The Establishment of Fortress Investment Group, its Success and the Acquisition

Whether an individual is a novice investor or an emerging investor, it can be difficult to create a viable investment strategy alongside overseeing investment; particularly as the portfolio becomes more diverse. For that reason, many investors seek investment advice from a third party. While not all investment advisors are equal, it is clear that when it comes to guiding clients through their unique financial expertise, they offer excellent services. As illustrated by Fortress Investment Group, a sound investment advisor must possess vast experience in the relevant field.

The Establishment of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was formed in 1998 with the conjoined efforts of like-minded individuals. The leading, highly diversified international investment manager is in charge of approximately $36.1 billion assets. Over and above, the company manages assets for more than 1,700 institutional and private investors globally across different sectors including credit, real estate, permanent capital investment strategies as well as private equity.

 Values and Ethics

The productivity of Fortress Investment Group is highly appended to a strong ethical culture. As such, the company has always been able to safeguard client’s assets. Alongside employees who abide by these ethics, Fortress has succeeded in protecting clients’ assets as employees have generally avoided corrupting assets by ensuring that they observe integrity. Because of their shared values, the company strives to generate low-risk investment strategies for increased returns for investors. Consequently, in late 2017, the company had about 969 asset management workers, including 200 investment experts, at the central office in New York City.

Working at Fortress Investment Group

Without a doubt, a healthy workplace is a recipe for success as it could lead to the increase in sales. Alongside a peaceful environment that improves productivity, Fortress Investment Group is recognized as an equal employer that has mastered the art of creating a value-adding environment for its people. Over the years, the company has nurtured its employees to deliver impeccable results.

Softbank Group Finalizes the Acquisition Deal

First announced in late 2017, Japanese’ Softbank Group finalized its acquisition deal of Fortress Investment Group. With underway plans to expand its asset portfolio, the management decided to poach Fortress Investment Group for one major reason; there is an incoming technology project that must be controlled by experts. In the transaction, all factors including the business model, the team leaders, project managers and impending transactions remain constant.

More into the Acquisition

Softbank agreed to acquire Fortress for $3.3 billion. From then, the top executives have discussed multiple investments linked to the financial sector including the acquisition of major corporations in private equity-like KKR & Co.

The Outline

Perhaps the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank will grow the company as initially, the firm managed various companies including Canadian Ski Resort, one of America’s leading ski resort operator. In 2006, the company transacted with RailAmerica. While their changes in leadership structure, it is clear that Fortress will continue to register excellent performance in time. To maintain the performance standards , the company’s co-principals have been retained.

Richard Dwayne Blair Provides Financial Planning Expertise

Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions has been helping his clients develop long-term financial plans that cover all of life’s contingencies. He specializes in retirement planning and wealth management in the greater Austin, Tx. area where he’s been located since 1994. He has developed a great deal of expertise over the years and his credentials are impeccable. His experience and outstanding service highly recommend him to new clients.

At Wealth Solutions Blair has developed an incisive method that puts a strong foundation in place for his clients. He develops comprehensive financial plans as he works closely with the client and their particular situation. His approach is called the Three Pillars and it covers key concepts for investing and preparing for retirement.

Richard Dwayne Blair has become adept at helping his clients determine their financial roadmap. This important First Pillar entails ascertaining a client’s risk tolerance and their primary goals. He also takes into consideration their strengths and identifies opportunities for growth. Furthermore, a lasting relationship is built during this phase.

Long-term investing is an important piece of the puzzle and this makes up the Second Pillar. This customized plan is married with the customer’s personal goals and liquidity needs. Blair has seen many market cycles and knows when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em so to speak. He is able to help the client maximize their market gains when conditions are good. He is also able to quickly adjust their portfolio when the market trends are negative. His active management can help clients fulfill their goals more quickly.

Careful monitoring of his client’s financial plans comprises the Third Pillar. Performance is routinely tracked after the plans are put in place and logical comparisons are made. This may include client expectations, investment models, and historical data as well.

Richard Dwayne Blair has found inspiration in serving individuals, small business owners, and families. He founded Wealth Solutions with this in mind and seeks to make a positive impact in their lives.

Another strong influence on Blair has been the teachers in his family. Following in their footsteps, his desire to teach happens in the financial world.


About Ricardo Tosto; His Educational Background and Career Path

Ricardo Tosto is the founding Partner of Leite Tosto and Barros. He is a trained lawyer with experience in representing banking clients and others in business cases. Ricardo built his legal firm from scratch to one of the top ones in Brazil. Tosto has represented clients in money laundering cases and won them. In one of the outstanding ones, he successfully defended a Swiss firm to be acquitted of the allegations of money laundering. He has also represented top politicians and organizations. Ricardo Tosto has also represented individuals and organizations pro bono.

