Thor halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation Look To Aid People Across The Planet

The aim of the Human Rights Foundation has never been to explore the smallest human rights abuses that take place in nations seen to be democratic; HRF founder Thor Halvorssen has been known to thank major activist groups he believes are focusing too much attention on the plight of those in jail in the U.S. Despite his praise for their work, Halvorssen believes there is much more important work to be completed facing up to the most despicable tyrants of the world whether they come from the right or left of the political spectrum.

The Human Rights Foundation was formed in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen after he grew impatient with the work being completed by the major human rights activism groups he worked alongside on a regular basis; Halvorssen located the Human Rights Foundation in New York as he felt this would allow his group to remain clear of political interference and bias at government level. Halvorssen set out to become one of the world’s leading human rights activists by creating a series of events and campaigns through the Human Rights Foundation that explain the many abuses being committed against citizens of nations all over the globe. As early as 2007 the work of the Human Rights Foundation began to focus on the country of Bolivia where concern was growing over different punishments being handed out to opposition leaders in the nation; a subsidiary group known as HRF-Bolivia was formed that addressed directly the concerns of those opposed to the leadership of the nation.

One of the major events organized by the Human Rights Foundation is the annual Vaclav Havel Award for Creative Dissident that formed a major part of the campaign against Cuba that formed a major part of the HRF’s work in 2012. Not only did Thor Halvorssen’s group call on Urban Outfitters to stop creating merchandise featuring the image of Che Guevara to honor those who died in the Cuban Revolution, but the group also awarded the Vaclav Havel Award to the Ladies in White group that has worked consistently in Cuba to fight human rights abuses.

Mike Baur’s Impressive Banking & Finance Career

Mike Baur is a native of Fribourg, Switzerland, from where he was born in 1975. He is a passionate business and entrepreneur, with interest in the high-tech start-up industry in Switzerland. Baur has been mentoring many start-up entrepreneurs as well as boosting them through financial funding. As the executive chairman at Swiss Startup Factory, Baur is mandated with the responsibility of soliciting funds for financing the firm’s operations. Baur is also a co-founder of the company.


Baur’s Education History


Banking and finance were Baur’s childhood dream, and as it would have been expected, he pursued his dream at the University, acquiring three degrees in less than ten years. He started off his academic journey at the University of Applied Sciences Bern, from where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Applied Sciences, with a bias in Banking and Finance, in 2000. Eight years later, he hit yet another academic milestone by graduating with an MBA from the University of Rochester. Around the same time, Baur got his E.M.B.A. (executive master of business administration) degree.


Baur as an Employee


Baur’s prosperous career in Banking & Finance kicked off immediately after finishing his first degree. He got his first job in 2002 at UBS Wealth Management where he was employed for six years. Before quitting the company, Baur had risen to the position of commercial apprentice. From UBS, he went on to secure his second job with Clariden Leu and was posted in Switzerland to head the company’s Private Banking. He held this position from 2008 to 2012, before leaving for Sallfort Private Bank AG. At Sallfort, Baur sat on the company’s board and doubled up as the head of Private Banking. He left the company in March 2014 to establish himself on his own, having worked for other people for over a decade.


Mike Baus as an Entrepreneur


Baur was introduced to entrepreneurship in 2014 by his two companies: Think Reloaded Aq and Baur IS. His impact was, however, felt a year later when he joined hands with two other like-minded entrepreneurs to establish the Swiss Start-Up Factory AG. Baur has served as the executive chairman of the firm since then.


Mike is the current director of Swiss Startup Association, an organization he co-founded in two years ago. His other executive roles include deputy managing director of Swiss Startup Invest and vice president of Innovation Lab in Fribourg.


The Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory is a Zurich-based firm that specializes in helping small startup business in Switzerland to excel in the competitive market.

Why You Need Good Reputation Online

If you are in business or manage a company, your online reputation matters. You need to consider signing up for online reputation management service in order to attract and retain customers and clients.

