Steve Ritchie: A Great CEO

Steve Ritchie, the CEO of Papa John’s hailed as a great leader, level-headed and emotionally intelligent by others. His 22 year plus stint with the company has taught him about how to handle crises and avert the situation so he and his team can learn from the mistake and move forward in the right direction.

After the faux pas at the company, the nation was privy to hear; Steve Ritchie was on the move to show that one employee does not represent him nor the rest of the 120,000 people that are working for and with him. His apology was sent out to the anticipating American public to see how he would respond.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns was not only sympathetic, understanding and genuinely apologized for the grievances that the American public had to deal with. He decided to take action and not just use words to try and heal. He identified that there would be more training for employees on diversity and cultures. The upper management was not just going to sit in an office all day, but they would be out going to the various stores all over the country to be communicative and listen to their employees with changes that need to take place within the company.

He even became vulnerable, which does not happen much at all with most CEO’s, and told the public that he wants them to hold him accountable for his actions as well as all others. He refused to tolerate language and actions that are deemed inappropriate by him and the general public. Steve Ritchie told people that he wants to work harder than ever to get his customers back and gain their confidence in Papa John’s again.

He personally thanked anyone and everyone that works for Papa John’s and all the people that have been customers now and in the past. Steve admitted that it was going to take time for people to let go and get past the conflict that had transpired. But he assured them all he was going to do whatever it took to move beyond all of that.

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Freedom Checks: Jobs and Profits

The American economy is not performing well, and one of the reasons is that most companies took their operations outside of the country. The consequences included job opportunities reducing drastically, and they keep diminishing. As the economy suffers due to unemployment and trade wars with China, the Middle East is also growing more hostile to foreign energy companies. Americans won’t have enough energy to boost their productivity at this rate. Therefore, after more than 30 years, the nation is now discussing Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks at a wide scale. Already, thousands of people are receiving hefty dividends from investing in home-based companies that produce energy from locally available natural energy resources.

When Matt Badiali first started popularizing Freedom Checks, very many critics came out to call his scheme a scam. Some people feared that he would land them in legal trouble with the IRS when he tried to explain how investors would earn large profits from tax exemptions. They failed to understand that the financial analyst has a large international track record of excellence in the energy and financial sectors. Through years of experience that he has gathered from traveling to multiple continents and oil-producing countries, he came up with a feasible financial program to benefit American investors and the whole country. The onset of Trump Bonus Checks only served to boost the credibility of both financial programs. America can sustain its energy needs from its internal natural resources, but it doesn’t because local oil and gas firms do not have enough capital to harness the full potential of the resources.

Fortunately, the Statute 26-F of 1987 provided lucrative investment provisions for oil and gas companies that generate 90 percent of their revenue from exploiting natural energy resources within the country. It stipulates that those companies do not have to pay the heavy corporate taxes that the federal government levies. Instead, they have to disburse large portions of their revenue to shareholders via federal mechanisms. When you hear about Freedom Checks or Trump Bonus Checks, do not fear to get scammed; they are patriotic investment opportunities that can earn you large sums of money in dividends. Remember, now that the internal demand for energy is rising exponentially, local oil and gas companies stand to make skyrocketing profits. If you would like some of that profit to come your way, why continue resisting Freedom Checks?

The Remarkable Accomplishments of Peter Briger

The dynamics of business have changed today because of the advancement in technology. Investors should work with people can read the market trends if they do not want to fail. Some financial experts in the market today have been inspiring because of their great achievements. Peter Briger is one of such people. He has earned respect from the things he has managed to do in the past. His constant success in his ventures shows that he is talented, dedicated and hardworking in what he does. Today he is taking Fortress Investment Group to the next level. He has used his position, experience, skills and knowledge to inspire other entrepreneurs and startups.

His education

Peter Briger earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from Princeton University. He wanted to be the best in the field, and that is why he decided to advance his knowledge at Wharton Business School. He has used the education to master the art of doing business and learning the financial markets. He is among the people who provide funds for the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund. The contribution is used to offer support to fresh graduates who want to venture into business after college.


