Milan Kordestani and Milan Farm

Milan Kordestani comes from Stanford, California. He went to Phillips Brooks Elementary school in Stanford. In 2009, Kordestani moved to London with his family after his parents divorced. In London, he attended Eaton Square School. Later again in 2010, he moved back to back to Bay Area and went to Sacred Heart Preparatory School in Atherton. He graduated from high school in 2017.

At the age of ten, Milan Kordestani had started riding horses. While trail riding, he came off of a runaway horse. According to an interview with Omid Kordestani, The National Horseman, he wrote that the critical part of that moment was that Milan did not stay down; he got back to his horse and rode back to the camp. This is not common with children of Milan’s age who would have been terrified to get back to a horse that had severely treated them. Additionally, The National Horseman’s Betts Coup claims that Milan had a natural form which made him so dedicated to his hard work as well as the need to challenge of riding and the world-class horses including the will to earn blue ribbons. This has been possible because Milan has been able to achieve key goals in the sport within a short time.

Milan Kordestani started attending horse riding classes at Atherton for some years. However, he has speedily advanced and currently competes at the high standard on champion horses in the world. In 2015, he won the Triple Crown’s first leg with his horse and was ranked fourth at the Horse Show World Championship. In addition to this, he nationally achieved the third place title at the American Royal. This was Triple Crown’s third leg. In 2016, at the World’s Champion Horse Show, Milan went on to become second in the division for his age called Five-Gaited Show Pleasure. This rank is his highest to date.

In addition to this, Milan has also had other accomplishments as an equestrian. In his high school sophomore year, he developed Milan Farm. Milan Farm concentrates on poultry, saffron, and eggs through various farms connecting across the nation.