Daniel M. Harrison; Heading Monkey Capital

Daniel M. Harrison is an author and also an entrepreneur. He is considered to be the foremost global authorities on international events, millennial culture and also businesses. This has made him be accredited as one to watch by the bestselling author Jeffrey Robinson. Harrison has also been hailed as a serial entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast having been a direct descendant of the Harrison bloodline. He is an Asian based entrepreneur and also a technology enthusiast. Harrison is currently the managing partner of the south-east Asia investor consortium. The firm deals with the high growth deals within the East Asia region.

Recently monkey capital evolved the ICO market that has a big potential for the Bitcoin and ethereal style gains. Monkey capital is a decentralized hedge fund that invests in blockchain systems, hostile public company takeovers and also simultaneously speculating on the large blocks of crypto. With this, it has been able to rise and be the first ICO to sell options successfully. The company blends with its top-flight management and thus compelling big projects with big giants like the Tesla company. This way they have been able to hype the markets.

The company offers the ICO where the buyers can subscribe for Monkey. Here that will be able to buy tokens. Worth noting is that also they offer the COEVAL. This allows the potential buyers to be able to purchase the tokens at a reduced rate. This complementing the companies’ stocks and reasoning the functionality.

Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel is the chairman and chief executive officer of the global company that is the Daniel Mark Harrison and Co. it is a family office that operates largely in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong cities. Harrison is also the managing partner at Monkey Capital and fin tech.

Daniel is also an expansive individual. He is the author of The Millennial Reincarnations, which  was published in the year 2015. Also in the same year, Harrison published the book, Butterflies that captured the strange metamorphosis about the fact and fiction of the today world. He has also ventured in journalism where he has written dozens of articles about the global publications including Forbes.

Louis Chenevert – the Legacy and the Man

Louis Chenevert is a man who is as successful as they come. He is known as a legend in the aerospace and high technology fields with his work as Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation. After you hear of all his achievements in this corporation you will have no problems understanding why he left a legacy.

When Chenevert arrived at United Technologies Corporation, though they were a successful business, they were in no way at the level they should have been. Chenevert immediately began to give an overhaul to the corporation.

Firstly, Chenevert’s goal was to establish a series of factories in Connecticut. The first of these factories was Climate, Controls & Security, which focused on the section of refrigeration and cooling and fire detection. The second factory was actually the official headquarters which was stationed right there in Harford Connecticut.

The second goal of Chenevert was to establish a presence in the industry through several acquisitions. The first acquisition was that of Otis, the largest and oldest elevator company in North America. The second acquisition came from his surprising acquisition of Goodrich. When Goodrich was acquired, it was a record breaking amount for the industry. Goodrich was acquired for a sum of $16.3 billion.

It was through these two goals being achieved that Chenevert was able to increase the stocks of the company from a respectable $37 a share to a cash cow amount of $117. Chenevert’s time at UTC was an utter success.

All this was made possible due to Chenevert’s past experience. Chenevert had attended the branch school of the University of Montreal known as HEC of Montreal. With his Productions degree he would go on to work for General Motors before being hired by Pratt and Whitney to serve as their president before going to United Technologies Corporation.

After his service in the United Technologies Corporation, he was picked up by Goldman Sachs as a consultant, whose financial compensation package has yet to be revealed to the public at this time.

What Makes Rick Smith An Outstanding Technologist

Entrepreneurs are innovative individuals who have critically analyzed a particular market, identified a promising niche, and obtained the resources required in actualizing that business opportunity. However, other entrepreneurs have established successful investments by building on their skills and knowledge. Rick Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, is one of the brilliant entrepreneurs that have spanned a successful career in the technological industry.

Rick Smith is a renowned technology expert. He has been at the senior level positions of several technology companies, which has given him extensive knowledge and vast practical experience in this area of operation. He thus possesses skills and the know-how to run and administrate any company or technology-based businesses. He served at the Frontier Corp, which later changed its name to Global Crossing, for more than six years. Here, he rendered his technology-based services in various capacities. At first, he served as a Controller before he earned the position of the President of IT and later that of a Director of Network Plant Operations. Next, Smith served as the Director in charge of Business Development and eventually as the Vice President of Financial Management. After that, he changed ship and joined Eshchelon Technologies where he rendered his expertise as the CFO, COO, and the President of the firm. Smith was later promoted to hold the position of the CEO of the reputable corporation. Follow Rick at LinkedIn.com.

