on trendy and affordable clothing. They offer a VIP membership that offers exclusive first looks and deeper discounts, as well as a standard membership for free. In order to join JustFab, members must sign up through their e-mail account. They are then asked to take a brief survey which is used to send them a special selection of unique picks that are designed to meet their sense of style.

In addition to clothing, JustFab also offers a wide range of affordable shoes, boots, and accessories. JustFab is an easy and affordable way for fashion forward women to keep up with the latest trends and styles without breaking the bank.

Learn more about JustFab:

Fabletics Gets Even More Fashionable

What could be better than a dress, which is totally acceptable to wear out on a date, made out of the same material as your favorite pair of sweatpants? According to Fabletics, co-founder Kate Hudson, only having a full closet of them. In an interview for Marie Claire Magazine, Hudson practically gushed over the line of athleisure dresses that will be debuted starting on April 1 for Fabletics customers.

Hudson says she is thrilled to announce the new additions to the Fabletics outfit collections because they will certainly add an element of comfort and versatility to the working woman’s wardrobe. Along those lines, Hudson says she hopes that the new additions to the Fabletics line will encourage women to lead healthy, active lifestyles, which incorporate fitness as a regular element of their daily routines. Hudson explains that by creating dress options which are easy for women to throw on, without having to go through the annoying processing of squeezing into a pair of Spanx, they will be more likely to dress fashionably yet comfortably for their everyday schedules.

On his Facebook page, Hudson says one of the best parts about the new offerings by Fabletics is that women will not have to break the bank to look stylish yet ready to take on the day. Hudson is totally committed to keeping her outfit offerings accessible and affordable to women, yet not compromising on the high quality construction of the clothing items from top notch materials.

Although when asked about whether she thinks there is a way to make athleisure wear more high fashion Hudson said yes, she cautioned that high fashion necessarily means high prices, and this probably would not serve to benefit a wide range of potential customers.

In addition, Hudson mentioned that there are already plenty of athletic clothing companies in the industry which market supposedly high quality, long lasting athletic clothing items but cost exorbitant prices. She said on the Pinterest page that this was not the model Hudson says she sought to replicate when she came up with the idea for Fabletics. Rather, Hudson wanted to make high quality, fun athletic fashion available to the average women on the average budget.

True to her words, Fabletics has been doing just that since it opened its doors in 2013. As a primiarily online fitness fashion retailer, Fabletics markets its outfits as part of a monthly membership program. While monthly membership is optional for Fabletics customers, it comes with its perks.

Namely, Fabletics VIP monthly members pay only $49.95 for a specially crafted athletic outfit each month, which also includes free shipping. Fabletics even offers its first time monthly subscribers an option to purchase their first outfit for the extremely low price of $25, which also includes free shipping.

Ashley Graham Cover: The Praise and the Criticism


The latest Sports Illustrated swim suit cover models have roused quite a bit of hoopla from critics, people praising the choice of models and different perspectives from other models. The three different covers of this year’s swim suit magazines are Ronda Rousey the UFC champion, model Hailey Clauson and model Ashley Graham. The covers have amounted a strange combination of both praise and annoyance by the fashion world. Many people are pleased with Sports Illustrated for choosing three models with differing body types. Ronda Rousey is has an athletic and inverted triangle body type, Hailey Clauson is lean and rectangular and Ashley Graham is curvaceous and has a combination of hourglass and pear body type. Dialogue immediately opened up about Ashley Graham’s cover since she is the very first plus size model to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Tyra Banks -who was also a cover model for Sports Illustrated- showed her support for Ashley Graham’s cover. She tweeted: “Your life is about 2 explode N2 amazingness” to Ashley Graham. Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski also showed support to Graham’s beautiful cover by tweeting: “absolutely breathtakingly awesome”. Many social media users also showed support to Ashley Graham’s cover on twitter.

Sadly though some people chose to strike out at the newest Sports Illustrated model. A former Sports Illustrated model is the most outspoken against Ashley Graham’s cover. Cheryl Tiegs made the comment: “I don’t like that we’re talking about full-figured women because it’s glamorizing them”. She also went on to “compliment Ashley Graham while simultaneously insulting her with a second comment: “Your waist should be smaller than 35 inches. I don’t think it’s healthy. Her face is beautiful. Beautiful. But I don’t think it’s healthy in the long run”.

Ashley Graham for her part has stated her focus is to be healthy for her body type and to be happy with maintaining body peace. She made many body positive comments about the recent cover such as: “I’ve got plenty of friends (of all sizes) and different shapes and everything and I don’t want any of them to feel like they aren’t real women”. She also viewed her cover for Sports Illustrated as a dream come true and that she hopes it will lead more women with curvaceous or plus sizes to find body peace.

Hopefully Ashley Graham’s cover for Sports Illustrated will lead to more fashion options for plus-size women. Fashionable plus-size clothing is difficult to come by and many high end designers refuse to design for the plus-size women. Oscar nominated actress Melissa McCarthy stated that no big name fashion designers would make her Oscar dress and that she had to find one for herself. Due to this McCarthy has created her very own plus-size fashion line to rectify the appalling lack of fashion for women with her body type. This means that the door is opening for plus-size fashion and plus-size models to be more in demand in the future.

The online fashion boutique JustFab has some plus-size fashion. To create a personalized boutique with the sizes an individual all that needs to be done is to fill out the quiz on the JustFab website and to become a VIP shopper with the website. After that customers can access the fashionable and decently priced plus-size fashion and other sized fashion pieces to their heart’s desire. Follow them on Instagram!

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