Peter Briger has had a long successful history. Since he started his career, he has attained many leadership positions. He is reputable in the field of finance, and his skills are unmatched. Peter’s portfolio is proven from the many companies he has worked with. He has used all the positions he acquired to achieve the success of the companies he worked for previously. When he was at Goldman Sachs, he used his position to attract customers for the company. He joined the company after his studies and utilized the chance to become skilled.

Working at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger currently holds top positions at Fortress Investment Group. He has been overseeing various activities in the company. He works with an able team to ensure the company is operating smoothly. He joined Fortress because he wanted to venture into challenging business. Since he joined the organization, he has used his skills to help it grow. Looking at the story of Peter Briger, it comes out clearly that he is the right person for the job he currently holds. He has experience that not many experts have. He has achieved a lot throughout his career and this is just another of the reasons which will see the company succeed even more.

Steve Ritchie’s Heartfelt Public Apology

Steve Ritchie has recently delivered something much more valuable and a pizza. He has put out a public apology to all of the Papa John’s customers, employees and partners for the previous public offenses. The Papa John’s CEO hopes to regain the people’s trust through honest actions and hard work.

He sent out a well written letter that conveyed an honest and empathetic apology. He notified the reader that the week of controversy has been the hardest part of his 22-year career with Papa Johns. He personally apologized to the people that were emotionally hurt and anyone that was offended. He states that the Papa John’s Pizza Company has never and will never tolerate any kind of insensitive language or racism in the company.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s wants the people to know that Papa John’s is not one person, but a company that is composed of over 120,000 people around the world. He hopes to better relate 2 people by reminding them that the team members of Papa John’s are from all walks of life in many different communities that continue to work hard on a daily basis to provide the customer with the best service and pizza that they possibly can.

According to Wikipedia, Steve Ritchie realizes that words are not enough, so he is promising actions. He states that the company is willing to have Third Party Experts audit the culture, diversity and practices of the Papa John’s company everywhere. This is so that the company will be able to better identify where they are strong and where they are lacking. This will help Papa John’s and its leadership to set more clearly defined goals.

The Senior Management will be sent out to franchises all over so that they may receive feedback from the employees on what is the best way for the company to move forward. He promises to be completely transparent throughout the whole healing process. Steve Ritchie wants to be held personally accountable by the people. He has taken it upon himself to lead the effort himself to show how important it is to him. He ends the letter with gratitude by thanking the reader for his or her loyalty. See Ritchie’s work history.


Eric Lefkofsky’s impact on the society

The CEO of Tempus Groupon, Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born in 1969, he a successful businessman and is based in Chicago. Eric attended the University of Michigan where he attained his first degree. Eric ventured into business soon after completing his law degree.Together with a friend Eric borrowed some money and they decided to start a clothing company. The company experienced success in the first few years. Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt, and this lead to the closure. Eric Lefkofsky did not give up, he joined hands with another friend and established InnerWorkings the company provided print services.

Over the years, Eric established many technology companies in different sectors. Most of his ventures were geared towards marketing and improving businesses. However after two decades in the technology world. Eric made a quick change to another field, and he co-founded the Tempus Groupon.Sometimes in life, some of the most challenging situations end up bringing solutions and making the world a better place. This was the case with Eric Lefkofsky. A personal experience lead to the establishment of Tempus. Eric discovered there was a need to improve clinic data, and this is after he saw a loved one receive cancer treatment.

During the treatment process, Eric would find himself researching and interacting with doctors, he however discovered in spite of the excellent care given to the patients more needed to be done to make the process better and this is how Tempus Groupon was established.Tempus aims at ensuring the researcher, as well as research companies and doctors, have the correct data and this will help in making their service more effective. Since its establishment, Tempus has worked towards providing structured data, form the large medical files.Eric believes that it is essential to embrace modern technology in the health sector, Eric Lefkofsky aims at positively impacting the society by improving the standards in the health sector by providing proper information.

OSI Industries Feeds Millions Of Families

OSI Industries Offers Global Expansion

There are thousands of customers that have been able to trust an organic meal under the strict guidelines of the food industry. They continue to be one of the largest food networks in the current food processing network. OSI stands to gain a larger customer portfolio with their international expansion efforts. Trust their team of professionals to get you a safe meal on your family’s table. Choose a safe meal that leaves their customers feeling good about what they’re eating. Learn more about the popular OSI Food Group by visiting their official website today.