Presently, Rick Smith is well-known as a vibrant technology mastermind. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and the President of Securus Technologies, the post he has held with the company for about nine years now. During his stint at the helm, he has overseen the tremendous growth of the firm from all corners. Rick has been a great mobilizer and an appealing leader. He has been a reputable figure and a role model for his workers. Consequently, he has spearheaded the company towards winning more contracts, increasing the employee base, development of patent technologies, and getting the Securus BBA accreditation. As a direct result of his magnificent leadership style, he has managed to tap into the core of his company’s employees and harnessing the company’s vision into their own. Under his able guidance, Rick Smith has turned Securus into a force to reckon with in the present technological world.

Rick Smith’s academic track-record is nothing but remarkable. He undertook his undergraduate studies at the Buffalo’s State University of New York where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. To top it up, he has an Associate Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science in Electrical Engineering. As if that was not enough, he proceeded on to enroll for a Master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of New York in Brock Port, and he also holds an MBA from Simon School in Rochester. Rick is a true academician, and his resume has a lot to be desired.

Rick Smith’s presence in the technology sector commands utmost respect. He has been outstanding in his operations, and the organizations that he has been affiliated with sing nothing but praise for him. Securus Technologies is among them, and he has served it diligently for the last decade. He credits his immense success to his unwavering focus, self-drive, and the depth of his experience in all areas pertaining technology. Read more on Crunchbase.com.

Mike Baur’s Impressive Banking & Finance Career

Mike Baur is a native of Fribourg, Switzerland, from where he was born in 1975. He is a passionate business and entrepreneur, with interest in the high-tech start-up industry in Switzerland. Baur has been mentoring many start-up entrepreneurs as well as boosting them through financial funding. As the executive chairman at Swiss Startup Factory, Baur is mandated with the responsibility of soliciting funds for financing the firm’s operations. Baur is also a co-founder of the company.


Baur’s Education History


Banking and finance were Baur’s childhood dream, and as it would have been expected, he pursued his dream at the University, acquiring three degrees in less than ten years. He started off his academic journey at the University of Applied Sciences Bern, from where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences, with a bias in Banking and Finance, in 2000. Eight years later, he hit yet another academic milestone by graduating with an MBA from the University of Rochester. Around the same time, Baur got his E.M.B.A. (executive master of business administration) degree.


Baur as an Employee


Baur’s prosperous career in Banking & Finance kicked off immediately after finishing his first degree. He got his first job in 2002 at UBS Wealth Management where he was employed for six years. Before quitting the company, Baur had risen to the position of commercial apprentice. From UBS, he went on to secure his second job with Clariden Leu and was posted in Switzerland to head the company’s Private Banking. He held this position from 2008 to 2012, before leaving for Sallfort Private Bank AG. At Sallfort, Baur sat on the company’s board and doubled up as the head of Private Banking. He left the company in March 2014 to establish himself on his own, having worked for other people for over a decade.


Mike Baus as an Entrepreneur


Baur was introduced to entrepreneurship in 2014 by his two companies: Think Reloaded Aq and Baur IS. His impact was, however, felt a year later when he joined hands with two other like-minded entrepreneurs to establish the Swiss Start-Up Factory AG. Baur has served as the executive chairman of the firm since then.


Mike is the current director of Swiss Startup Association, an organization he co-founded in two years ago. His other executive roles include deputy managing director of Swiss Startup Invest and vice president of Innovation Lab in Fribourg.


The Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory is a Zurich-based firm that specializes in helping small startup business in Switzerland to excel in the competitive market.

Getting up close and personal with Adam Milstein and his Foundation

Adam Milstein has been named as one of the most influential Jews of the 21st century. He was ranked together with leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu, for his efforts in ensuring that the Israeli community stayed intact and got the sense of community that they need. This is an initiative that he has carried out using his Adam and Gila foundation Platform. He is also the owner and the manager at Hagar Pacific, a company whose main concern is selling real estate property. Adam is an Israeli native and he even served the Israeli Army during the Yom Kippur War. He lives and works in California.

Adam Milstein sat down for an interview with us about the ideals that have helped him achieve success in the world of investing. When asked where he got the idea to invest in Hager pacific, he states that after getting his MBA from USC, he went looking for jobs from the campus recruiters. Unfortunately, none of these people wanted a person that did not have experience. He went out and started working as a commercial real estate broker and this is where the idea of investing in real estate came in.When asked how he manages his day to day experiences, Adam states that when he started investing, he did not really know how his business would look like or whether he could make it. However, as he became even more deeply involved in his work, he started realizing that getting involved in philanthropy is one of the best ways to make one’s day more satisfactory.

To bring ideas to life, Adam confesses that he pushes until it becomes a reality. He also states that following up, persisting and being consistent are some of the values that have really helped him achieve the success that he is enjoying. He says that he really enjoys his work because it is his passion and any experience that might have seemed challenging eventually helped him learn something new.At this point, Adam believes that he has made all the right investment choices and is glad that his life in investment turned out the way it has.

