Jack Plotkin Believes Telehealth is the Future

Jack Plotkin

Tele-health has been on the rise for quite some time now but it seems to have become stagnant as of late and Jack Plotkin thinks he knows why. You see, back in the day, they had to talk over the phone to try and successfully implement this newfound system and, as you can imagine, it did not prove to be the most effective method of treatment. Doctors had rather limited information to go on which made it particularly difficult for them to determine what kind of condition they had. Of course, it has gotten a bit easier in the modern-day thanks to wearable health technology developed by apple. These new devices now enable you to provide your doctors with all the health stats and data they need to successfully diagnose whatever condition you may have.

Tele-health has been on the rise for quite some time now but it seems to have become stagnant as of late and Jack Plotkin thinks he knows why. You see, back in the day, they had to talk over the phone to try and successfully implement this newfound system and, as you can imagine, it did not prove to be the most effective method of treatment. Doctors had rather limited information to go on which made it particularly difficult for them to determine what kind of condition they had. Of course, it has gotten a bit easier in the modern-day thanks to wearable health technology developed by apple. These new devices now enable you to provide your doctors with all the health stats and data they need to successfully diagnose whatever condition you may have.

Jack Plotkin

Despite this, Jack Plotkin points out that there are still a few hurdles it must overcome before this procedure becomes accessible to the general public. For one thing, most doctors aren’t able to get to the electronic medical records they often need to help the patients get better. In call centers too, nurses have found themselves with limited access to the information they need to assist the patients. However, virtual health is currently attempting to rectify this situation. Designed as an all in one platform, this new system will attempt to integrate the records with the rest of the medical database making it much simpler for medical professionals. Of course, even if this works, these procedures are not particularly cheap. In fact, some of them can drive people into poverty and it’s not as if insurance, Medicaid or Medicare will pay for it. So it currently remains a privilege of the affluent but he believes that it will one day be available to all.

De-Clutter Your Email With Unroll.me Services

If you’re like me you hate getting spammed with emails from websites you don’t even remember registering to, it’s such a pain to have to go through each email just to unsubscribe each one individually. Unroll.me is a handy free service that uses a web interface to pull up all of your subscriptions and giving you the ability to unsubscribe from each one in a single click. This eliminates the build up of messages in your inbox and gives you your time back.

Getting an account with Unroll me is simple, you would just go to Unroll.me and sign into the website with Google, Yahoo!, Outlook or Aol account information and you’re signed up. It’s literally the quickest signup process you’ll ever experience. An entire list of your subscriptions will be added up and then displayed to you for you to sort thru. There will be three options displayed next to each subscription, Add to Rollup, Unsubscribe or Keep in inbox once there you can pick the unsubscribe button to not receive anymore emails from unwanted subscriptions or choose the other options.

Unroll.me also accounts for the fact that their will be more subscriptions you’d like to keep and some you are actually more interested in. With the Add to Rollup option your able to add subscriptions to your daily inbox of emails each morning, afternoon or evening. You can also view your RollUps as a list or grid where you can add and remove subscriptions at any time. Unroll.me also offers the option for you to be notified monthly in regards to your new monthly subscriptions, so they’ll be able to tell you what you may have accidentally signed up for during the month. Keep you inbox from being cluttered with unwanted email subscriptions with Unroll.me’s free services. This tool can not only keep your email organized but also keep random subscriptions from getting in the way of the important emails you need. 


Maarten De Jeu Continues In His Proud Support Of A Program That Educates Chicago Area Teens

The Farrell Fellows Internship stands as one of the top community services offered by the Museum of Science and Industry team in Chicago, Illinois. The museum, the largest in the science area in the Western Hemisphere, is known for its array of educational opportunities that it provides to the youth of the greater Chicago area. One such program is the Science Spins. This program educates children on the history and science behind the bicycle. In the past, this program was headed up by one of the most ardent supporters of the Museum of Science and Industry. This is advisory services
and finance profession Maarten de Jeu. He is the founder of SVM Business Advisory and supports many valuable community organizations across the region of Chicago. The Museum of Science and The industry is one of his favorite institutions to support but he is also a strong advocate for other organizations such as the Economic Club of Chicago, the Environmental Law & Policy Center, and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. It gives Maarten de Jeu great pleasure to play a role in supporting all of these outstanding organizations and it is a great way for him to occupy his time away from his extensive professional life.

