A Biography Of Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos is the firstborn of Jose dos Santos, Angola’s former president. She was born in 1973 in Angola and currently stays at Luanda, Angola. She took electrical engineering in King’s College, London and is currently the richest businesswoman in Africa with a net worth of around 2 billion US dollars as by 2013. According to a Forbes magazine, Isabel acquired her wealth by staking in business companies in Angola. She was also named among the most influential women globally by the BBC.

Isabel dos Santos has managed several companies in the European stock exchanges. After graduating from college, she joined her father in Urbana 2000, working as project manager engineer to clean and disinfect the city. Afterwards, she started a trucking business and later opened the Miami Beach Club, one among the earliest night clubs and restaurants on the Luanda Island. Her father later promoted her to be the chairwoman of Sonangol, a state oil company in Angola. Isabel has investments all over in telecommunications, finance, media and the energy industry. She is also a shareholder in Nova Cimangola, a cement company (Ukuncut).

Isabel dos Santos is a great supporter of women empowerment in Africa. She believes that this is the key to transforming the society. Her speeches and hopeful messages have encouraged many young women form Africa and beyond to pursue their business ambitions. Isabel dos Santos believes that the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa has seen many business people grow into success. However, this spirit is being brought down through women stigmatization in workplaces. She plans to ensure that young women are able to access the same education and job opportunities as men in order to change Africa’s attitude towards women and boost their confidence.

Isabel is a role model for young women out there who have a passion in pursuing business opportunities. Despite having endured and succeeded in a male-dominated business world, she maintains a charitable and a hopeful perspective of life. Isabel has launched many projects geared towards the improvement of small communities and local economies. She also creates opportunities and employment especially for women to empower them.

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