Is OSI Group The Best Solution for International Foodservices

All types of businesses such restaurants, schools and supermarkets are clients of professional food providers. Professional food providers tend to use their own agricultural farms, and they use these farms for producing food for their many clients. OSI Group just so happens to be at the very top of the pinnacle when it pertains to this subject, and it has a remarkable resume to backup any and all claims. The Aurora-based company has at least 100 years of experience and excellence under its belt. Thanks to having such huge success, the company has been able to expand outside of its comfortable perimeter and here is why.

Processing, sourcing, management and development are all important function of a food provider. Unfortunately, every one of these companies can’t handle the extreme workload that these functions must take on. OSI Group has the capability to handle this extreme workload thanks to its 65 state-of-the-art facilities. These facilities have some of the most advanced technologies in them, which dramatically helps to speed through the logistical process. Safety measures must be in place and must be adhered to at all times. OSI Group has a wide range of safety protocols, and the company uses them to the fullest. OSI Group was presented with the esteemed Globe of Honour Award two years ago. This award just so happens to represent excellence in environmental management. OSI’s Kelly Grimwood accepted the award on behalf of the company and this is the company’s third time winning the Globe of Honour over the past five years.

OSI Group generates billions of dollars on an annual basis. The company is also one of the largest private companies in the U.S. In 2016, Forbes ranked the company at the 58th position of the largest private companies, and it generated over $6 billion in revenue for the year.

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Tony Petrello philanthropic initiatives in Texas

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, one of the businesses that came out in a big way to help the community was Nabors Industries. A company headed by Anthony Petrello. He is the CEO and the president. Nabors participated by allowing its employees to participate in the rescue mission in the way they could help. The company also contributed money to help. They started the Nabors Industries Relief Fund. They fundraised over $300,000 for humanitarian support. This gesture by Nabors is one that should be emulated by many firms in the world. A firm that cares for the welfare of the community living in the neighborhood.The initiatives by Nabors has a basis in the CEO of the company. He believes in giving. He has helped the company generate billions in profits, and as part of appreciation by the management, he has been made one of the top-paid CEO in the country.

With the wealth that he has accumulated, Anthony Petrello has been taking part in philanthropic activities, especially in his state.Together with his wife Cynthia, who he met while he was in the university, they have been giving support to a medical facility in Texas. They hope to make it one of its kind in the world. At the Texas Children Hospital, they are supporting the construction of a research center for children suffering from neurological disorders. This is one of the achievements that he is proud to have made. He has contributed over $5 million towards the construction of this facility and hoped to add more as time goes by.

Anthony Petrello and Cynthia have a daughter named Carena. Carena is a victim of neurological disorders. There are disorders which have affected his physical and mental abilities. For instance, she is not able to walk or talk. This has challenged her parent to look for mediation in hospitals all over the world, but none has managed to have the right treatment for such a condition.Anthony vowed to support a research center that would come up with the treatment of such conditions so that he can save his daughter and thousands of other children from all over the country who suffer from similar conditions.Anthony Petrello has also been supporting another initiative at the Yale University. Here, he has set up a foundation in remembrance of his friend professor Serge Lange who was his mentor while he was in the institution. The foundation will reward those who excel in mathematics. Anthony holds a Masters in Mathematics.

Why Lime Crime Is The Preferred Cosmetic Brand

If you want a brand of makeup that is unlike anything you’ve tried in the past, it is time for you to think about using a brand known as LimeCrime. When you are trying to make use of this and know that you’re going to be looking great, you’ll notice that there are tons of amazing products within the line to help you achieve a unique look. The brand was launched and created by a woman known as Doe Deere. She puts the time and energy into the company to what you see today, and it’s a brand you can fully trust because it is vegan and completely cruelty-free.

If you would like to give LimeCrime a try for yourself, there are tons of products available for you to choose. From their Diamond Crushers Lip Topper to their lipsticks and blushes, it’s effortless for you to find a product that is right for you. This is why it is so important that you make use of this for yourself ad go to their site and buy the products that are right for you. There are tons of people making use of LimeCrime and knowing that it is a brand that they can trust for themselves.

