Upwork Makes the To-Do List Easy For Freelancers

Upwork has become a valuable online platform for freelancers and businesses alike. It allows companies to connect with freelancers graphic designers, writers, and web developers. It also allows the freelancers to build up their profiles and portfolios without having to cold pitch clients. Though the pay might be slightly less, freelancers are often willing to work for a bit less to get the experience and build their portfolio. However, that can often lead the freelancer to creating overwhelming to-do lists that never seems to get any shorter. This led Upwork to publish the blog “10 Powerful Tips for Sailing Through your To-Do List”.

The blog details ten key concepts for making the to-do list simpler and easier to accomplish. The first tips include capturing everything and keeping it all in one place. Writing all the tasks that need to be accomplished frees the mind from the Zeigernik Effect, which keeps the unfinished tasks constantly running through the mind. By writing everything down, a freelancer can free up his or her mind. Keeping all these tasks in one place is important too, however. If the freelancer is constantly searching for all the different notes and tasks, they will waste precious time.

Upwork also suggests that the freelancer create the to-do list with priorities in mind and writing it the night before. Creating priorities will allow the freelancer to focus on the most important and urgent tasks. By writing them the night before, the freelancer will be able to start on the most important tasks as soon as they are ready to begin working.

Upwork also indicates that designating time assignments and energy assignments to each task can be important in helping the freelancer organize their to-do lists. By creating time assignments, the to-do list will show how much time each task will require and when the freelancer needs to start it. This ensures that the freelancer contemplates how the task will be accomplished instead of simply thinking about doing it. Energy assignments will also demonstrate which tasks need the most energy. This will enable the freelancer to plan out the day according to their energy levels.


The Career Life of the Brazilian Lawyer: Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is one of the most popular legal practitioners in Brazil. He has many years of experience in the legal field and has worked with many law firms. He has earned a good reputation due to his professionalism. He is the founder of Fagali Law Firm. In 2017, he was involved in various legal battles that have a national significance. One of the main challenges in both private and public organizations is corruption. According to Bruno, many organizations lack good compliance programs. For those firms that have the programs, it is done in order for them to obtain a certificate. After that, they resume to previous practices. He is concerned about the failure of different companies to comply with the Anti-Corruption Law. He urges all organizations to adopt a permanent cultural change in their routine operations.

Bruno Fagali advice firms to develop continuous monitoring processes to ensure continuous improvement and detect areas that need some changes. According to him, the integrity programs should be utilized in the daily activities of a firm in every department. Every corporation is advised to develop the acceptable codes of conducts and communicate to all the stakeholders. There are some challenges during the implementation of compliance programs. For example, the lack of support from the executive. Therefore,Bruno urges individuals to seek the support of the management to ensure the success of the implementation process. Every stakeholder should be informed about their role in the process. The organization should also establish rules to ensure adherence to the objective.

Bruno Fagali is of the opinion that some courses that are taught in institutions of higher learning could impact the managers with the skills on the importance and how to develop compliance programs in the organization. Some scholars have recommended a constant review of the content being taught in learning institutions to equip learners with the skills needed to solve some of the problems in the society. Bruno Fagali reports that the current MBA courses have incorporated the entrepreneurial concept for the personal development of the students and eventually, the economic growth of the country. Students learn about new and innovative business ideas.

Learn More: www.bv.fapesp.br/pt/pesquisador/21548/adriano-fagali-de-souza/

OSI Industries Feeds Millions Of Families

OSI Industries Offers Global Expansion

There are thousands of customers that have been able to trust an organic meal under the strict guidelines of the food industry. They continue to be one of the largest food networks in the current food processing network. OSI stands to gain a larger customer portfolio with their international expansion efforts. Trust their team of professionals to get you a safe meal on your family’s table. Choose a safe meal that leaves their customers feeling good about what they’re eating. Learn more about the popular OSI Food Group by visiting their official website today.

Choose The Popular OSI Industries Group Global Food Network

Their global food industry is committed to connecting with other food industry leaders around the world with OSI. They have been able to partner with other food networks interested in a stabilized food market. OSI quickly joined the popular EU food industry through a merger with Flagship Europe. Their team of professionals are proud to say, they’ve partnered with the largest food processing plant in the network. They’ve also did their part to acquire other international ties with the Dutch food market. Get the most out of your daily recommended diet with OSI Industries.

