Class Dojo Is Helping Students Connect And Enjoy Their Learning Experience

Class Dojo is working to create sufficient communication for students, teachers, and parents all over the U.S. and today they have even managed to find success outside the country in different parts of the world. Through Class Dojo’s unique platform, student’s that are more than 6,000 miles apart are able to see each other and the conditions of their classrooms to get a better perspective of different cultures and people around the globe. This kind of social connection allows students to greatly build their communication skills and build a better foundation for collaboration in their futures.

So far, Class Dojo has managed to affect hundreds of thousands of students around the world and improve their education through communication and positivity building. Parents are able to easily stay connected to their children while they are in the classroom through Class Dojo, which allows them to stay on top of their schoolwork and any areas that they need to improve. Also, with Class Dojo’s direct communication features, parents are able to communicate with teachers at virtually any time of the day. This has had major benefits for parents, especially those with busy schedules that cannot make it to parent-teacher conferences.

Sam and Liam, Founders of Class Dojo, did a survey nearly a decade ago while going around to different schools throughout the country to see what the most common problems teachers were facing in education. As it turns out, most teachers expressed that they lacked the ability to communicate effectively with their students and their parents which made it difficult to create an engaging classroom. By 2011, Sam and Liam started Class Dojo completely free of cost to help bridge the gap in communication. Since then, more than two-thirds of all classrooms in the country have used Class Dojo to improve the learning experience for students. The program can stay free because Class Dojo has done many fundraising events as well as offering extra features that cost money but are not necessary to use the app. All students can sign up by receiving an invitation from their teacher to start creating their avatars and join in on the fun.