Leite Tosto and Barros

The firm was the first ever to represent clients in a class suit. So far, Brazil has come to be renowned for its many class suits. The firm has maintained honorable practice and has severally been at the forefront of legal reforms aimed at helping Brazil attain justice for all. Mr. Ricardo Tosto was generous with the lawyers that joined his firm as trainees. Many of the trainees later became associates in the firm.

Ricardo Tosto Dissects the Resource Repatriation Law

Ricardo Tosto thinks that the law offers a great opportunity for the legal teams from the countries involved to make the process smoother. He says that such an exchange facilitated by the law will help to make documentation easier; since there will be a free flow of information. It is likely to expedite the process of repatriation of resources. Ricardo is also supported by the top lawyers at Milk, Tosto, and Barros. Gil Vicente of William Advogados and Associates also thinks that the law as is crafted will bring Brazilian and foreign lawyers closer. Vicente argues that implementing the law involves forging technical partnerships that will ensure that procedures and actions that require particular legal adherence from the countries involved to be dealt with expeditiously.

Possibility of Leniency

In subjecting the law to litmus test analysis, Ricardo warns that while the law has all the great elements of helping to make repatriation of assets faster, it also allows for clemency and a level of legal leniency to the offenders. He observes that the law provides the possibility of acquittal for crimes such as misconduct, tax evasion, and money laundering. Click here

Jed McCaleb: The Innovative Founder Of Steller

Blockchain companies are the new face of the financial industry, and people like Jed McCaleb are at the forefront of the technological boom that the industry is currently experiencing. As the founder of the Stellar project and Mt. Gox Exchange, McCaleb has proven to be someone changing the face of cryptocurrencies and the manner in which they work.


Cryptocurrencies have always been something that McCaleb knew a lot about. This was an industry which he had started getting into in the beginning when it first started to make its way onto the internet. He learned the ups and downs of cryptocurrencies and knew that this was something that could change the course of the financial industry, and the monetized world in the process.


In a recent interview with Chronicle Week, McCaleb outlined how since the beginning, he knew that cryptocurrencies were something that would change the way payments were being made and would alter the financial companies that currently exist. He outlined how people were used to traditional modes of currencies like dollars and euros, and how they were used to a divide among currencies across different countries. However, with the growth of the internet and the breaking down of barriers, the need for a uniform currency that isn’t governed by a single nation is becoming more and more popular.


Currently, McCaleb serves as the founder of Steller, a platform that allows the creation of new tokens and blockchains. This has become one of the most popular blockchain platforms currently on the market and has grown to become an incredibly well-known name in the industry. McCaleb states that his reason for starting up Steller was the change needed within the financial sector, and the need to implement new structures within it.


The reason Steller has become such a popular name is that of the security that one gets when they are using the platform. Often, people who are investing into cryptocurrencies face the issue of getting illegal or fake currencies, which is something that Steller is looking to minimize. The platform might be a little more complicated than what regular cryptocurrency buyers are used to, but the additional layers of protection make the program a lot safer, and a lot better.


The Philanthropic Methods of the Academy of Art University

Are you into liberal arts and design? Do you have an interest in the entertainment industry? Have you ever heard of the Academy of Art University? Well, if you haven’t heard, then just know that this is one of the leading schools for the arts in the U.S. The school is actually located in the heart of San Francisco, California. It has exhibits, has galleries, has an extensive automotive museum and has student housing. There are more than 12,500 students here as well as an estimated 283 full-time teachers. In addition to that, the school has up to 1,150 part-time teachers, and it offers a wide variety of degrees and certificates.


On another note, the Academy of Art University is using its brilliance to come-up with ideas to better serve its community. Some of the school’s tech students have decided to use their philanthropic nature to cut-down on crime in the city’s Tenderloin District. Bordered by downtown and Nob Hill, the Tenderloin District is one of the oldest neighborhood’s in San Francisco as it dates back to the California Gold Rush. With time comes change and this specific area of a quarter-square mile has up to 25,000 people. Thanks to having such large amounts of people who live in a rather small area, crime has risen to unthinkable levels.


Academy of Art University’s tech students have designed a technologically advanced application that can be used via smartphones. This application will use emojis/moods to represent certain aspects of the district. By using augmented reality, the technology will overlay on top of the city’s geographical landscape. The project is known as Tenderfeels, and it will provide real-time data of how the inhabitants feel about specific points-of-interest.


