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Getting financing should not be a daunting task if you get in touch with Equities First Holdings. This firm has been in business since 2002 and knows what it takes to address the needs of clients effectively. Its team is well versed in financial services and can guide clients through the steps. The company has a loan program that is available to those who have a stock portfolio.

Privinvest | World Wide Industry Leader

Over two decades ago, the international shipbuilding group Privinvest was founded by brothers Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa. Their organization specializes in technologically innovative, high-end ships. This includes naval vessels, mega yachts, and commercial vessels. Its state-of-the-art facilities are located in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East, which is also where it’s headquarters is located.

More than 2,500 people from all over the world are employed by Privinvest. Daily they work on designing and constructing vessels, integrated systems, naval fleet support programs, and technology transfer across countries desiring to develop shipbuilding industries of their own.

Services include maintenance, training, integrated logistics support, technology transfer, combat systems integration, and facility management. There is also the service of refit and repair with repair experts available 24/7 for support, guidance, and advice. Expertise is available wherever it is needed. There are technology workshops and teams of shipwrights and project managers available to oversee work on time and within budget.

The 360° offer, state of the art facilities, and the group’s uniquely qualified staff are accredited to long-term success. From their varied locations, the facilities and teams together have designed and engineered some of the most successfully recognized ships in the world. This includes the “Sailing Yacht A”, one of many remarkable projects that allow Privinvest to garner the confidence of stakeholders internationally. The group is a worldwide industry leader with the ability to respond to any and all client needs or demands. Major contracts have been served for more than 20 years.

In addition to its primary business activities, the group is continually involved in issues of environmental awareness, safety, and protection. The Group’s R&D division’s focus is primarily Marine Renewable Energy like hydrokinetic energy and energies that can be derived from the turbine industry.

Most recently the group is working on projects such as Navy vessels with EEZ integrated surveillance systems and protection systems. New builds are also being constructed for super-yacht owners and public authorities. Refits are being designed for vessels that Privinvest designs across all of the industries it serves, and for other services associated with shipbuilding.

Reviews For Dr. Jennifer Walden & her Services

Jennifer Walden, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Texas, is at the top of her game and for good reasons. This amazing plastic surgeon is an army of one thanks to all of her unbelievable attributes. Dr. Walden is a co-author of the best-selling book “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,” and she owns a successful medical-aesthetics practice at West Lake Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews perfectly represents who this woman truly is so keep reading for more information.

On April 14, 2019, an anonymous reviewer stated that “I wasn’t surprised with any of the cosmetic work that’s produced by this woman because I’ve always heard great things about how she conducts business. I’ve had a few minimal-invasive treatments over the years, and the results were perfect.” Reviewer S said that “Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center is in a class of its own. Some of the finest of medical personnel works there, and all of them are quite friendly. The entire atmosphere of the facility is laid back and serene.”

Reviewer A reported that “I’m totally happy with the results of my procedure. Dr. Jennifer Walden discussed everything that I needed to know beforehand, and she answered all of my question. I give Dr. Jennifer Walden a perfect 10 because she’s caring, understanding and knowledgeable.”

The Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center offers a wide variety of services, such as laser hair removal, facelift, rhinoplasty, vaginoplasty, Botox, cheek implants, lip enhancement, chemical peels, acne treatments, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers and many more. Dr. Walden has built a rock-solid resume of success, and she utilizes some of the most cutting-edge technologies. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews only shines a light on how great this plastic surgeon is, and that’s a guaranteed fact.

Fans Of Meatless Meat Rejoice

A trend is brewing through the United States and many other parts of the world as well. That trend is towards eating less meat or even going vegetarian. This has created new markets for companies to get involved in. It has also sparked a race to create some of the most innovative and interesting meat alternative products on the market. That race is something that OSI Group has gotten involved in.

Impossible Foods And OSI Group

The company known as Impossible Foods has added extra manufacturing space to some of its facilities in order to incorporate a new deal with OSI Group into its production lines. This comes as the company announced that it intends to release the Impossible Burger to retail stores by next year.

