Blake Mallen’s ViSalus Vision

Blake Mallen founded the global lifestyle brand ViSalus and his encouragement for the younger generation is to stop becoming the person that society expects you to become once you finish high school. Instead, he encourages the younger generation to become a successful person they are meant to become and to become the person they dreamed about becoming. The saying that Mallen uses to support his extraordinary encouragement is “Shift the Script” meaning that we should write our own scripts and not let anyone else write our scripts for us.

His expertise vision is to help everyone find their hidden talent as we all have some sort of hidden talent in our lives that we can benefit and profit from. He believes that the older generations ridiculous expectations of the younger generation are a big reason as to why many people nowadays feel lost and they don’t know what to do with their lives. Blake Mallen revealed this in his Ted Talk episode and he gives off many arguments as to why we each are meant to live and create our own lives. By doing this, Blake Mallen encourages people to think outside the box since many people don’t know how to think outside the box.

On his Twitter account, Blake Mallen shared a tweet that encourages people to stop doing normally what others would do as a way to help them focus on their goals. One of his encouragements is to help people get off their smartphones since smartphones tend to distract us from our goals nowadays as many people are addicted to them. I found this particular tweet very inspirational because this encourages me to focus on my main goals and cut out all distractions in my life. If Mallen were to convince everyone to follow their dreams and get off their phones, then in the world we would have more innovators. Click here.

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