Why Users Prefer Skout

Skout is a global platform that was created in 2007 with the goal of helping people find others who come from different parts of the world and who have different backgrounds. Currently this iOS app is easily accessible and can be downloaded through the App Store. This app is consists of a mobile platform that … [Read more…]

Securus announces updates to their THREADS platform

Prison is a dangerous place, and investigations rarely stop when prisoners enter the cell. Millions of prisoners are involved in ongoing investigations or are covering up other crimes. Gathering evidence for future cases is vital, but it is extremely difficult. Securus Technologies recently announced plans that should make investigations considerably easier. Securus Technologies is one … [Read more…]

Kyle Bass Makes A “Common Sense” Argument

At The Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills last Wednesday, Kyle Bass said that China’s market was headed for a dive. His immediate defense was that this perspective was simply “common sense”. But is it? Kyle Bass is difficult to read. The man is Argentinian by birth, but founded and runs Hayman Capital, a … [Read more…]

Andy Wirth Honors Veterans With Ironman Fundraiser

Andy Wirth was appointed CEO of Squaw Valley Resort in 2010. Since that day, he has worked night and day to make it one of the best ski resorts in the world. Andy Wirth has pushed green initiatives from day one. He has worked tirelessly with the Reno Chamber of Commerce and other organizations help … [Read more…]

When Kyle Bass Attacks, Governments Collapse

Kyle Bass ceased to be employed with one of the top five banks involved in sub-prime lending in March of 2008. When Bass left that bank, he immediately leaked a tip to a journalist who later put that tip into the form of a question–posed publicly on a mainstream media outlet–regarding that particular bank’s stability. … [Read more…]

Economic Crisis in Venezuela

What was once a country brimming with economic growth has become a country plagued with widespread shortages of essential items and an excessive inflation rate. The overwhelming problem that the people of Venezuela face of an increased cost of living and the extreme shortage of food and medication, extinguishes the countries potential for growth and … [Read more…]

Beneful Listens To Consumers SAnd Alters Recipes

Running a business means that sometimes someone will have a complaint. This is an inevitable fact of doing business. Beneful foods have had their fair share of complaints. Complaints that have led to lawsuits being filed. Complaints that have been found to have no merit and that the company has no intention of settling out … [Read more…]

Laidlaw & Company

Matthew Eitner was named CEO of Laidlaw & Company in April of 2011. This company is an investment banking company that provides banking to growing companies as well as institutions and individuals. Working behind Eitner are his team of James Ahern and John Coolong. Ahern being the head of capital markets on prnewswire.com, and Coolong … [Read more…]