Choose The Popular OSI Industries Group Global Food Network

Their global food industry is committed to connecting with other food industry leaders around the world with OSI. They have been able to partner with other food networks interested in a stabilized food market. OSI quickly joined the popular EU food industry through a merger with Flagship Europe. Their team of professionals are proud to say, they’ve partnered with the largest food processing plant in the network. They’ve also did their part to acquire other international ties with the Dutch food market. Get the most out of your daily recommended diet with OSI Industries.

Discover OSI Food Group Foods

There are many different ways to connect with OSI and find out more about their food contents. They’re committed to only the strictest guidelines that are set forth by the food industry. OSI has been feeding your family for more than 3 decades. Trust the OSI Industries team of professionals to feed your family a safe meal that’s guaranteed to contain organic ingredients. We help your family eat a smart diet that will help them live a productive lifestyle. Stay fit and active with a great meal from the premiere OSI Industries Group.

Understanding Investment Finance with Peter Briger

Understanding Investment Finance with Peter Briger

Peter Briger graduated from Princeton University in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree and proceeded to the University of Pennsylvania where he attained a Masters in Business Administration. Professionally, Briger was a partner at Goldman Sachs where he oversaw operations and held various roles such as managing the Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund. During his fifteen-year tenure, Briger also served on the Asian Management Committee and Global Control and Compliance Committee. Peter joined Fortress Investment Group as a principal in 2002 bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge about Asia’s financial sector. He was appointed as chairman of the board in 2009 and he presently handles the group’s real estate and credit fund business areas.

Over the years, Peter Briger has earned a sterling reputation among his equally successful colleagues at Fortress and the industry as a whole. He landed in Forbes’ Billionaires List with the most recent ranking being 317. Besides working on his career, Peter is keen to render his time and money to a variety of philanthropic and community-centric causes such as the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children. He also serves on the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that fosters comprehension of policy among citizens and officials. In 2015, Peter Briger along with other alumni launched Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF), to support alumni entrepreneurs and startup enterprises. AEF was chosen by Princeton’s Entrepreneurship Committee to join the ranks of programs that will help the university achieve the goals of Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way.

AEF fosters creativity, innovation, generation of ideas, and risk-taking attitudes among Princeton’s past and present student body. Briger derives that this initiative is well-timed as Princeton needs to prepare students to thrive in a disruptive business world. So far, AEF has invested in twenty-five startups where alumni receive up to $100,000 in seed money coupled with peer-to-peer learning and mentorship opportunities. Peter Briger learned about Bitcoin in January 2013 from Wences Casares, an Argentinian investor who explained how the fringe technology worked. It allowed people to transfer money instantly without geographical limits. Although skeptical at first, Peter was aware of how the present approaches to moving money contributed to distress in companies. There were initial hiccups with the proposed partnership with Wells Fargo but the latter called a meeting to discuss a Bitcoin project with Fortress in the Wall Street offices. However, after the arrest of Charlie Shrem who was the VP of Bitcoin Foundation, the deal fell flat and Bitcoin’s chance of joining Wall Street was curtailed.

Lori Senecal: Understanding Her Remarkable Role as Global CEO at CP+B

Lori Senecal’s role at CP+B is simply amazing as she heads global expansion and growth in the company. Apart from that, she also oversees the operations of the company’s ten international offices to ensure that development is key. Lori joined the company in the year 2015, and since then, the company has experienced tremendous growth and development which is a huge move and a great impact on the current market. The company is leading when it comes to innovation and talent growth altogether. As a result, the company was named as “Creativity Innovators of the Year” for the year 2017. Lori Senecal was not left behind as she was also recognized as one among four executives to watch out for in the year 2016. Other recognition’s that Lori Senecal has been honored with include being named on AdWeek’s Power 100 list for two consecutive years in a row. Lori is recognized as a top leader when it comes to marketing, media, and technology as a result of her experience and experience in the fields.


