Isabel dos Santos: Leading by Example

Female empowerment has been going strong in the 21st century, and there’s one African woman who epitomizes the term female empowerment to the fullest. Isabel dos Santos, an Angolan businesswomen, is known today as Africa’s richest woman. Unlike some businessmen, Isabel dos Santos didn’t inherit her fortune.

This woman has truly worked extremely hard to get to where she is today. She has basically acquired her wealth by taking stakes in other companies that have conducted business in her homeland of Angola. The European Stock Exchange is where she works her magic, and this woman has held numerous high-profile positions throughout the years (Wikipedia).

Her father just so happens to be one of Angola’s former presidents. Jose Eduardo dos Santos ruled Angola between the years of 1979 – 2017. “My father raised me exactly like he raised my brothers,” said Isabel. Her father also wanted her to become an astronaut or a computer scientist thanks to her high levels of intelligence. Of course, Isabel dos Santos had other plans in her agenda, and these plans were to go on to help those who were in need. She was taught to hold her own in life, and this is exactly what she has done. The successful businesswoman is a profound speaker as she travels to various locations to spread her important message.

Communications is big business in the 21st century. Isabel is the head of UNITEL as well as an entrepreneur. This particular company just so happen to be Angola’s largest telecommunications company. She’s basically incorporating technological advancements into areas that lack these particular resources. In 2015, she was named “One of the 100 Most Influential Women in the World” by the BBC. She’s also known as Africa’s first female billionaire. Forbes has estimated Isabel dos Santos’ net worth at a whopping $2 billion.

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OSI Group – Global Food Supplier with Top Food Brands as their Clients

OSI Group has achieved enormous success in the last few decades in the food and meat processing industry. The success of the company can be attributed to its focus on modern technology and innovation. Even though the company has been around for over hundred years, it has been able to hold the monopoly in the food and meat processing industry because of its ability to adapt to the changing food industry and quickly so. The company started off as a butcher shop and a wholesale meat market, which continued to grow at an unprecedented rate under the leadership of its founder Otto Kolschowsky. The company was the first supplier of McDonalds, and they have an association with many McDonalds stores until today.

However, the company witnessed a massive surge of progress when the company was taken over by one of its board member, Sheldon Lavin, who has been involved with the company for many years as its financial advisor and guarantor. OSI Group has one of the largest networks in terms of supply chain management today and has partners across the globe to ensure that it is able to service its huge list of clients. Some of the major food services and retail food chains trust them for delivering its processed meat and food products requirements.

If your business is looking for a reliable provider of processed meat and food products that are made to order as per your specifics in a consistent manner, rest assured that the company would not disappoint you. The company’s turnover has been increasing year after year in the last few years and has reached over $3 billion, which has made it to the Forbes list of one of the largest private companies in the United States. OSI Group has been built on the hard work of its employees. They are provided with the flexibility to do the jobs they want as long as they are able to get results. They are also compensated well to ensure that they concentrate on getting things done rather than thinking about how they will run their households.

OSI Food Solutions Significance to food Production

The background of the company

OSI Food Solution has developed in food production through the management and support of Sheldon Lavin. It has grown due to its ability to overcome arising issues by using high-quality technology. Currently, the firm is among the prominent food production globally. The firm initiated as a small butcher in Chicago, and it started to be the leading supplier of McDonald’s. Afterward, it became an international food producer, and that is how it became successful. It has been a journey with obstacles, but they embraced the challenges. The company dedicated itself to achieve and surpassed their expectations in the industry.

Its measures on sustainability

Sheldon Lavin supported OSI Food Solutions by urging them to use new approaches to improve their efficiency. Also, he recommended them to lower environmental impact on the ground. New methods are being created to curb the global need for food production sustainability. The firm is working to ensure they come up with better strategies to handle durability and satisfy customers’ tastes. By doing this, OSI Food Solutions was recognized and awarded severally for their sustainability. It shows they are going in the right direction to curb the issue. According to Forbes, they ranked 58th prominent private firm in 2016.

Its accomplishments and approaches to succeed

OSI Food Solutions dedications towards sustainability have led them to innovate methods technologically. Through the utilization of new technology, they have developed over the years and succeeded in the industry. Sheldon Lavin, who is the chairman of the firm, enabled it to pursue its approaches by conducting vast research. In this line of progress, the food production company established two culinary innovation facilities. Additionally, it also created an R&D Center in Chicago. These institutions will innovate new methods to reduce the environmental impact on the firm’s activities. It is a significant investment in developing an effective supply chain for the products. Some of its accomplishments include the Taiwan-based which created a system that recycled wastewater. OSI Food Solutions can concentrate their resources on bringing efficient methods which can be shared in different outlets globally. Another branch is Vista Processed Foods, which was awarded for water conservation and educating farmers on pesticides. The company has been recognized severally for its positive impact on the community.

