Dr. ShafikSachedina: Helping People with Mental and Emotional Problems

Dr. ShafikSachedina is one of the most talented medical practitioner and entrepreneur who has been operating in the industry for a significant number of years. As a trained surgeon at the University of London, Dr. Shafik has been offering medical support to a large number of people with dental challenges. What makes him stand out among other medical practitioners and entrepreneurs is her achievements, which have been listed below.

One of his main achievements is staring Sussex Health Care, a medical facility that is based in Sussex, which has been providing love, care, and support to the elderly individuals. The facility has been receiving accolades from society after proving to be beneficial to individuals with mental problems and those with other challenges such as difficulty learning and serious physical problems. The members of staff at this facility also provide needed support to the members of the family who support people with dementia and other mental challenges. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

Dr. ShafikSachedina is highly committed to his medical facility whereby she ensures that the facility works at optimum levels. It evident that a large number of medical facilities in the country don’t have qualified members of the staff who provide the needed support. Shafik ensures that his facility has the most qualified workers who are able to meet the specific needs of his patients.

Staff members at Sussex Healthcare are trained by a professional trainer on how to handle individuals with mental problems. They are also trained in handling elderly individuals who have a significant number of both mental and physical problems. Dr. ShafikSachedina has invested in quality education, which enables the workers at Sussex Health Care to acquire diplomas after training. This explains why the facility has been able to offer quality services to the needy members of the society.

Dr. ShafikSachedina has been using Sussex Health Care to offer quality health services to some of the critical problems that are not solved by other medical facilities in the industry. Some of the problems solved include Dementia, emotional, and mental illnesses. It is obvious that most of the government supported medical facilities don’t have the capacity or staff members to solve these problems. Visit: https://angel.co/shafik-sachedina


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