In order to be perceived as a credible business or an authority in your niche, you need to provide top notch service to clients and customers. Excellent service includes addressing customer’s questions and concerns both before the sale and after you have made the sales.

Nowadays, many people rely on Internet search results to make up their mind about a business or professional. If there are negative reviews or derogatory remarks about you or your company showing up in search results, you will definitely have a tough time achieving success in your endeavor.

If your company has positive reviews or favorable content about it in search engine results pages, Internet users will see your company as a credible organization. Being perceived in a positive light means your business will certainly flourish. So be sure you have a proven system in place to keep track of and management your online reputation.

It is vital that your main website shows up first on web searches, so the best online reputation management enterprises will study your website and either make changes or make recommendations. However, having a single site, regardless of how optimal, will not alone come up with a powerful reputation. For that reason, the secret is to obtain as much content that endorses you and that you can control on the search engine’s results pages.

To this end, most online reputation firms write content such as mini-sites, information, press releases or videos. They will also assistance you start a social networking sites visibility; the best firms will determine which site works most effectively for you.

Online reputation management service is a necessity and any establishment or professional who is not subscribing to this essential service is risking a lot. It is important that enlist the services of a highly regarded reputation management team that comes highly recommended for business organizations and individuals.

Bruno Fagali: An Experienced Lawyer In Brazil

Are you searching for a good law firm or lawyer in Brazil? Want to hire a lawyer who specializes in Administrative Law or related fields? Bruno Fagali is a highly regarded lawyer that provides outstanding legal solutions in Brazil.

When it comes to legal services, it is extremely important to conduct thorough research prior to deciding which law firm or lawyer to choose. Once you obtain information about several lawyers and law firms with expertise in the type of case you are dealing with, the next step is to carefully research your potential lawyers. Check out the reputation and background of each candidate. Find out about their experience in the field as well as their expertise.

There are lawyer directories that provide helpful details about law firms and lawyers, and they can be a reliable source of information. Another step to selecting a good lawyer is to talk to friends and relative to find out if they have had any dealing with a reputable lawyer in your area. Most people would be glad to recommend a law firm or lawyer they have a had a satisfactory experience with.

Bruno Fagali is one of the most respected lawyers in Brazil. Bruno Fagali has great skills in Administrative Law, Electoral Law, Anti-debasement Law, among others. He has been rendering superior services to clients from a wide variety of industries and is well known for his caring attitude and prompt response.

Bruno Fagali maintains a private practice, where he renders top notch services to resolve his clients’ legal matters. Clients present various issues and Mr Bruno Fagali takes the time evaluate their situation and comes up with effective strategies to address the matters appropriately. Bruno Fagali also oversees Nova/SB, a top rated marketing agency in Brazil.

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Getting up close and personal with Adam Milstein and his Foundation

Adam Milstein has been named as one of the most influential Jews of the 21st century. He was ranked together with leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu, for his efforts in ensuring that the Israeli community stayed intact and got the sense of community that they need. This is an initiative that he has carried out using his Adam and Gila foundation Platform. He is also the owner and the manager at Hagar Pacific, a company whose main concern is selling real estate property. Adam is an Israeli native and he even served the Israeli Army during the Yom Kippur War. He lives and works in California.

Adam Milstein sat down for an interview with us about the ideals that have helped him achieve success in the world of investing. When asked where he got the idea to invest in Hager pacific, he states that after getting his MBA from USC, he went looking for jobs from the campus recruiters. Unfortunately, none of these people wanted a person that did not have experience. He went out and started working as a commercial real estate broker and this is where the idea of investing in real estate came in.When asked how he manages his day to day experiences, Adam states that when he started investing, he did not really know how his business would look like or whether he could make it. However, as he became even more deeply involved in his work, he started realizing that getting involved in philanthropy is one of the best ways to make one’s day more satisfactory.