In case you are not already familiar, OSI Group is the main supplier of beef products to McDonald’s and a variety of other fast-food and retail outlets. They have been in the business of meat for a long time and are now interested in breaking into the market for meatless meats. They hope to use the manufacturing capacity that they already have for meat products to partner with Impossible Foods to create more alternatives. See also on Forbes.

A Start-Up That Is Zooming In Growth

It is not difficult to understand why many companies would like to be in business with Impossible Foods. They are one of the fastest-growing start-ups out there right now, and they only continue to find new footholds. This latest deal with OSI had them tripling the space they use for producing their meat alternatives. That just goes to show you that they have full faith and confidence in their product and what sales are going to look like in the future.

The movement towards eating less meat has a lot of upsides both for those who participate in it as well as the planet at-large. It can help reduce some of the carbon-producing impacts of factory farming and can be a great way to lose weight and eat healthier in general. All of these reasons and more are why so many people are starting to consider this diet plan for themselves.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

CEO Angela Koch: US Money Reserve Employees Are Our True Investment

Investment portfolios are drafted in order to provide their holders with financial security for an insecure future. This may be in preparation for retirement or the event of hard economic times, but the stock market provides no assurances and alternatives are too few.

For this reason, many investors have sought out precious metals like gold and platinum as a good option when looking for investment opportunities. For this reason, the US Reserve has gained a great deal of visibility within this industry. But Angela Koch, the company’s CEO, sees the workforce as the real force behind their visibility and overall success.

For nearly two decades the US Money Reserve has been operating in the city of Austin. They provide platinum, gold, and silver coins that’s assessed by the federal government.

The quality of their coins built a reputation that made them the distributor of choice for more than 500,000 investors looking for alternatives. Koch believes her workforce will bring in many more.

Koch knows the industry to be mostly focused on sales as a means to growth, but doesn’t think it’s the best route. For her, expanding an employee’s role can only empower them to get more done on their own. What this does is allows management to place more emphasis on matters at the executive level, like how to best gear the company towards growth. Read more: US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor and U.S. Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730 – Manta.com

Koch’s employee investment plan is part of integrating employees into the larger workforce, making sure they’re ready to apply their skills to the daily tasks associated with the job. With that development, Koch is assured they will be ready to work in a challenging industry and pursue whatever career goals they want to achieve.

US Money Reserve goes about integrating employees by addressing their personal confidence. Koch makes sure that any employee coming to the company has a good sense about their personal role, knows the health of the industry, is abreast of changes taking place within the company, and is mindful of competitors. All that information allows them to make decisions in the moment that are well informed and lead to a greater sense of customer satisfaction.

While Confidence will come into play when closing any transaction, Koch doesn’t want it to be taken as license to take on all things. What she looks for is to give employees the space and opportunity to learn what they’re best at, in turn they will learn which of their team members is best suited to address problems where they might otherwise get stuck.

Together, team members develop a working style that can bring customers the satisfaction they’re looking for without having to rely on managers who could otherwise be working on growing the company.

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Andrey Andreev-Exhibiting an Unmatched Entrepreneurial Spirit

Andrey Andreev is a Russian born British investor who is mostly known for founding Badoo, one of the popular social dating networks today. The investor is also behind other web businesses such as Spylog, Mamba. ru and Begun. Born on 3rd February 1974,  Andrey Andreev developed an interest in the communication technology in his early years. According to him, he built radio at the age of ten from old electronic hardware that was disposed around his home.

Prior to dropping out of school to start his own company, the Russian born entrepreneur joined a local university where he pursued management studies. He also worked for a public relations and advertising firm while pursuing his studies. His family relocated to Spain in the mid-90s. He personally relocated to Spain in 1995, although he kept going back and forth between Russia and Spain. Since 2005, Andrey Andreev has been stationed in central London (Crunchbase). 

Besides his deep interest in communication technology, he is quite passionate about cooking. A huge chunk of Andrey’s energy and time is focused on product development. He has also embarked on new projects, besides being aware on new business ideas from young entrepreneurs around the world to invest in and enable their growth; especially projects that prompt him to persistently innovate Andrey Andreev Badoo network across multiple mobile platforms and the web. His unmatched entrepreneurial spirit has continued to inspire everyone he has worked with. Today, Badoo boasts a whopping 135 million users making it the world’s largest social media network for encountering new people. His social media network generates an estimated $ 150 million annually. It also operates in over 180 nations worldwide.

