Isabel dos Santos: The Wealthiest Businesswoman in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a businesswoman based in Angola. Based on research conducted by Forbes magazine in 2013, her net worth is calculated at $2 billion, making her the richest woman in Africa. She came from a political family, being the daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who served as the Angolan President for almost four decades. Most of her childhood and teenage years were spent overseas because her parents wanted her to receive the best education. After she graduated from college, Isabel dos Santos went back to Angola, and she started an entrepreneurial career.

The Urbana 2000 Project

The Urbana 2000 Project is a program launched by the Angolan government to ensure that the streets of Luanda, the national capital, are clean and disinfected. Isabel dos Santos served as the project management engineer of the program, and her responsibility is to make sure that all of the tasks are finished on schedule. Urbana 2000 was a success, and it made the capital clean, lowering down the number of diseases attributed to a dirty environment.

Businesses and Investments in Angola and in Europe

Isabel dos Santos owns a lot of businesses in Angola. She invested in telecommunications, trucking, and the tourism industry. Back in the early 1990s, she realized the need for an effective system that would enable Angolans to communicate. She was inspired by the walkie-talkie technology, and she invested to strengthen the telecommunications signals in her home country. Years later, mobile phones arrived and it became easier for the public to communicate because of their effective telecommunications system. She also opened a trucking company because she wanted to strengthen the trading capabilities of her country. She stated that the trucks used by her company will be used to transport goods and services, and it positively benefited the economy.

She also invested in the tourism industry by building the Miami Beach Club, which is one of the premier destinations in Luanda. People all over the world are visiting the Miami Beach Club because of its positive reviews online.

Aside from her businesses in Angola, Isabel dos Santos also owns investment holdings in different companies across Europe.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel

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