In the year 2017, Lori Senecal was named as one of the Most Creative People after being recognized by Fast Company as a leader who is changing the future of the business in ways unknown. Before Lori joined the CP+B team, she served at KBS as the Global chairman. Interesting to note, during her tenure, the company was able to record tremendous growth where the workforce grew from 250 people to more than 900 employees. As a result, the company was named as one of the best places for a person to work. Lori Senecal has been privileged to receive some significant awards such as the Quantum Leap Award for her extraordinary innovation & leadership among others. For more details visit Ideamensch.


During an interview with Ideamensch, Lori Senecal revealed that ideas are brought to life through ample collaboration from various talents that have a similar goal and vision. Lori Senecal continues to say that having a vision to succeed acts a push up for her in all her plans. She says that great ideas can only be termed as great when it is actualized. Therefore, she makes sure that all their company’s plans are actualized and realized.



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Susan McGalla a set pacer in women leadership.

Susan McGalla, born in 1964, is now one of the most influential women leaders. She has managed to make a name for herself over the years. Susan has worked in several organisations as the president as well as a financial advisor. Working in the different organisations have allowed her to sharpen her skills in business.

Despite the success, she experiences, her journey has not been all roses, at some point during her pregnancy Susan was relieved of her duties due to a decrease in the returns. This is a common challenge facing women. The balance between family and work can sometimes pose a problem, but Susan has managed to overcome this challenges.

Some of the lessons we learn from Susan include;

 Do not be afraid to take up hard tasks, when growing up Susan was taught to take up challenges and give her best. This has helped her take up roles that are male-dominated and has still emerged at the top. It is also essential to believe in yourself, confidence plays a crucial part in the kind of results one should expect, and Susan has displayed confidence in her work throughout her career.

 Another lesson learnt from Susan, after experiencing setbacks. Pick up, failures should not define who you are, Susan’s journey has not been without setbacks, but she has learnt how to cope with the failures and learn a lesson that will help avoid a similar mistake in the future.

 Another critical factor in succeeding in leadership as a woman is by networking, the opportunities for women to exercise their skills are limited. However for one to make it you need to interact with people who share in your dream. Networking is vital in providing women with the opportunities required to enter into leadership.

 Susan McGalla’s journey is an inspiration to many women, the final thing that we learn from Susan McGalla is to push, in her work she did not always receive a positive response but she learnt to push to get to her destiny, it is therefore essential to push until you achieve your dream despite the obstacles.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Recent Announcement Helps Bradesco

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco announced the new president of Bradesco bank, he knew he was doing the best thing for the bank. He also knew things were getting better because of how hard he worked to make the announcement. It was a result of the hard work he put into the business and the things he did for the business. While Luiz Carlos Trabuco did all this, he planned on giving back to the community he worked with. It was his way of allowing people to see things would change. For Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the point of making the business better was everything he hoped for on his own while working through the ranks at Bradesco.

Bradesco is the top bank in Brazil. The idea that Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the CEO of the best bank in the country is something he enjoys hearing about. He spends a lot of time learning about how he can make the bank even better. Just because they’re at the top doesn’t mean Luiz Carlos Trabuco has to slack and will make a mistake based on the things he does to try and change people. All he wants to do is make sure others know what will happen if he’s doing everything right.

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As long as Luiz Carlos Trabuco continues helping the bank being the president and making things work for the bank, he knows how everything will change. He spends time learning about the things that will happen to him and to the people around him in the banking industry. It’s his way of showing them that everything will continue getting better even if they have to rely on new methods to make the bank better according to Luiz Carlos Trabuco is constantly trying to improve the bank for all the clients they have throughout the country.

When he appointed the new president, he knew the president would be the best choice for Bradesco. He also knew the company would benefit from everything the two would work on together. There were times where he was sure he would be working closely with the president and that’s why he chose that person. It made sense for Luiz Carlos Trabuco to announce it because he is the CEO of the company. He knows what it takes to be the president and knows that it is important to make a positive announcement when it happens.

As the new president takes on more duties, Luiz Carlos Trabuco plans to make things even better for himself. He always wanted people to see they could do more and get more from the situations they were a part of. He also wanted people to realize the president was a great choice because of how hard he worked on his own. They would be a great team and work together to come up with new ideas for Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco made a point of showing people how things would get better and how they could make a big difference no matter what issues people had with the bank.

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