Article Title: EOS Lip Balm Shimmers and Shines

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EOS Lip Balm makes sure that your lips are moist, not dry. It is a 100% natural lip balm and will keep your lips moist and supple. The special ingredients that help keep your lips soft and moist are rich cocoa and butter balm. Unlike other lip balms that make you feel like your lips are made of wax, EOS Lip Balms are wax-free and include nourishing oils. Your lips will feel amazingly soft and supple and you’ll see a wonderful shimmering shine. If you catch a cold and your lips get sore and chapped there is also medicated lip balm that will instantly give your lips relief from pain. Women just love it that these lip balms come in various flavors which make them lip-smacking good.

EOS has come up with a jazzy new type of exclusively inspired packaging in a deep red tone. Lip balm comes in the EOS iconic package that is sphere-shaped and in the signature color that is a deep cherry red. The packaging includes the company logo and a lip-shaped graphic in place of the previous lettering. This new packaging was inspired by the partnering organization that has joined with EOS to please women and girls everywhere. They are now able to buy qualitative lip balm in an eye-dazzling new package that is sure to please.

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