Location Smart is the worldwide cloud location services market leader for connected devices. They are own and operated out of the United States, in the great city of Carlsbad CA. Recently Location Smart expanded it business reach into Canada. They provide a wide variety of services including:





Their expansion into Canada, will have a far-reaching effect on the county. Canada will now have over 90 percent of their mobile subscribers via patented platform. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Facebook

That is huge for the country. Now Canada’s network location services will be available for all their major wireless carriers. Canadians will now have a variety of services to chose from. Their choice will not be limited to one or two.

This gives Canadians more influence on their wireless services and what type of services they want provided for them and their families. Location Smart features will provide Canadians with carrier grade security and privacy controls.

This will give Canadian household more assurance for their family’s mobile devices. LocationSmart new security features will provide added security for all types of wireless devices including:





Buy having this security in place, the consumer will have a much more enjoyable experience with their mobile devices. They will be able to access a whole new world of additional services including:








And much more. Location Smart is expanding, as seen buy their roll out into Canada. Canada is not the only country that Location Smart services. They are expanding throughout North America and South America. Location Smart is the worldwide cloud location service market leader for all connected devices. Imagine that. They have a footprint on every mobile device in the world. No company in the industry can say that. Location Smart can. They also provide three other key services. Such as:




As I glance into the further and see where this company is headed, the sky is the limit. As technologies continue to improve every single day, Location Smart has position itself to continue to expand and grow.

As the 5G newwork rolls out across the world and in the America’s. Location Smart is poised to dominate the market for years to come.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Reviews

Great news and reviews for the Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center.

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden’s expertise has earned her five-star reviews from all her customers. There is much good to be said about Dr. Walden; the most outstanding were not only of her professionalism and commitment, but also her own tender bedside manner. After facelift surgery one-woman comments that Dr Walden was “amazing”. This five-star reviewer had upper and lower bleph surgery, and a facelift which she said, “went very well” and was extremely happy with the results. Another reviewer asked in prayer that the Lord bring blessings out of trials and challenges for Dr Walden.

Under the tab, “Source”, “DoctorBase” reviews, shows she continually gets five-star reviews from everyone that comments. One reviewer named Kirsten also said that customers are never sold anything they don’t need. Their also never sold anything that wouldn’t make them look better or feel great about themselves. Another five star reviewer expressed that she had been in for Botox injections. She explained how she wanted lines removed from under her eyes and that she recently visited other doctors about the procedure but never got answers she felt comfortable with.

It relieved her frustrations when “Dr. Walden nailed it the first time,” giving her exactly what she needed, saving her time and money. Under the reviews and ratings for liposuction, Dr. Walden receives another 24 reviews all at a 5.0-star rating. One client expressed that she was such a fan of Dr. Walden after a breast augmentation and tummy tuck, she came back for further procedures and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. “Now I’m telling everybody”. A final reviewer highly recommends Dr. Walden, stating, “From the first moment I met Dr. Walden I felt comfortable knowing I was in good hands”. Click here.

An EOS Lip Balm Review That Hits The Facts Of This Product

EOS Lip Balm is an increasingly popular lip balm among people who want to protect their lips and make them feel softer and less weathered. Their lip balms are made of healthy ingredients and, due to the shape of the packaging, fit neatly into a purse or even a pocket.

The EOS Lip Balm’s don’t just feel nice. They also smell nice. They leave your lips super smooth and send a nice scent up into your nose. The packages are super cute and a collection of them look great on a shelf. The scent lasts long enough and the package is formed in a way that just feels nice in the hand. It’s a good product for daily use and will keep your lips well moisturized.

One of the best things about EOS Lip Balm is that it is 100% natural. There aren’t any weird and unpronounceable ingredients on the label. That’s one of the main reasons that people like this product so much because they know it’s safe to use and effective. Anyone with dry lips would do well to try the EOS products out for themselves and see if it works for them, especially given the price of entry is so low.


Mr. James Dondero is a remarkable individual, that has used his numerous gifts to make a difference in both his private and business endeavors. He is a renowned businessman and philanthropist. Visit jimdondero.com to know more about him.

He holds the prestigious position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Corporation. This is a position, he has held since April 2016.

The position of Chairman Highland Acquisition is not the only one, that James Dondero has held. He has also served as the president and principal executive officer at Nex Point Capital, as well as Highland Capital Management. He has held this position since 1993.

Apart from his involvement in business, James Dondero has made the city of Dallas, a better place with his acts of philanthropy. He had an incredible vision to make the world around him, a better place.

Check: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=2159086&privcapId=37846394

Through the creation of Highland Dallas Foundation, branch of his company, that focuses on philanthropic activities, he has made a great impact on the community. James Dondero’s acts of charity are visible through some of his works with some charities in Dallas. Notable, are his works with The Family Place.

Working with The Family Place, he had set a grant in the amount of $1 Million Dollars, for Shelter to benefit victims of domestic violence by providing education, shelter and professional counseling.

They also educate students on bullying and prevention of team violence. The Family Place has set up the very first center to benefit men and children in Texas.

