The Profile Of Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, A Leading Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an orthopedic surgeon and the current director of Bronxcare Health System. He advocates for cost-effective joint surgeries because he understands how important they are in the modern world. He has practiced as a solo surgeon in the past and has completed thousands of joint replacement surgeries since he started working as a professional. He has worked for notable organizations and held prominent positions of leadership as well. As the head of Bronxcare, he ensures that the facility is providing the best medical services to the patients at a pocket-friendly cost.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum specializes in knee, hip and shoulder joints replacements. He is also keen on writing about medical topics. He was part of the founding members of Medscape, a website that was later sold to WebMD. He also worked with WebMD as a community health editor. Other organizations he has worked for include Sprocket Health and DTC Healthcom. Since 1991, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon. He has remained one of the committed professionals who are quick to embrace research for new and better methods of doing joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is specifically interested in the impact of technology in the medical field. He has shown significant interest in new technologies that are making this industry better.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is happy with the progress made in the joint replacement sector. He is however worried about the number of younger people seeking joint replacements. The average age of those seeking these surgeries has reduced from 67 to 66 years. He sees this as a deterioration of health for many people in their early 60s. One cause of this increase is obesity. Cases of obesity are increasing by the day in the United States. As a result, muscles around key joints are getting too much stress that creates weakness.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden—one of the few female plastic surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon and founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC and Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC. She has been practicing plastic surgery for nearly 15 years focusing on rhinoplasties, face-lifts, breast augmentation, and eyelid lifts. She also practices liposuction and minimal procedures like Botox injections among others.

Being a female plastic surgeon

Plastic surgery is a field mostly dominated by men, but Dr. Walden quickly found she had an advantage over the opposite sex. As an estimated 91% of plastic surgeries are performed on women, she realized that there was a market that needed someone like her. She happens to be a mother of twins which has helped her closely identify with other women whose body has changed due to pregnancy. When feeling insecure about certain parts of their body that they want to change— she has found that women feel a lot more comfortable talking to another woman about it.

Early life

Jennifer Walden was born in Austin, Texas in 1971 to a dentist father and a mother who was a surgical nurse. After graduating high school she completed a degree in Biology from the University of Texas. She then continued her education on the medical branch of the same university and completed an MD, graduating a salutatorian.

In the media

Dr. Jennifer Walden has made several appearances on TV as a commentator. Some of the networks include Fox News, ABC News, and VH1. In 2014 she was on the list of 24 Best Beauty Surgeons in a publication by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. She has also been referred to as one of the best plastic surgeons in America by American Way magazine.

Dr. Walden is also one of the few women forming part of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors.