The Dynamic And Hardworking Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is a reputable real estate guru as well as an investor based in Miami, Florida. He is the principal of Metrit Real Estate, and he attended Hosfra University that is located in New York. To add a feather to his cap, he also attended Erasmus University and Harvard University.

This means that this prolific man boasts of unmatched and diverse knowledge in the vast field of real estate. He kicked off his career in the banking industry before embarking on his family real estate business. He accumulated a lot of knowledge in the field of real estate, and in the year 2002, he established his own firm, which has gradually grown over the years. His company has inculcated a platform of harmonious platform in sourcing the value of shares issued by a company, acquisition development, management and brokerage of real estate, mainly in South Florida and Latin America. Samuel Strauch is a dynamic investor in internet as well as restaurant businesses. It is worth noting that he has a passion for photography and is a great lover of art.

Samuel Strauch says that his idea for business struck his mind when he visited the city and noticed how things had changed. Miami had developed sophisticated real estate developments. He also noted that the city had rapidly changed from a resort town to a fully-fledged metropolis. With these two factors in mind, he knew that he would tag along foreign investors as well as clients to kick off his business.


Samuel describes his typical day as unique because each new day, he encounters different people, interacts with them and strengthens relationships. He says that this is how he finds new properties. Establishing business with people he can work with brings him pleasure. The one trend that really excites Samuel is the general way of reasoning of the new age and paying close attention to it. He thinks that the world is going through a phenomenal transformation through the way people desire to live, travel, socialize and work.

Samuel points out mediation as one thing that makes him become more and more productive as an entrepreneur. He sets five minutes in every morning just to remind himself of the things people take for granted such as being grateful for all the things that he has been able to accumulate in life. Having the win-win mentality has enhanced his growth. He says working with the right crop of individuals keeps the business going.

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Louis Chenevert – the Legacy and the Man

Louis Chenevert is a man who is as successful as they come. He is known as a legend in the aerospace and high technology fields with his work as Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation. After you hear of all his achievements in this corporation you will have no problems understanding why he left a legacy.

When Chenevert arrived at United Technologies Corporation, though they were a successful business, they were in no way at the level they should have been. Chenevert immediately began to give an overhaul to the corporation.

Firstly, Chenevert’s goal was to establish a series of factories in Connecticut. The first of these factories was Climate, Controls & Security, which focused on the section of refrigeration and cooling and fire detection. The second factory was actually the official headquarters which was stationed right there in Harford Connecticut.

The second goal of Chenevert was to establish a presence in the industry through several acquisitions. The first acquisition was that of Otis, the largest and oldest elevator company in North America. The second acquisition came from his surprising acquisition of Goodrich. When Goodrich was acquired, it was a record breaking amount for the industry. Goodrich was acquired for a sum of $16.3 billion.

It was through these two goals being achieved that Chenevert was able to increase the stocks of the company from a respectable $37 a share to a cash cow amount of $117. Chenevert’s time at UTC was an utter success.

All this was made possible due to Chenevert’s past experience. Chenevert had attended the branch school of the University of Montreal known as HEC of Montreal. With his Productions degree he would go on to work for General Motors before being hired by Pratt and Whitney to serve as their president before going to United Technologies Corporation.

After his service in the United Technologies Corporation, he was picked up by Goldman Sachs as a consultant, whose financial compensation package has yet to be revealed to the public at this time.

Duda Melzer’s Achievement(s) and Winning Record

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as “Duda,” is a Brazilian media mogul with a track record of success. Melzer’s efforts have helped put Brazil on the map in online media, and assist them globally. His background begins with his role as a family based business entrepreneur. Being named in recent years as the chairman of RBS Group, he’s also founded and runs e.Bricks Digital, the component dealing with online media. The family bases business has many valuable and noteworthy clients, as it’s been in business for nearly 40 years. The company ranks among Google and Globo in the online market in Brazil. This obvious success has been a result of Duda Melzer’s educational and career achievements.

Duda Melzer’s education begins with a Catholic university in Brazil. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Brazil at age 26. After his undergraduate education, he moved on to earn an MBA from Harvard University. With such a strong educational background, he immediately earned leadership roles in business. He worked as both an analyst in finance and as a director for a US based Media Company in New York. He also assisted RBS Group with growing internationally during this period of time. He eventually returned to Brazil to continue his work in his family business.

