Dabie Tsai Pinpoints the Future of Accounting

Every day, people working in accounting get to witness the enthralling technological advancement in the industry and its tremendous impact on business. Long gone are the days when technology was burgeoning, with numerous paper ledgers giving way to compact spreadsheet. These spreadsheets got more advanced, and professionals could share content in the cloud, enhancing the ability to make better and more informed decisions and anticipate the future.

These technological advances and globalization have brought immense changes in the accounting world, including the skill sets required for this career. To fully understand these dynamics, we sought advice from Dabie Tsai, an expert in the world of accounting and auditing. Thanks to her former role as an audit partner with KPMG, an advisory, tax, and auditing firm, she has worked with a global client base. Because of her extensive experience, Tsai has some comments about the future of the industry:

Potential for Office Automation

Generally, increased automation lowers the number of staff needed. Machines will take over remedial tasks and allow accountants like Dabie Tsai focus on higher level work that requires expert judgment. This will enable smooth transition into utilizing artificial intelligence procedures in their work, which will positively impact the workplace.


Globalization, a major trend in today’s accounting world, has allowed major accounting firms to work in various countries with different cultures and practices. A professional accountant should have the ability to adapt to a range of environments and demands. Dabie Tsai says that accustoming oneself to different daily life rhythms and new workplace cultures inevitably teaches and modifies a person to fit and succeed in various places.

Engagement in the Workplace

Tsai says that one major contributor to career advancement is the degree at which you interact with workmates. This way, an individual can mentor talent and expand his or her professional network. In Tsai’s case, she has exemplified her involvement to a high degree, with an extreme desire to help others; this has seen her assume leadership positions in many organizations and initiatives.

More interesting facts about Tsai´s career at http://blogwebpedia.com/dabie-tsai-former-kpmg-partner.html

Factors That Has Enhanced the Rapid Growth of Agera Energy

Agera energy was formed at a convenient time when budgets and prices of electricity have risen hence becoming a challenge to the clients and retail suppliers. This was a period when clients needed to be protected and guided concerning the increase in prices; it was a chance that Agera energy used to launch the firm. The firm was capable of assisting its clients by adding a national supplier of energy that was able to serve all its clients all over the globe.

The industry educated and sent its employees to the field to offer their services to clients that were home-based. To ensure that the firm was transparent in all its endeavors it differentiated its game from the first interactions with their customers. Up to date, Agera energy has been able to possess over 1.8million clients who have developed their faith and trust in the firm.

About Ricardo Tosto; His Educational Background and Career Path

Ricardo Tosto is the founding Partner of Leite Tosto and Barros. He is a trained lawyer with experience in representing banking clients and others in business cases. Ricardo built his legal firm from scratch to one of the top ones in Brazil. Tosto has represented clients in money laundering cases and won them. In one of the outstanding ones, he successfully defended a Swiss firm to be acquitted of the allegations of money laundering. He has also represented top politicians and organizations. Ricardo Tosto has also represented individuals and organizations pro bono.

Leite Tosto and Barros

The firm was the first ever to represent clients in a class suit. So far, Brazil has come to be renowned for its many class suits. The firm has maintained honorable practice and has severally been at the forefront of legal reforms aimed at helping Brazil attain justice for all. Mr. Ricardo Tosto was generous with the lawyers that joined his firm as trainees. Many of the trainees later became associates in the firm.

Ricardo Tosto Dissects the Resource Repatriation Law

Ricardo Tosto thinks that the law offers a great opportunity for the legal teams from the countries involved to make the process smoother. He says that such an exchange facilitated by the law will help to make documentation easier; since there will be a free flow of information. It is likely to expedite the process of repatriation of resources. Ricardo is also supported by the top lawyers at Milk, Tosto, and Barros. Gil Vicente of William Advogados and Associates also thinks that the law as is crafted will bring Brazilian and foreign lawyers closer. Vicente argues that implementing the law involves forging technical partnerships that will ensure that procedures and actions that require particular legal adherence from the countries involved to be dealt with expeditiously.

