Smart Lighting Systems Created By Gooee

Gooee is a technology company located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. The company offers an extensive array of technological solutions and programs that deal with lighting. This includes lighting analytics, wireless mesh control, beacon management, smart sensors, business intelligence and enterprise gateway. The Features Of Smart Lighting Systems Developed By Gooee Gooee is one of the … [Read more…]

Securus Technologies; the Leading Service Provider of Civil and Criminal Justice Technology

Securus Technologies, a firm based in Dallas Texas is the leading service provider for correctional agencies in the United States. The company serves 3,450 enforcement agencies handling close to a million inmates.   The company offers cutting-edge services on incident management, biometric analysis, investigation, information and communication management and many more services aimed at improving … [Read more…]

Lovaganza Announcement: Could Lovaganza Makes New York City Labor Day Parade Look Small?

When most people think of a multicultural event NYC Melting Pot comes to mind with it’s exciting labor day parade, where many cultures meet together and celebrate cultural diversity in NYC from all around the West Indies and Caribbean. We usually see participants from the Caribbean and West Indies congregate together on Eastern Parkway to … [Read more…]

The WEN by Chaz Dean Hair Products

At some point in everybody’s life, they have most likely seen the infomercials for the WEN by Chaz Dean hair care line [link:]. These are the ones where the beautiful women are shaking their hair around and are swearing that the WEN cleansing conditioner is like magic in a bottle. The WEN cleansing conditioner … [Read more…]