OSI Industries’ Growth into One of the Biggest Food Suppliers

OSI Industries has grown rapidly and now operates in seventeen countries with more than 65 facilities and 20,000 employees. This growth has catapulted the organization to rank as one of the biggest privately held companies in the United States and globally at large. OSI has access to the world’s food supply chain which enables the company to secure superior products at affordable prices. This way, they can meet their customer’s operations and their culinary profiles as well as minimize preparation time while ensuring food safety. Over the years, OSI Industries has grown to become a global food leader, and that has seen it expand its operations extensively.

That has been through acquiring or entering joint ventures with warehouses, processing plants, poultry processing facilities, and many farms. The company has dedicated a considerable amount of resources to become the premier global food provider on the continent. OSI Industries boasts of branded companies in North America and Europe. The organization also has facilities in India, Australia, and China and runs a joint venture in the Philippines commonly known as GenOSI. OSI has invested a lot of resources into becoming a dominant force in the food supply and recently expanded its a poultry business in Europe, China, and the United States. The company has continued to grow and went ahead to double its chicken processing capacity in one of its facilities in Spain.

The project meant the company would invest €17 million which enabled it to double its processing capacity from 12000 tons to 24000 tons of chicken. This expansion had a remarkable impact, and along with increasing the processing capacity of the OSI Food Solutions facility in Toledo it also created new job opportunities by adding 20 jobs to the current workforce.The expansion of OSI Industries facilities has enabled the company to come up with some exciting products over the years. The organization has become well known for its poultry processing, beef processing, pork processing, Heat-and-Serve Sous Vide Processing and its Incredible Commitment to Food Safety services. Having been founded in 1909 OSI Industries continue to be one of the world’s largest food suppliers.

Elena Ford’s Pursuit of Solving Customer Grievances at Ford Motor

Elena Ford in Ford car

Customer relations is an essential part of any company and learning how to handle any problems that arise from customers without having issues blow over is something a majority of companies are trying to do. After all, the customers are part of the reason why a company succeeds and lasts long in the industry. Some companies have decided to tackle this customer relation issues by appointing top executives who help in eliminating problems aired by unhappy customers on social media and other platforms. Examples of companies that have taken this initiative include Amazon, Apple, Delta Airline, and the most recent Ford Motor Co.

Ford Motor Co. has also taken the approach of having an executive handle customer relation issues as it will help them focus on the customer pain points and enable them to make improvements accordingly. The executive named as the Chief Customer Experience officer was Elena Ford. Elena Ford is not a new name especially when it comes to the legacy of the Ford Motor Co. Elena Ford is the great-great-granddaughter of the founder of Ford Motor Co. Henry Ford. Therefore, when it comes to running the company, she understands the vision behind the company and the importance of having satisfied customers.

ford dealership service rep customer

According to Elena Ford, her new position as Chief Customer Experience officer will give her the opportunity to focus on customer service points. She will also work closely with CEO Jim Hackett to develop these customer service points. These points will deal with the ease and speed of services at Ford Vehicle Customer service departments. Her new role as chief customer experience officer will make it possible for the company to cut down its costs as well as improve operations when it comes to responding to customer complaints within a short period. This makes the company more effective.

She has spent time in Dallas and Beijing studying corporate strategies and customer behavior worldwide, and this makes it easy for her to identify problems that affect customers at Ford Motor Corp. Elena Ford has also taken the initiative to study what other companies are doing to address customer problems, and this has given her foresight into what she needs to do to improve and keep track of outcomes. Having a system that makes it possible to worry about the company’s interaction with the customers helps build loyalty and long-lasting relationships with customers. This also makes it possible for the customers to trust the company.


