Marc Beer’s Career

As the current co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Renovia, Marc Beer has done quite well for himself over the years but it certainly wasn’t an easy path to get where he is today. So how has he been able to become so resilient over the years? The 48-year-old businessman and entrepreneur recently sat down with Stephen Callahan to discuss how he has managed to overcome adversity and become the successful philanthropist he is today. He first matriculated at Miami University in the autumn of 1983 where he decided to major in business. He proved to be an excellent student and ended up graduating with distinction in the spring of 1987. After receiving his college degree four years later, he accepted his first job offer as the director of sales training and development. 

After working for Abbott for quite a while, he decided to leave so he could become the head of one of their departments at a company in Boulder, Colorado. He worked at that company for two dozen months until he became a member of the marketing department. Before he knew it, he was their new vice president of global marketing, a position in which he served for almost half a decade. Finally, around the turn of the century, he decided to leave those jobs behind so he could start his own business and, in May of 2000, Viacell was born. Located in the state of Massachusetts, the primary goal of the company is to extract blood stem cells from umbilical cords to try and uncover new cures. 

This process involves monitoring the genetic makeup and attempting to find any biomarkers that may indicate a potential cure or vaccine. The company did pretty well for a while as they employed up to 300 people at one point and they went public five years later. However, he decided to sell off the company to PerkinElmer just two years later for a significant profit. Afterward, he was all set to move on to the next phase of his career but, before he could, he had to return home to deal with a tragedy that hit close to home. It seems his wife had contracted a pulmonary embolism which ended up taking her life. After the mourning process, he decided to become more involved in his children’s lives and school activities and help them with homework, packing lunches and driving them to school. Learn more:

While he did find this to be rewarding, his daughter eventually convinced him that he needed to get back into the business industry and resume his philanthropic endeavors. As such, in August of 2016, he partnered with Dr. Ray Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie to establish his new business known as Renovia. Based out of the Boston area, the company strives to develop medical equipment for people who are currently suffering from a wide variety of illnesses. They are currently working to treat various disorders of the pelvis, which typically affect a significant portion of the female population in America.

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Interesting Facts about Wes Edens

Wes Edens has spent his entire life setting and achieving exceptional goals. He has been a highly ambitious person since his college career. Upon graduating from Oregon State University, he immediately took a position with California Savings and Loan. After leaving the company and working briefly for Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney, he then served as partner and managing director of Lehman Brothers until 1993. He went to work for Blackrock Financial Management, where he founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. While increasing domain into debt securities and real estate investments, Fortress Investment Group went public in 2007; as a result of this expansion, Wes Edens acquired billionaire status.

In 2014, he acquired the Milwaukee Bucks and in 2017, he launched Flyquest, an esports team ( ). Edens has been a lifelong basketball fan. He and Mark Lasry collaborated to buy the Milwaukee Bucks for 550 million dollars. They were both determined to keep the team located in Milwaukee. In addition, they also pledged 200 million dollars to the building of a new arena in the city. In addition to his professional success, Edens enjoys a range of extra-curricular activities: mountaineering, horseback riding, and philanthropy. He has climbed some of the world’s largest mountains: the Grand Teton in Wyoming, Matterhorn in Switzerland, and Pingora Peak in Wyoming’s Wind River Range.

Although he is also an equestrian, he has sustained three injuries from 2010-2015: a herniated disc, a torn tendon in his finger, and a broken arm. Surgeries were required for each of his injuries. Wes Edens has donated millions of dollars to charitable and educational foundations, including: Macalester College and Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. He is a trustee of Chinook Charitable Trust and has donated over $90,000 to health and educational causes. Wes Edens has been labeled as the “New King of Subprime Lending” by the Wall Street Journal. Only five years after his initial investment in Springleaf Financial Services, the company’s value had expanded to 3.5 million. Eden has been given the title: “Distinguished Business Professional” by Oregon State University. He is a devoted family man and has four children with his wife, Linda.

Overview Of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a leading financial services firm in the United States. It was founded in 1998 by a few finance professionals who looked to build an alternative asset management firm. Over a span of two decades, Fortress Investment Group gradually established itself as one of the most successful and reputable financial services firms in the industry. The firm specializes in providing asset management for institutional investors as well as acquiring investment interests in a number of different industries.

The firm is currently led by three distinct professionals. The top executives of Fortress Investment Group are Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger. Each of these three executives serve as part of the management committee and the board of directors.

