Be Mindful of ClassDojo’s Mindfulness Training Feature

ClassDojo is an education app that is now a common part of the modern-day learning system. This app is available to 180 different nations all over the world. In May of 2019, ClassDojo released a feature on their app called Mindfulness Training. This feature provides students and teachers a way to relieve stress and to refocus. It is designed to improve the atmosphere within a school setting. 

On May 10, 2019 millions of students and teachers form around the world took part in a global mindfulness lesson. The event started at 11 a.m. in Australia and concluded at 11 a.m. in Hawaii the next day. The classrooms who participated within this event were being taught the techniques of mindfulness training. 

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The goal of mindfulness training is to keep classrooms calm and in-balance. Let’s be honest, many children get burned out with school and it’s not always their fault. Still, classrooms must be maintained in a safe and orderly way so students will be safe while gaining knowledge. The mindfulness technique is often used by psychologists and counselors for a person’s mental health. 

Students are facing a lot in terms of their mental health. There is more evidence of young people encountering greater challenges to maintaining a good mental state. The students that elementary kids and high school teens face can be extreme. ClassDojo mindfulness training just provides them with a way to escape before they let their emotions or feelings to get out of control. No one will know how successful this feature will be until the end of the 2019 – 2020 school year.

Greg Blatt Stumbled into Success

The qualities of a successful business man can vary from person to person, and even across different sectors. A successful individual in the food sector might not be as good in the law industry. Greg Blatt found himself unsure of where to go next after college. He could continue pursuing his current path or take some time off to rediscover himself (Everipedia). 

This period of rest allowed him to explore new sides of himself, and ultimately end up with one of the biggest positions of the modern technological age. Greg Blatt expands on this sequence of unlikely events in a recent online interview. As a fresh college graduate, Greg Blatt found himself in a similar crossroads as many of his peers. He returned home with the intent of discovering his place in the world. During this period, he worked on odd jobs and began self study. He focused on law and entertainment writing. There came a point when both of these hobbies began to merge together. 

He worked at a law firm where Martha Stewart was one of his primary clients. She was about to make the next leap forward for her career, and needed someone who could advise her at all times. Martha Stewart hired Greg as general counsel. This was the moment when Greg Blatt fully entered the entertainment industry. This jumped started his path up the corporate ladder. In a matter of years he moved to IAC where he did similar work, but for higher pay. Then be become CEO of the company, before moving on to Match Group and Tinder. 

Greg Blatt’s unique insight and perspective was being felt at every turn along the way. He wanted to develop new technology that would allow consumers to better connect with each other, while at the same time expand the user-base of the dating apps. He was doing his best to bring new ideas to the limelight.

Greg Blatt has an understanding of how consumers think, and thus this gives him an advantage for reaching that audience. While he may not have intended on becoming famous, his ideals established a new standard for the next generation.

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Laerte Codonho, the Founder of Dolly Sodas

Laerte Codonho has faced harsh competition from competing brands over the years. Laerte is the founder of Dolly Sodas, a product that is well-consumed across Brazil. In the current corporate market, large companies are working to reign over small corporations. As for Laerte Codonho knows, in their efforts to become the best in their areas of production, large companies are making use of unfair methods of operation. Competition is necessary for any business to thrive, but when it comes to the use of partial methods for expansion, small business enterprises suffer. 

Individuals like Laerte Codonho have faced biased competition from firms manufacturing similar brands. For instance, Dolly sodas have been for a long time fighting with Coca Cola for popularity in the diet soda market. Though Laerte Codonho has had to overcome several failures in the past due to the unfair competition, he has managed to develop Dolly sodas to a global brand. Dolly Sodas started in 1987, as the original diet soda brand in the Brazilian market. 

Dolly sodas run its operations in Southeast Brazil. A few years after its launch to the market, the product was nationally recognized, bringing froth expansion of the firm. Its familiarity globally attracted competition from large firms that felt threatened. Dolly Sodas was the initial product to braze the Brazilian market, but currently, the firm is supplying a different product, Dolly Guarana (Facebook). 