Zeco Auriemo Rise to the Top Leadership at JHSF

JHSF is a leader in the high-end real estate sector in Brazil. The current success achieved by JHSF is owed to the innovation and leadership by the acting CEO, Zeco Auriemo. After various roles in the firm, Zeco assumed the role of president from his father at the helm of JHSF.

With years of experience working under JHSF, Zeco Auriemo has spearheaded the revolution current experienced in the firm. Before his current position, he served as the chief executive of the firm while performing oversight of the brand’s interests in hotels, office buildings, and public developments.

In addition, he was in charge of administering the firm’s extensive retail and shopping portfolio together with the development of the prestigious Cidade Jardim shopping complex based in Sao Paulo. This also included the Metro Tucuruvi, the Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus and the Bela Vista in Salvador.

The leadership spirit possessed by Zeco was manifested through his participation in the International Youth Coexistence program in Japan. He also enrolled for a course in Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of Sao Paulo.

Consequently, Zeco worked as a budding executive in charge of the firm’s parking lot department. This later landed him the role of the development of JHSF’s first shopping destination based called the Shopping Santa Cruz while performing oversight of its successful development.

In 2000, Zeco identified a high-income potential area; this marked his strategy based in Brazil’s rapidly growing market. This led to the development of the Parque Cidade Jardim which hailed as multifunctional business venture based in Marginal Pinheiros region.

In the beginning, this development posed a high-risk venture. Bot doe to innovation and persistence, Zeco pushed through with the project under JHSF until its completion. Upon completion, the Cidade Jardim’s internal structure featured a luxury shopping mall, commercial buildings, residential buildings, and many more.

The project realized substantial profits, which led to JHSF trading its shares on the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange. This marked a milestone in the history of the firm under the leadership of Zeco Auriemo. Recently, Zeco has entered the international scene with developments of high-end apartments in the 5th Avenue in New York.

Mike Nierenberg is the Head of the Executive Leadership Team at New Residential Investment Corp

Mike Nierenberg is an executive leader at New Residential Investment Corp. He takes advantage of various unique investment opportunities that have been created in the real estate sector and financial services.

Whichever blend of industry an individual is, flexible capital and significant relationships are some of the critical elements that a business professional should incorporate to be successful. These key ingredients are essential to the growth of any business. One firm that’s taking advantage of such marketing strategies is New Residential Investment Corp. Based in New York City; an executive team of professionals leads it.

At New Residential Investment Corp, the management focuses on residential mortgages and various opportunistic investments. The company deals in securities, and it offers constant vigilance coupled with instincts in order to be successful. These elements are crucial to the success of a business. As Michael Nierenberg reiterates, to get some sense of direction and achievement, New Residential Investment Corp has been assessing its progress, including where it’s going.

The mission of the organization is also to target assets that may be generating long-term cash flows while utilizing conservative capital structures in order to generate returns across different interest environments. This has been achievable with the help of Michael Nierenberg. Original source about Michael

Serge Belamant: The Idea of Zilch Technology and How to make it in life

Serge Belamant is the co-founder of blockchain technologies. He also oversees the operations of the Belamant innovations, which is a software and application developer agency. As such most of his inventions have played a crucial role in technological development. He is also credited with another significant role of developing and implementing various blockchain technologies which have formed a sound backbone towards the use of cryptocurrencies

Serge Belamant has been able to achieve most of his innovative initiatives by implementing one of his greatest development, which entails the use of a smart card with a microcontroller. This way, the clients are able to perform various transactions at ago, including payments, deposits, and withdrawal of the investment funds within a secured environment. Mr. Serge was born in Tulle, but he later moved to South Africa, where he settled with his family. He also went to Witwatersrand in South Africa where he pursued information technology and computer science.

For more information about Serge, view his Crunchbase profile

The establishment of Zilch technologies

According to Mr. Serge Belamant, his investment started off from scratch. Whereby the idea of setting up this firm originated from his son, who is an information technologist and an engineer. This idea was also inspired by social media popularity, which has reached a significant number of youths. This way, serge saw this as a great investment venture. To this end, he has been able to reach thousands of youth where he has been able to train them on the importance of venturing in various opportunities, health financial practices, and making a good financial decision. This has been backed up by the use of working approaches and friendly language that goes along with the youth.

The Success behind His Invention

Serge Belamant says that his success cannot be credited to anything else apart from devotion and functional strategies. He argues that for one to become successful, Serge Belamant doesn’t need to follow the established paths. Instead, one should strive to go out of his way and doing the opposite of the pioneers. Additionally, he advocates that one should have established goals and ensure that one sticks to economic life.