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How Mike Baur Is Fueling Startups Through The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a strong background in banking having worked in the Swiss banking sector for at least 15 years. He is the brain behind the formation of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is working to support startup entrepreneurs.


The Swiss Startup Factory is managed by professionals with a long experience record and the ability to spot opportunities. They have all the tools necessary to help in the analysis and preparation of data that can be useful to young entrepreneurs to help them to make prudent decisions.


The Pre-Accelerator program

The Swiss Startup Factory pre-accelerator program is aimed at spotting extraordinary talent in Switzerland and offers further support to the talented individuals through partnerships with leading academic institutions in the country.


Their partnership offers their entrants a closer look into the high-quality services they offer and helps to impart vital skills to the aspiring entrepreneurs. The program includes bits in product development, market research and accounting and marketing support. They also offer coaching on several areas of business that can affect the performance of their ideas.


Growth acceleration

Through the Swiss Startup Factory growth acceleration program, aspiring entrepreneurs are able to access financial assistance that is necessary to help them implement their ideas. The Swiss Startup Factory ensures after the three months incubation those who lack the capital are connected to entrepreneurs willing to invest in their ideas and financial institutions that can offer them financial support to launch their businesses.


This stage also offers business development tips and management guidelines that every entrepreneur should understand. There is also an IT team that offers the requisite IT support to help the startups proceed seamlessly.


The Members’ Association

Members of the Swiss Startup Factory can also join the Association of the company, which offers exclusive rights and access. Members of the program are able to take part in the Swiss Startup events and can access the innovation pool. The association also offers an exclusive network that connects entrepreneurs and other professionals in different industries.


About Mike Baur

Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, Mike Baur is a serial entrepreneur with passion in supporting young entrepreneurs to become successful investors. At his teenage, he showed massive love for Banking and Finance, a passion that inspired him to pursue the subjects later in university. He worked as a banker in the Swiss private banking industry for almost 20 years and in 2014, he formed the Swiss Startup Factory.

Learn more: http://www.founderstories.ch/founderstories/mike-baur-swiss-startup-factory-ssuf/

Raj Fernando’s and His Career

Chopper Trading is a unique company that employs an advanced way of recruiting employees. The company is headed by Raj Fernando, a Chicago-based business man. According to Raj Fernando, a company should have a team of employees who know what they are doing. He further explains his statement by inferring that there is no need to have an employee who makes it difficult for his or her colleagues to work. He believes that a good working environment in a company depends largely on the attitude of the team.

Unlike most companies, Raj takes his recruits through a comprehensive training process. Workers are trained not only on competence but also on the ability to create good work relations and build positive attitudes. He does this in rather an amazing way. The company has a fully equipped gym where employees go to blow off steam after a long day of work. By the end of the session, Raj selects only the recruits who excelled in all aspects of the training.

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is a businessman operating within Chicago who specializes in stock trading. He was the former CEO and founder of Capital Trading, a company that trades its capital for its own benefit. He is currently the CEO and founder of Scouthead.com. Raj Fernando began his career in stock trading at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer. His decision was inspired by the interest he had developed for stock trading. By the time he finished college, he was already a pro in stock trading. He decided to commit himself to CME after graduating from Beloit College. He worked his way to the top of the of the exchange’s hierarchy and was ultimately appointed to the board membership of Chicago Board of Trade in 1991. Raj started Chopper Trading in 2002 and built it into a multi-million dollar company within five years.

Apart from business, Raj Fernando participates in philanthropic activities. He is a popular donor to the Clinton Foundation, an organization that supports disadvantaged children in different parts of the world. Raj Fernando also loves politics. He is an active donor to the Democratic presidential candidates. He currently sits on the board of American Security Council and Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

How Does Eucatex Make Home Improvement In Brazil Possible?


Home improvement in Brazil has now become one of the most popular activities among the growing middle class. There are a lot of people who want to make sure their homes will look and feel better, and that is becoming a part of the new order in South America. The company is taking advantage of all the commerce that was brought by the Olympics. The Olympics were the perfect chance for the country to become a new hub for investment, and Eucatex is participating by making sure that building supplies are available.


The building supplies that have been offered by Eucatex over the years have been a part of the family tradition. Flavio Maluf has been a part of that family tradition for a long time, and he wants to be sure that the company can survive into the future by using a lot of different techniques to make the company more attractive. The company wants the middle class of Brazil to see how well their can improve their home, and they want to give them as many options as possible.