Guarana sodas have been a part of the Brazilian market for decades. The guarana fruit is not only consumed in Brazil but also used in other countries for the production of energy drinks. The popularity of guarana sodas has led to Dolly becoming a part of the Brazil soft drink market. 

Codonho successfully built Dolly sodas through the use of his excellent business strategies. Laerte Codonho believes in, appropriate branding of the firm and its products to gain customers. The company has carried out branding campaigns to acknowledge the public of the high quality of the product. Though Dolly Sodas has had an excellent uprising story, it has continuously faced conflicts from Coca Cola. Laerte Codonho states that the company lowered the profits of Coca Cola as soon as it became universally recognized.

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The Work of Ara Chackerian

An entrepreneur and businessman, Ara Chackerian has built a successful career as a businessman. Currently he is the executive Vice President of Research and Development of Health Diagnostics. He has a resume that includes multiple leadership positions for health service companies. His career spans several decades with most of it taking place in the health care industry. His work is admired by many and has made an impact on many people.

Ara Chackerian is the co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions, a treatment provider of various therapies that help with mental health issues. Prior to his work with TMS, Chackerian has worked with a number of successful health companies which include PipelineRx, BMC Diagnoistics, and Provider Links. His resume includes senior leadership positions that where he had major responsibilities which include managing more than four hundred employees and nearly $200 million dollars in revenue.

Ara Chackerian is most known for his work with TMS Solutions. TMS was the result of some of unique circumstances. Working with his long time business partner, Chackerian wanted to extend his experience of building out-patient diagnostic radiology centers in the Northern California area. This incredible duo spent years together doing research and building their company. Through years of research the team came to the conclusion that TMS had the potential to become the third major pillar of psychiatric care. It would join medication and talk therapy as another way that psychiatrist would work to meet the needs of their patients. TMS has been very successful and has allowed Ara Chackerian to continue to thrive in the business world.

Ara Chackerian is a man with a unique passion. He is an avid philanthropist and enjoys giving back to the community. He values his time with his family and works to find balance between his entrepreneurial work and his philanthropic work. He is focused on making the world around him a better place.

How Raffaela Riva Made a Name for Himself in Business

Investing is fun, but for Raffaela Riva, it’s his everything. It’s his business, and it’s his passion in life. Acting as an angel investor is his job, but he boasts an impressive portfolio and over the course of a decade he has managed to make a name for himself in the community of angel investors.

Utilizing two homes, London and New York, Raffaela Riva is able to enhance his career in numerous ways. His education has prepared him for his business, and as a British national, he has been able to attend some of the finest schools in the world.

Raffaela Riva earned his MBA from the Said Business School at the University of Oxford. It is the time spent here that he believes is what gave him a successful start to his business career. Earning several degrees, he was already highly regarded among his peers in the marketplace.

His very first start-up, a tech firm that he built a foundation with among some of his best colleagues. He was able to watch his business grow quickly as the result of his efforts, and he learned more about how to acquire the proper funding for startups.

The success and rapid growth of capital that Raffaela Riva saw with his own startup, led him to get a taste of the excitement of helping others by investing in their businesses as well. Once he made the decision to work primarily as an angel investor, he set his sights on learning all aspects of this industry.

His primary focus has been funding those companies that are in the early stages, as well as what we known as an incubation stage. He worked diligently for days and nights focused on accomplishing his goals. It was this feverish passion that has led him to be wildly successful in every venture that he has started.

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What the Life of Stratford Shields of Loop Capital Markets Entails

Stratford Shields is Loop Capital Markets’ M.D. Most of the company’s major clients in public finance investment come from the Northeast and Midwest. He has also worked at State Controlling Board as the president and as deputy director in the company’s Ohio office. Below are some of the reasons why he has managed to do so.