Duda Melzer has won many awards and received much recognition for his work(s). He’s been on the “top entrepreneur” list of many different prominent organizations. His managerial and ethical commitment has also received recognition. He’s also served on a panel of directors to govern ethical concerns in media. Among the organization’s that have recognized Duda are Cambridge and business (accounting) giant Ernst & Young. While Duda has received much recognition, he still remains humble and makes time for his family. He also enjoys leisure activity such as sports and racing. Duda is certainly among the “tops” for many reasons and continues to grow constantly.

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How Don Ressler Worked To Build A Successful Career As An Entrepreneur

Having a successful business offers a rewarding feeling for the hard work that goes to nurturing a business until it emerges successful. Many businesses that are successful are run by individuals who have committee their time and energy to ensuring all the aspects of the company go as planned. Don Ressler is one of those entrepreneurs who invest more into their passion to ensure their decisions bear great results and the satisfaction that comes with achieving one’s goals.

He boasts of a long career as an entrepreneur but between the successes is a story that motivates every upcoming entrepreneur to keep working to build a successful business. His first company,, opened his eyes to many aspects of managing a business to attain success. The company was founded to offer a platform where people could buy different fitness products. Although it was at a time when few people had learnt about purchasing things online, endured the challenges. Don Ressler ran it until 2001 when he handed ownership to Intermix Media in a deal that allowed him to get capital for another idea.

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JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group
JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

Alena Media
After the transaction, he held a meeting with Adam Goldenberg, who was also interested in investing online. This engagement allowed the two to understand each other and they finally agreed to partner to form Alena Media, a company that worked on marketing problems presented by different clients.

Alena Media fared well and was a great motivator because it earned millions in revenue from advertising alone. This success revealed the strengths the duo had and they set out on a journey to launch a new company. The first step in their new plan was to sell Alena Media, which they did in 2005. In 2008, after some sessions of planning and brainstorming, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg founded Intelligent Beauty, which has been earning great revenues from sales of beauty products.

About JustFab
Most importantly, Adam Goldenberg Don Ressler own the best-rated online subscription retail across Europe, JustFab. The company was build and founded in 2010 and has been offering fashion products in all categories. To facilitate easy expansion and development, they applied for funding in 2011 and were given $33 million by Matrix Ventures. Additionally, they considered expanding their business to serve more countries, so they applied for another $76, which was approved by several companies jointly. JustFab now operates in many countries across Europe and has been growing in popularity each day.

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Kyle Bass Makes A “Common Sense” Argument

At The Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills last Wednesday, Kyle Bass said that China’s market was headed for a dive. His immediate defense was that this perspective was simply “common sense”. But is it?

Kyle Bass is difficult to read. The man is Argentinian by birth, but founded and runs Hayman Capital, a hedge fund in Texas. Bass has an all-American look to him, but he’s got close ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of his home country. De Kirchner has defaulted Argentina twice in the span of only thirteen years; how in any world is that good leadership? Yet Bass sides with her, even though his public persona is that of an economist.

This doesn’t make a lot of sense until one gets the whole picture. The whole picture is: Bass uses the mainstream media and public sympathy to manipulate the stock market in his favor. The flavor of his favor is socialistic attack on established economic bastions, like big-ticket pharmaceutical companies, or the U.S. Government. In 2008, Bass worked for one of the five banks who initiated the meltdown culminating in financial collapse at the end of the year. After he ceased his working relationship, he gave a tip to a journalist which was almost immediately parleyed across the mainstream media. This led to a domino effect of collapse. Bass didn’t facilitate the collapse via bad novations in the sub-prime lending market, but he did capitalize it and start the dominoes falling.

Bass is also founder of CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which–through pseudo-humanitarian sympathy–hoodwinks the dying and their families into signing petitions against pharmaceutical companies, forcing them to decimate the prices they sell drugs for, and thus destroying their profit–including margins for things like R&D. When their stock drops on Wall Street, Bass short sells and profits.

So when Kyle Bass says not to invest in the Chinese economy because it’s making the same sub-prime kind of choices America did pre-2008, he’s probably not lying about his appraisal. But he likely has an angle that’s going to take advantage in some way.