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Characteristics of Classified Ads for Job Hunters

Whatever They Told You About Classified Ads for Job Hunters Is Dead Wrong … And Here’s Why

Employment ads clearly define the duties and duties of the job when communicating the qualifications and skills essential for the position. Appraise your video ad to make sure it plays nicely once you have displayed your ad. Classified ads are just a single method to discover work. First off, it’s possible to quite literally post completely free classified ads in any category you would like so long as its relevant to the job which you desire. leolist

You will have to look after your job search as though it were a job when you’re looking for employment. A great method to start your search is to try out a broader search engine, like Google or Yahoo. Actually, the search for employment itself might look like a full-time job because of the monumental quantity of time and energy it requires.

The Classified Ads for Job Hunters Chronicles

A site with several members is going to raise your odds of meeting someone. Most site provides a completely free service on searching the job which you need and fits your qualification. For example, you can readily and inexpensively set up your own home-operated job finder website.

Start looking for job leads and get started applying There are numerous approaches to find a job. Or, it might be coming open in the future, but the company might not be advertising it yet for some reason. If you are searching for work within the food truck business, we ‘d ask you to file your information via email to Mobile Cuisine Magazine. There are many reasons to find a work as soon as possible. If you’re interested to learn more about work in India, then you are able to relay upon Save My Job.

Things You Won’t Like About Classified Ads for Job Hunters and Things You Will

Even in case you haven’t secured a work still, the hunt doesn’t need to be an unpleasant experience. To make sure you are hired at the job which you apply to, there are a number of preliminary considerations to make. In the present economy, many individuals wish to understand how to locate a new job and are searching for job search ideas. Seek out part-time jobs is now a national past time. Casual jobs are offered by means of a recruitment agency Sydney as well. They are not assured for a particular time, but is helpful. When you’re prepared to do anything it takes, you can secure your perfect job.

Apply for every one of the jobs you qualify for. Applying for just one job may decrease your probability of acquiring a civilian job in Iraq because there are a lot of applicants for each job posting. Ensure your ad states exactly which sort of cleaning jobs you’re equipped to look after.

Ok, I Think I Understand Classified Ads for Job Hunters, Now Tell Me About Classified Ads for Job Hunters!

All you need to do is, tell everyone you are aware that you’re trying to find a job. Identify work that you need to inquire about. If you’re searching for work, you are aware of how hard the procedure can be. Whether you are looking for an after-school job or a different job to bring in some extra income, you might want to think about newspaper shipping. There are a lot of good stay-at-home jobs, but it may take some time and effort to find one that’s most appropriate for you. Tell everyone you’re aware that you’re browsing for employment. The key thing is to discover an employment professional you truly feel comfortable working with.

You might feel frustrated regarding the absence of current opportunities. With the introduction of internet it’s now simple to understand about numerous job opportunities all over the world. There are numerous summer job opportunities outside the boundaries of the neighborhood mall, noted Challenger.

The History of Classified Ads for Job Hunters Refuted

Some recruitment agencies specialize in some specific fields like health solutions, information technology or manufacturing. Furthermore, some agencies also offer their temps the chance to receive trained in various merchandise and services which are in demand. The agency is the one which pays you. Professional staffing agencies are likewise an exceptional resource.

Classified Ads for Job Hunters for Dummies

With internet classifieds, a work seeker might never regret or say that it is simply a waste of time and effort, yet to believe that we are under global financial or financial crisis, we’re striving hard to recover and let things go back to usual. Job seekers have to find a means to hunt for their dream job once possible. They had absolutely no way to determine if they would receive a real chance at getting a job or if they were just wasting their time. They can create an online profile which includes a resume that will be included on the site’s database that can be accessed by the site’s employer members. Job seekers new to internet job searching should take advantage of a refined job search to enhance their search final outcomes.

The Profile Of Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, A Leading Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an orthopedic surgeon and the current director of Bronxcare Health System. He advocates for cost-effective joint surgeries because he understands how important they are in the modern world. He has practiced as a solo surgeon in the past and has completed thousands of joint replacement surgeries since he started working as a professional. He has worked for notable organizations and held prominent positions of leadership as well. As the head of Bronxcare, he ensures that the facility is providing the best medical services to the patients at a pocket-friendly cost.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum specializes in knee, hip and shoulder joints replacements. He is also keen on writing about medical topics. He was part of the founding members of Medscape, a website that was later sold to WebMD. He also worked with WebMD as a community health editor. Other organizations he has worked for include Sprocket Health and DTC Healthcom. Since 1991, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon. He has remained one of the committed professionals who are quick to embrace research for new and better methods of doing joint replacement surgeries. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is specifically interested in the impact of technology in the medical field. He has shown significant interest in new technologies that are making this industry better.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is happy with the progress made in the joint replacement sector. He is however worried about the number of younger people seeking joint replacements. The average age of those seeking these surgeries has reduced from 67 to 66 years. He sees this as a deterioration of health for many people in their early 60s. One cause of this increase is obesity. Cases of obesity are increasing by the day in the United States. As a result, muscles around key joints are getting too much stress that creates weakness.

