Bernardo Chua Brings Organo Gold to Turkey

You may wonder why Organo Gold coming to Turkey is such a big deal. Bernardo Chua, C.E.O. and founder or Organo Gold has a lot of reasons why this is significant.

First, expanding his market into Turkey makes it the 39th country Organo Gold has expanded into. Organo Gold is a gourmet coffee company that is making a big name for itself in recent months.

Second, Organo Gold’s expansion will make distribution of their product easier. A foothold in Turkey links the Company’s operations in Asia, Europe and Africa. It will be easier to serve customers in these regions.

Third, Turkey’s culture is deeply grounded in coffee. Many people are not aware the first coffee house was opened in Turkey in the 15th century. Since then Turkey has an appetite for quality coffee products.

Forth, Turkey is also known for promoting health and wellness. Organo Gold shares this passion. Their company also promotes an active lifestyle. Organo Gold wants to be a part of their customer’s wellness goals. Organo Gold wants to educate people that their coffee is derived from Ganoderma. Ganoderma is an ancient Chinese mushroom.  Who doesn’t want that?

Bernardo Chua is the mastermind behind the expansion of Organo Gold. He understands what the marketplace is asking for. He had the foresight to see the impact health and wellness has on people in all nations. He promotes Organo Gold as a healthy form of coffee that fits into a healthy diet.

Bernard Chua is also an expert at marketing. He networks with professionals in other countries. He has built a foundation of committed customers in many nations. This has supported Chua in his successful marketing endeavors.

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