Besides founding Badoo, Andreev is a serial investor and he has founded several companies under his name. Badoo became the 4th successful firm he has founded over the last decade. His entrepreneurial success includes founding Begun, which is basically a firm that specializes in selling contextual advertising. The firm does this simply by auctioning targeted keywords. Andrey Andreev is still the genius behind Mamba.ru, which is currently the biggest dating website in Russia. It boasts over 10 million active users per month. Other ventures that are owned by Andrey Andreev include Virus, which is a Russian online store that specializes in selling computer accessories and computers via the internet.


Andrey Andreev has successfully founded prominent ventures thanks to his unmatched entrepreneurial spirit. The Russian born entrepreneur is passionate about founding companies and propelling them into successful empires.

Click here https://www.globaldatinginsights.com/news/andrey-andreev-invests-3-5-million-in-over-50s-app-lumen/  to follow up on Andrey´s latest business projects. 

The Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos

The Angolan telecommunications company, Unitel, earlier this year partnered with the internationally respected organization World Economic Forum. WEF has over the years accumulated a huge list of worldwide partners, but this is the first time it has partnered with an Angolan company. Unitel is lead by its chairperson, Isabel dos Santos. The companies shareholders also held a recent meeting that in the end determined to keep dos Santos as chairperson. Isabel dos Santos has guided the company for many years and because of this recent vote will continue to do so. 

While is her primary focus, it is not her only focus. Since the 1990s dos Santos has been highly involved in a large number of business projects all over the world. Most of her involvements have been in the finance, construction, and education industries. She has been so successful a businesswoman that just a few years ago she became Africa’s first female billionaire (Everipedia). 

Dos Santos was born in Angola and obtained her primary and secondary education at a boarding school in Kent, England. She then studied electrical engineering at London’s King’s College. Dos Santos is a highly respected business leader because she does more than just concentrate on the success of her own business endeavors. Also, Isabel is an activist for improving Africa through the acceptance and development of technology, and also for improving the status of women in Africa’s business world. 

For her part, she is ecstatic about the recent partnership with WEF and how that will definitely boost her agendas. This is in part because the partnership will mean the company will have available more international platforms in which to participate.

Even now the company is poised to engage in these anticipated new roles. Isabel dos Santos is likewise poised to continue to lead it wherever it goes.

Click here http://premiergazette.com/2019/05/isabel-dos-santos-africa/  to keep on reading about Dos Santos´ life and career.

Laerte Codonho: How He is Combating Unfair Competition

Creating and operating a company is an ongoing enterprise. If you wish to be successful in running your business, start by learning from business magnates. Laerte Codonho founded Dolly, one of the largest soft drink manufacturer in Brazil. Pay attention to the way he built the business and fend off detractors from his company (Istoedinheiro). 

Initial company growth

Dolly was founded in 1987 as a small outset but currently holds the distinction of being the first to introduce diet soda in Brazil. The introduction of diet soda came with regulatory changes. The company grew in popularity regionally over the years and became a major soft drink manufacturer in 1990s with Dolly Guarana made from Guarana fruit leading in sales and popularity. Currently, Laerte Codonho and the company has a 10% market share in Brazil and the leading soft drink producer in southeast Brazil region. 


Successful companies pay attention to their brands. Dolly hit national attention because it had a good brand profile by creating quality products which consumer loved. Creating the first diet soda in Brazil, had direct implications on the market with most being curious to taste the new product. However, Brazil law prohibited any sale of diet soda because of health concerns basing findings on outdated information. 

To push forward with the diet soda release, Laerte Codonho funded an exhaustive research study on the diet that later came to shift Brazil’s beverage industry. Attention to quality is vital in branding. Dolly has laboratories and equipment that test product quality before sending to the market. Raw materials are rigorously tested and even packaging materials. 

Microbiology tests of the products are done to ensure safety and high taste standards. The rigorous testing is partly responsible for Dolly’s popularity in Brazil. 

