Smita Shad Notes The Challenges Women Face In Engineering

Smita Shad serves as the President and CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc, a company she founded in 1998. Qualified and licensed as a Professional Engineer in a number of states, she’s developed a considerable reputation working on a variety of project across the country. Before starting on the career, she received a significant amount of education to stand out among her competitors; this includes degrees from the likes of Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford University. Since then, she’s gone on to become an influential leader in the industry. Learn more:

Throughout her career, Smita Shad has worked with a variety of different companies. This includes serving on the Board of Directors for leading companies. She’s also received a considerable amount of awards during this time and even served under a number of White House administrations. Her reputation began growing rapidly after founding SPAAN Tech, which provides alternative solutions. This was further enhanced because the company took on a variety of different projects that were known for being technically sophisticated and advanced.

However, this hasn’t been without its challenges. In fact, Smita Shad may have had to overcome more than many others in the field. Much of this was because she’s one of the few leading women in a typically male-dominated field. As she’s noted, this was something that out obstacles in her way by itself. In the first few years after SPAAN Tech was established, many didn’t believe that she was the CEO of the company. Instead, she’s noted that many of her potential clients thought she worked in the marketing department of the company. This became evident in various ways.

For example, she’s noted that she would often be either ignored or patronized by many of the men she was doing business with. This was especially true in boardrooms and in a number of other settings. Smita Shad noted that when she brought colleagues from the company to these meetings, questions would either be directed toward them. This is something that forced her to do more to stand out. Shad has also noted that it could be frustrating to her, as well as the colleagues who accompanied her. This is something that she noted provided a considerable amount of challenges throughout her career.

Because of this, Smita Shad has helped to support women in the STEM fields. However, this isn’t all she’s known for. She’s been recognized for her dedication to improving and strengthening international partnerships; this led to her receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Shad has also been an advocate for the growth of small businesses in emerging industries, as well as entrepreneurism and innovation in a variety of different markets. Much of this has encouraged more female representation in upper management positions.

Getting to Know Agera Energy

There are a lot of reasons for you to think about choosing Agera Energy when compared to some of the other energy companies out there. Watch this video about Agera Energy on Youtube.

This is why a lot of people are choosing the Agera Energy business for all of their electricity and natural gas needs. Not only does Agera Energy offer great quality options and services, but they are also a whole lot more affordable than some of the other companies that are out on the market right now. Read more about Agera Energy on

If you feel it is time to make a change, you can utilize the Agera Energy company for all your needs and know you are doing something that is going to help you build your home or business in a way that is much more affordable. The company works on stocks as well, so you can become a share holder if this is something that you are interested in. View:,23.htm

Unfranchise: Why Start a Part-time Business?

There are many reasons to consider owning your own business, including additional income, debt reduction, time freedom, and early retirement. The Unfranchise Business through offers the stability of twenty years of steady financial growth, an A+ score with the Better Business Bureau and a solid business system with training and support worldwide. Market America is a global product brokerage and Internet Marketing company, centered on one-to-one marketing. Owning an Unfranchise business through allows you to start your own online shopping centered business with your own shopping annuity.

The Network of entrepreneurs are economically connected and earn cash back on goods and services affiliated with the network, which has presence in over 190 countries worldwide. All products and services are tested and backed by peer research. Some markets include Health management, Weight management, Age management, Financial Services and Internet Services. This diversity allows for short term and long term profitability.

When you establish an UnFranchise business, you receive a site. The one stop shop site offers unlimited shopping ability. The company pays you and your customers cash back on anything you purchase on the site. You will earn an additional .5% on purchases made by your referrals.

In a traditional 45 year working life, 95% of people spend their lives making money for the top 5% of people. Of this five percent,three out of four own their own business. The UnFranchise business will help you reach your goals with just 8 to 10 hours a week. Like a franchise, Market America provides the branding but without the franchise fees. You earn cash back from yours and your referral purchases. You earn 30-50% gross profits from your base of preferred customers and you earn from developing two teams of owners like yourself.

Stream Energy Is Always Eager To Help Those Who Are In Need

Stream Energy has always been quick to give back to those in need, and philanthropy is a big part of the company. And, when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and many people lost their homes and possessions, Patch says that Stream Energy was one of the first companies to step in and give them the help that they needed. It has partnered up with several other charities to get people the help they need, and it gave more than money, as it made sure that everyone had what they needed to get back on their feet through volunteering, as well. The company has been partnered with Habitat for Humanity and The American Red Cross for years, and it helped both of those organizations during that time.

Stream Energy has many loyal clients, and it is able to give back in such a big way because of how popular its energy services are. It provides its services around the country, and it gives back not only to its state of Texas but also to the country as a whole. It has partnered with Hope Supply Co., which is an organization that helps homeless children. Stream Energy gave to the organization so that homeless children could spend a day as normal kids at a water park.