Being Productive

As a leader, you have to be very productive to keep others on the same track. Stratford Shields wakes up early to go to the office before the others arrive. He spends this time coming up with creative financial strategies that will benefit his clients. Shields also loves reading as it helps to keep himself up-to-date on the latest news all over the world. With such information, he can understand his clients and guide them on the right financial path. He also satisfies his curiosity in the process.

His Advice

Stratford Shields knows that listening to negative-thinking people can bring one down. Young people who want to pursue their dreams should always focus and avoid listening to contrary opinions. There is always some good in every situation. Also, while failure my come your way on your path to success, the right thing to do is get on your feet again and keep pushing to achieve your goals. He also says that being keen to details is another tip for success in life.

Small firms should also keep in mind that it takes time to achieve some level of success. To get there, they need to understand their clients well. They should also work with clients who believe in what the company is offering and do away with those who doubt the company’s ability due to its size. Collaborative efforts will always play significant roles in the success of a venture. The market has limits; therefor, firms should be realistic in their daily operations.

Matt Fleeger and Becoming the Best

Matt Fleeger may be able to learn a lot of how to live and how not to live by listening and hearing about things that people like Charles Barkley might say. See, the different things that people like they may say may not be directly relevant but can still teach Matt Fleeger some valuable lessons.

Matt Fleeger may have seen as he is working in the oil business that the former NBA star had much to say on mental health.

The former NBA star did not stop there, but he went on to conflate wealth with happiness, and bolstered the claim that those with wealth could not, in fact, be unhappy.

“These guys are making 20, 30 40 million dollars a year. They work six, seven months a year.” He said. “We stay at the best hotels in the world. They aren’t got no problems. That’s total bogus.”

And people as famous and influential as Barkley dismissing the existence of mental illness is precisely the reason why the awareness of mental health matters.

The NBA and Its Associated Organizations Have a Long Way to Go

While the NBA and NBPA might have started to take steps towards the acceptance of mental health as a real issue, these organizations have a long way to go.

As Love highlighted in his personal essay, it is difficult for those with mental health issues to seek help, since they are not just afraid of the world’s reaction to what they are going through. They also have to go through an internal struggle of accepting that having a mental illness is not their fault, and that seeking help does not make them weaker for it.

It is a mindset that is deeply ingrained within the society, especially among men.

Matt Fleeger knows we have to stay in total shape overall to be great in all business.

Today’s Great Leaders of Art Are at Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University is the place to be for serious aspiring artists who are ready to accomplish success! This private university does everything that they are supposed to do for their students and more! The university was founded in 1929 by Sunset Magazine’s creative director, Richard S. Stephens. The institute specializes in training student artists in over 40 areas. This includes areas like acting, advertising, animation, visual effects, architecture and more! Academy of Art University is setting standards in so many ways for universities and artistry everywhere.

Academy of Art University is steps ahead when it comes to educating students about what it takes to have a successful career. Every professor at the university holds a great value that can really prepare students because they are already professionals in the artistic area of concentration. The universities main focus is to make sure that students gain as much insight and experience pertaining to the professional world as possible. The Academy of Art Univerity is built for artists by artists. This explains their different approach to creating success.

Their Annual Spring Show is the prime example of just how serious the Academy of Art University is about preparing its students for their future careers. This show allows the academy’s senior students to showcase their amazing talents to industry professionals across the world. The school intends to give the students a rare experience. It is expressed that most students have to chase the world for their opportunity. The Academy of Art University brings the world’s opportunity to its students. This showcase is always expected to open doors for professional relationships for students that can last for years. If students project themselves and their accomplishments well enough, they can even land a job immediately after they graduate. It is interesting to see the new great artists that will arise from such a great learning facility.