You will want to go to their site and see exactly what it is that they have made available that you can buy for yourself. You will love being able to make yourself look different and know that you’re doing something different for yourself. This is a brand that you can trust, and it is easy for you to find an amazing product that helps you achieve your goals. There are lots of people out there who are currently making use of this brand, so it is a good idea for you to take a look at what they have available to you and then giving it a try for yourself. You will be amazed at what you can look like after choosing a brand that offers better products and higher-quality ingredients that you are going to notice make you look better than ever before.

The Brown Agency: Central Texas’ Models And Talent Super Agency

The Brown Agency is the Austin, Texas area’s top agency for models in the fashion and print industries. Founded in 2010, the agency specializes in recruiting, training and preparing models and finding them work in advertising, photography, fashion, media and entertainment. This creative agency is also known for its ability to deliver excellent opportunities for professional networking for its diverse roster of models and talent. With its spectacular models and wide range of commercial talent, Austin, Texas based The Brown Agency is part of the internationally popular The Brown Agency family.


With Justin Brown as president, the central Texas based agency, has quickly grown and established itself as an industry leader in the region. The Brown Agency has established a level of big market expectations and standards never before seen in the Greater Austin area. Since their opening, The Brown Agency has been able to book work for models and talent from Austin, Texas with some of the world’s leading brands. They include, Toyota, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, Dell and thousands of other companies. Plus, models working for the agency have had the opportunity to participate in fashion week programs in New York, Miami and many other cities nationwide.


The Brown Agency takes pride in its ability to identify and select top talent and models and give them the preparation they need to make an indelible mark in the largest and most prestigious markets because of their elegance, professionalism, dependability and undeniable attractiveness and magnetism. To further enhance their brand, The Brown Agency recently acquired Heyman Talent-South, a top acting talent preparation agency in Central Texas. The Brown Agency also hired Michael Bonnée, the founder of Heyman Talent-South to work with their budding acting talent and prepare them for success in the industry. Check out



Adding Heyman Talent-South makes The Brown Agency the region’s preeminent full-service model and talent agency and better positions it to serve the models, talent and clients in Central Texas and worldwide. It’s part of the Brown Agency’s visionary expansion plan that enables to it take action on a larger scale. Many now see The Brown Agency as being rebranded as a Central Texas ‘super agency’ with the strength and capability to prepare and promote models and talent to make a major splash nationally and globally with its unique broader portfolio of models and talent.


The Brown Agency with their headquarters in Austin, offices in Dallas, along with a presence in LA, offers greater opportunities for models and talent along with an unwavering commitment to serving their clients nationwide. With Justin Brown at the helm, the new and improved The Brown Agency has the talent and expertise to make the most of this very exciting opportunity the agency has.





OSI Group: The Future of Custom-Food Solutions

When it comes to tasty foods, custom foods rank high on the list. When it comes to unique foods, custom-food solutions just so happens to be the solution. One of the very best custom food providers in the world today is known as OSI Group. This company is more like a corporation thanks to its huge physical size. To simply state it, this company has over 20,000 well-paid employees, and these employees work in the company’s 65 state-of-the-art facilities. These facilities are test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary innovative centers.

OSI Group was founded back in 1909, but it was a small meat market at the time. Oak Park, Illinois, was its original place of origin, but it would change locations throughout the years. As of today, the company is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group has worked with some of the biggest of names in the foodservice industry. KFC, Burger King, Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Subway and Yum have all done business with the company. McDonald’s was actually one of its first high-profile clients. During the cryogenics revolution of the 1960s, fast food providers had newer innovations for preserving meats. OSI’s meats were so tasty and fresh to where many fast food providers continued to use its fresh meats. To know more about the industry click here.

So, what types of foods can this extraordinary company produce? Well, this question is fairly simple to answer. OSI Group can produce just about any kind of food and this includes:

  • Chicken Fried Steak
  • Onions
  • Chicken Wings
  • Tofu
  • Beef Patties
  • Cooked Sausage Links
  • Hotdogs
  • Cheese
  • Flatbread
  • Cookies
  • Desserts
  • Fresh Dough
  • And many more

The options are unlimited, but if you want something a little different, the company can work with you to produce custom foods. These custom foods can be made to your precise specifications. The foods can also be made and shipped in the fastest possible time thanks to the company’s global facilities. All in all, OSI Group is a trendsetter in more way than one, and it will continue to push the boundaries in custom-food solutions.

