For some people planning a party comes naturally but for some others, you have to break a sweat before that event is fully functioning.


If your budget is small you can just download a party planner from the internet. To make sure that the event is awesome you can follow these pointers:


Organization is the key when planning any party


You can have a checklist or even reminders on your phone.

Preparing and serving food is a long and tedious process. Most small parties are just meant for mingling. So just prepare snacks and serve them in trays or small attractive packages. You don’t have to prepare them from scratch. Have a separate table for the kids if they will be present.


Have a theme for your party


It will be easier to organize. This is because the décor, drinks and everything else will just gravitate around your chosen theme. Remember to keep it simple.For that small intimate affair, you can always cut out serving the drinks and encourage your guests to serve themselves in a self-serving bar. You can make your party more unique by serving a single cocktail with secret ingredients that follow the theme.


Mailing invites


This may seem mundane but it certainly builds up the expectations for the event. You can make creative invitations by yourself or even get online stationery. You can use online invitations for a small last minute party.


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