A Group Invested In The Future: Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group (FIG) since its creation in 1998 has made leaps and bounds and has established itself as a top investment group. The group was able to get to where they’re are at because of the core values imbedded at the heart of Fortress Investment Group. These core values include: asset-based investing, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions. Following these principles put the investment group in a position to be able to adequately plan and hire the appropriate staff to manage financial portfolios. The knowledge of market helped the investment group grow exponentially. Their goal was to create a new type of investment firm dedicated to raising private equity and investing into cutting-edge vehicles. The investment group took big strides since its creation. Fortress Investment Group partnered themselves with iPass. iPass is based on the cloud network and gives businesses access to a large Wi-Fi network. This partnership helped Fortress Investment Group spread itself amongst several industries and improve its standing in the world market. iPass is a leading provider of global connectivity options which has turned into $20 million for the investment group. Consequently, this did not go unnoticed. In 2017 Fortress Investment Group was bought by the SoftBank Group Corporation for $3.3 billion. Softbank made the acquisition seeking to create an alternative asset segment for their investing enterprise. Softbank saw that the investment group had experienced investors and wanted to apply those practices to their corporation. It was a smart move for Softbank. They were able to expand their corporation while also giving FIG the freedom they desired. FIG continued to operate as if they had not been purchased and proceeded to make further advancements. FIG has grown to include a wide and diverse range of investments. The Investment Group is committed to the potential of the future and continue to take actions that put them in a favorable position.

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