Isabel Dos Santos Goes an Extra Mile to Empower African Women

Isabel Dos Santos is one successful entrepreneur with a big heart who has been listed by Forbes as the 7th richest woman in Africa with a net worth of about two billion US dollars. Having lived in England, her popularity has grown worldwide for her philanthropic efforts. Isabel Dos Santos is the daughter of the longest serving Angolan former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

Dos Santos attributes the success of Africa’s top entrepreneurs to the continent’s entrepreneurial spirit. However, the entrepreneurial spirit has almost been brought to its knees because of the stigmatization of women at the workplace. This has robbed the continent and better yet, the world best-in class investors. Isabel Dos Santos strives to rally for same education, potential growth and job opportunities as men for women. She is dedicated to the course of changing the norm and impart a national confidence in women.

Isabel Dos Santos believes in slow but steady growth otherwise coined as “First the seed, then the future”. The women’s economic freedom will be achieved through providing training, creating jobs, as well as breaking sexist stigmas and ultimately, women will be to achieve increased financial stability.

Growing up, Isabel Dos Santos attended Cobham Hall for her earlier education in England before proceeding to King’s College where she earned her electrical engineering degree. Today, Dos Santos’s philanthropy revolves around her interests and goals of promoting integrity and hard work. Isabel Dos believes that a single individual can make a big difference and therefore, she seeks for equality for everyone to be bring out the best in themselves.

She conversed with students at the University of Warwick and she was particularly attracted to a young woman who was eager to accomplish her ambitions. Isabel dos Santos seeks to empower the next generation of leaders throughout Angola and Africa at large. She told the young businesswoman that it is not enough to have goals, it is imperative to come up with a series of subgoals that will lead you to your goal. She often gives speeches in various platforms geared towards encouraging young entrepreneurs and business people to not relent in their efforts to succeed. She is particularly attracted to the notion of digitization and she believes there are many opportunities for women rising from technology and artificial intelligence.

More information about Dos Santos´career at http://www.yaapd.org/keynote-speakers/

Stream Energy Is Always Eager To Help Those Who Are In Need

Stream Energy has always been quick to give back to those in need, and philanthropy is a big part of the company. And, when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and many people lost their homes and possessions, Patch says that Stream Energy was one of the first companies to step in and give them the help that they needed. It has partnered up with several other charities to get people the help they need, and it gave more than money, as it made sure that everyone had what they needed to get back on their feet through volunteering, as well. The company has been partnered with Habitat for Humanity and The American Red Cross for years, and it helped both of those organizations during that time.

Stream Energy has many loyal clients, and it is able to give back in such a big way because of how popular its energy services are. It provides its services around the country, and it gives back not only to its state of Texas but also to the country as a whole. It has partnered with Hope Supply Co., which is an organization that helps homeless children. Stream Energy gave to the organization so that homeless children could spend a day as normal kids at a water park.

Stream Energy has also given back in many other ways, and it has made sure that veterans know how much it appreciates them by sending some of them out for a meal. It also sent some veterans on a date with their daughters. The organization doesn’t just believe in giving back through money, and many of its employees are eager to meet the people they are serving and to help them in any way that they can. The company prides itself in having a heart for those in need, and all of those who are employed by it know that.


How JD.com Became a Large Retailer

Farfetch Limited (Farfetch) has partnered with JD.com to help build a luxury brand provided by JD.com. Jingdong is the original name for JD.com. Jingdong provides a Level 1 access to the JD.com app. By offering Level 1 access, Farfetch provides 300 million customers of JD.com access to over 3000 luxury brands. Farfetch is able to offer 3,000 luxury brands because Farfech has partnered with over a thousand companies involved in luxury brands. Jingdong and Farfetch formed a partnership in 2017. With the partnership, Farfetch is able to take advantage of JD.com’s logistics and they are able to better understand the shopping habits of customers from JD.com.