To bring ideas to life, Adam confesses that he pushes until it becomes a reality. He also states that following up, persisting and being consistent are some of the values that have really helped him achieve the success that he is enjoying. He says that he really enjoys his work because it is his passion and any experience that might have seemed challenging eventually helped him learn something new.At this point, Adam believes that he has made all the right investment choices and is glad that his life in investment turned out the way it has.


Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Success And Background

Dr. Jennifer Walden has not only been very successful as a surgeon, but she has also gotten a lot of recognition for the contributions she has made in the industry. She has gained a lot of experience with the use of her creativity in coming up with better solutions. One thing she was always interested in besides cosmetic surgery was finding better solutions to the deal. For one thing, people who decided to go for a procedure often set themselves up for certain issues such as side effects and other complications from procedures that go wrong. Jennifer Walden has taken the time to make sure that she came up with ways to reduce the chance of any bad side effects.


She has not only done a lot of work as a surgeon in a successful manner, but she has gained recognition for her efforts. She has featured in plenty of media. She has not only written parts of textbooks for cosmetic surgery, but she has also commentated on shows. One publication she was featured in was the Daily Mail. The author has gone into her accomplishments and why she is someone who is worth visiting when it comes to surgical procedures.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has gotten extensive education in New York when she has studied at the Manhattan Eye, Ear And Throat Hospital under Dr. Sherrell Aston. She has stayed on after her fellowship to learn even more about the industry. She has eventually gained enough experience to start her own practice. She has used her ideas and her skills to good effect. This has gained her a lot of recognition and recommendations from people. She eventually has moved back to Austin, TX to live with her sons. She has also opened up a practice in Austin so that she could continue to practice surgical procedures.


Clay Siegall Proves The Effectiveness Of Research In Finding Solutions For Cancer

The success of research in biotechnology has led to the development of better ways of treating cancer and other illnesses. Clay Siegall has focused his attention to cancer treatment for the best part of his career and through this focus, he was able to launch a company, Seattle Genetics, which is founded on conducting research and coming up with new and better solutions that can aid in the treatment of cancer. Seattle Genetics is reputed as one of the companies that have moved the cancer research area forward and helped to avail useful solutions.

While many ideas seemed like a mirage, Seattle Genetics has been developing wonderful solutions for the treatment of cancer. One of the solutions the company came up with is the ADC Technology, whose effectiveness has proved that in just few years to come cancer will no longer be a worry among many people. ADC works by killing all the harmful cells but does not interfere with healthy cell during this process. This means unlike the radiation method, patients are able to go through treatment without risking the loss of cells, which could further complicate their situation. The success of such technology has motivated researchers to put more effort to ideas that could bring a better solution to the treatment of cancer.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall, who has been working as the CEO of Seattle Genetics, is acclaimed internationally for his support to cancer research. When he established Seattle Genetics, his idea was to offer experts a platform on which they could pursue the field to come up with treatment methods that could make it possible to overcome cancer.

With the success he earned through Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall got more energy to further pursue this field of research in a bid to come up with great solutions. He, therefore, invite companies like GlaxoSmithKline to sign an agreement to partner to further develop technologies like ADC. Clay Siegall has also been offering support to ensure the ADCETRIS drug pipeline is spread across more countries. It currently ranks as the biggest source of revenue for the company.

Middle Market Healthcare Facilities Benefit From Highland Capital

There are a lot of middle market companies that could use a lot of help. A lot of these companies are distressed. As a result, they may find themselves in circumstances where they need a little extra money. It can be a little challenging for middle market companies to find a firm that is going to give them the assistance they need. Fortunately, there is Highland Capital. Highland takes the time to look out for middle market companies. They offer their financial assistance to these types of companies because they understand that many of the most successful companies tend to find themselves in a circumstance that is challenging.


