Andrey Andreev-Exhibiting an Unmatched Entrepreneurial Spirit

Andrey Andreev is a Russian born British investor who is mostly known for founding Badoo, one of the popular social dating networks today. The investor is also behind other web businesses such as Spylog, Mamba. ru and Begun. Born on 3rd February 1974,  Andrey Andreev developed an interest in the communication technology in his early years. According to him, he built radio at the age of ten from old electronic hardware that was disposed around his home.

Prior to dropping out of school to start his own company, the Russian born entrepreneur joined a local university where he pursued management studies. He also worked for a public relations and advertising firm while pursuing his studies. His family relocated to Spain in the mid-90s. He personally relocated to Spain in 1995, although he kept going back and forth between Russia and Spain. Since 2005, Andrey Andreev has been stationed in central London (Crunchbase). 

Besides his deep interest in communication technology, he is quite passionate about cooking. A huge chunk of Andrey’s energy and time is focused on product development. He has also embarked on new projects, besides being aware on new business ideas from young entrepreneurs around the world to invest in and enable their growth; especially projects that prompt him to persistently innovate Andrey Andreev Badoo network across multiple mobile platforms and the web. His unmatched entrepreneurial spirit has continued to inspire everyone he has worked with. Today, Badoo boasts a whopping 135 million users making it the world’s largest social media network for encountering new people. His social media network generates an estimated $ 150 million annually. It also operates in over 180 nations worldwide.

Besides founding Badoo, Andreev is a serial investor and he has founded several companies under his name. Badoo became the 4th successful firm he has founded over the last decade. His entrepreneurial success includes founding Begun, which is basically a firm that specializes in selling contextual advertising. The firm does this simply by auctioning targeted keywords. Andrey Andreev is still the genius behind, which is currently the biggest dating website in Russia. It boasts over 10 million active users per month. Other ventures that are owned by Andrey Andreev include Virus, which is a Russian online store that specializes in selling computer accessories and computers via the internet.


Andrey Andreev has successfully founded prominent ventures thanks to his unmatched entrepreneurial spirit. The Russian born entrepreneur is passionate about founding companies and propelling them into successful empires.

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