Working Positions At Sussex Health Care

Elderly people who are living amongst us in the society deserve to live a good life, regardless of their health status. The people who have mental illnesses also need specialized care so that they can enjoy life just like all the people in the world. Technology has made things easier in the recent times. However, for the people in the medical department, there have been very few changes. There are people who need special treatment as they grow old due to their mental health. These individuals sometimes lack the care they deserve because most people lead very busy lives looking for better pastures. When a member of the family needs any care, it can be difficult getting the treatment needed.

Sussex Health Care is an organization that is on a mission to change lives, especially for the elderly people and those who have any mental illnesses. The institution has been in the market for over two decades, and it has become very popular among people because of the high-quality services it offers its customers. Sussex Health Care was founded by medical professionals who understand the needs of this category of people. Led by Shafik Sachedina, the healthcare company has been successful in changing the lives of the people in the community. The founder of the organization is passionate about assisting the needy people in the community, and this has played a leading role in the success of the company.


Sussex Health Care has numerous professionals who work in several positions so that the patients get the kind of services they deserve.These professionals must be highly trained and experienced so that they can have the right impact in the patients’ lives. Dealing with the customers in this facility is not a walk in the park. Fortunately, the individuals in this organization are given a great compensation at the end of the day so that they can be motivated. According to the company employees enjoy numerous benefits too. The management of the institution ensures that the company workers have medical covers and other benefits so that they can focus entirely on taking care of the patients.

Just recently, the healthcare company announced that it was offering employment positions to various professionals. The institution is encouraging the qualified candidates to apply for the positions so that they can change the lives of the patients. Interested parties can refer to the company website for the positions advertised.

Eli Gershkovitch Takes Steamworks Brewery Worldwide

Eli Gershkovitch, the owner of Steamworks brewery, has been producing craft beer for two decades. His beers reflect the mastery Steamworks has attained. They now produce a well-rounded selection of tasty brews ranging from India pale ales to lager and pilsner, check it here at Steamworks’ brew master produces as many as 12 to 14 new beers each year.

These beers are award winning brews. Steamworks has won the 2017 British Columbia Beer Awards for their North American Amber Ale. They captured the 2017 Canadian Brewing Awards for their English Style Pale Ale, American Style Black Ale and their French and Belgian Style Saison. Their all made using the steam brewing process.

Eli Gershkovitch stumbled upon a building that was heat with a steam furnace. He bought the 100 year old building. Later, he used this system to create Canada’s first steam brewery. It was also transformed into a pub that would seat 184 patrons. Today, Steamworks has its original brew/pub in Gastown and a production brewery/tap room in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Today, Eli Gershkovitch has expanded the original building to seat 754 persons. In an effort to further increase the popularity of his brand of craft beer. It was distributed to other Vancouver bars and restaurants and it is a greatly desired brand that sells very well. It’s a good thing too, because now Canada has loads of competing micro-breweries springing up all over the country. Because there’s so much competition, Steamworks is one of the lucky ones to have started so long ago. They have carved out a niche in the market and Gershkovitch knows as long as they continue to release new and popular products, they’ll continue to thrive amidst all their competition.

But, Eli Gershkovitch is now stranger to challenges. He studied law in college and was a practicing barrister in Canada when he opened Steamworks in 1995. It was his experience with clients seeking liquor licenses through his legal practice that aided him in his fight to open Steamworks. Eli Gershkovitch’s fighting spirit is helping him build a great business that has successfully attained a worldwide distribution with shipments of their craft beers reaching 14 states in the U.S., many Canadian provinces, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Austria, Germany and Italy.


A Financial Institutions Path to Social Change

The Dallas Women’s Foundation had a new sponsor for its 32nd Annual Luncheon. NexBank SSB donated $100,000 to the foundation, which helped support the annual luncheon and the foundation’s initiative to invest in women and young girls.