Vijay Eswaran – Ensuring Better Lives For Thousands of People

There are so many people out there who are looking to achieve success, but they end up failing again and again. Vijay Eswaran says that it is because most of the people are not able to let go off their fears or have the complete conviction and belief in their purpose and themselves. Vijay Eswaran, a self-made millionaire and the founder of QI Group, says that the entrepreneurs and business people who go about handling their businesses half-heartedly would never be able to outsmart their competitors who are giving it all. Vijay Eswaran completed his graduation in the United Kingdom and went to the United States to complete Masters in Business Administration from the prestigious Southern Illinois University.

Vijay Eswaran founded QI Group after he returned to Malaysia after spending more than a decade abroad. While he was overseas, he learned a bit about how multi-level marketing and got interested in it right away. However, he got more involved with it when he started the QI Group on the MLM business model in 1998, and with time, Vijay Eswaran worked his way out to make his company one of the biggest in the network marketing sector. Thousands of people have become the company’s agents and distributors and are now able to live a life without any financial worries. In the motivational speeches that Vijay Eswaran gives, he talks about the different ways of approaching life, both professional and personal, to gain control over your life.

Vijay Eswaran says that for any businessman, it is a must that you focus on your goal strictly without letting your ego get in between. It is one of the leading reasons why many people are unable to become good team members or take ideas from others positively as they are so self-absorbed with the feeling that they are right always.

LocationSmart A proficient Way To Boost Your Business Employing IP Geolocation

LocationSmart is a location-as-services based company which is located in Carlsbad, California. Company is providing secure privacy protected cloud-based platform. Company is contingent upon near actual location data of the various devices including smartphones, tablets and various connected device on Tier 1 and Tier 2 Networks.

What LocationSmart Offers

LocationSmart is providing service of real-time location using various types of methods and factors which are including phone, IP, Wi-Fi, and landline location also providing hybrid location via a software development kit (SDK), browser location and global site identification (GSID) location. Company is providing service to various ventures and fortune 500 companies.

IP Geolocation and your business

In this era of technology every individual carrying the smart device as well as connected to some sort of network. This provides every business a chance to reach the number of customers.

Your business has a tremendous opportunity to communicate with your potential customers and maintain high-level business activity using IP Geolocation. LoactionSmart is offering a secure platform to attain above-mentioned targets in modern ways.

Your device has a specific unique identity which is named as an IP address which helps any network to identify you also provide your Geolocation. IP geolocation could help to maintain your business in many critical ways.

IP Geolocation and legal values

Geolocation is highly associated with the IP Geolocation regulations such as each nation has its own rules and regulations for its natives. If the company offers you something based on your geolocation should also look after the rules of that specific geolocation, For example, some kind of content software or business is restricted in that specific geolocation.

Therefore the user must need to identify on that specific geolocation to avoid violation of rules. Companies could face serious legal consequences if they not completely compliance with rules. Geolocation helps the business to mark the boundary of the user actually where he is located. Read more: LocationSmart | Crunchbase and LocationSmart | Owler

Online Fraud and geolocation

Online business is always on the verge of fraud which impacts the customers as well as business, IP location help to prevent the culprits in the online system. Each time the user access the system or platform its IP location is collected. This function benefits both businesses as well as customers by restricting unauthorized access of their account which could be identified by the multiple unfamiliar locations.


IP geolocation help to maintain security. The network is aware of the location of user its device type and its activities on the network which allow the network to take preventive measures to stop hacking attempts. IP Geolocation helps to lower the financial loss, For example, the device or system is connected in work vehicle or handed to ground labor which could be easily tracked using its IP Geolocation.

Copyrights And Digital Data

Businesses are usually dependent on secure data which could only be accessed by an authorized user. Data pirating could make difficult for the business to generate revenue. IP Geolocation let you know where data was accessed which provide the facility to stop unauthorized access and use to your valuable data.


Many applications based on IP Geolocation are available but only a few provide complete support on various business models. Though the basic desire to improve the customer relations and uplift of business.

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