Discover OSI Food Group Foods

There are many different ways to connect with OSI and find out more about their food contents. They’re committed to only the strictest guidelines that are set forth by the food industry. OSI has been feeding your family for more than 3 decades. Trust the OSI Industries team of professionals to feed your family a safe meal that’s guaranteed to contain organic ingredients. We help your family eat a smart diet that will help them live a productive lifestyle. Stay fit and active with a great meal from the premiere OSI Industries Group.


Talos Energy Successful Merger with Stone Energy

Talos Energy Incorporated has entered into a 2.5 billion dollar merger with Stone Energy after Stone filed for bankruptcy in 2016. The transaction was mutual for both parties for many reasons: Stone had assets which it could contribute in exchange for the guidance and cash that Talos already had. On top of this, Stone was already a publicly listed company and Talos Energy wood get the benefit of not having to pay for any listing fees, in a sort of free (and smart) backdoor method of becoming listed on a stock market. The new company will be named Talos energy, and will be tradable under the ticker symbol TALO.

Stone brings 136 million barrels of oil reserves to the table, and Talos brings $150,000 in cash assets, as well as a CEO who has a track record of successfully turning around struggling oil companies. The 2005 Hurricane Rita destroyed much of the drilling rigs of oil back when Talos CEO Tim Duncan worked at Cabot. Tim has also successfully established a new well from the Mexican “Zama-1” field and it has proven extremely efficient over the years.

With this new merger also comes and ability to jointly produce 47,000 barrels of oil every day, in addition to over a million seafloor acres of drillable space to explore. And already, things have been on the up-and-up for the merge company. They have tapped the well at Mount Providence and it will begin yielding oil in September of 2018. Additionally, tornado well number three is just starting to become trapped and will be ready for export in Q1 2019.

“Talos is very well positioned to capitalize on its high-quality asset portfolio and returns focused capital programs in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and offshore Mexico, as well as take advantage of potential business development opportunities,” said CEO Tim Duncan of the merger.

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Infinity Group Australia Helps People In Financial Distress

Infinity Group Australia is a financial wealth creation company that also helps clients learn how to reduce debt and plan for retirement. Since 2012, Infinity Group Australia has helped hundreds of clients meed their financial goals on step at a time.


Company director Graeme Holm, has over 15 years in the finance industry. It is his goal to keep the banks honest and offer his fellow Australians the financial help they deserve.


Debt Reduction


Millions of Australians are under water in debt. When they go to banks and finance companies for help, they usually get a raw deal. Most of these companies do very little in helping to reduce debt. Infinity Group Australia has a unique debt reduction program that will help you reduce your debt in half the time.


Every situation is different. At Infinity Group, trained professionals will look over your debt. and put together a blue print to fit our specific needs. The program will help reduce credit card debt, loans, medical bills and most other types of debt. They will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.


Wealth Creation


All most people know how to do is pay their bills. Many don’t have a clue when it comes to saving and using their own income to make money. Infinity Group will ensure that your finances and assets are thoroughly protected. Professionals will walk you through several wealth creation strategies that will help you reap the rewards you want.


Retirement Solutions


Shockingly, many people have not planned for retirement. Infinity Group will help you put together a plan to help you secure your financial future. Plans are based on your age, financial goals and income. Don’t wait until you hit retirement age to find out your finances are in poor shape. Call Infinity Group Australia to get your future on track.


According to Infinity Group Australia reviews, people who have used the company are very satisfied. Quite a few would describe their financial conditions as being very poor before enlisting the help of Infinity Group.


The sad thing is, many clients wait until they are nearly in full financial collapse before they seek out help. The best thing to do is prevent financial troubles before they happen. Infinity Group Australia will arm you will all t3e information needed to make good choices about your finances.


Just read the Infinity Group Australia reviews to see all of the company’s satisfied customers. Learn more: https://www.whitepages.com.au/infinity-group-australia-11111284B


Adam Milstein Discusses The Rise Of Anti-Semitism and the Damages Occuring Through Radical Muslims

Adam Milstein expresses his views and beliefs regarding the state of Israel and the Jews in his writings for the JNS. His latest article speaks of the presence of anti-Semitism on the radical right as well as the growth on the radical left. The radical Muslim movements use anti-Semitism as a cornerstone. These tactics are reinforcing racism, bigotry and hate. Adam Milstein has discussed the growing alliance between the radical leftists and radical Muslims. The radical Muslims abhor feminism, trample human and minority rights, execute gays and stone women. The differences of these allies is cast aside for the common goals encompassing a hatred of the Western influence, freedom of speech, pluralistic nationalism and tolerance of anti-Semitism.