Wes Edens is the chairman of the firm as well as the co founder. He currently works in the private equity division of the firm. As a member of the private equity division, Edens focuses on finding investment opportunities and helping the firm acquire new clients.

Randal Nardone is another co founder of the firm and is currently a co chief executive officer and principal. He too works in the private equity division of the firm. Nardone specializes in finding investment opportunities as well as handling the legal aspects of the firm. Randal was a former lawyer before working in the financial sector.

Peter Briger is the co chief executive officer as well as a principal of the firm. Briger works in the credit asset management division. On a daily basis, Peter supervises a staff of professionals as well as helping clients manage their credit backed capital.

As an investment management firm, Fortress Investment Group focuses on helping clients better manage their assets. It oversees financial assets held by clients and provides them advice on how to best manage them. The firm also focuses its efforts on finding more assets for its clients to invest in as well. It has two major departments that include private equity and credit.

Fortress Investment Group was recently acquired by SoftBank in 2018. Since being acquired by the company, Fortress has been involved in a partnership that will benefit both organizations in terms of finding and acquiring more investment interests. These will help the two organizations reach their expansion goals in the near future.

Motivation Is Key For Vijay Eswaran And The QI Group

Why are some people driven to succeed in business and others are focused on working for others? QI Group co-founder Vijay Eswaran has been active on the motivational speaking circuit and is eager to explain what drives him to do his best every day. In his book, “Two Minutes from the Abyss” Vijay Eswaran explains the 11 pillars of life management that he believes are about much more than just making as much money as possible over the course of his life.

The approach to life of Vijay Eswaran is rooted in the fact he believes nobody is guaranteed to be on Earth tomorrow and we should not put off for another day the most important tasks of the day. In fact, whether it is in the sense of our own mortality or the problems of an economic crash can leave us facing financial ruin.

For Vijay Eswaran, the most important aspect of his work is to teach those around the world who are not focused on achieving their best how this can be done. After the success of his first book, “In the Sphere of Silence,” Eswaran has followed this up with a focus on how we should be focusing on building relationships and becoming better people who live in the present.

At the QI Group, the focus is always about building relationships in the area of the world where the company is based and helping others each day. The establishment of the RYTHM Foundation from QI has made a major impact around the world as the company continues its dedication to giving back. Employees at the QI Group are always given the opportunity to take part in charitable activities with the company providing backing for the plans of many employees.

The QI Group and Vijay Eswaran consistently discuss how important it is for the company to become ever more sustainable in the future with the majority of companies employees helping build sustainable communities. By helping communities move to more sustainable activities the communities the QI Group is working with will develop their success as more powerful groups in the future.

Sameer Jejurikar’s compassion ignites Dallas’ plastic surgery clientele

In 2013, Sameer Jejurikar, M.D. was among only 3 percent of 870,000 physicians to be awarded a certification of compassion, based on votes designed to reflect patients’ feedback on factors such as communication and clarity of instructions. Accolades such as that have made Dr. Jejurikar one of the most sought-after physicians in the Dallas area.

Dr. Jejurikar, affiliated with multiple Dallas-area hospitals and several medical societies, is a board-certified member of a plastic surgery institute whose team treats patients the world over. Accordingly, Dr. Jejurikar offers an array of augmentation procedures to Dallas patients. These include cosmetic work, breast and wound renovation and pediatric plastic surgery, as well as less invasive procedures, such as laser resurfacing, reconstructive surgery, hair restoration and dermabrasion.

He specializes in gluteal modification — also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift — and instructs Dallas-area doctors who seek to offer this service. The surgery involves the movement of fat from one portion of the body to another, and this action can cause fat embolisms, or blockage of blood vessels by loose clots, which can pose danger to other organs amid a lack of oxygen. Dr. Jejurikar has thus become a proponent of safety in the industry as a member of a Dallas task force that educates those wishing to perform the surgery. Dr. Jejurikar obtained his medical degree from The Medical School at University of Michigan — Ann Arbor, where he took his residency in plastic surgery. He then obtained his subspecialty in aesthetic surgery from a New York eye, ear and throat facility.

Ara Chackerian Invests in Future with Healthcare Contributions

According to serial entrepreneur Ara Chackerian, one of the biggest problems facing the healthcare market is that doctors are not allowed to be doctors. Often there is too much red tape and it adversely affects innovative treatments causing them to stall. Take Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for instance. The innovative device-centered treatment uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the brain. It is believed that it can successfully combat treatment-resistant depression and possibly other conditions as well. Even though TMS was approved in 2006, it is not widely used because of the legal pitfalls that surround it. Ara Chackerian was shocked when he first discovered TMS. Shocked because it was so overlooked. Turned onto the innovative practice by a partner, Chackerian and company realized that TMS bared the possibility of becoming a pillar in the psychiatric study. This was one part of what eventually led to TMS Health Solutions, the company that Chackerian co-founded to further the cause.