Other charities James Dondero is involved in, are the Hippo Habitat for Hippos, SMU Towers and Scholars Program, Education is Freedom and so many more. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

The President Of Texas-Based Coin Dealer US Money Reserve, Inc. Speaks Out About The Cost Of A Penny

The future of the penny has been a recent topic of discussion for some of the leaders in the UK, and American businessmen Philip N. Diehl spoke publicly about his thoughts.

He is the company President of U.S. Money Reserve, Inc. The Parliament of the UK has since voted to continue the use of their one and two cent means of currencies. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

The penny has had its place in US history, and there are still many people who will use cash instead of plastic to make a purchase. In his recent discussion, Philip Diehl spoke about the cost of producing each penny. The cost is nearly double its value. He is the founder of US Money Reserve, Inc., and he is a former head of the US Mint. Mr. Diehl is #35 in the line of former Directors of the Mint.

Zinc used to produce the penny is obtained in part from China. The zinc supply is estimated to make up nearly $2.1 million of the trade deficit that exists between the two countries. This is concerning to some experts amidst the current political unrest regarding the US and China.

The coin as it is known today first went into circulation in 1909. That is the year that past US President Abraham Lincoln’s face appeared on the penny and has not been changed since that year. It remains as a commemorative tribute to the 16th President of the United States.

US Money Reserve has been in business for over 10 years. The company has become one of the largest dealers of commemorative coins in the country. They feature precious metal single coins and coin seats in gold, platinum, and silver. The company headquarters are in Austin, Texas.

There are a large variety of coins available for their customers to view on the company website. One of the latest coin sets was released to pay tribute to former US President Ronald Reagan.

The was a limited edition. The coins are sold directly to the public, and coin collectors across the US are amongst the over 400,000 customers of US Money Reserve.

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Rick Cofer on Determinate Sentences for Juvenile Offenders

Rick Cofer is a defense attorney for criminals. He explains that juvenile offenses are more difficult compared to adult cases because the youth are still growing in several ways. It is commonly known that there is a lack of experience in life as well as maturity, in young people. Thus, they cannot act within the same grounds as adults. Child sex crimes committed by young people are very serious offenses which tend to increase the number of losers rather than winners. Things such as danger, flawed judgment, and web of hurt should be untangled for the benefit of all participants involved. Rick Cofer advises that the society should also address the legal systems, the accused, and victims on rehabilitation and prevention activities which protect communities.

A determinate sentence can be described as a definite jail sentence with no parole board review. Determinate sentences can last for a long period of time and are static. They possess no inherent feature of flexibility. This is exclusive of change and growth incarceration. It is also not supportive of motivational concepts in an individual such as better doing through merits treatment. The Family Law in Texas states that proceedings of special determinate sentences can be invoked by a prosecutor rather than discretionary transfers by the criminal courts.

This is made possible if the Determinate Sentence Act, DSA, is seen as the best alternative by the prosecutor. Most prosecutors opt for this choice because it includes minimum time and less human effort. The DSA was created to make sure the juvenile court systems house juvenile offenders. It also offers adults with procedure protections in criminal courts as well as allowing a longer time period which was previously known to be thirty years.

In juvenile courts, there are rehabilitation programs for offenders. Offenders participate in these programs and show demonstrations of their good intentions. According to the Rick Cofer Law, a juvenile sex offense includes two entities: registration as a sex offender, and the real sentence. Rick Cofer states that juvenile offender can serve 3 different sentences. There is a determinate sentence, an indeterminate sentence, and probation.


OSI Food Solutions Is Extending Its Reach Globally

The world’s largest food supplier OSI Food Solutions is not about to slow down with its expansion plans any time soon. The company supplies its value added foods in 17 countries around the world and the number of its facilities has reached 65. Its impact in the world economy is also significant having created employment opportunities for about 20,000 people in various countries. OSI Food Solutions has also earned recognition as one of the largest private companies in the United States of America. OSI Food Solutions was founded in 1909 and at the time, it was just a small meat market in Illinois. Despite the tremendous growth it has achieved over the years, it has still retained its headquarters in this state when its journey began.

Its partnership with McDonald’s which was established in 1955 has been a contributing factor to its growth and success. Since McDonald started operating, OSI Food Solutions has always been its supplier of best meat products and other foods. As OSI Food Solutions has been expanding its operations it has become necessary to create other business relationships, and so far it has established joint ventures with numerous poultry processing facilities, farms, processing plants and warehouses. It expansion endeavors are in the efforts of becoming the premier global food supplier to the leading food brands in the whole of Europe, America, and other continents.

It has already started entering Asia and has a couple of operational facilities in India, the Philippines, and China. In order to meet the growing demand for its meat products, OSI has been aggressively expanding in America, Europe, and China. This has seen its sales reach an all-time high and as a result, the company’s profitability is at impressive levels. Although it is not possible to predict the market that they will be entering next, what is guaranteed is that OSI is about to become more powerful. It also uses the expansion strategy to introduce other healthy food products to its portfolio. It has also been diligent in showing support to environmental sustainability through various initiatives such as ensuring to reduce the electricity consumption levels of its facilities. Click here.

