Aaron Lupuloff: The American Dream Come True

Aaron C. Lupuloff is extremely passionate about always improving the state of student achievement and success within Gwinnett County. He is the Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools System. The general idea of the Foundation is to ensure that the students’ success allows them access to scholarships, innovative and supportive teaching methods that allow all personalities the ability to learn, and to develop the leadership within each student. Gwinnett County is stationed in an area of Atlanta so that without outside support each student is guaranteed the help that they need on an individual basis.

Gwinnett County is located in metro Atlanta which means that it is home to all different backgrounds. You have the higher class of Atlanta as well as the low income families in Atlanta. This provides world class education to all students that are in the area without regard to income, race or creed. Aaron Lupuloff understood that without support outside of school then the students overall long term success of the child later on in life. His main goal in becoming a part of the school systems voice was to ensure that all children have the opportunity to succeed in school to have a choice to determine their future not that living situations or environment making that choice for them overall.

The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation along with the help and guidance of Aaron Lupuloff as the Senior Executive Director, have made major strides in ensuring that 1 in 10 of Georgia’s students get the education that they deserve and the outside support that they need to foster a healthy growth and development process throughout their lives. Gwinnett County is the home to over 180,000 as of the 2018-2019 school year. In Aaron Lupuloff’s eyes, it is essential that these students obtain the educational quality that they rightfully deserve. Not only were these steps taken in the classroom but they also expanded out into the community. Lupuloff stated, “The secret sauce is that great schools build great communities. If individuals embrace this message, they will embrace helping others.”

Based on usejournal.com, Fundraising has been implemented extensively across the district. Local churches, business and wealthy community members have made great strides in the community effort for support. The Atlanta Falcons have also contributed to the first ever in the district- All Girls Flag Football Team. The goal of this implementation was to create a structured after school program for the girls at North Gwinnett and to begin the process of creating this at all levels in the district. Lupuloff also is a founding and past board member of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. This experience has created the perfect presence of experience and goal interface within the state for the school systems to succeed all the way around. Once we are able to shift the focus from saving money and cutting costs, to where we can use the funds to enhance the education and opportunities for the students then the educational level of all the children, not only in Georgia but in the United States of America will change for the better no matter the race, creed, color, religion or environment. Our children are reflections of us, let’s make sure that our reflections are true and successful.


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