The second part occurred when Ara Chackerain ran into Dr. Richard Bermudas. Bermudas was a living example of modern medicine’s confines. An advocate of the treatment Dr. Bermudas had been attempting to utilize it for years. Unfortunately, he was always hampered by the red tape. Upon running into Bermudas, Chackerian and his partner realized the ultimate role they could play. In creating TMS Health Solutions they found ways to cut through the red tape. Stop one was getting insurance companies to cover it. Step two was privatizing it enough that it could be used freely. At present, TMS has seven locations that treat hundreds of patients with TMS. Chackerian remains a figure on the board and continues to advocate for mental health care.

About Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian is an angel investor for many medical start-ups. He is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He writes for publications like Medium on the subject of healthcare investments and is regarded as a foremost source of information. Ara Chackerian is also a philanthropist who champions many causes around the world. He is most known for his Limonapa Teak plantation as well as his youth non-profits throughout Nicaragua.

Luke Lazarus Puts Entrepreneurial Startups thru Optimization Analysis Training

Deliberation and Preparation

Luke Lazarus has two particular activities he puts his startup businesses thru during his time with them.

First, he analyzes many of the startup’s previous works like business plans and mission statement. Secondly, Luke Lazarus uses a practical approach in addition to the analytical method of teaching.

Lazarus has his startup teams role-play situations to develop a mindset of how to make an actual pitch with an investor. Also, an organization may think about how they will make valuable connections with their targeted consumers.

Analyzing Practical Data

To understand what a startup is about and how they see themselves Luke Lazarus spends some time analyzing their business plan since the entire concept and business execution is expected to be in the business plan.

Market Analysis

  • Industry – analysis-knowing the competitive environment.
  • Target – Analysis-who are your customers?
  • Competitive – Analysis-who will you be competiting with?

Undergoing a Market Analysis

To fully understand the business plan, Luke Lazarus may spend some time to hear how the startup sees itself among its competitors, and this is the reason for the market analysis. The Market analysis fo the business plan looks at three essential qualities of the business idea.

The market analysis begins with a startup understanding where they are situated within the entire market thru the SCI code. IF they are making bakery goods, they would be labeled SIC 2050. The SIC gives a scope to the startup so they can address their strategies and plans to meet a specific type or group of competitors.

Know your competitors

Sometimes it is not enough to know your competitors exist, but a startup needs to know how they live and in what relation to their service or product they will compete with them. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne and Luke Lazarus – Chief Executive Office

For Luke Lazarus to succeed in preparing his startups, he needs to understand how they hope to penetrate the market and how they will get thru the obstacles their rivals will give to them.

Market analysis is essential for many reasons, and addressing the designated market depends upon identifying it and placing their product and service within its proper designation. If you are making sweet pies, you don’t expect to compete with the bagel industry nor attempt to reach the soft pie consumer with a bagel advertisement.

Market analysis shows the startup has a clear understanding of their competitors strengths and weaknesses. A SWOT analysis will allow a company to see its strengths and weaknesses, but to understand its competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, a different type of study will be necessary.

Luke Lazarus has had to carry out all these market analysis hundreds of times in his 20 years as a business leader as well as a business consultant and can confidently lead his startup teams thru this analysis with insight and confident recommendations for their applications.

Empowering Startup Businesses

Thru such analysis as Market analysis and business plan analysis, Luke Lazarus put the power back into the startup by having a practical and peer-related knowledge of their own and their competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

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MAGFAST Chargers: Take Them With You

Having a charger you can take with is very convenient but you usually have to deal with the cords that come with it. If you are needing a simple solution to avoid that problem there is a new charger combination that can help you. It’s called the MAGFAST Charger. This is a charger bundle that has many different types of chargers in a pack that can help you keep full bars on your phone and other devices. You no longer have to figure out how you are going to charge your phone or hunt down a plug because you can charge your phone in your car as well as in a building.

MAGFAST is a lifesaver, and you deserve to have a charger that will work with you and not against you. To know that you can get a fast charge to handle your business on your devices and get all of them charged up at one time is amazing. Most of your devices are compatible with this new type charger. So, you should have any issues when you wake up in the morning and seeing bars on everything you have. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing MAGFAST has you covered.