Laidlaw & Company

Matthew Eitner was named CEO of Laidlaw & Company in April of 2011. This company is an investment banking company that provides banking to growing companies as well as institutions and individuals. Working behind Eitner are his team of James Ahern and John Coolong. Ahern being the head of capital markets on, and Coolong is the chief financial officer. There are several branches to Laidlaw including their corporate headquarters in New York City . Other branches are located in London, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Stamford, Melville, and Boston. This company has 170 year legacy of investments, born in 1842. They are focused on wsj on the needs of domestic and international companies, Corporate entrepreneurs, institutions, as well as private clients worldwide. Laidlaw & Company is characterized as having a strong work ethic by gathering assets and distributing financial solutions. Investment banking services also comprise advisory services on acquisitions, divestitures, fairness opinions, financial restructurings, balance sheet optimizations, going private transactions, management buyouts, recapitalization and stock repurchases. The mission of this company is to manage, grow, and preserve the wealth of the worldwide base of high net worth clientele with a variety of investments and services. Laidlaw & Company aims to help you maximize your potential while managing on your exposure to investment risk.

George Soros’ Predictions Mirror the 2008 Market Crash

Very few financial analysts predicted the market recession that occurred in 2008. Market psychology is often very difficult to understand. A lot of things caused the 2008 economic crisis. Many would argue in retrospect that the market was simply rigged to collapse. Too many loans were being issued at once. Excess money was being inflated into stocks that were inevitably going to perform poorly. Almost all economists agree that this crash was caused by unregulated markets. Some economists also see how oil prices and world economic performance tied into the 2008 recession. Many economists are now concerned about low oil prices and fiscal policies being conducted overseas.

George Soros is an American business magnate. His net worth is 24.5 billion dollars. He recently warned on Bloomberg that the economy may be moving toward a crisis that is similar to the one that happened in 2008. Soros is looking at a correlation between Chinese and U.S. stock markets. A lot of economists have had concerns about China’s currency devaluation model. China’s market is second only to the United States. China’s market is much different. Much of their nation is still developing. The country has a strong Chinese workforce, but a huge wealth gap. China spent the last few decades transitioning into a market economy. It has had to devalue its currency to give its citizens more purchasing power.

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Soros is considered an expert on currency valuation. He pocketed a billion dollars in 1992 by betting that Britain would remove its currency from Europe’s ERM. He believes that devaluing the currency is transferring problems to the rest of the world. Chinese markets are obviously heavily connected to United States markets. Huge amounts of products and labor are obviously supplied to America by Chinese companies. Soros had a similar market outlook before the crash in 1987. That crash was heavily tied to oil prices. Asian markets collapsed alongside the S&P 500.

Volatility is very high in 2015. This may also be indicative of a coming market crash. China has agreed to remove its controls on capital by 2020. China has cut interest rates and pushed billions of dollars worth of its currency into the Chinese economy. Soros is looking at the big picture.


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Susan McGalla Takes Fashion and Branding Expertise to the Pittsburgh Steelers

Susan McGalla is a successful and experienced businesswoman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, and currently serves the Pittsburgh Steelers National Football League team as their Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. McGalla is known as one of the most respected fashion branding experts in the industry.
P3 Executive Consulting was founded to provide clients with expertise in areas such as branding, marketing, and talent management. Susan McGalla founded the company after working in several high-level leadership positions for various companies in the fashion industry. Most notable among her previous positions was her role as president of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., and chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. At American Eagle Outfitters, Inc., McGalla worked in various leadership roles before becoming president, and contributed to growing revenue from $340 million to more than $3 billion over 14 years. She oversaw a portfolio expansion from one brand to four, and was in charge of more than 1,000 stores and 28,000 employees in 2008.
Now McGalla is using her expertise with the Pittsburgh Steelers by providing leadership in the areas of branding, lifestyle and merchandising. One of the first projects she implemented in her new role with the Steelers was the launch of a new fashion line and new website on PHX-Corporate. The idea behind the new product line was to help fans find merchandise that would fit their own personal style. New products include Pandora jewelry with Steelers charms, and popular clothing labels such as Tommy Bahama and Victoria’s Secret. McGalla is listening to the desires of the fans through social media and focus groups, and innovating products based on their wants.
She has also overseen a new campaign with the Steelers called “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steeler’s Friday.” The campaign encourages everyone to wear black and gold (the Steelers’ colors) on Fridays before games. Fans can then enter a contest with photos of their outfits, with hopes to win various prizes such as a Steelers-themed wardrobe.
In addition to her work with the Steelers and her consulting company, McGalla keeps busy with other activities as well. She is interested in teaching other women about how they can get ahead in the business world, and has given speeches on this issue at places such as the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker series.
Additionally, she has also served on the board for several institutes including the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, the Magee Women’s Hospital Research institute, and the Allegheny Conference on Community Development She also serves on the Board of Advisors for Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, where she earned her bachelor’s degree. In business and marketing.