Possibility of Leniency

In subjecting the law to litmus test analysis, Ricardo warns that while the law has all the great elements of helping to make repatriation of assets faster, it also allows for clemency and a level of legal leniency to the offenders. He observes that the law provides the possibility of acquittal for crimes such as misconduct, tax evasion, and money laundering. Click here

Mike Baur Takes Swiss Innovation to the World through Startup Acceleration

Mike Baur is a finance professional and a former banker on the Swiss banking scene. He spent more than twenty years in the banking industry. He started at the bottom and rose through the ranks to top level executive positions. He started as a commercial apprentice at UBS. He has also previously worked for Clariden Leu. He has more than twenty years banking experience. He is a successful entrepreneur and business coach.


Mike Baur is the founder of Swiss Startup Factory, a startup accelerator located in Zurich. The company was launched in 2014. He is serving as the CEO and Executive Chairman of the board. He offers mentoring, training and startup incubation services. He is also involved in financial advisory as well as connecting entrepreneurs to potential investors.


The Swiss Startup Factory aims to grow startups into globally successful companies. The firm provides exciting opportunities to eager digital entrepreneurs. It operates a robust and global business network that entrepreneurs can exploit to achieve growth. The package includes a three-month startup accelerator program. A startup gets access to business services, prime co-working spaces, coaching and mentoring. The company has interests in finance and technology, health, biotechnology and education among others.


The team uses an experienced team of business experts to move startups from the idea phase to profitability quickly. Some of the pre-accelerator services include pitch training, business coaching, and interactions with product development, accounting, technology and market research teams. At the growth accelerator level, the firm empowers entrepreneurs to access growth capital and develop new business. It provides access to expert IT teams; business consultants; attorneys and branding; marketing teams; and human resources support.


Under Mike Baur’s leadership, the Swiss Startup Factory has grown from strength to strength. He is credited with leading key developments at the firm. This includes the strategic partnership with CTI Invest as well as Fintech Fusion. He was also pivotal in overseeing the company through the Goldback Group accelerator program. He is in charge of fundraising at the startup accelerator. He is also responsible for organizing financing rounds.


Mike Baur is committed to enabling innovative startups to find a spot in the global business arena. The Swiss have a passion for ingenious ideas and emergent technologies. They can quickly attract global investors looking for the next big wave.


Mike Baur also serves as the Director of the Swiss Startup Association. He attended the University of Rochester in New York as well as the University of Berne.



Danilo Diaz Granados Organizes Summer Event

Danilo Diaz Granados is a businessman, based in the US. Many people know him as a man of passion, who has accomplished a lot in his career. He realized that he was destined for greatness when he was attending the Babson College. He studied economics and entrepreneurship in this school, but did not use the skills until when he relocated to Miami.

When Danilo Granados moved to Latino community found in Miami, he discovered that they seriously needed a good luxury boutique that would offer them contemporary art, jewelry, fine watches and some exotic automobiles. This made the self- made businessman to start the Toys for BOYs boutique in Miami. The boutique is mainly focused on the luxury concept.

Last summer the TOYS for BOYS founder organized an event for the affluent guests in Miami. The event, held last July, featured some of the best cuisine, helicopter rides, exclusive previews, sunset boat rides and a good time at the racetracks. For some time now, the businessman has held several hyper sensory events for noble guests in Miami. His first luxury boutique introduced him to the community, and his events turn out to be great, offering the guests unforgettable experiences.

This year, Danilo wanted his guests to have an ideal opportunity where they could experience a life time event. According to him, people in Miami, especially the men did not a good place to check extravagant products or places. His event would offer men in the area the activities they had missed in the past.

During the summer event, Danilo treated the guests with an intimate and private breakfast at Dame Zaha’s Museum center. After the unforgettable breakfast, they have a private preview of the residential buildings that are found at the upscale area in Miami. Together with the other organizers, Danilo wanted to offer the guests a great opportunity to connect with the art, cuisine and entertainment that is offered the Miami style.

Before the guests could go for lunch, Granados accompanied them on a special thirty -minute helicopter ride to the Palm Beach Race Track. All the guests attending the event were given an opportunity take a spin round the track and also jump behind the wheel. The lunch was finally served to the guests at the River Yacht Club, found on the Miami River.

When Kyle Bass Attacks, Governments Collapse

Kyle Bass ceased to be employed with one of the top five banks involved in sub-prime lending in March of 2008. When Bass left that bank, he immediately leaked a tip to a journalist who later put that tip into the form of a question–posed publicly on a mainstream media outlet–regarding that particular bank’s stability. This led to a decline in consumer confidence, and by the end of the week the bank had been bought out by J.P. Morgan Chase to prevent total collapse. It was but the first domino in a line of many that culminated in 2008’s financial meltdown. Was Bass the reason? No. Sub-prime lending was the reason; but Bass definitely was a catalyst.