The use of luxury brands by Jingdong is an important part of their business. Jingdong with the help of Farfetch will improve customer experience. JD.com is able to provide better logistics and services to help improve how they offer luxury brands. Stampy mini popular luxury brand that debuted on jd.com. Farfetch will help JD.com grow as a luxury brand company. Jingdong is Farfetch biggest investor. Jindong was created in 1998. By 2016, JD.com has fulfilled over 1 billion orders. JD.com has a reliable delivery system. We have over 900 delivery stations Throughout China. JD.com is able to serve over 2,300 counties in China with a good delivery system. Based on revenue, JD.com is considered the largest internet company in China.

Jingdong has produced revenue because JD.com is able to deliver to nearly 99 percent of China. Jingdong is able to offer options for delivery such as same-day and next-day delivery. The business model of JD.com uses direct sales, and it allows them to keep control of other products offered on JD.com. By having control, they ensure that the products are authentic. Jingdong has been able to monitor sellers and products to uphold good quality standards. The CEO of JD.com is Richard Liu who also is the founder of Jingdong. Jingdong has formed partnerships with local companies to help those companies reach other parts of the world and China. Jingdong will continue to grow by providing opportunities to local sellers who help them expand the inventory found on JD.com

Factors That Has Enhanced the Rapid Growth of Agera Energy

Agera energy was formed at a convenient time when budgets and prices of electricity have risen hence becoming a challenge to the clients and retail suppliers. This was a period when clients needed to be protected and guided concerning the increase in prices; it was a chance that Agera energy used to launch the firm. The firm was capable of assisting its clients by adding a national supplier of energy that was able to serve all its clients all over the globe.

The industry educated and sent its employees to the field to offer their services to clients that were home-based. To ensure that the firm was transparent in all its endeavors it differentiated its game from the first interactions with their customers. Up to date, Agera energy has been able to possess over 1.8million clients who have developed their faith and trust in the firm.

Tempus Founder Eric Lefkofsky Leads the Way for Healthcare Cost-saving Opportunities

Eric Lefkofsky is best known for being a startup revolutionizer after the entrepreneur founded Groupon, the fastest startup company, to date. In 2015, he founded Tempus, which is a healthcare data company. The company has an ambitious business model and its growing relatively fast. Tempus is a leading provider of technology-based medicine solutions.

In previous years, Eric Lefkofsky invested in business services companies, media companies, and consumer-direct companies, but he found that the same type of technology in structuring those companies was missing in the healthcare industry. The intent is to fix the underlying data infrastructure, which initially became a challenge to retrieve clean structured clinical data. Tempus takes the clinical data along with molecular data and sequences it to great depth to provide a streamlined analysis of the patients receiving care, which typically is 500 to 1,000, depending on the panel that is being used for the data.

Over the last 12 months, the cost involved has been reduced from millions of dollars to thousands of dollars, due to advanced technologies, such as cloud-computing and storing technology. Tempus has created a way to the structure the clinical data and combine it with molecular data and then use artificial intelligence to analyze the existing patterns of patient care and medications, which results in being able to provide real-time information to physicians and with an overall substantial cost-savings.

Since 2006, Eric Lefkofsky has been very involved in the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which he founded as a private charitable foundation. He currently serves as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, and he also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is a University of Michigan graduate and earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School.

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A Look at the Journey of JHSF and Jose Auriemo Neto to Success in the Brazilian Real Estate Industry

Founded in 1972, JHSF is a leader in the real estate sector of high income in Brazil, with operations in the residential and commercial markets acquisitions, development and management of shopping centers, upscale hotels as well as international executive airport. The company has excelled in its efforts to identify new opportunities around the place it operates in.

The Sao Paulo-based company has grown tremendously under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto to expand to Salvador, Manus as well as overseas in Punta Del Este (Uruguay), New York and Miami. JHSF was the first real estate company in Brazil to prioritize recurrent assets. By 2017, the company was valued at R$1.2 billion.

The company was founded by Jose Roberto Auriemo, Fabio and other partners to perform construction as well as incorporation services. On the wake of the 1990s split in the company, Mr. Roberto Auriemo maintained the part of the company and focused on the real estate business. Jose Auriemo Neto, Roberto’s son, came on board aged 27 and took over its operation. He is now the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF.