Concerning the aforementioned Farrell Fellows Internship, this program gives area teens a big opportunity to learn about scientific topics. They also get to hone their skills in public speaking and leadership at the same time. The program is an annual affair at the Museum of Science and Industry and it occurs during a five-week run in the summertime. This great program has provided a valuable education for the region’s teens for many years now and it is something that Maarten de Jeu is proud to support. When the program completes, the kids involved in it get to present their newfound bits of knowledge and life skills to a public audience. There are also a lot of younger children in this audience who get to learn some important things about the field of science.

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In 2014, the Farrell Fellows Internship had a banner year and the topic revolved around bubbles and the science that relates to them. Students got to learn a great deal about bubbles over their five weeks in the program before displaying what they learned at seventeen of the Chicago region’s libraries. Maarten de Jeu first created his SVM Business Advisory in 2012. He had guided the firm as its Managing Director since that time. Before creating this company, he earned a strong education which included an MBA from Oxford in business. he then went on to a successful career in fields such as finance, international business, and investment in the real estate market.

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Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin was a successful investor and banking industry executive before he decided to take part in the meat industry. He also owned his own financial consulting firm. He is now the Chairman and CEO of the OSI Group and has propelled it into a global supplier of food products for various retail and foodservice companies.

OSI International, Inc., OSI Industries, LLC and OSI International Foods, LLC all comprise the OSI Group. OSI Group has almost 20,000 employees across the globe. Lavin is very proud of his organization’s family-oriented culture, as well as its low turnover rate, which he attributes to making the people in his companies a priority.

Sheldon Lavin partnered with Otto & Sons in 1975, which preceded OSI Industries, LLC. Otto & Sons were partnered with McDonald’s as a hamburger supplier. Sheldon Lavin came into the company first only as a consultant, but later at McDonald’s request, he decided to join the OSI Group as a full-time member.

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OSI expanded into different markets such as Taiwan, Europe, and South America in the ’70s and ’80s. One of the members then sold half of the controlling interest of OSI Group to Lavin. Thirteen years later, the other member retired leaving Lavin with 100% controlling interest. Lavin continued to expand into many different countries such as the Philippines, South Africa, Japan, India, China, and Australia. Lavin is currently 81 years old and is still pushing the growth of OSI Group. The company at this time has 55 facilities in 16 countries and is the largest supplier of protein to McDonald’s in the world.

Sheldon Lavin contributes to many charities such as the Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, the United Negro College Fund, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin has three children. His wife has been departed for 55 years.

Website: http://sheldonlavin.com/

There are More Things Going On at DE Shaw that What Meets Our Eyes

Uncertainty looms at DE Shaw after fears of its investment talent leaving creeps in. The problem started when the hedge fund terminated Managing Director Daniel Michalow’s employment contract when he was accused of sexual harassment. The senior executive at the time tried to defend himself in vain. The situation has taken a new turn as the firm appears to be covering up for normal hedge fund misbehavior. That was implied by the fact that the firm is so reluctant to talk to outsiders.

According to some sources, DE Shaw is still coming to terms with what the exit of Daniel Michalow came with. The firm was left to re-strategize its long-term goals with a new corporate team. DE Shaw is now making diverse efforts to try and address the issue for once and for all.

DE Shaw asked its employees to sign non-compete agreements before mid-September. That information came from credible sources and the sources went ahead to disclose that anyone who would not have complied with the order will be fired with an option of keeping the compensation that they would have otherwise forfeited. The firm manages more than $50 billion making it one of the leading hedge funds trading with computer algorithms.