Stream Energy has also given back in many other ways, and it has made sure that veterans know how much it appreciates them by sending some of them out for a meal. It also sent some veterans on a date with their daughters. The organization doesn’t just believe in giving back through money, and many of its employees are eager to meet the people they are serving and to help them in any way that they can. The company prides itself in having a heart for those in need, and all of those who are employed by it know that.

Eliminate burnout in your workplaces with these tips

Burnout in business organizations is a common challenge. It happens to employees who are pushing themselves beyond the limits in order to achieve certain objectives. In the process of pursuing these objectives, many employees fail to keep a balance between their well-being and duties. As a result, they experience excessive stress that leads to burnout. The good thing is that today many employers are ready to help employees overcome the challenge of burnout. It is becoming apparent to many business organizations that they have a role to play in the reduction of stress levels in their employees for maximum business performance. If you are an employer who is interested in addressing the issue of burnout in your organization, here are some clear signs that an employee is experiencing burn out at work and they are struggling to overcome it. Learn more:

Change in attitude

Stressed employees tend to be emotional and are hard to control. They get upset or angry for petty reasons. This is a clear case of burnout since it is associated with negativity, moodiness and general lack of motivation. As an employee, you need to talk to your employees and offer them the necessary support so that they can regain control. For instance, you can advise them to take up a new hobby or keep away from job associated duties while out of the office.

Loss of confidence

One repercussion of burnout is that an employee will second guess whether they are delivering according to the expectations of the employer. They will start to question the quality of the work among other things. Once an employee has lost confidence, they will no longer be able to handle their job confidently. They will disengage and fails to be active in their tasks. As an employer, you should check up on your employees regularly to ensure that they have reasonable goals that can help bring back their confidence. Also, you should assign achievable performance goals that will help the employees to get back their confidence progressively.

Burnout is now a common problem in many workplaces. As an employer, you need to know that it can as well affect your employees. The best thing to do is to design your business goals in such a way that the employees will not feel so much under pressure to perform. The goal should be to set up long-term success and plans that will allow employees sufficient time to complete their tasks.

Paul Saunders is the CEO of James River Capital. He is also the co-founder of this alternative investment firm based in the United States. Initially, James River Capital was a department of Kidder, Peabody & Co. but later became an independent firm in 1995 after Paul Saunders acquired it.

Lincolnshire Management Sells Auto Aftermarket Supplier Holley Performance Products to Sentinel Capital Partners.

Lincolnshire Management recently announced the sale of Holley Performance Products to Sentinel Capital Partners for an undisclosed amount in an agreement overseen by Lazard Middle Market and UBS Investment Bank with legal counsel provided by Kirkland & Ellis, LLP. The Terms of the sale have not been released.

Together, Holley Performance Products and Sentinel Capital’s Driven Performance Brands, creates a strong portfolio of iconic names, in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Holley Performance Products has been in business since 1903. As one of the largest automotive aftermarket product manufacturers for well over a century, they have an extensive background and invaluable skill in developing innovative, high-quality performance products for auto enthusiasts world-wide with brand names, including Hooker, ACCEL, Edge, Weiand, Mallory, Racepak and DiabloSport.

Partnering with Lincolnshire Management in 2013, under the guise of Holley Performance Product’s CEO Tom Tomlinson, the company formed an aggressive strategy that dramatically increased revenue and earnings. Ben Bartlett, a Principle for Lincolnshire Management said that Tomlinson and his team were able to achieve tremendous success by driving innovation, and using the latest technology to offer the high-performance products that consumers were looking for.

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that partners with both private and public companies across many industries with potential for growth. Lincolnshire Management provides expert managerial skills, and they work with companies to develop strong performance strategies that increases profitability. Their business portfolio includes well-known companies such as Desch Plantpak, Dalbo Holdings and True Temper Sports. Lincolnshire Management also has an extensive background in managing buyouts, capitalizations and corporate divestitures. Since 1986, Lincolnshire Management has overseen $1.7 billion in private equity funds, including Lincolnshire’s most recent $835 million Equity Fund IV.

Lincolnshire Management is headquartered in New York with a regional office located in Chicago. You can find more information about the company here

Jeunesse Global Maintains Its Roots Through Giving

Jeunesse Global is a Florida-based company that researches, produces and distributes a wide range of health and beauty products around the world. It has grown strongly since opening its doors 10 years ago, providing products that use the latest in scientific and medical research to capture benefits from natural ingredients that have been known for centuries. It has salespeople worldwide and a constant flow of new products, growing to more corners of the globe each year. But one area, in particular, is closest to the company’s heart, and it has resulted in a program called Jeunesse Kids.

Randy Ray, the owner of Jeunesse Global, came from a poor background. His parents were sharecroppers and he lived in poverty throughout his childhood. One moment in his childhood stood out to him and showed him the power of giving. He was walking to school on a cold and rainy day and didn’t own any shoes. A woman saw him and took him to her home where she washed his feet, dried them, and gave him his daughter’s Easter shoes. He recalled what that simple act by the woman did for him, and he knew that even with his own success is business, he knew the importance in giving and how it can improve the life of a child in need.