The proposal of this particular project has already been submitted to the Chief Innovation Officer of San Francisco. If everything goes well, some much needed improvements will be taking place shortly, which will make a huge difference in safety on how the residents of the area feel.


Wax & Malcolm CasSelle

Today, it is virtually impossible to live without some sort of technological advancement. If an extreme example, most people would literally not know how to function without some sort of technological piece. It is truly amazing to see how much we have benefited from technology over the years. It was not even a decade in the past that we never even dreamed of the world we live in today. Certainly, we have always been making strides to improve technology but, there is no way we could ever have imagined we would be so dependent and benefit as much as we have from it today. Now that we are familiar with how important technology is today, we can now appreciate those who continue to make strides in improving it. One of those important figures is the successful Malcolm Casselle. As a CEO of OPSkins and president of the technology-based company Wax, Malcolm Casselle has done everything in his power to help the rest of us benefit from any and all sorts of technology pieces. As a matter of fact, one of his contributions is helping in the gaming and cryptocurrency industries. Here is more on how Malcolm Casselle is contributing to improvements in these fields.

Malcolm Casselle & His Contributions To The Gaming & Cryptocurrency Scene

In an article on Malcolm and his efforts in these industries, we get to see just how he is helping improve virtual assets. Specifically, the article discusses how OPSkins, which is already a pioneering company in the in-game virtual assets area, is making a large marketplace for virtual assets. Furthermore, the article explains how this move is just the natural next step in the progression of improving the virtual assets area. In addition to this, it is also made clear how impressive Malcolm CasSelle and his efforts in this area have already been. What this shows us is, if Malcolm CasSelle is already proving to be impressive and successful in this area, just how good will the virtual assets area be when it is at its final stages of improvement? Again, this is all from the mind of Malcolm CasSelle.


OSI Industries Rising to Meet Today’s World Food Needs

For a company that was founded over a century ago, OSI Industries has made some major moves in recent years when it comes to building up its company brand and spreading its influence on a more global level.

As a large private American company in the meat packing industry, OSI Industries – also referred to as the OSI Group – has built its brand over the years into becoming one of the top names in food retail and product services in the world. Yet, even as the Aurora, Ill.-based company has expanded its reach, the company is literally expanding its territory of late. A prime example would be its acquisition of Flagship Europe in December 2016.

Though OSI was originally formed back in Illinois as a family meat market, the company has grown from family venture one of the largest privately held American business companies in the nation. As of 2016, Forbes Magazine listed OSI listed as among the top 60 private companies there is with annual revenues over $6 billion. The company’s custom products vary to include meat, poultry, pork, sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza and green produce. As a result, OSI serves a number of major food chains such as McDonalds, Yum fast food chains, Subway, and Starbucks among others.

Yet, despite a reach which includes some 20,000 employees working at 65 different facilities in 17 different countries, OSI Industries is still looking to expand its influence further.

To that end, acquiring Flagship Europe helps the firm increase its presence overseas. Flagship Europe is a food supplier in the United Kingdom with its top products including poultry, dressings, sauces, pies, and even mayonnaise. Recently, Flagship Europe extended its own reach into more food-to-go products involving sandwich condiments.

Now Flagship Europe has been renamed Creative Foods Europe as an example of OSI’s priority of developing innovative food solutions for various global needs.

This tendency toward always looking forward is one reason why OSI Industries stands out as a major American food company. For OSI, it isn’t just about custom foods and the supply of them, but the firm also works on helping to create solid food distribution, helping to advancing engineering to speed up the food supply process, and food safety.

Due to that belief and a view toward constantly expanding its reach, OSI Industries continues as one of the top food brand names in the country and, perhaps soon, the entire world.

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AvaTrade Review: Analysis of this Forex Broker

AvaTrade is a multi-national online trading company with a monthly trading volume of over $60 billion (USD). Experienced and novice traders alike will find its wide range of platforms and services accessible and adaptable.


Created by financial professionals and web-commerce experts, AvaTrade is committed to presenting an environment that allows retail traders to invest with confidence, and to providing quality personal service with integrity.


Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, it has over 200,000 registered users worldwide with man AvaTrade customer reviews. AvaTrade also has offices in Paris, Dublin, Milan, Tokyo and Sydney.


Overseen by some of the main regulatory bodies of the European Union and registered with the Spanish CNMV, AvaTrade is a legitimate company based on this AvaTrade review, not a fraudulent site or scam. With commission-free trades and highly competitive spreads, the company is favored by traders.