Sergey Petrossov – From High-School Entrepreneur To Aviation Game-Changer

Sergey Petrossov is the Founder of JetSmarter, a company which offers shared jet services, and where he currently acts as the Chief Executive Officer. Petrossov and his family immigrated from Russia while he was still young, and he managed to build a reputation for himself in the United States, showing a strong ethic and drive from a young age. He started his own business when he was still a student in high school, tackling the business of importing and exporting tire rims.

When he was at the University of Florida, Sergey Petrossov became interested in technology and computer science, which led to him being the co-founder of two startups – one involving a live-chat system for online customer support while the other was designed to provide distance learning services to Russian-speaking schools.

While he managed to achieve a level of success, it was JetSmarter that pushed Sergey Petrossov to the next level. When he flew privately for the first time, he noticed the outdated approach to the process of booking a jet and this personal experience that took place in 2009 resulted in the idea for his company. The entrepreneur realized that there was an uptrend among mobile marketplaces, and knew that technology could improve the tedious nature of the booking process. After gathering a developing team, the idea put forth by Sergey Petrossov became reality in August of 2012, when the beta version of the JetSmarter app was launched – with the official launch taking place a few months later in 2013. Petrossov invested his own capital in the project but quickly received additional funds as a result of various collaborations, receiving backing from the Saudi royal family and from celebrities such as Jay-Z. The company put Petrossov on the map, being included in the “30 Under 30” list put together by Forbes in 2016.

Bennett Graebner and an Enriching Vocation

Bennett S. Graebner is a professional who has been active in the entertainment sector for quite some time now. He’s done a lot of work in television production. He’s even been a painstaking executive producer on a major television program named “The Bachelor.” Later, Graebner produced The Bachelorette also, this is a reality program that has been delighting audiences all around the United States for many seasons at this point.

The successful producer´s life started in the middle of the summer in 1971 in Buffalo in New York. This man isn’t just associated with his efforts with The Bachelor. Some of his other works are Love at First Kiss, Bachelor Pad, Phantoms and Leave it to Lamas. He’s taken on all sorts of roles throughout the years. He’s functioned as a supervising producer, a co-executive producer and beyond (Eonline).

Bennett Graebner has a wife by the name of Vanessa Aberman. She’s not involved in the entertainment division. She works as a veterinarian and because of that devotes a lot of time to caring for animals. The pair tied the knot back in 2003. They have a couple of wonderful kids in their lives right now. Bennett Graebner and his family resides in lovely Los Angeles.

Graebner is an alumnus of an institution of higher learning that’s referred to as Vassar College. It’s in Poughkeepsie, New York and has been in operations since 1861. Graebner was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate and studied the subject of English. Once he was through with Vassar College, he relocated all the way across the nation to the West Coast. Bennett Graebner went to the University of Southern California. That’s where he scored a Film Production Master of Fine Art degree.

This individual has a penchant for working alongside people who know how to be around others. He has a lot of experience in the company of people who are not pleasant in any way. That’s the reason he now says no to toxic career situations. Bennett Graebner encourages people to steer clear of social media use. He’s not the kind of person who likes to devote hours and hours to browsing social networking websites.

More interesting facts about Graebner´s film productions at https://ew.com/tv/2018/12/21/the-bachelor-season-23-colton-behind-the-scene s/

Plan For Success and Win like Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera has built up a strong business because he has seen how valuable the customer and their time is to his business. If he, Perry Mandera is able to keep his cool and get his act together by keeping things professional, He will find that he can continue to enjoy success, the businessman nows that one must seize opportunities by becoming better each day.

Connecting Stories with a Service

When you are selling a service such as event management, don’t only highlight your company’s experience in managing events. While it’s important to do that, you also need to connect with your customers by telling them stories of your success and your aspirations (TheNewsVersion).

Tell them how you have helped couples bring together the most special day of their lives. Describe how you could help small business and their owners celebrate the success they have attained by years of hard work. In such instances, you could also highlight your own personal experiences in the world and how they have helped you hold events that connect with the attendees on multiple levels.

The Key is to Understand Your Target Audience and Sell the Experience

As mentioned above, the key with this approach is not to hastily put together an ad or product description and make it go live on a random page. It is to understand what kind of audience you need your product to appeal towards, and what could become a bridge between the barriers you have between one another. Perry Mandera, for example, an US Marine who got trained enough to now be the owner of the renowned Custom Care Companies, IAC. Years later, he would found the Custom Cares Charities to be aware of the Illinois citizens and US Veterans needs.

You don’t have to make false claims or fabricate stories. If a customer has experienced something positive that they would like to share about your brand, then it’s all very good. But even if your product or service is new with no such customers in sight, you could highlight how your brand’s offerings could help your customers in the real world. Perry Mandera is the most reliable businessman thinking about advice before making an important inversion.

Simply put, while creating an ad, you have to maintain a balance between features and benefits, use cases, and possible experiences. Only by doing this could you make sure to appeal to your audiences.

Find out about Mandera´s philanthropic project´s news at https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=117851643&privcapId=6491324