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Smita Shad Notes The Challenges Women Face In Engineering

Smita Shad serves as the President and CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc, a company she founded in 1998. Qualified and licensed as a Professional Engineer in a number of states, she’s developed a considerable reputation working on a variety of project across the country. Before starting on the career, she received a significant amount of education to stand out among her competitors; this includes degrees from the likes of Northwestern University, MIT, and Oxford University. Since then, she’s gone on to become an influential leader in the industry. Learn more:

Throughout her career, Smita Shad has worked with a variety of different companies. This includes serving on the Board of Directors for leading companies. She’s also received a considerable amount of awards during this time and even served under a number of White House administrations. Her reputation began growing rapidly after founding SPAAN Tech, which provides alternative solutions. This was further enhanced because the company took on a variety of different projects that were known for being technically sophisticated and advanced.

However, this hasn’t been without its challenges. In fact, Smita Shad may have had to overcome more than many others in the field. Much of this was because she’s one of the few leading women in a typically male-dominated field. As she’s noted, this was something that out obstacles in her way by itself. In the first few years after SPAAN Tech was established, many didn’t believe that she was the CEO of the company. Instead, she’s noted that many of her potential clients thought she worked in the marketing department of the company. This became evident in various ways.

For example, she’s noted that she would often be either ignored or patronized by many of the men she was doing business with. This was especially true in boardrooms and in a number of other settings. Smita Shad noted that when she brought colleagues from the company to these meetings, questions would either be directed toward them. This is something that forced her to do more to stand out. Shad has also noted that it could be frustrating to her, as well as the colleagues who accompanied her. This is something that she noted provided a considerable amount of challenges throughout her career.

Because of this, Smita Shad has helped to support women in the STEM fields. However, this isn’t all she’s known for. She’s been recognized for her dedication to improving and strengthening international partnerships; this led to her receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. Shad has also been an advocate for the growth of small businesses in emerging industries, as well as entrepreneurism and innovation in a variety of different markets. Much of this has encouraged more female representation in upper management positions.

Gustavo Martinez Views on Trends is the Advertising World

Gustavo Martinez is synonymous with his contributions to the world of advertising. He is one of the people that redefined the meaning of quality advertising.

In more than three decades, he has not only made significant steps in the marketing world, but he also has paved the way for new professionals in the advertising world. Martinez believes that the world of marketing is now in its advanced stages and pushing products to unknown markets is not farfetched.

Many people associate him with J. Walter Thompson Worldwide mainly because he was part of the company’s management in the last three decades. He was also part of McCann Worldgroup — where he acted as the executive and more importantly, the company’s president.

In these two companies, he was also instrumental in mentorship programs. Most of the best advertising agents in the world were once his mentees and according to Gustavo Martinez; mentorship allowed him to redefine the future of advertising. A popular journal, in 2018, pointed out that Martinez is one of the best advertising professionals alive. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

One of the trends that he is passionate about is — the Internet of Things. He is a believer that this technology has a huge potential in changing the future of advertising and more importantly, ensuring that effective advertising is not farfetched. In the years Gustavo Martinez has been in the marketing world, he confesses that utilizing different technologies helped him in the following ways.

First, he admits that technology and other new techniques in the ads-world have assisted him to be productive and more importantly — assist companies in reaching more people at a reasonable budget. Second, technologies have assisted him in viewing the world of advertising from a different perspective and more significantly, understanding the importance of putting the client’s interest at the center stage of a gig.

As a businessperson, he is keen on understanding different markets and more importantly, ways of improving his chances in any business. In order to maximize his efforts on different business trends, Gustavo Martinez has worked with many professionals at different levels. Although he is an expert in marketing and advertising, he is always keen on including young people in his team.

His criteria of working with a professional — regardless of any department — is that the potential expert must have a passion and more importantly, they must have a better understanding of the specific niche. If Martinez is looking for a person to work in his marketing department, they must know what to expert in the marketing world.

Finally, Gustavo Martinez has one of the best views on charity and the reasons why people should give to charity. According to him, there is a thin line between charity and advertising. In an ideal world, every company is supposed to give back to their respective communities.

However, the process of giving should not be a PR exercise. He believes that any charity event should be out of goodwill, and not just for fulfilling a corporate obligation. In all the companies he has worked for, he has been keen on redefining charity approach and more importantly — redefining what to do and what to avoid while contributing to charity.

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