Now Bass is saying essentially the same thing about China. At the recent Milken Institute Global Conference, Bass warned investors to stay away from China because he felt a near-future loss was simply “common sense”. It doesn’t seem that there’s anything “common” between China and America. Has Bass worked in one of their banks? What does he know that other investors do not? That’s the real question. There is a partial answer.

Bass is allayed with one of the most ruthless and despotic socialist leaders currently operating today, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner has defaulted her and Bass’ home country of Argentina twice in only 13 years. Yet Bass fully supports her decisions so much that he has been regularly labeled a “stooge” of de Kirchner by multiple media outlets. This evidence indicates Bass is involved in socialist ideals at a core level. Should that be the case, it’s eminently possible he has some insider information regarding China. Socialism seeks to facilitate a global revolution, and that’s why dictators like de Kirchner in Argentina come about in the first place: when the communist movement began in Russia, they sent out “missionaries”. If Bass is tapped into this network, it’s certainly possible he knows things about China other investors don’t. At the same time, it’s just as likely he’s trying to trick big-ticket capitalist investors for the sake of some socialist aim, meaning whatever he says, one shouldn’t immediately trust him.  Read more at the UsefulStooges website: https://usefulstooges.com/2015/08/24/kyle-bass-the-frantic-investments-of-a-desperate-gambler/

Brad Reifler Releases Easy Investment Tips

In recent years Forefront Capital CEO Brad Reifler has become something of a mover and shaker in the world of investments. The CEO stepped up to announce his belief that the popular cyber currency, Bitcoin, was dying which took a lot of bravery in the face of the unquestioned hype. From there Reifler also stepped forward to introduce Forefront Income Trust to the world. Forefront Income Trust was created with the sole goal of helping the ’99 percent’ of investors that were not accredited and could not spend the money that the big spenders could. Furthering his agenda to help the ‘little guy’ Reifler ended up speaking with Reuters to offer a few helpful tips to first time investors.

There is nothing easy about investing and Reifler will be the first to tell you that. This is why he suggests that new investors always be exceptionally careful with how they move their money around. Reifler suggests taking into stock any potential risks and expenses before putting money into a new investment. Your goal should be to be aware of the safety of your cash and to have a trusting relationship with an investment manager so that you never have to second guess his or her decisions.

The concept of rust is huge in the investment world and Reifler labors the point in his top tips for investing from his Twitter. Reifler stresses that you need a solid working relationship with your manager so that the two of you can be on the same page. You want to have similar goals for your money so that your long term plan matches up correctly. No matter what, he goes on to suggest, you never want to put all of your money into the stock market. The key to suggest, according to Brad Reifler, is the art of diversification.

Alexei Beltyukov Launches New Math Software At EdSurge

Businessman and entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov has made education his number one priority. The Russian native and 1997 INSEAD graduate has had a number of successful startups with companies in the U.S. and abroad. Beltyukov initially wanted to be a doctor. He graduated from medical school but abruptly made career change to business.

At the recent EdSurge Education Day Conference held in Los Angeles, Beltyukov introduced new software technology designed to help student gain a better understanding of Math. Solvy is considered one of the most promising startups of the year. According to recent studies, U.S. math test scores are in a freefall. Teachers and administrators have been scrambling for solutions.

Beltyukov’s invention has been gaining a lot of steam since its unveiling. The online homework software was invented to help students who are having trouble with math comprehension. Launchingnext.com praised Beltyukov’s brainchild as one of the best startups to come along in a while.

Solvy not only helps students increase their knowledge with customized assignments, it also allows teachers to make customized learning exercises. Solvy encourages students to think outside the box. Real world issues are implemented into the training to help students work problems to their logical conclusion.

Beltyukov insists through Twitter that Solvy will help students around the country retain and increase math knowledge. “I am hoping that Solvy will quickly become a household name,” says Beltyukov. This product will definitely give students the edge that is needed to compete with other countries.