Promotional initiatives 

Capitalizing on the quality of your creations needs serious marketing campaigns to create awareness of your products. Laerte Codonho used a mascot, like the popular Dollynho as a talking walking soda bottle. Dollynho captured the public imagination both in Brazil and abroad. Codonho used Dollynho for public appearances in schools to address students on important issues. 


As Dolly became increasingly more popular, it drained customers from prominent soft drink companies. Laerte Codonho saw his company face increased legal and regulatory hurdles that coincided with his success. The obstacles and suspicions became a hindrance to continued company operations. Laerte Codonho looked into the issues to determine the originating point which upon investigations pointed to a rival competitor Coca Cola. The actions Codonho took include filing lawsuits and media awareness. Running a successful company has far-reaching consequences and touch on quality control, finances, marketing, and more. Always monitor your competitors to know their effects on your brand. 

Click here https://www.conjur.com.br/2019-jan-11/dono-dolly-ajuiza-acoes-indenizacao-procuradores to follow up on Codonho´s newest soft drink products

Photographer Max Salk Built A Successful Business Through Passion And Hard Work

Max Salk has proven himself as a successful businessman through his passionate work in photography. Like many others, Max was interested in living a successful life, and he could see himself owning his own business. Since his biggest passion since he was a kid was photography, he decided to combine the two and the result was something incredible for Max Salk. 

There are few true mysteries out there when it comes to running a successful business, and Max knows that one of those things having a true passion for what he is doing. Doing a job just to work and make money, even if its good money, ends up becoming incredibly stressful and many times people come up short in the end because they aren’t leading the life they want to.

Max Salk used his creativity to tackle all the challenges that came his way in order to start his own company and the best part is he is always excited about the work that he gets to do. One of the greatest things according to Max is that even if he fails, he still enjoyed what he was doing because he loves doing it. Max suggests everyone follows the same philosophy, if not any others, to find themselves on the path that they want to be. 

Of course, Max has failed many times in his past, but he surely found his own formula that is doing quite well for him. Aside from passion that keeps him going strong, Max has always done well to prepare himself for any situation he is in. Not everything can be predicted, but preparation also means being prepared for when things don’t go according to plan. 

By no means is Max a long-time veteran, but he is already making a name for himself for his ingenuity and how fast he is rising up in the business world. Max says that if he can follow his dreams and become successful by reaching his goals, so can anyone else that puts in the effort. 


Isabel dos Santos: The Wealthiest Businesswoman in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a businesswoman based in Angola. Based on research conducted by Forbes magazine in 2013, her net worth is calculated at $2 billion, making her the richest woman in Africa. She came from a political family, being the daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who served as the Angolan President for almost four decades. Most of her childhood and teenage years were spent overseas because her parents wanted her to receive the best education. After she graduated from college, Isabel dos Santos went back to Angola, and she started an entrepreneurial career.

The Urbana 2000 Project

The Urbana 2000 Project is a program launched by the Angolan government to ensure that the streets of Luanda, the national capital, are clean and disinfected. Isabel dos Santos served as the project management engineer of the program, and her responsibility is to make sure that all of the tasks are finished on schedule. Urbana 2000 was a success, and it made the capital clean, lowering down the number of diseases attributed to a dirty environment.

Businesses and Investments in Angola and in Europe

Isabel dos Santos owns a lot of businesses in Angola. She invested in telecommunications, trucking, and the tourism industry. Back in the early 1990s, she realized the need for an effective system that would enable Angolans to communicate. She was inspired by the walkie-talkie technology, and she invested to strengthen the telecommunications signals in her home country. Years later, mobile phones arrived and it became easier for the public to communicate because of their effective telecommunications system. She also opened a trucking company because she wanted to strengthen the trading capabilities of her country. She stated that the trucks used by her company will be used to transport goods and services, and it positively benefited the economy.

She also invested in the tourism industry by building the Miami Beach Club, which is one of the premier destinations in Luanda. People all over the world are visiting the Miami Beach Club because of its positive reviews online.

Aside from her businesses in Angola, Isabel dos Santos also owns investment holdings in different companies across Europe.

A nova vida de Isabel dos Santos na Unitel