DE Shaw initiated the program when Michalow’s employment contract which contained the “restrictions on interference” was about to end. In fact, 15th September is the day the 18-month contract expired. As much as it can be a coincidence, many analysts have supported the argument that a hedge fund of DE Shaw’s caliber cannot let conclusions of barring Michalow to be drawn. The way the firm has rushed to restrict its investment talent raises important questions. From another point of view, it is justified because it is unlikely for an employee to go for a medium-sized check and leave a large-size check offered at the firm.

The situation at the firm’s headquarters is most likely not good even as leadership committee members rush to handle it. What is for sure is that there is more going on in the firm than what meets our eyes.

Gino Pozzo Foresees A Bright Future For His Beloved Watford Club:

Gino Pozzo is an Italian businessman who is known across sports circles in Europe as one of the continent’s leading figures within club football. The sport of football has been a passion for Gino Pozzo throughout his life and it is something that he has found himself immersed in since he was a youth. He comes from a family with a strong business ethic that also has a deep connection to the sport of football. His parents have been key figures in their local Udine, Italy football club since Gino’s childhood as his mother’s side of the family held the Presidential position in the club. With this in mind, it is a true statement that Gino grew up with the sport. This passion remains as strong today as ever and he has extended it to ownership of English football club Watford FC.

Watford Football Club is one of those English football teams that has consistently struggled over the years. The club has struggled to find its footing since the 1980s and has often been mired in obscurity. Gino Pozzo has been working hard to change that. It is safe to say that changing this reputation is among his biggest professional goals and it is one that he has wholeheartedly committed to. He foresees a time when Watford FC will ascend into the ranks of the English Premier League and join the other prestigious clubs that typically occupy that space. The work he has put in so far leads on to believe that this is a realistic goal.

Gino Pozzo is known for his dedication to being directly involved. He has never been one of those owners that simply watched from afar and took care of finances and administrative duties. He wants to be there involved with the daily operations at Watford. This has been a strategy that has paid off as well and the clubs fortunes are currently on the rise.

Ohio Law Firm Kisling Nestico & Redick Founder Retires

Few law firms can claim that they have both the interests of their clients and the community in mind but Kisling Nestico & Redick can say just that. The law firm that has for so long been dedicated to the community and to the people in it is now getting ready to say goodbye to one of their own, Robert Redick. Redick has announced his formal and total retirement from Kisling Nestico & Redick and states that his transition began over a year ago.

Kisling Nestico & Redick – Lawyers Announced on the Super Lawyers List

Redick was one of the three founding members of the firm and he, along with his partners, has built Kisling Nestico & Redick to the firm that it is today. With over 30 lawyers and 11 different locations as well as a knack for helping the members of the community, Kisling Nestico & Redick is a firm that will continue to do good and continue to help injured members of the community to get the justice that they deserve to recover from any injury and get the settlement they need to get on with their recovery.

The firm is one of the best in the state of Ohio and it has long been known for going above and beyond to make a difference in the community. With programs like KNR Cares About Kids, Kisling Nestico & Redick has made a positive impact on the families in each and every community that they are a part of. Though Redick will be missed, his presence is going to be with the firm forever and the good that the firm has been able to do is sure only to grow with the coming years.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Strives To Protect The Wealth Of Their Clients During These Times Of Market Uncertainty

The recent performance of the stock market indicates a positive upward trend going forward. The opposite appears to be true in the bond market where yields are not nearly as optimistic. Investors are uncertain as to which of the indicators they should believe or ignore.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that caters to their high net worth clients. They strive to establish and maintain a relationship with clients by providing education and building trust. The goal of the financial advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors is to help each client attain his or her personal financial goals.

A factor that is perceived as positive in the stock market is currently a subdued level of investing. The results of a weekly survey of investors by AAII showed conservative activity by investors throughout May and June 2019. Generally, as the stock market performs well and achieves record highs, the overall tone for investors reflects their anticipation of a continued bullish period.

HCR Wealth Advisors stays abreast of global financial activities through in-depth research and analysis. In the beginning of May, after reaching a new high, the S&P 500 adjusted downward. That made way for a modest pull back that lasted for a period of six to eight weeks. The market rose substantially higher in July, and this can translate into a positive near-term or longer forecast.

