Alex Pall On How He Became the Other Half Of Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers recently launched their new song “Closer” that featured Halsey. In contrast to their past songs “Don’t Let me Down” and “Roses”, their new single has Andrew Taggart singing. It is normal for artists to sing their own songs but it is a mite different with DJs, who most often than not depend on vocalists and songwriters to enhance their musical pieces with a touch of humanness that would go well with their skillful electronic sonic.

The duo’s venture into customizing their own brand of music is part of their desire to be acknowledged as genuine artists with feelings and thoughts rather than unidentified beat performers who are settled and immovable behind a DJ booth. While other similar performing DJs prefer to be behind stage drops and thick synths; Alex Pall and Drew Taggart prefer to reveal themselves more when they perform.

To get to know how Chainsmokers came to be, Mathias Rosenzweig interviewed Pall and Taggart.

Mathias Rosenzweig: How did you start working together?

Alex Pall: Being a DJ has always been my hobby, and I was having all sorts of gigs around New York. There came a time that it felt more like I was having fun instead of considering it more like a job. I realized then that the dance music is overwhelming me, and I really like to give it a good shot. During that time I was working with the same manager Drew was working with, and he made the proper introductions. So Drew came down from Maine and I quit my job, and got together and started working.

Andrew Taggart: Before I met Alex I was in college and was already interested in DJing. I like the way electronic music sounds compared to a lot of people who didn’t. I often made music and am really into the production side of things. So I started producing, had some songs on SoundCloud, was an intern at Interscope. I was busy going to school in Syracuse and DJing after school. Then a kid who was employed by Alex’s manager said that the Chainsmokers need someone to fill the spot another was leaving and said it I might be a good fit. So, I went to New York City from Maine met Alex. And here we are four years after.

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