Adam Milstein has explained the warped view of the radical left. They see Israel acting as a colonialist oppressor to target Muslims. The Jews are being blamed for all the problems in both the world and the Middle East. Linda Sarsour is a political activist and the organizer of the Washington, D.C. Women’s March. She has become a feminist leader despite admiration for the Sharia law’s vile misogyny. She thanked Siraj Wajjah in her jihad speech against President Trump despite his being one of the conspirators in the bombing of the World Trade Center. She praises the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia and is still the left’s role model.

Anti-Semitism is growing among college leftists. Adam Milstein has given two examples of including the Chicago Dyke March in celebration of the LGBT community. Three people with pride flags displaying the Star of David were expelled. SlutWalk Chicago was created to oppose sexual assault. The Zionists marching were condemned by the organizers and derided for their participation. The history of the radical Islamic nationalists shows collaboration with the right. Adolf Hitler was told by Jerusalem’s Grand Mufti the enemies of the Arabs and the Jews were the same. The Communists, the Jews and the English. Adam Milstein has shown the goal of the radical Muslims is delegitimizing and destroying Israel. Anti-Semitism is being is being fanned while racism in America continues to grow.


Jason Hope: The Excitement Centered around IOT in AviationIt’s

Anyone familiar with Jason Hope knows that he is brilliant at predicting the future of technology or giving sound technical advice. He has been an exceptional member of society since graduating from the WP Carey school of business located at Arizona State University. Much of his work has been designed to increase the overall advantages that humanity experiences as a society. He wants to bring everyone into the current century with a sound understanding of concepts such as IOT, or Internet of things. The IOT heavily saturates everything that humans do. It is the communication of all their technology devices over an Internet connection, so cell phones, tablets, and even smart devices are able to communicate in such a way that individuals can remain connected to another.

Jason Hope is particularly excited about some of the changes he is seeing being made in the mediation industry. In fact, there is an article, “Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IoT is Revamping the Airline Industry” that details his excitement quite well. He sees some of the implementations that the airline industry has already engaged in such as improved safety standards utilizing IOT technology and better customer service centered around a higher degree of connectedness. Such changes will make air travel much more comfortable for commuters as they go through their day. It is possible that these changes will also make air travel a more viable option for many to do not use it as frequently.

One of the things that he is excited about now is a better understanding of safety through the use of small IOT devices that are connected to key components of airline technology. This can be something as simple as a kiosk to something as complicated as the engine of a commercial airplane. The point of the exercise is to ensure that these items are being monitored. Dedicated individuals are being hired to install and monitor such devices, and he sees a huge growth in this industry. He is also interested in the customer-service aspects, not only now but in the future. With IOT enabled devices there is a chance that many of the interactions that individuals must suffer through when they go to the airport will be highly automated. In fact, guests may be tracked in such a way that they are able to reach their destinations much quicker and they are seated through an automated process. Jason Hope believes that it is an exciting time for aviation.

Jason Hope info: medium.com/@jasonhope

Understanding Investment Finance with Peter Briger

Understanding Investment Finance with Peter Briger

Peter Briger graduated from Princeton University in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree and proceeded to the University of Pennsylvania where he attained a Masters in Business Administration. Professionally, Briger was a partner at Goldman Sachs where he oversaw operations and held various roles such as managing the Goldman Sachs Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund. During his fifteen-year tenure, Briger also served on the Asian Management Committee and Global Control and Compliance Committee. Peter joined Fortress Investment Group as a principal in 2002 bringing with him a wealth of experience and knowledge about Asia’s financial sector. He was appointed as chairman of the board in 2009 and he presently handles the group’s real estate and credit fund business areas.

Over the years, Peter Briger has earned a sterling reputation among his equally successful colleagues at Fortress and the industry as a whole. He landed in Forbes’ Billionaires List with the most recent ranking being 317. Besides working on his career, Peter is keen to render his time and money to a variety of philanthropic and community-centric causes such as the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children. He also serves on the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization that fosters comprehension of policy among citizens and officials. In 2015, Peter Briger along with other alumni launched Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund (AEF), to support alumni entrepreneurs and startup enterprises. AEF was chosen by Princeton’s Entrepreneurship Committee to join the ranks of programs that will help the university achieve the goals of Entrepreneurship the Princeton Way.