This said, the next foreseeable actions would have historically been that the Fed would raise the interest rates and bond yields in the U.S. would follow suit. However, to date this has not been the case. Furthermore, the analysis shows that the global yields are low. These and other mixed signals are being watched closely at HCR Wealth Advisors. The staff works arduously to help protect their clients’ investments from risk, and they have been doing so since 1988.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

The Life and Career of Russell Gimelstob

While he is doing pretty well for himself these days, there are many people wondering how Russell Gimelstob got to where he is today. He was born in New Vernon, New Jersey where his mother encouraged him to become more well-rounded and, as such, he decided to take up sports. It wasn’t long before he realized his proficiency for tennis and became the first team all-state and the first sophomore in school history to become the team captain. Of course, none of this came as a surprise to his family as his father had been particularly adept at sports too back in his day. He even coached at a high school in Newark where he helped the team become state champions three times. During the off-season, Russell Gimelstob would train with Robert Lanadorp at his home in Palos Verdes.


Despite his success on the court, however, he made sure not to forget about his academic pursuits and, during one of his college recruitments trips, met Barry Shoemaker, the head coach of the men’s varsity tennis team at Cornell. He found their rapport to be undeniable and eventually accepted his offer to play for their school. Four years later, he graduated from the university with distinction and stayed on for an additional year to earn his masters of public administration. After the completion of his academic career, he received an offer to work as an analyst for Goldman Sachs and he humbly accepted. After three years, he left to join Dune Real Estate.

During his tenure at DRE, he has never lost sight of his philanthropic endeavors as he supports various charities and is currently a member of the Fischer Center Policy Advisory Board at the UC Berkley business school. He was also named an annual honoree by the HASC in 2012.

Knowledge Learned From Paul Saunders, the Founder of James River Capital

After gaining years of experience in investment banking and trading Paul Saunders became the founder of James River Capital. The independent investment firm was started in 1995 focusing on corporate credit, global macroeconomic strategies, multi-strategy investing, equity strategies, and more. Currently, James River Capital has been in business for more than 20 years growing to greater heights under Paul Saunders guidance and leadership. With his success he has not forgotten the struggle it was in the beginning acquiring, and building, his business. This is why he’s spreading his knowledge of funding a business. It can be difficult finding funding for a business, especially ones that are new. Luckily, there are loan options available to an entrepreneur to start their business. The first is a business loan that can be obtained either from the bank, or from the Small Business Administration (SBA). Gaining approval for these loans can be lengthy process; however, the interest rate is low allowing a startup to make small payments while building their revenue. Another loan option is a local loan. This type of loan is occasionally overlooked, and is highly recommended by Paul Saunders. To obtain information about this type of loan go to your Chamber of Commerce as it can provide information as well as connect entrepreneurs with local business development centers that can assist in obtaining a local loan. These two loan options are the best loans to obtain for any entrepreneur starting a new business, whether that entrepreneur is new or experienced. In either case obtaining a loan can be difficult for those starting out, but a business loan and a local loan are the best options with the highest chance of success.

When starting a business Paul Saunders offers advice on leadership styles to have to lead your team effectively keeping them motivated in times of difficulty. Business difficulties can arise at any time, that is why according to Paul Saunders it is advisable to develop the directing, teaching, and empowering leadership styles. They are all effective in motivating employees depending on the circumstances as to why an employee is less motivated. For example, if an employee feels stuck on an assignment the directing leadership style is most suited to deal with this situation take the lead by giving employees precise instructions on how they should begin, or continue, their assignment. A situation to occur almost as commonly as this is an employee losing confidence and motivation in their work resulting in reduction in their commitment to the business as well as their productivity. This is where the teaching leadership style is most beneficial. It restores an employee’s motivation in their role by explaining the significance of their contribution to the business making them want to do their best. These two leadership styles are important; however, when you have a competent staff the most effective leadership style is empowering. An effective leader knows when to delegate assignments establishing a feeling of trust in their staff to do their jobs, and by giving encouragement and positive support. By employing these leadership styles when needed a leader is more likely to have a productive staff to build a successful business.