Argentine Soccer Phenom Makes Bad Decision

Knowing about the philanthropic work Argentinian soccer star Lionel Messi completes for UNICEF, I was left shocked when reading an article in The Guardian detailing the visit of the Barcelona striker to the African country of Gabon. The New York based Human Rights Foundation has been vocal in the past in exposing celebrities who are … [Read more…]

The Most Famous Authors From Brazil

Brazilian literature has come a long way. Brazil is a country that has been independent since 1822 and it is full of culture. Anyone that would like to know more about Brazil and it’s beautiful influences, should read some Brazilian writers works. For example, Machado De Assis. He is one of the first writers of … [Read more…]

Joseph Bismark’s Way of Running Business Could Easily Teach the Rest of the Business World

Successfully climbing the corporate ladder is as likely as being successful acting for Hollywood. Many try but few actually make it. In most cases, the idea of incorporating spirituality into business is quite frowned on. However, it may not be so for very much longer. Joseph Bismark is the founding director of the QI Group … [Read more…]