Beneful Place to Get Dog Food

Walmart has many different products but one of my favorite isles to go down in Walmart is the Dog Food isle because of all the many different choices of Beneful Dog Food! The prices are lower than anywhere else I have found Beneful and often times there are coupons there to be used on the isle. The dry dog food varies from the smallest bags being 3-4 dollars to the large bags I get for my three dogs averaging 23 dollars which is definitely a better price then anywhere else. My dogs like healthy weight with real salmon which is definitely carried at Walmart and not many other places. My dogs really like the food flavor and they do not get sick since we switched to Beneful. Walmart really does roll back its prices when it comes to BenefulWalmart yet it is still all the great stuff that Beneful Dog Food is known for: promoting happy and healthy dogs at the right price for their clients!

Beneful: A Healthy Option for Your New Best Friend

Bringing home a new puppy can be a daunting experience. Many new puppy owners have questions about what to feed their new canine companion and do not know where to start. Consider Beneful as an affordable, healthy option chock full of flavor and nutrition for your new addition.Beneful puppy food contains a 100% guaranteed nutritional balance of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals to help your puppy thrive. With chicken as the number one ingredient, puppies will enjoy the taste while reaping the healthful benefits all growing babies need.

A safe and nutritionally sound option, Beneful is ideal for puppies of all breeds. For reference in feeding quantities, refer to the feeding chart on the bag or online for the proper portion size for your growing dog. Beneful dry dog food for puppies comes in chicken flavor, and is accented with peas and carrots for added flavor and nutrition.You can find Beneful puppy food coupons in newspapers, at popular grocery stores where coupons are printed at check-out, and are also available by registering online at the official Beneful website.