The WEN by Chaz Dean Hair Products

At some point in everybody’s life, they have most likely seen the infomercials for the WEN by Chaz Dean hair care line [link:]. These are the ones where the beautiful women are shaking their hair around and are swearing that the WEN cleansing conditioner is like magic in a bottle. The WEN cleansing conditioner … [Read more…]

Fabletics’ Strategy of Opening New Stores

Fabletics is a rapidly developing fashion company that sells its products both online and in physical stores. The enterprise majors in the sale of trendy yoga pants. The co-founder of the company, Kate Hudson, is primarily interested in making the client feel sexy. Fabletics’ customers enjoy different classes of membership, and the best type is … [Read more…]

Helane Morrison the Model of a Successful CCO

Change is on the horizon for the nation’s Chief Compliance Officers, as the Securities and Exchange Commission has stepped up their oversight in recent months. SEC officials hold fast to the notion that their increased scrutiny does not change the traditional role of compliance officers. The role of directing company responses in the face of … [Read more…]

Weapons Historian Michael Zomber

Historian Michael Zomber is one of the more passionate individuals when it comes to antique arms. Michael has been collecting various antique arms for forty years and has therefore acquired a lot of knowledge as a result. With this knowledge he is always looking to share it to others. One of the ways in which … [Read more…]

Global Tel Link Will Be Responsible For Turning Over Additional Files In A Recent Security Breach Probe

Global Tel Link is a inmate communications provider that is accused of several recent security breaches. State and federal charges are pending amidst an extensive investigation being done by Securus. Securus Technologies are industry leaders in civil and criminal justice technology solutions for investigations, public safety, corrections, and monitoring. In a recent press release they … [Read more…]

IAP Worldwide Services; the Epitome of Excellence

Ingenuity and Purpose (IAP) is an American services company that works to offer a wide array of solutions to the US government and organizations with links to the states. IAP has been in operation for more than six decades with a reach to more than 20 countries in the world. IAP Worldwide has undergone various … [Read more…]

Why Users Prefer Skout

Skout is a global platform that was created in 2007 with the goal of helping people find others who come from different parts of the world and who have different backgrounds. Currently this iOS app is easily accessible and can be downloaded through the App Store. This app is consists of a mobile platform that … [Read more…]

Securus announces updates to their THREADS platform

Prison is a dangerous place, and investigations rarely stop when prisoners enter the cell. Millions of prisoners are involved in ongoing investigations or are covering up other crimes. Gathering evidence for future cases is vital, but it is extremely difficult. Securus Technologies recently announced plans that should make investigations considerably easier. Securus Technologies is one … [Read more…]