The broker does not charge a commission but earns money by imposing a small difference between the buy and sell price of the CFD. The spreads are constant over time but are dependent on the trading platform that is used as well as market conditions.


Another positive feature is leverage. AvaTrade allow the opportunity to leverage up to 400 times the money invested with a low minimum investment. Be aware that using leverage involves high risks and can result in the entire loss of capital.


Current events can, to some extent, influence the price of the markets and assets. In order to gain more experience with the fluctuations and how the platform itself operates, a free demo account using virtual currency is available.


Having a physical location, along with adherence to stringent regulations, adds to AvaTrade’s legitimacy and inspires confidence. In addition to MetaTrader 4, it has its own OTC trading platform, AvaOptions. Both are mobile friendly. These are just a few of the reasons why AvaTrade has earned a 5-Star rating.


AvaTrade EU LTD is compliant with the Markets in Financial Investments Directive (MFID).

IT Salvation with Drew Madden

The Maddening State of Affairs

Drew Madden is a seasoned executive in handling medically inclined information technology (IT), which is essential to a number of back-end operations for the conveyance of crucial information such as:

  •  Patient records
  • Doctor’s notes
  • Prescription metrics
  • Sales history
  • Relevant medical conditions
  • On-site services for health insurance and the sales of essential goods

One of the problems that pharmaceutical companies such as CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen’s are facing today is that the retail aspect of their businesses is being tread on by newer and bigger players on the field. Amazon is the entity of concern, a monolith in their own right and a profound influence on the innovation of companies in countless industries at the moment. Thanks to their net-based sales platform in tandem with the cheapness and convenience of shipping goods by drone, the brick-and-mortar approach is becoming less tenable and more expensive with time.

As such, Amazon’s recent movement into the sales of pharmaceutical gear has medically inclined retailers concerned. Amazon is known to cast companies into the abyss with the sheer size of their operation, so naturally, their recent expansion into the medical side of the fence is causing CVS-like locations to travail for their traction in the market. The result is CVS’ recent talks of taking up Aetna, a major player in the health insurance field.

The far-reaching implications of such a movement could entail the sales and support of health insurance right inside CVS retail locations, which will give the expertly navigated health and wellness chain the means to fight Amazon from a corner of the arena that they can’t reach. As of right now, Amazon is nowhere near prepared to provide such services, and it doubles as a giant step into an all-in-one convenience store for CVS’ many offerings.

Of course, Drew Madden is still relevant to all this; in fact, he may be the most important trump card that CVS has if they decide to take Aetna under their wings. The increasing influence of the Internet on retail services in tandem with ongoing services like health insurance will require top-notch health care IT game faces on, and Madden can furnish CVS with the means of doing so. Don’t be surprised if you see the man himself mentioned more in the media going forward.

Rodrigo Terpins and Bull Sertoes

2014’s 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally cross-country race included seven stages and a course that was 2,600 kilometers long. Although the race was shorter than usual, it was still very challenging, being characterized by lots of chasms, lots of winding and eroding roads, and mountainous regions. As always, the Bull Sertoes Rally Team from Sao Paulo had a strong presence on the podium. During the 22nd edition, Bull Sertoes driving partners took two of the top five positions. Of these two, the top Bull Sertoes duo was that of Rodrigo Terpins and Fabrício Bianchini.


The duo snagged the third position in the overall standings. The two did so well for most of the race that on the final stage they decided they could afford to go at a slower speed to spare the engine. The other pair was Rodrigo’s brother, Michel, and Maykel Justo. Rodrigo and his brother, Michel have been two of the biggest names at the rally since they first found the Bull Sertoes team early last decade. The brothers have run the Bull Sertoes teams under an environmentally friendly philosophy. They have led the team to receive the Green Initiative’s Carbon Free Seal, which seeks to offset the emissions produced by the races by planting trees.


Most of the time these trees are planted in the Atlantic forest. By the time of the 22nd edition, both brothers had already driven in the Sertoes Rally for several years, but this race was the first time both of them drove a T-Rex. During last year’s 25th edition of the race, Michel partnered with Beco Andreotti. The two started the race well but experienced a minor car wreck early on. Although both of them were uninjured, the car was greatly compromised, forcing them to do the rest of the race at a much slower speed. Check out on for more info.



Nevertheless, the pair finalized the rally with a decent overall standing. The two even went on to win Brazil’s national championships last year. For more information about the Terpins brothers or the Bull Sertoes Rally Team visit:,, and,, and http: //rodrigo-terpins.tumblr. The Bull Sertoes team is sponsored by Bull Sertões, 100% Events, Xarla and MEM team support.