Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Success And Background

Dr. Jennifer Walden has not only been very successful as a surgeon, but she has also gotten a lot of recognition for the contributions she has made in the industry. She has gained a lot of experience with the use of her creativity in coming up with better solutions. One thing she was always interested in besides cosmetic surgery was finding better solutions to the deal. For one thing, people who decided to go for a procedure often set themselves up for certain issues such as side effects and other complications from procedures that go wrong. Jennifer Walden has taken the time to make sure that she came up with ways to reduce the chance of any bad side effects.


She has not only done a lot of work as a surgeon in a successful manner, but she has gained recognition for her efforts. She has featured in plenty of media. She has not only written parts of textbooks for cosmetic surgery, but she has also commentated on shows. One publication she was featured in was the Daily Mail. The author has gone into her accomplishments and why she is someone who is worth visiting when it comes to surgical procedures.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has gotten extensive education in New York when she has studied at the Manhattan Eye, Ear And Throat Hospital under Dr. Sherrell Aston. She has stayed on after her fellowship to learn even more about the industry. She has eventually gained enough experience to start her own practice. She has used her ideas and her skills to good effect. This has gained her a lot of recognition and recommendations from people. She eventually has moved back to Austin, TX to live with her sons. She has also opened up a practice in Austin so that she could continue to practice surgical procedures.