As a youth, he remembers a conversation with his father in which his father said he would be accountable for two things: how he treats Mother Earth and how he treats the people on Earth. This is a statement he has taken to heart. He hopes to bring together other people who share this belief and goal of giving back to the world around them.

Randy and his wife have worked with projects such as Global Village alongside people like Nobel Price nominee Yank Barry and boxing legend Muhammed Ali. Through their non-profit Jeunesse Kids, they are driven to continue their quest to better the lives of children around the world. Their organization works continuously to better the lives around the world and is currently working to feed as many as 10 million children. It’s a big goal to say the least, but for Randy, it’s a goal he’s serious about hitting. After all, he is accountable.,19.htm

HGGC Has A Team Of Experienced Investment Professionals

There are many ways to go about choosing an investment vehicle or opportunity. If you are a beginner or if you need proper guidance, it is advisable to go with a renowned firm.

HGGC is an equity investment firm specializing in leveraged buyout transactions as well as growth capital investments. This firm is well recognized in the industry and has been catering to a wide variety of clients. Clients around the world rave about the great service they have received from this reputable firm.

Typically, a well-established firm like HGGC looks for companies that are undervalued and make them attractive to buyers. Acquiring the company will create value for the private equity firm. A private equity firm can also look for a target company that will synergize with its existing or current projects to create value.

Successful private equity investments yield high returns on investment. Knowledgeable professionals take the time to evaluate various asset classes to determine how to achieve the highest portfolio returns.

HGGC has highly experienced professionals who are committed to ensuring the success of their clients. These professionals have the resources they need to work with clients from all walks of life and are passionate about what they do.

Make the returns compelling involves having a combination of operational and strategic improvement, process-driven factors, innovation, leverage, and public equity market returns. Achieving high returns in investing requires access to significant investments in resources.

The professionals at HGGC have a good understanding of how innovation, governance, and sound business relationships can affect the outcome of their projects. Just like any venture, private equity investing has to be implemented carefully.

When it comes to choosing a private equity firm to work with, it is extremely important to consider the reputation of the firm. It is also crucial to take into consideration the experience of the professionals on the company’s team.

Management team plays a crucial role in decision making and need to be comprised of highly reliable and knowledgeable investment advisors. HGGC has systems in place to ensure a great outcome for all parties involved.

Organo Gold: The Coffee Cultures Next Big Thing

The coffee culture is an explosion of enthusiast that share a passion for the brew. If you were to build a coffee shop right now, you would be part of a lucrative market that will not be going away anytime soon. As a matter of fact, you would have all of the latest blends in your shop because you would know what coffee drinkers prefer. Organo Gold would also be a part of that lineup because there are people who are health conscious walking into your shop wanting to get a hold of their favorite brew. Having a coffee that contains antioxidants and organic Ganoderma is a must among those on a health kick.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still people who preset the caffeine in their brew but you have folks that are on a whole new level when it comes to wanting something healthier on the menu. Your shop must cater to everyone and you have that ability to let Organo Gold be your choice for those people. No other coffee comes close to being so flavorful and delicious and yet you feel no guilt when you drink more than one cup. The coffee culture does have its next big hit with Organo Gold and you are a part of that. Organo Gold is not going anywhere as long as people continue to want a healthy alternative. You have all of the favorites in your shop and you also have the teas. There are assorted blends that carry the same healthy properties as the coffee for those who prefer tea over the brew.

Giving people what they want is essential in any business but you must make sure you have the roast to stay competitive. Organo Gold is part of that. Your shop will start busy because if it.

Their LinkedIn Profile:

Doe Deere Believes in Being Different

Since Doe Deere started her own makeup company, she’s been doing things that help people see they can be different and can do things that are enjoyable. It’s important to Doe Deere to make sure she’s doing everything the right way by her own standards instead of the standards some unknown power put into place. Doe Deere thinks fashion rules are ridiculous and she doesn’t follow them. She likes to help other people who do things the same way.

Since Doe Deere is starting her own clothing company, she knows she has to keep breaking the fashion rules. She wants to show people they don’t have to worry about any of the rules and they can just wear the things they like. It’s important to her to make sure she’s doing things right and she’s making the most out of the way she handles her fashion business. Poppyangeloff is different from any fashion company in the world and Doe Deere knew that when she started it.

Doe Deere did something similar when she first began offering her makeup products. Lime Crime isn’t like any other makeup brand in the world. It’s different in that it offers a variety of options people might not be used to getting. In fact, Doe Deere doesn’t sell colors that are boring. She has a wide range of bright colors and other options for people who are tired of getting the same boring shades from other brands. It’s important to her to keep offering these colors because she wears them and so do her followers.

All of this started because of a blog. Doe Deere started her blog with the intention of showcasing her style. She wanted to show people they didn’t have to rely on the old fashion rules. Her blog was a hobby when it started and that’s why she pushed to make sure she could try things different. When she realized other people wanted the same thing as she did, she knew she had to do something to make that difference. It would give her the ability to always push and make things better for her followers.