Among the middle market companies that Highland Capital helps with are healthcare companies. This is a good choice because people need healthcare. They need the treatments for their health issues. They also need some advice on what to do when there is some kind of issue they are faced with. Among the types of features they offer companies are control positions, bankruptcy, buyouts and plenty of other offers. The main object of Highland is to help the company get back on track so that it can continue to serve its customers.


Among other middle market companies that Highland Capital Management is involved in helping are industrials, and media businesses. With Highland’s debt investments, it is safe to say that they have a solid track record when it comes to making investments in middle market companies.


One thing about Highland Capital is that they have a wide diversity of activities that are centered around bringing forth the profits. This shows that they are willing to try new things and see if it works for them. If it does work, then they will add it to the services they offer. As a result, they will expand the business they have.

Jason Hope Extends Support For Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur and technologist, who has impacted the business world and the growth of technology by sharing vital insights. He has been keenly observing the development of internet of things and the technological landscape and has worked with different companies to develop an industry.

Jason Hope’s recent article offers insight into the growth of internet of things to become one of the most important technological trends. He believes that the future will see more benefits from internet of things, which will not only improve lives, but also redefine the tech world.

In internet of things, several gadgets are connected through the internet and one can remotely control them. For example, there are houses fitted with advanced systems that allow the owner to control elements like heating, lighting and security, all from a mobile gadget miles away. Internet of things also allows users to control their cars, street lighting and so on, so its development is a great benefit and shift in technology that will make the future better.

Contribution to philanthropy
Humanity is one of the strongest beliefs Jason Hope lives by. Hope is a passionate giver and a supporter of projects that are meant to improve humanity and offer the needy a reason to smile. To pursue this passion, Jason Hope joined several philanthropic foundations, where he contributes and supports events meant to support the needy. His ideas have also been of help to developing communities that support the talent of those who cannot afford to push their careers forward.

Supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs
Most importantly, Jason Hope runs a program that allows young entrepreneurs who have good ideas to submit their information for an incubation program. These entrepreneurs are incubated to gain vital skills and they are also exposed to investors, who offer financial support to push the ideas to grow.

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Karl Heideck : Litigation Specialist

Karl Heideck: Litigation SpecialistThe first and most important step when preparing for court is seeking legal counsel. Karl Heideck has been practicing law for over 10 years and specializes in litigation. He serves the Greater Philadelphia area with the utmost pride.

Karl Heideck obtained his Bachelors degree in 2003 from Swarthmore College located in Pennsylvania. He then made the decision to go to law school. In 2009, Heideck graduated with honors while obtaining his Juris Doctor degree from Temple University’s John Beasley School of Law also located in Pennsylvania.

What Does it All Mean?

If you have an upcoming court date, here are a few key terms you should familiarize yourself with:

Litigator– A litigator is a lawyer who specializes in taking legal action against people or institutions. Litigators are considered to be street-smart, intuitive, and well-educated. You should expect nothing less from the person you choose to represent you in court.

Litigation-Simply put, litigation is the act of going to court. Whether you are suing another party or you are being tried for a crime that you may (or may not) have committed, you will hear your case being referred to as this throughout the process.

Litigants-Litigants are the parties involved in your case. You may also hear these parties referred to as “plaintiffs” or “defendants”.

Why Choose Karl Heideck?

Contact Kar Heideck for help with civil litigationGoing to court can be an intimidating process. Researching, preparing, and finding the right lawyer to represent you are added stressors. This is where Karl Heideck comes in. He is familiar with both the inside and outside of the court room.

During Karl Hiedeck’s 10 years in practice he has gained much experience as a litigator. He also has experience with legal writing, legal research, and employment law. Should you choose Karl Heideck to represent you, he will do so to the best of his ability until the case is closed. He will also provide you:

  • Full investigation of your case
  • Witness interviews
  • Ongoing legal advice
  • Gathering of pertinent data
  • Pretrial representation
  • Settlement negotiations

View Karl Heideck’s profile on for more information.