AEF fosters creativity, innovation, generation of ideas, and risk-taking attitudes among Princeton’s past and present student body. Briger derives that this initiative is well-timed as Princeton needs to prepare students to thrive in a disruptive business world. So far, AEF has invested in twenty-five startups where alumni receive up to $100,000 in seed money coupled with peer-to-peer learning and mentorship opportunities. Peter Briger learned about Bitcoin in January 2013 from Wences Casares, an Argentinian investor who explained how the fringe technology worked. It allowed people to transfer money instantly without geographical limits. Although skeptical at first, Peter was aware of how the present approaches to moving money contributed to distress in companies. There were initial hiccups with the proposed partnership with Wells Fargo but the latter called a meeting to discuss a Bitcoin project with Fortress in the Wall Street offices. However, after the arrest of Charlie Shrem who was the VP of Bitcoin Foundation, the deal fell flat and Bitcoin’s chance of joining Wall Street was curtailed.

Lori Senecal: Understanding Her Remarkable Role as Global CEO at CP+B

Lori Senecal’s role at CP+B is simply amazing as she heads global expansion and growth in the company. Apart from that, she also oversees the operations of the company’s ten international offices to ensure that development is key. Lori joined the company in the year 2015, and since then, the company has experienced tremendous growth and development which is a huge move and a great impact on the current market. The company is leading when it comes to innovation and talent growth altogether. As a result, the company was named as “Creativity Innovators of the Year” for the year 2017. Lori Senecal was not left behind as she was also recognized as one among four executives to watch out for in the year 2016. Other recognition’s that Lori Senecal has been honored with include being named on AdWeek’s Power 100 list for two consecutive years in a row. Lori is recognized as a top leader when it comes to marketing, media, and technology as a result of her experience and experience in the fields.


In the year 2017, Lori Senecal was named as one of the Most Creative People after being recognized by Fast Company as a leader who is changing the future of the business in ways unknown. Before Lori joined the CP+B team, she served at KBS as the Global chairman. Interesting to note, during her tenure, the company was able to record tremendous growth where the workforce grew from 250 people to more than 900 employees. As a result, the company was named as one of the best places for a person to work. Lori Senecal has been privileged to receive some significant awards such as the Quantum Leap Award for her extraordinary innovation & leadership among others. For more details visit Ideamensch.


During an interview with Ideamensch, Lori Senecal revealed that ideas are brought to life through ample collaboration from various talents that have a similar goal and vision. Lori Senecal continues to say that having a vision to succeed acts a push up for her in all her plans. She says that great ideas can only be termed as great when it is actualized. Therefore, she makes sure that all their company’s plans are actualized and realized.



Read more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/lori-senecal-2#/entity

US Money Reserve Releases New Mint Coin Set

The precious metals company known as US Reserve has recently released its most recent precious metals products. A few weeks ago, the company completed and then released a commemorative coin set to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

With this coin set, investors will be able to add yet another valuable item to their portfolio. US Money Reserve partnered up with the Australian Perth Mint in order to design and make this unique coin set.

This set includes three coins that range from 1 ½ to 2 ounces along with coming in both gold and silver. By offering these coins, US Reserve will have yet another product that will appeal to their customers who are active investors in unique precious metals.

During the past few months, US Money Reserve and Perth Mint worked together to design and manufacture a coin set that would appeal to many investors worldwide. They decided to make a coin set that would celebrate the coronation of the British monarch. Within a few months, the two parties released a set of two gold coins and one sliver coin.  Connect with U.S. Money Reserve on LinkedIn

As a result, investors will be able to purchase three distinct coins that will likely add value to their investment portfolios. According to the Australian government, the three coin set is valid as legal tender as well. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

After completing the new coin set, the Australian Perth Mint expressed its satisfaction in working with US Money Reserve. It said that the US Money Reserve is one of the premier retailers of precious metals and came up with this unique idea for a new set or precious metals.

The US Money Reserve is also very thrilled to release this new set which they believe will appeal to a wide range of its current customers as well as lead to new customers looking to invest in their precious metals products.

US  Reserve is a company based in Texas that specializes in providing precious metals for investors. The company makes a wide range of coins and bullion made out of gold, silver and platinum. With a wide range of these products, investors are able to purchase very valuable assets from one of the most reputable entities in the world.

As well as offering a wide range of precious metals products, US Money Reserve provides educational materials that can help investors get the latest updates on the precious metals market.