Mike Baur Takes Swiss Innovation to the World through Startup Acceleration

Mike Baur is a finance professional and a former banker on the Swiss banking scene. He spent more than twenty years in the banking industry. He started at the bottom and rose through the ranks to top level executive positions. He started as a commercial apprentice at UBS. He has also previously worked for Clariden Leu. He has more than twenty years banking experience. He is a successful entrepreneur and business coach.


Mike Baur is the founder of Swiss Startup Factory, a startup accelerator located in Zurich. The company was launched in 2014. He is serving as the CEO and Executive Chairman of the board. He offers mentoring, training and startup incubation services. He is also involved in financial advisory as well as connecting entrepreneurs to potential investors.


The Swiss Startup Factory aims to grow startups into globally successful companies. The firm provides exciting opportunities to eager digital entrepreneurs. It operates a robust and global business network that entrepreneurs can exploit to achieve growth. The package includes a three-month startup accelerator program. A startup gets access to business services, prime co-working spaces, coaching and mentoring. The company has interests in finance and technology, health, biotechnology and education among others.


The team uses an experienced team of business experts to move startups from the idea phase to profitability quickly. Some of the pre-accelerator services include pitch training, business coaching, and interactions with product development, accounting, technology and market research teams. At the growth accelerator level, the firm empowers entrepreneurs to access growth capital and develop new business. It provides access to expert IT teams; business consultants; attorneys and branding; marketing teams; and human resources support.


Under Mike Baur’s leadership, the Swiss Startup Factory has grown from strength to strength. He is credited with leading key developments at the firm. This includes the strategic partnership with CTI Invest as well as Fintech Fusion. He was also pivotal in overseeing the company through the Goldback Group accelerator program. He is in charge of fundraising at the startup accelerator. He is also responsible for organizing financing rounds.


Mike Baur is committed to enabling innovative startups to find a spot in the global business arena. The Swiss have a passion for ingenious ideas and emergent technologies. They can quickly attract global investors looking for the next big wave.


Mike Baur also serves as the Director of the Swiss Startup Association. He attended the University of Rochester in New York as well as the University of Berne.



Jim Tananbaum Announces Dr. Molly He’s Addition To His Management Team

Foresite Capital is a venture capital firm which invests in companies in the healthcare industry. Dr. Jim Tananbaum, who is the Founder, Managing Director, and Chief Executive Officer of the firm, announced that he was adding Dr. Molly He as a Venture Partner at the company. Dr. He has over 15 years experience in biotechnology, genomic r&d. Prior to joining Foresite Capital, she was the Senior Director at Illumina.

When making the announcement, Dr. Tananbaum said that Dr. He is well known in the scientific research community who has vast experience in next-generation sequencing. He said that she is a leader in the industry who will be a great asset on his team. Dr. He performed research at Illumina that involved global protein reagent innovations. She has also worked at Pacific Biosciences where was engaged in their research and development of singular molecular real-time sequencing chemistry. During her career she has also worked on structural-based antibody design that was designed to provide drug therapies for cancer and immune diseases. She has published over 20 research papers and holds over 20 patent applications.

Dr. Jim Tananbaum founded San Francisco-based Foresite Capital in 2010. He specializes investing in healthcare companies that have market disruptive drugs in development that have products in late-stage clinical trials. This includes pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics, medical devices, services, and genomics. According to Businesswire, he earned his medical degree at Harvard Medical School in 1989 and a Master of Science degree in the same year from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1991 he earned his MBA at Harvard Business School.

As per drewaltizer, it was in 1991 that Dr. Tananbaum founded his first company, GelTex. He served as CEO of the company until is acquired by Genzyme for $1.6 billion. He served as a Partner at Sierra Ventures for four years, another venture capitalist firm that specialized in the healthcare industry. He has also co-founded Theravance Biopharma whose mission is to created medicines that help people with serious illnesses. Dr. Jim Tananbaum also co-founded Prospect Venture Partners where he worked at the Managing Director for nine years, from 2001 to 2010. Sourced info: Insidermonkey.com

See more: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jim_Tananbaum