MAGFAST is the convenient bundle that everyone should consider getting. This will save you the grief, money, and time. You should not be getting headaches and being mad because your charger cord is in the way of everything. With wireless charging from MAGFAST, you don’t have to deal with that. You no longer deal with the various cord lengths. You can get your bundle of these chargers and see this as the right idea to have. Get your MAGFAST Charger bundle today, and see for yourself why so many people decided to do something different.

Robert Deignan Has Led an Impressive Career in the Technology Industry

To those who are active in the Florida technology space, the name of Robert Deignan instantly rings a bell in terms of proficiency. It’s because the tech expert has not only carved a niche for himself by being active in the segment for several decades, but he has also been leading his very firm to unprecedented success. 

At the time of writing, Robert Diegnan helms ATS Digital Services as its co-founder and CEO. Established in August 2011, the firm is focused on providing remote technology solutions in the fields of software support and digital security, among other segments. 

ATS Digital Services is currently known as a credible and reliable provider of remote tech support services all over the world. As the face of the firm, this puts Robert Diegnan in front and center of the company’s achievements, making him a renowned entity in the tech support segment.

But reaching this, stature had not been easy. Even as someone who had always been interested in technology, Diegnan had to come a long way to ensure that he was in the position of making tangible changes in the technology industry through his expertise and advice. 

After graduating from Purdue University in 1995, Robert Diegnan took three years to gather the necessary knowledge to start his own technology company. Once he had done so, he established Fanlink as his first tech firm. Wanting to learn the ropes of running his own business, Diegnan spent three years with the venture before he moved on to accept a position at iS3 Inc., a technology firm with a wide range of services. 

At iS3, Robert Diegnan served the role of executive vice president from June 2002 to June 2011. A month after leaving the firm, Diegnan took the massive step of co-founding his technology solution in the form of ATS Digital Services. Since then, the tech expert hasn’t looked back and continues to scale ATS to new heights of success by each passing day. 

Today, ATS Digital Services is known as one of the most proficient entities in remote tech support. Whether it’s software installation or equipment troubleshooting, ATS is there to help its customers through the most common and sometimes convoluted tech issues. 

Robert Diegnan continues to lead the firm and remains integral to its operations. At the same time, he also dedicates his time to share his opinion and expertise for those who are looking to make it big on the broader tech sector.

Maarten de Jeu Helps Implement Farrell Fellowship At Museum Of Science And Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry is one of the prime locations for those who want to engage in the latest scientific discoveries of the twenty-first century. The museum is known for hosting several programs and events that are designed to help those who want to learn more about science and the intricacies of the inventions that have shaped the world that we live in. The institution is also known for hosting several programs that are specifically designed for children and teenagers who are interested in learning about science. 

One of the more well-known programs offered by the Museum of Science and Industry is the Farrell Fellows Internship. This is a program that is designed for teenagers that have just passed out of middle school, and for those who want to get into science as a career. The internship program takes a few students from schools across Chicago to work under some of the notable members of the Museum of Science and Industry. This program is designed to teach these teenagers about the various intricacies behind the exhibits as well as new developments within the field. In addition to this, the students here are also given the opportunity to develop their soft skills. This program is meant to improve their leadership skills, their public speaking, their understanding of science and also their ability to work as a team with their colleagues. This program has gained recognition for being an all inclusive-developmental program that can help teenagers immensely. At the end of the program, the teenagers are given the opportunity to showcase their activities and learnings to visitors of the museum, thereby contributing back to the development of the museum. 

One of the more well-known program-end shows conducted by the Museum of Science and Industry was in 2014 when the students hosted a program that showcased the chemistry of bubbles. The teenagers worked together to put together an informative and entertaining show that visitors flocked around to see. Learn more:

One of the primary people behind the development of the program is Maarten de Jeu, who stands as the co-chairman of the program at the Museum of Science and Industry. He is someone who firmly believes in the benefit of education and science programs for children, which is why he pushed for the development of this program. This is not the first program that Maarten de Jeu has chaired. In the past, he was a co-chair for the Science Spins program that was held at the Museum of Science and Industry. 

The reason for Maarten de Jeu’s involvement with the Museum of Science and Industry is because he understands how important good programs like this are. In his field of finance, he has seen the impact that good education can have, which is why he wants to extend this to the scientific field.

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