Flavio Maluf has been pragmatic throughout his career by making sure that he got his engineering education and also getting financial experience. He wanted to know how to better handle the family finances, and that has made him a very good manager for the company. Everyone who is shopping with Eucatex is shopping with a company that is run correctly in all respects.


The Eucatex family business has been growing for a long time, and now it wants to come into the future by also taking care of the planet. They want to teach school children about how to protect the planet, and they have adopted green tactics to make their company better for the environment. Every step that Flavio Maluf has made has been good for the planet and the Brazilian people.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Sanjay Shah talks about his successful Company

Eric Dye was delighted to take the opportunity and interview CEO and founder of Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah. He created the investment firm after quitting his job in accounting and decided to start his own company by hiring a few college grads and trading partners. He has offered some valuable advice that can be listened to in the podcast and that can become beneficial for any business owner, new or experienced. Solo Capital grew very fast in success, reaching the million dollar mark after a few short years of business. There are offices spread throughout the Dubai and Central London areas providing business and security to investors. Shah came from Kenya in the seventies, and decided to move to Central London to attend King’s College where he began to study medicine. He was a pre-med student for short time before he realized it wasn’t something he wanted to do, and began to find an interest in accounting. After switching his major, he decided to invest fully and study accounting more thoroughly. After graduating, he found himself working for some of the world’s most prominent banks and investment firms. He was able to own many different companies, including Solo Capital and now a charity called Autism Rocks. The success of Solo Capital has allowed him to successfully retire and take a back seat to the business. This has allowed him to pursue some of his interest and ventures that he has wanted to for quite some time. Autism Rocks is a charity that he has developed to help raise funds for autism. Autism is a neurological condition that can be hard to diagnosis because everyone is different, and relays different symptoms. Once diagnosed, sometimes it can become hard to cope with for both the families and the patients. Shah hopes that Autism Rocks can relieve some of those issues, as he has had to learn how to cope with some of the situations with his very own son who was diagnosed in 2011. The invite only, private concert based charity has been able to donate funds to universities and their programs along with different research projects.


Find out more about Solo Capital:




iFunding CEO William Skelley Gains Global Recognition As Next Gen. Real Estate Leader!

A rising talent among today’s real estate executives, iFunding CEO and founder, William Skelley joins the industry’s elites. Madison Realty Capital’s Michael Stoler hosted the first ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders’ invitation-only dinner. Skelley was among distinguished candidates honored on January 27th. This first account marks the beginning of an annual dinner venue. Real estate heavyweights gathered at New York’s Columbus Citizens Foundation to celebrate this year’s newest ambassadors. A Market Wired PR reports that leadership of global champions Kushner Companies, Carlyle Group, Merrill Lynch, Cushman and Wakefield, CIT and BOA (Bank of America) also attended the event.

The event’s host and organizer, Madison Realty Capital managing director look forward to another chapter as the group recognizes new talent. His fifteen-chapter-long season TV series, ‘The Stoked Report’ has garnered a wealth of fans since it first aired. It chronicles New York’s latest business and real estate trends. This spring, MarketWired reports, Stroler invited Skelley for a guest appearance feature on his real estate news TV series. He’ll join Regional Capital Group creator/president and former iFunding investor, Paul Braungart. It’s no surprise that the group chose an entrepreneur and rising innovator as Skelley. He’s the embodiment of successful leadership. The grounded real estate executive adapted to crowdfunding concepts early. In fact, he was among the earliest strategists following the consummated JOBS Act Title II requirement.

Leading real estate crowdfunding e-commerce, iFunding owned by Skelley is a thriving boutique. The platform has a broad specialization, including real estate properties requiring preferred equity fundraising or debt financing solutions. Its extensive portfolio comprises of condo estates, resorts, single-family units, mixed-use infrastructure, malls, hotels as well as other commercial and residential property development. The Fund provides flexible real estate financing solutions to clients.

Skelley earned an education at Hobart College and HBS (Harvard Business School). Dr. Clayton Christensen, a distinguished HBS professor founded Fund namely Rose Park Advisors. Skelley headed the consultancy at an early stage of his career. Disruptive innovation was the Fund’s chief operation and Skelley assumed an instrumental role in every process. Additionally, consulted for numerous starts, Olympus, and General Electric. In 2012, CrunchBase shows that Skelley launched iFunding, an alternative real estate boutique focused on crowdfunding innovations. Today, Skelley’s millionaire real estate adviser operates globally with diverse portfolio stocks. He incorporated a real estate investment bank some years ago that grossed $2 billion in revenue. At iFunding, Skelley consults for clients needing real estate advice on high-yield transactions.  He also shares that information on social media, through Skelley’s Twitter, and Facebook accounts.