Mr. Neto had a breakthrough idea in 2006 in the fashion industry. When he told his father about the idea, he was skeptical about it at first. He planned to construct a complex of high luxury on a 80,000 square meters land at Margianal Pinheiros. The idea materialized in 2006 when they started Parque Cidade Jardim. The high-end complex is made up of residential towers, offices, shopping mall, apartments and left enough room for expansion for Fasano hotel brand. The complex generated way more revenues for the company.

JHSF also owns Shopping Metro Santa Cruz and some other luxury commercial buildings including the Nations. JHSF went public in 2007 and its shares are traded on the Sao Paulo Bovepa stock exchange. The company has been honored with various awards including the “Outstanding in Other Formats” for Catarina Fashion Outlet project, “Pini Award” and more. Jose Auriemo has been in the helm of the management of the company since he was 27 years old and he now lives in New York with his family. Jose Auriemo Neto was recently named one of the most influential individuals in the fashion industry.

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Matthew Fleeger Has Taken His Expertise To Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger has been involved in several successful business projects throughout his career, from his own company startups to executive positions at large corporations. Today, Matthew is the president of Gulf Coast Western, an oil and gas company in the US that has drilling operations all over the states. Gulf Coast Western is actually the family business for Matthew since his father is the original founder and owner of the company since 1970. Along with his position at Gulf Coast, Matthew Fleeger has also founded MedSolutions and Mystic Tan, which has become one of the largest tanning franchises in the entire world today. If that wasn’t enough for Matthew, he also played a part in the development of Palm Beach Town, an indoor tanning company that has become one of the leading tanning businesses throughout the United States.

Matthew’s inspiration for the corporate world came from his father, who inspired him through his own success. Eventually, Matthew became focused with business and even went to college to get his own business degree from Southern Methodist University. Matthew spent some time working for his father, but he also made a name for himself by separating off and starting up his own business projects. In 1993, Matthew managed to sell off one of his first company’s, MedSolutions. This medical waste treatment and disposal company picked up the attention of other major corporations in the business world, allowing him to sell the company for an easy 50 million dollars. Since then, Matthew has focused on the executive side of being a businessman, offering up his expertise and leadership skills at a variety of companies, including Kinlaw oil company. With more than 20 years of experience dealing with the oil industry, Matthew is a veteran and plans to continue his expansion with Gulf Coast Western.

Stream Energy : The Charitable Insurance

Often those who do the most tend not to get the attention they deserve. In the wake of the devastating left behind by Hurricane Harvey in the coast of Texas, only one company was on the ground bringing in basic necessities to the people of Houston. Only one company would set aside its very own department solely to create a charitable foundation. Steam Energy, an energy provider that offers fixed-rates and mobile plans to its customers has been noted to be one of the most involved companies in Texas. Through “Stream Cares” the charitable foundation of Stream Energy, associates of the company were able to bring aid to those hit hardest by the storm.

Although companies are by no means not donating money, in fact in 2016 corporations across America gave over 19 Billion dollars to communities, however, charity is about more than just signing a check and Stream Energy is setting the bar pretty high for other companies. In fact, most of their associates help on a volunteer basis only, any funds raised go directly to the people in need. Stream Energy and its associates also form partnerships with other organizations in Texas such as the Red Cross and Dallas based Hope Supply Co which according to Stream Energy associates is a passion project that brings warm meals, money, and mentors to homeless children across Dallas.

Stream Energy due to their involvement in the community has raised the attention of other companies to follow suit. Although giving back to the community is the right thing to do regardless of the RIO, companies are seeing this as an opportunity to earn the trust and loyalty of their consumers. Obtaining this would form a sort of insurance coverage in the event that a company goes through hard financial times or scandals arise internally. Whatever a companies intentions might be, the reality is that these sort of actions can only be a win-win for both corporations and consumers.