After growing up in Russia, Beltyukov graduated from medical school and practiced in his home country for several years. After making a career change to business, he launched a number of successful startup companies. His success quickly brought him to the United States for other opportunities. Beltyukov also sits on a number of boards and is considered one of the most generous philanthropist in Russia.  Alexei’s full history is available on CrunchBase.

Taking a Career From Legal to Investment

Sam Tabar is a prominent New York attorney and financial strategist. He attended Oxford University where he earned a Bachelors of Arts degree with distinction. He then attended the prestigious Columbia Law School. While attending Columbia Sam was an associate editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. He began his budding legal career as an associate with Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meager and Flom LLP, situated in New York. While he was working at Skadden, Sam learned valuable skills such as regulation and compliance, management skills, investment agreements, but most importantly he learned the ins and outs of hedge funds and was able to successfully advise his clients on the formation and structuring of them.

During his career Sam Tabar has worked for four noteworthy firms where he has continued to grow and develop into one of the finest strategist and advisor. He has gained a plethora of experience with fundraising as well as business development. Mr. Tabar has worked in such legal areas as private and Corporate litigations, mergers and acquisitions and due diligence.

A few years after he began working for Skadden, Sam Tabar left to accept a position in Hong Kong with tbe SPARX Group. He quickly became the managing director and co-head of business development. Sam was in charge of multi billion dollar hedge funds and managed the global marketing and investor relations for SPARX. Sam was able to acquire an estimated 2000 new potential investors, he raised 1.2 billion dollars in assets, and created a marketing plan for political and wealthy clients. Sam Tabar maintained a close working relationship with the founders of SPARX and the CEO, which opened many doors for his success.

Sam Tabar enjoyed a six year distinguished career with the SPARX Group before he joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch offices in Hong Kong as the head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. Sam spent his time counseling potential investors and connecting them to various foundations, endowments and pensions through his network of connections. He also assisted with the management of allocation cycles between the investors and their fund managers. Sam Tabar’s most notable achievement while with the Bank of America was obtaining more than 1300 new investors.

During his illustrious career Sam Tabar has developed the foresight which enables the companies he has worked for to avoid many poorly managed funds. After two short years with Bank of America Sam Tabar became the director at Adanac LLC, BVI. His main focus was property and start-up investments. One such investment was a start-up company by the name of is THINX who provides sanitary products to women in developing countries.

About George Soros

George Soros was born to a jewish family in the 1930s in Hungary. He fled the communist country in 1947 for greener pastures in England. After getting a degree from the London School of Economics, Soros began his career in investments. From 1956 to 1959, he worked for the New York firm of F.M. Mayer. Then, from 1959 to 1963, Soros worked at Wertheim and Co. His last job was at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder from 1963 to 1973. And it was after nearly 2 decades of working for others that George Soros decided to go out on his own and start and investment firm. He named his firm Soros Fund Management and started seeing success after success.

Soros has been at the helm of the fund for most of its big moves. The includes when the fund shorted the British Pound in the 1990s and when they shorted several Asian currencies. It was when Soros felt he had made his wealth, in the 1980s, that he decided to step back from investing full time and start concentrating more on philanthropy.

Soros has had a heart for creating a better world since his days of growing up in a Nazi occupied country. This is why he started the Open Society Foundations. The charity is meant to help create more human rights for individuals, more transparent governments and more open societies in general.

George Soros and his firm have made the news again for a move that they made in the fourth quarter of 2015. The fund sold out all of its stocks in Chevron, NRG Energy and Chesapeake Energy. The significant sale of stocks in the energy sector has newspapers like The Street asking questions. In an article, The Street speculates on whether the firm knows something about the future of the oil industry and the energy sector as a whole.

The article then went on to suggest that investors wait to follow the Soros Fund move until more figures come out in the come weeks from earnings reports and the Baker-Hughes Rig Count.

Many are concerned about the stability of the oil industry given the decisions made the biggest oil producing nations. While Saudi Arabia and Russia attempted to freeze oil production in the world, Iran refused causing the oil price to fluctuate even further.

The Street pointed out that this was a dangerous position for the United States because while although it seems like a good thing for the American people, to be spending less on gas, there are actually quite a few American jobs in the oil industry and these low prices could add to unemployment.

For the full article by The Street, click here: http://www.thestreet.com/story/13465588/2/week-ahead-in-energy-does-george-soros-know-something-we-don-t.html