Founded in 1985, The Dallas Women’s Foundation has empowered women and young girls for more than thirty years by addressing the unique issues and challenges that females face. All the money that the foundation raises goes towards research, advocacy, grants and their annual luncheons. NexBank’s donation is one of the few ways the bank gives back to its community.

NexBank is a regional bank that provides financial services to financial institutions, corporations, and individuals all over the U.S. The bank services clients in three major areas: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Institutional Services.

To date, the company has 7.6 billion in assets. It is the fourth largest bank in Dallas and the tenth largest bank in Texas. NetBank has a positive online presence, glowing reviews, and a positive outlook. In between clients and banking, they find the time to put their resources back into their community to help those around them flourish. In addition to their sponsorship of the Dallas Women’s Foundation, NexBank also:


  • Provides accommodative housing and consumer loans for over 2,200 Veterans in Texas
  • Provides housing loans for low to moderate-income families in North Texas
  • Sponsors financial literacy courses at public schools in low to moderate-income neighborhoods in Dallas County
  • Provides a $2 million line of credit to the Community Fund for commercial real estate projects that will help low-income families

NexBank is a shining example of how a business maintains its success. Their unprecedented commitment to professionalism, a high standard of care, and duty to the community helped them become a leader in financial services. It seems that NexBank takes a bigger stride each year and with such a positive outlook, it may not be long before it takes the lead in the financial industry.

Using Talkspace for Better Mental Health Help

If you’re currently dealing with anxiety or depression, you know what a struggle every single day can be. You never feel at rest and your mind is always racing with thoughts that don’t even make sense. The problem that so many people have is that despite understanding how beneficial it can be to go and see a therapist, they are unable to do this on their own. The reason for this is because therapists are expensive and inconvenient. You might not have the car to get to the office, or you might have such horrible mental health issues that you can’t even leave the home.

If you’ve been struggling to see a therapist, it is time for you to think about using a program like Talkspace. Talkspace has been designed by a team of New York professionals who are all there to help you feel your best. Talkspace connects you with qualified professionals in the field of mental health, so you know you’re not talking to just a random person on the internet. The therapist through Talkspace will give you sound and solid advice for the issues you’re currently dealing with, and this can be a wonderful way for you to feel your best and overcome the problems that have overtaken your life.

Another reason you might want to use Talkspace is because it’s cheaper than traditional therapy. Not only are you doing your therapy in the comfort of your own home, but you’re not spending a small fortune just to get the help that you need. This is a wonderful option for those who are on a tight budget and have not been able to go and see a therapist because they do not have health insurance and don’t feel like they will be able to afford it themselves.

Fabletics Taking on The World of Women’s Fitness Clothing

Fabletics is the one company that is taking over the world by storm with how they operate their business. The brand has been able to capture so much over the years with how they operate and what they offer to women. For a small monthly subscription to their website, they offer women such incredible deals on the best clothing to be found out there because of their partnership with several different brands that other women aren’t aware of. The monthly fee gives you access to designers that you otherwise would have never found out about unless you joined Fabletics. The clothing they mainly focus on is primarily workout clothing for every woman who wants top quality clothes that fit their workouts. Whether you want quality Yoga pants or a new set of tops for your next gym session, there is something for you.


What’s interesting about how Fabletics works is the fact that they work closely with their users every single month. You get asked a series of questions about what you are looking for and what kind of lifestyle you live. You are going to be asked about the kinds of clothes you are looking for, and it can be quite interesting to see what they end up recommending and suggesting specifically for you. They come up with the recommendations that match your needs.


With their newest addition to the brand, they are offering women with incredible amenities like a real physical store where you can try their latest clothes from different brands. You get all of their clothes in one convenient spot, and it is incredibly easy and comfortable for you because it’s so convenient and chill. Fabletics is ultimately one of the best things to try out because it’s so easy to try on their newest clothes in person, and then you can find out what works for you and what you want. The truth is that Fabletics wants to make it easy on you to find what you need both in stores and online.


Kate Hudson stands by this brand from the very core of its existence. She knows that this company is taking over Amazon specifically in the women’s workout niche. She knows that it has the capacity to reach new heights and grow in all kinds of ways. It’s pretty interesting to see how this company is going to continue its work in this specific fitness industry.